At the Mall


Joe bent forward to lick one of his mom's tits. The breasts were moving too much for him to wrap his lips around one, so all he could do was lick. Reading his mind, his mother took one breast and held it steady for him. Joe devoured it hungrily, sucking hard and biting down on the nipple. "Oh baby," she groaned. Her eyes were shut, her back arched, her arms stretched out limply to either side. All body parts were forgotten then except, for Joe, his cock and mouth and, for his mom, her tit and cunt.

Someone tried to open the door. This only caused greater movement between mother and son in the fucking motion. The person tried several more times to push open the door, succeeding only in unknowingly participating in their incestuous act. Joe squeezed his mom's ass hard, kneading it, rubbing and feeling it. He sucked her breast greedily, wishing he could feed from her, imagining that he was. She moaned constantly, reduced to a basic animal desiring the hard fuck from her baby boy. They both teetered on the brink of consciousness, their minds dwarfed by the great power of their desire for one another.

A great force suddenly rammed the door open. Joe fell backwards, his mom landing on top of him, her breast popping out of his mouth. A large security guard filled the doorway behind his mother, but Joe hardly noticed. He had eyes only for his mother as she looked down at him with passion and began to move her hips. They bumped and grinded with their surroundings a mere blur. Joe pulled his mom down against his body, hugging her to him, thrusting his shaft hard up into her.

"Mommy ohhhh," he moaned.

"Baby!" she cried out. "Oh my baby boy!"

They kept fucking and fucking, moving with a fervent speed, desperately needing to cum together. Each of them sensed they were no longer alone, and so they worked harder and faster, unwilling to be denied their final climax. Joe pulled his mom down by her back and ass with each thrust. He ran his hands all over her body, caressing her skin, feeling her bare body. His mother responded by doing the same, running her fingers through her son's hair, touching him all over. They both cried out with each quick movement.

"Mmm honey cum for mommy, please!" She was begging to be filled by her son.

Suddenly Joe realized his mother was being pulled away from him. Someone was trying to separate them. Joe went with it, pushing forward, and he and his mother spilled out into the crowded dressing room hallway. He pinned his mother beneath him, arching his body to force all pressure down through his cock, down into his mother's hot, soaking cunt. She arched as well, crying out in pleasure with each and every movement between them.

"Oh mommy I need you so bad!" Joe screamed. He felt another pulling. Someone wanted them to be apart. It would not happen. Joe went with the motion once again. They rolled sideways, ramming painfully into the doorway but hardly feeling it. They continued to fuck out there on the carpet of the hallway, surrounded by onlookers. Joe sensed that his classmates from earlier were among the crowd. What did it matter now? He fucked his mother still harder, still stronger, grinding, arching, pushing, thrusting, ramming, fucking and fucking and fucking, deep into her body, his shaft surrounded by her sensual muscles, squeezing his cock, soaking his shaft, enwrapping his sex.

"Baby oh baby, please please cum inside mommy!!"

"Yes mommy," Joe cried out. He squeezed her tits, kissed them, licked them and sucked them even as people tried to pull them apart. They writhed and rolled on the carpet, sliding fully out into the hallway. First Joe was on top, then his mother, then Joe again and then his mother once more. They rolled back and forth, avoiding those who would stop them, grinding and thrusting all over the floor.

"Baby please, fucking me hard baby!!!"

"Mmmph I love you so much!" Joe's eyes rolled back into his head. He fought to stay conscious.

"I love you too honey," his mom moaned back. "I love you so so much my baby boy." He lifted his mom then and rammed her against the wall, humping her against it. He spanked the side of her ass, licked her tits, rammed her cunt, and she loved every second of it. Someone grabbed at him and Joe spun and rammed his mom against the opposite wall, which was only one step away. He lifted her up, not supporting her with his hands, just lifting her up off the ground against the wall with his. Even with all of the pressure from her weight he continued to lift and thrust. It was enough to strain his cock finally deeper than it had yet gone. That erotic achievement caused the first squirts of cum to dribble into his mother's body.

She felt that and knew what was coming. She pushed into her son causing him to collapse to the floor, the cum still dribbling. Swiftly, she removed herself from his shaft and dove back on her knees to wrap her lips around his cock. Joe's head spun wildly, a combination of banging it just then on the floor, the intense pleasure, and the group of people watching them fuck. He looked down to see his mom's head working his cock. He could not quite feel it because his shaft was numb from pleasure. He reached down to brush back her hair, so he could see his mom's mouth sliding up and down his sex to ensure it was really happening.

Then he felt it. A surge of gooey cum working its way up the length of his cock. As it began to rise he felt his mom's lips, the wet ring they made around his penis, and her rough tongue as it licked the length of his shaft. She lubricated it with her saliva as her lips slid up and down, her tongue working it over as well. His mom was now giving him an incredible blowjob. He felt the head of his shaft touch the back of her throat, just as the upwelling of semen reached its exit.

The loads of cum he shot into his mother's throat were unlike anything he had ever produced. Huge, thick globs spasmed out into her waiting mouth. She swallowed them as they came, guzzling down his semen, feeding off of his cock as he had tried to feed off her breast. After several portions of dizzying pleasure, she pulled her mouth from his cock. Cum spewed all over her face, then her tits and stomach as she moved back up his body. She guided the fountain of cum into her cunt and slid her son back inside of her. She arched her back, moaning and crying out as her own orgasm shook her entire body. They came together, cum dripping from her pussy as it filled up with gooey ecstasy. Joe leaned up to take a suck off his mom's arched breast.

After a few moments of continual orgasms, Joe's mom collapsed on top of her son and engaged him a deep, sensual kiss. She thrust her tongue from her cum-lined mouth into her son's, licking his tongue, sucking on his lips, biting, licking and kissing him hungrily. They continued to move their hips. Joe felt a stirring in his loins and another few squirts of cum filled his mother. Somehow, this after-orgasm was even more pleasurable than all of the prior ones.

He pulled his mouth from hers. "Oh fuck yeah mommy, it feels soooo good..."

She attacked his mouth again, continuing the kiss, continuing to fuck her son. They both had further rumblings and tremors of orgasms and pleasure. Joe squeezed his mom's ass, kneading it like dough. Their bodies were slick with sweat and sticky with Joe's cum which had squirted all over his mother. They kept up the motions, physically unable to stop pleasuring one another. Gasps and moans escaped each of them from time to time while they kissed and moved together, winding down from the incredible life-altering experience.

She moved her hips around in circles, letting her son's cock force its away around inside of her. She thrust back and forth in quick jerking motions, relishing in each droplet of cum that she could squeeze out of her son. He rotated his hips as well, bending and straining his still-hard cock inside of his mother. He was fully aware of every part of his body that was in contact with his mother. He felt her lips crushed against his lips and her tongue inside his mouth. He felt hot breath expelling from her nose against his face, which was partially covered by her thick brown hair. Joe felt lines of pleasure being drawn across his skin as his mother's erect nipples dragged across his chest, her large soft breasts squashed against him. He felt her warm and wet belly pressing against his own, her hips flush against his, and of course his cock grinding deep inside of her. And finally, he was aware of their thighs and legs tangled up together, slick with sweat, sliding against each other.

Joe broke his mom's kiss again. "Mom," he gasped. "This is amazing."

She lifted her head, moaning, moving around to cause more friction between their bodies. Her hair covered most of her face as she stroked her son's chest, arching her back, thrusting her hips down still against her baby. They both closed their eyes to relish in the sensation. She collapsed back down, continuing to drag her sticky tits against him. She ran her fingertips down the length of his arms, then back up, tracing them along his sides, to his hips and ass, touching there as well. Every contact that she made sent waves of pleasure throughout Joe. And still they humped, the occasional bit of semen leaking out of Joe's cock.

After a time Joe looked around to see that they were now alone at the back of the hallway. The security guard had probably gotten everyone out of there once it looked like he would not be able to separate the mother and son. He had probably called the police too, but Joe could not care less. He looked down at his mom, who looked back at him.

"Mom..." he began.

She lifted a finger to his lips. "Shhh, baby. No words. Let mommy show you something else." She rose up, letting his cock pop out, and kneeled over him, her breasts jiggling from side and side and glistening with sweat and cum. Then she turned, looking back at her son. "Line it up, baby." Joe looked down at his re-stiffening cock and his mom's ass directly above it. He could not believe what she was about to do. He could not wait to do it.

Joe guided the head of his shaft towards his mom's soft ass. When she sat, his cock had to force its way into her asshole despite being well-lubricated with cum, saliva and her juices.

She was very tight in there, but not for long.

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