tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAuctioned Teacher Ch. 01

Auctioned Teacher Ch. 01


Suzanne is kidnapped and trained

Suzanne carefully made the meeting arrangements, so as not to put herself in danger. Meeting a stranger was risky, though she needed to do it. Sharing intimacies of her life with a man on the internet, over the past few months, had been enjoyable, and a good release of tension.

Having someone to share things with, a secret someone kept all to herself, was a release from a stifling family and work life. He was a stranger, so it was possible to reveal her inner-self, and little inconsequential secret thoughts. She told him personal things, thinking they would never meet, so what did it matter what intimacies they shared.

Telling her husband she was going to visit an old school friend, was a lie. The excitement of having some time for herself, allowed her to tell him that she would be away for a few days. The idea was to meet the man, then spend some self-time in a hotel by the lake. To that end she had a pile of books that she'd promised herself to read, but never had the time.

Meeting the guy in a café in a public place was safe enough. Being a long way from home, meant no one she knew would find her out. Not that she would let anything sordid happen. Meeting a strange man was foolish, nothing more, yet the excitement of it overrode her sensibility.

Her husband would find it difficult to accept, so she didn't tell him, and avoided an awkward scene. She usually deferred to his judgement, whereas this time, she decided for herself what to do. Over years of a happy marriage, they had become complacent, but now the old feisty-self had resurfaced. Doing something other than what her husband wanted, and going somewhere she decided upon, left her feeling invigorated and free.


Stepping out of the car, she took another look at her make-up, in a side mirror. She was very nervous, wondering why in hell she was doing this. They weren't going to do anything, just talk. Of course, she had a little fantasy about running away with him, for a passionate love affair, but naturally that was impossible. All she had was a weekend bag. A cute little smile at that thought flashed across her face.

There was no pain, her body just went limp, and she blacked out.


After awhile she came to. She was in the back of a van, lying on a mattress, trussed up. If she had known about such things, she would have realised it was a hogtie. Of course she didn't know, as Suzanne was an innocent housewife. Mention BDSM to her, and a puzzled look, complete with raised eyebrows, would decorate her face. Unable to move, she wondered what in hell was going on. A blindfold left her in the dark.

This must be some mistake. A college prank maybe, or she had been mistaken for someone else. At the end of term, tricks were played on everyone by the high school graduates. Though she taught first graders, the older ones still subjected her to a prank. Especially as she was such a good sport. Which really meant she was a soft touch, and a natural submissive.

She wondered what Harry would think, when she didn't turn up for their date. No, it wasn't a date, just coffee, and a chat. Suzanne wasn't scared, just worried. The shaking was from cold, not fear. Damn! The indignity of this was too much to put up with.

The van came to a halt and the sound of a metal door crashing open startled her. She couldn't see who it was through the blindfold, and whoever they were, she was quickly bundled into a packing case. Despite being docile, she yelled and complained, but it was useless. They didn't take any notice, and the lid was soon on the box, muffling her objections.

There weren't any noises from outside. No street life, therefore no one to draw attention to her plight. The trolley was dragged over rough ground, but that was short lived, as they were soon in a house, or at least a room. It was possible to tell because the vibration was different. They were travelling over a carpet.

The lid was removed, the box turned on its side, and she was rolled out onto the floor. A soft carpeted floor was under her, just as she had guessed. She congratulated herself for taking it all in, rather than blanking everything in panic. Any information might help in a future escape.

The rope was loosened, but her wrists and ankles were kept tight. She was half carried and dragged across the floor. There was just one man involved, and he was rough with her. A fierce struggle was thwarted with a slap to her bottom. She had been imagining he was one of the big strong football players in high school. Only it couldn't be, for this was going too far for a high school prank.

What else could it be but a silly prank? Who would bother to kidnap a small town school teacher? She would tell them, in no uncertain terms, this had gone too far. He hadn't hurt her, but she was shaken up. There must be others standing around suppressing their laughter.

Being manhandled by one of the senior football team was alright by her, but being tied up and blindfolded, no way. It was surprising to feel a little wet from being tightly bound. It had been something to think about on the drive back to town in the van. It seemed funny to drive all the way out to a distant coffee shop, then get driven straight back again. The school where she worked, was in the centre of town, near where she lived.

What she didn't know was that she had been driven in the complete opposite direction to home. She had been out of it, unconscious in the back of the van for several hours, so they were very far from home. Being a dreamy optimist, she clung to the belief she was back in her home town, and this was just a silly prank.

She felt hard bars against her back, and wondered what it was. The ropes were untied from around her ankles and wrists. She hesitated from lifting the blindfold. Maybe she had won the teacher of the year award, and the kids had kidnapped her, to get her to their party. It was one way to make sure she turned up!

'You can remove the blindfold,' a voice said.

She blinked from exposure to the light. After a moment or two it was clear she was in a cage. In the gloom it was difficult to see who the voice belonged to. Oh! Shit! This was no high school prank!

'I've been kidnapped! You've put me in a cage!' she shouted.

Suzanne ranted for a moment or two, then went limp with fear.

'Who are you?' she whispered, sounding terrified.

'I'm Harry, and from now on, I am your master. Do as you are told, and you will be well treated. Disobedience will be chastised. There are many ways to punish a sex slave,' he said.

'No! I thought, I mean, we were going to meet! Sex slave? Nooo! Why?' she whimpered.

'I'll leave you to think over your position. You will be trained to obey. How deep that training is, depends on you. Completely brainwashed into accepting anything, or, merely trained to accept your new position. The choice is yours. Cooperate and it will be easier for you. So, think about how you are to behave. Do you want a hard painful life, or an easy, pleasant life?' Harry told her.

She heard the basement door close, and it suddenly felt very lonely in the cage. She rattled the cage door, and looked around for some way out. At first she was desperate. After awhile, she became inured to her position. She might have to cooperate, until she escaped or was rescued.

What did he mean by training? She didn't think it would be for a new career. Or maybe it did. A career as a sex slave! As soon as the idea struck her, she shivered with fright. How could she think like that? Surely this couldn't be happening, not to her? She was just an ordinary housewife, so why did someone bother to kidnap her?

Damn! Her panties were wet. What was happening to her? Sex had always been boring, something to be endured, rather than enjoyed. Yet, thinking those despicable thoughts had made her wet. Could he really turn her into a sex slave? Could he make her enjoy sex? Could she be trained to crave sex? If she craved sex that would make her a dirty slut!

Had he given her some kind of medication to sex her up? No, she didn't think so. It was being kidnapped, and kept in a cage, with the promise of being trained as a sex slave. Becoming aroused by all that left her feeling pathetic and dirty. The very idea of it was audacious, though, was it possible? He sounded so confident, and experienced, that she had to take it seriously.

Suzanne needed to learn more, so she could fight him. There was no way she would lay down and take it! Damn! The thought of laying down and taking it, had her breathing heavily. Why did this terrible situation turn her on? She put a hand to her crotch, and felt her sex was ready. Was it ready for him? No! She couldn't give in so easily.


Suzanne was hungry, tired, and afraid. Over the past hours it had sunk in that she had been kidnapped, and caged. She had unburdened her soul with emails over the past few months to that monster, her kidnapper. He knew more about her inner feelings than anyone. She was angry that he could have done such a terrible thing to her. Fear and anger alternated, until she was exhausted and had to accept she was helpless.

Either she might escape, or be rescued. The only problem was that her husband thought she was visiting a friend for a few days. He would be away on a training course when she was due back, so it would be awhile before he returned home and reported her missing. At her age would anyone do anything to find her? The police wouldn't. It was six weeks before she had to go back to work. A teaching job with long breaks was usually an advantage, not now.

Suzanne decided to co-operate with him, to allay his caution, and make it easier to escape. Something caught her eye. She reached through the bars, stretching out to scrabble for a spoon. That could be used as a weapon, or to make a noise against the bars. She was ready for him! A bolt was drawn and the basement door squeaked open.

'Are you hungry?' he asked.

A bowl of chilli was placed on the floor in front of the cage. Purposely just out of reach.

'Yes, sir, thank you, sir,' she said.

'You don't sound very convincing, but you will learn,' he chuckled.

'Take your clothes off,' he said.

It was said in such an ordinary way, she hardly noticed the meaning. Of course, he was a man and wanted her to strip. What did she expect. He picked up the bowl of food and walked away with it. She keenly watched him put it on a shelf. It was only then she realised how ravenous she was.

He came back to her, opened the cage door and dragged her out by the hair. It was so sudden, she'd forgotten about the spoon. He shook her when she tried to resist, until she lay at his feet panting from the exertion. He pulled the dress from her body, ripping it, so it was ruined.

Instead of fear, she thought about how much it had cost. Damn It! She'd bought that dress especially to meet him. The bra was easily pulled off her shoulders and arms. The big strong oaf almost upended her, while pulling the panties off.

She lay on the floor naked at his feet, panting, unsure if it was from being winded, or from being sexed up. Surely it wasn't this rough treatment exciting her!

Ready or not, he pushed her over the back of a chair, and roughly entered her. There was no preamble, no foreplay, he just shoved his dick into her. She cried out some unintelligible sounds, partly from shock, though mostly from pleasure. Pleasure? This couldn't possibly be pleasurable.

He began to slam into her, fast and furiously.

'Slow down, not so fast!' she cried out.

He took no notice, continuing to pleasure himself with her body. It was terrible to realise she was excited. She'd asked him to take her slowly, which is how she liked it with her husband! Did that mean she was accepting what he was doing to her? That couldn't be right, as he was just using her body! The words left her feeling as though she were betraying her husband. Every other emotion was drowned out, when feeling sorry for herself.

When he cum, he spurted his load into her, and quickly withdrew, leaving her high, but not dry. His cum was leaking from her, but she didn't have the strength to wipe it away. Big tears ran down her cheeks and dropped onto the warm floor.

He threw a cloth at her, so she could wipe herself. Was it a matter of defiance that she let the towel drop to the carpet. He came over to her, and scooped his cum from her thighs, with the edge of the bowl. He dipped a finger into her pussy, pulling more of his cum from her. He stirred the chilli with a scummy finger. He pushed her back into the cage, and the door clanged shut upon her.

'Please, sir, I'll do as I'm told, honest,' she whined. 'Please let me out,' she said, trying to bring some hope into her voice.

'You've just received your first lesson. Accept whatever is given to you quickly, or it will be taken away from you. Disobey me, and you will be punished. Right now you think you've been punished, but soon you'll learn what punishment really is. You will think of this as a mere reprimand,' he told her.

'I promise to be a good sex slave, sir. Let me out, sir, please,' she cried.

Maybe not this time, but he was sure to let her out sooner or later, then she would hit him hard, and escape. There was a large tarp nearby, and her earlier fears were confirmed. He pulled it over the cage.

'No one ever comes by the farm, so don't think I need to keep you quiet, or hidden. Hunger and darkness are two of your punishments. The fuck wasn't. That was to teach you that you're here to be used. You're not here for your enjoyment. Nothing any more is for your enjoyment, slave,' he firmly stated.

With that he shut her in, under the tarp. The darkness closed in around her. Sounds and smells became exaggerated. She smelt the chilli, thinking it was in her imagination. She fumbled around in the cage and found it. The spoon wasn't far away. She eagerly swallowed some, then remembered what he had done to it. She only just refrained from throwing it across the cage, but knew she would have to live in the mess.

Damn him! She was too hungry to ignore the demands of her stomach. She twirled the just warm chilli with the spoon, then took another mouthful. It was salty, but that might not have anything to do with his semen. Wondering when he might deign to feed her again, she decided to eat the nasty mess. Quickly finishing his cum salted chilli, she licked the bowl. That he would find the bowl licked clean, and would think it a victory over her, didn't matter.

She lay awake for a little while puzzling over the rough screwing he put her through. It was hard and furious, for his pleasure not hers. Yet, she had been pleasured. She had cum, just a little. It was shocking to find she accepted it, even though it wasn't wanted. When he cum, she had been enjoying it and very near an orgasm! It was difficult to accept, but she had to. Despite herself, her body had wanted him inside her. She enjoyed the rough fucking, which was so different to being in bed at home.

Suzanne cried herself to sleep. Partly because she had been kidnapped and was in a cage, and partly because a dark side of her enjoyed it.


'Wake up slave!' he said, and pulled her by the hair from her cage.

The bedding was stinking after a few weeks sleeping in it. She'd leaked his semen into it every day, so now she knew his smell better than her own. He wore a musky aftershave, and sprayed a matching deodorant over his body. It was keenly smelt because she had begun to crave cosmetics and the finer things in life. Like clean bedding, instead of a dirty old blanket.

'Sorry, master, your slave will move faster, honest, master!' she quickly responded.

After many hours of training, with punishments for tardiness, she was quick to do as she was told.

'No punishments this morning, slave. You are being released from the dungeon,' he announced.

'Oh! Master, thank you master!' Suzanne cheerfully blubbered.

'Put this on, then you can shower upstairs,' he told her.

She pulled on the white decorators overall. Trousers and top were all in one, and would cover her dirty body, protecting her master's nice home upstairs. After all, she was just a dirty slave girl, and not fit to be in a nice decent home.

'What are you, Suzanne?' he asked, as usual.

'I'm a dirty slut, always ready for sex, master,' she recited.

'How are you ready, Suzanne?' he asked.

'My cunt is wet and open for cock, my ass is stretched for cock, and my mouth is ready to swallow cock, master,' Suzanne readily said.

'Who's cock, Suzanne?' he asked.

'Anyone my master gives this slave to, master,' she said, completing the recitation.

'Good girl. Follow me upstairs,' he said.

Her master's words were like a magical incantation. This had been worked hard for over the last few days. This moment was so close, she had redoubled her efforts into being an obedient slave-girl for him. Some weeks ago she thought of escaping, but now all she thought of was having a hot shower, and applying make-up.

How many weeks had it been, just washing over a grill in the floor from a bucket of cold water? Sometimes there was enough water to partially wash her hair, but not often. The washing water flushed away her toilet. There was never enough food to completely wash away the hunger.


After a hot shower, Suzanne was standing naked in a spare bedroom. Pure bliss! The walk-in dressing room was filled with clothes, which attracted her like the smell of freshly baked bread. The bread would have attracted her more, as her stomach ached for food. After being naked for several weeks, the prospect of wearing clothes, and shoes, was wonderful.

'Pick out an outfit to wear. Everything here should fit you. No make-up yet,' Harry said. 'Join me in the kitchen when ready,' he added.

'Yes, master, thank you, master,' she eagerly replied.

At last clean and refreshed, she was ecstatic from just looking through all the clothes. For a moment she forgot herself, and held up to her body an expensive cocktail dress. It looked expensive and that brought her round to reality. She was a mere sex slave, and didn't deserve such a garment.

What would her master want her to wear? That was the key to her choice. Suzanne reminded herself that she was a thoroughly trained slave-girl, and must think of her master's wishes at all times.

Pleased with the look, she walked through the house to find the kitchen. The enticing smell of frying bacon was easy to follow.

Suzanne walked into the kitchen to find her master cooking breakfast. Being in her master's presence was wonderful, and seeing real food was wonderful too. She stood to attention with head bowed, waiting of an order.

'Slave is a good girl, and looks good, I approve. Slave has lost excess fat, leaving a sexy curvy figure. I like the choice of clothing, well done slave. You can sit and eat,' he said.

Suzanne swung her hips in pleasure from her master's compliments. Her ambition was to be the most obedient and best serving slave-girl ever. She was proud of the fact that her master hadn't needed to punish her for three whole weeks. It meant she had been a perfect slave-girl for him, and she felt ecstatic just thinking about it.

The little skirt didn't cover much more than her hips, and the blouse was see-through. Knowing her master would like this outfit made it the only possible choice. Nothing but her master's pleasure motivated her now, and she no longer thought of anything else. His training had been thorough, and she appreciated all the time and effort he spent on her.

'Oh!' she yelped when sitting.

'I'll take it out after breakfast,' Harry told her.

Suzanne dare not fidget, as the butt plug gave a twinge of pain. Besides, her master didn't like her fidgeting. A small breakfast was soon finished. As her stomach had shrunk, she had to be careful how much she ate.

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