tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAvatars of the Goddess Ch. 05

Avatars of the Goddess Ch. 05


After my dream about Siervera, I was in a state of confusion and disquiet. Attempts to fall back into slumber were largely unsuccessful. There may have been a few fitful moments where I drifted back into darkness, but I never managed to regain full sleep again and I never managed to once again begin to dream.

At sunrise, Seamaul appeared to wake me and release me from my bondage, however, I had already been awake for hours.

"It is important that you sleep, Jathan," Seamaul informed me as he untied me, "Your masters and mistresses will work you very hard when you are awake. You will need your strength to deal with the demands that they will place upon you."

"I apologize, Master," I told Seamaul, as he forced me to sit up and then to slide off the plansche, and to place my bare feet upon the floor, "However I had a very intense dream that utterly overwhelmed my senses and overcame my ability to resume my slumber. I am not to blame for such dreams, am I?"

Seamaul looked me up and down, and then sharply slapped my left buttock, indicating that I should walk forward. I knew without being told to placed my hands behind the back of my neck and interlace my fingers together. Unless otherwise told, this is the way all avatars were expected to walk.

"You are a very beautiful youth, Jathan," Seamaul informed me, "However an avatar can be blamed for anything, even the things that happens whilst he is asleep. But, tell me of this dream. Perhaps it will have some value to entertain and amuse."

I gathered my thoughts as Seamaul forced me to kneel in a bath of warm, scented water and attempted to put the words together.

"I was in the Dark Realm of the Goddess, Siervera," I explained to Seamaul, "I was her helpless prisoner and she told me a great many things. She told me that there was no battle between her and Appealian. She told me that a deal was struck between the two of them, and that avatars such as myself are a part of that deal."

Seamaul placed his fingers to my lips and said, "Hush, Jathan. Talk such as that is blasphemy. If a priestess hears you say such things, you will surely be whipped for it."

Ordinarily, I am quite obedient, however I had allowed myself to be overcome with emotion, and the instant Seamaul took his fingers away from my lips, words burst forth from my mouth once more.

"But, Master," I protested, "She told me that Opathia's freedom was paid for, by mortal youths such as myself losing their freedom! Anon, Nyme and hundreds of others throughout the centuries, we're all part of the price that was paid for Opathia to be free!"

Suddenly, Seamaul's hand was clasped firmly over my mouth, and Seamaul looked prepared to drown me in the bathwater.

"It is blasphemy for you to say such things," Seamaul insisted passionately, "You will cease to speak of this dream, and all the blasphemous things that you think that you learned, or I shall whip you myself. Is that what you truly desire, Jathan? Do you want me to whip you?"

I had never seen Seamaul disappointed in me before, or offended by anything I had said, however now he appeared to be quite displeased with me. Seamaul was the closest thing I had to a friend in Gran Admirus, and I valued his good-will. I immediately attempted to repair the rift between us.

"I apologize, Master," I said penitently, "I will never speak of such things again." . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Behind the Church's main building is a two-acre piece of land that the Church uses for growing vegetables. Several naked avatars were ordered to work in the gardens that day, and we were made to crawl on our hands and knees and uproot weeds. Two acolytes watched over us and punished us with sharp, stinging blows from a leather strap if we became indolent or accidentally uprooted a vegetable.

After several hours of this sort of toil, my hands and knees were filthy and I my naked body was covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

And; without my noticing; a female avatar had crawled very close to my position in the gardens. Suddenly she was near enough to me, that her hips and shoulder were in direct contact with my hip and shoulder.

I glanced in her direction, and saw that it was Echoux, the avatar that served the Holy Lady Mauvais. She was also covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and her raven-black hair was plastered in an ungainly way across her face and forehead.

"You are not alone," Echoux whispered to me, "I have had the dreams as well."

I glanced about to make certain we weren't being watched and whispered in response, "The dreams of Siervera?"

Echoux pulled a weed up out of the ground and held it up, as if intensely examining it and said, "Many of the avatars dream of her. I have dreamt of being in her Dark Realm more than fifty times, but I dare not speak of it to any of the acolytes or priestesses."

"One of the devotees told me that it was blasphemy to speak of such things," I whispered to Echoux, "What does this all mean?"

Echoux closed her eyes and sighed. She looked utterly adorable with her long lashes and sweat beading on her smooth skin and whispered softly, "It is blasphemy to speak of such things because it contradicts the Church's teachings, but I am almost certain that the Church's teachings are riddled with lies. I think that we are her for the amusement of Siervera, and nothing else."

Echoux assured me that we would both be cruelly punished if we were to be caught speaking aloud of what we knew, however, she assured me that many avatars were aware that we were here to serve as erotic entertainment for the Goddess of Darkness, not to show our devotion to the Goddess of Beauty.

I wondered how many other avatars were in possession of the same knowledge that Echoux and I shared. However, I resolved to keep silent about everything Echoux and I spoke of. Avatars were subject to enough painful punishments even without provoking the Opathic clerics. I did not wish to invite even more punishments upon myself.

. . . . . . . . . . .

All of the avatars were in exquisite physical condition. We were all slender, with flat bellies, narrow waists, firm thighs and firm, high buttocks. The priestesses were all quite determined that we remain in exquisite physical condition, and thus we were exhaustively exercised six days out of the week.

Three days of the week, we were given to an acolyte named Charrelle to mercilessly make us labor and sweat under her supervision. The other three days, we were given to Rigoureux.

Both Charrelle and Rigoureux were merciless in the way that they worked us, however I much preferred to be in the custody of Rigoureux.

My preference was due to the fact that Rigoureux would train the avatars with the walls of the church. Charrelle would take us from the church and have us run through the streets of Gran Admirus with our hands clasped firmly behind the backs of our necks, allowing lords, ladies, merchants, laborers, and even common louts and beggars to ogle at our nudity as we were made to run mile after mile, naked and exposed.

The Pretresse Theatre is perhaps two miles from the Opathic Church, or perhaps slightly less than two miles. Or perhaps slightly more than that distance. Charrelle enjoyed forcing us to run to this theatre and then to circle it several times before ordering us to return to the church.

A multitude of public performances are held at the Pretresse Theatre, and the people of Gran Admirus may enjoy these performances for free. As a result, the theatre has become a public gathering place, where crowds of people can be confidently found at almost any day of the year, any time of the day. Charrelle knew this, and she deliberately paraded us around the Pretresse Theatre to expose our shameful nudity to great numbers of people and to increase our humiliation.

Laborers, merchants, soldiers and other townspeople might be seen along the sides of the roads where we ran, however the greatest number of people we encountered were always gathered in droves around the theatre, and they would always be certain to call out to us and let us be aware that they were enjoying the sight of our exposed, naked bodies, sweating underneath the hot sun as we ran.

"Beautiful young avatar," one young, poorly groomed laborer called out as we panted and ran past, "Your breasts are magnificent!"

"Such buttocks," another called out to me, as I ran naked, "The things I could do to your buttocks, pretty boy! They tempt me!"

"Make that one run faster," a wealthy lady in a fine tunic and gold adornments called out, "Give her bare buttocks the strap and make it sting!"

Both men and women would shout out comments about my buttocks and my painfully-erect cock. My naked body was a source of entertainment for them, and I was forbidden to cover myself...no matter how course or vulgar the comments of the public citizens.

And woe to any avatar who lagged behind or displeased Charrelle, for she would allow the uncouth spectators a closer look at his or her nudity.

"Nyme," Charrelle called out one morning as we were circling the theatre, "I notice you can't seem to keep up the pace with your bother and sisters! You're falling behind the rest of them. Do you lack the stamina of your sisters? Do you need an interval to recover from all this exercise?"

The sound of Charrelle's voice was filled with wickedness and playful amusement. Nyme knew that Charrelle was about to spring some sort of cruel humiliation on the girl. We all knew it, but we were all helpless to do anything to prevent it. Charrelle did what she wanted with us, and we had no recourse, but to endure the torments she planned for us. Resisting her will would only lead to more punishments.

"I do not need to rest," Nyme insisted, panting, her naked body covered in a fine sheen of sweat, "I can continue to run."

It was a respectful, accommodating answer, however there was no response respectful enough or clever enough to save Nyme. When Charrelle had a wicked plan for one of us, there was no means of saving us from our fate.

"I say that you shall rest," Charrelle declared imperiously, "Go stand over by that wall! The rest of the avatars will wait and watch over you, until I believe that you have recovered from all this taxing exercise."

Nyme was herded over to a wall outside the Pretresse Theatre. She was made to stand in inspection pose while she recovered, with her fingers laced behind the back of her neck, and her legs far apart. Of course, the rest of the avatars where ordered to stand in that position as well.

However, poor Nyme had it worse than the rest of us. While Nyme stood and placed her naked body on display, Charrelle shouted out to the masses on the street, and invited them to examine Nyme more closely.

"You! Come closer," Charrelle called out to three spectators who were standing nearby. The spectators were all females with long, dark hair and cinnamon-colored skin. They stepped forward somewhat cautiously.

"What do you think of our avatar?" Charrelle asked the woman closest to her, "Is she not a beauty?"

"She's quite beautiful," the woman replied with a foreign accent. To my ear her accent sounded Hummurian, although she spoke Hegothian fluently.

"Would you like to touch her?" Charrelle asked the foreign woman, and I heard Nyme gasp. Charrelle ignored Nyme's obvious distress and waited to hear the foreign woman's answer.

"Are you certain it's permitted?" the foreign woman asked, "I do not wish to run afoul of any of your laws."

"This woman is the property of the Opathic Church," Charrelle responded, "And I am an acolyte of that church. This woman is basically my slave, and I am giving you permission to touch her. You may caress and fondle the most delicious parts of her anatomy without violating Hegothian law."

That seemed to persuade the Hummurian woman and she took five silent steps forward and cupped Nyme's naked breasts in her hands.

"She is quite warm," the Hummurian woman said as she fondled Nyme's vulnerable flesh, "She must be very hot-blooded."

Nyme whimpered and blushed as her bare breasts were so casually fondled by a stranger. Of course, all of the naked avatars watching this spectacle felt a mixture of fear and compassion. Tomorrow it might be any one of us that Charrelle publicly humiliated by allowing us to be intimately fondled and examined by strangers.

"All the avatars are hot-blooded," Charrelle replied, "Opathia wishes for her avatars to always be hot-blooded and feverish with sexual need. If you place your hand between her thighs, you'll find that her sex is soaking wet."

I flinched at those words and hoped that the Hummurian woman would not act upon Charrelle's suggestion, but I hoped in vain, and Nyme's public humiliation became even more unkind.

Nyme's lower lips trembled and her naked legs wobbled slightly as the foreign woman cupped her wet sex and gently stroked her swollen pubic lips. Nyme moaned as the woman elicited a sexual response from her, and I wondered how shaming it would be if this strange woman caused her to reach sexual climax in this public place with a crowd of dozens watching intently, viewing her humiliation as a form of entertainment.

The Hummurian woman eventually removed her hand from Nyme's sex and held up her fingers, examining the glistening juices that had been produced by Nyme's sexual desire.

"You have completely sexualized this young woman," the Hummurian observed as she examined the slick fluids on her hand.

"Just as Opathia was completely sexualized while held captive by the Goddess Siervera," Charrelle explained, "It is the will of the Goddess that her avatars experience the same indignities that she experienced."

"And her buttocks are quite red," observed another Hummurian, "It is quite obvious the poor girl has been spanked."

"Again, the will of the Goddess," Charrelle explained, "Opathia was an innocent, but was subjected to a great deal of punishment in Siervera's Dark Realm. Opathia's avatars show their loyalty to the Goddess by suffering the same fates that she suffered."

The Hummurians examined Nyme very thoroughly with their hands and their eyes. They fondled her buttocks, prodded her tight, delicate anus, pinched her nipples, squeezed her breasts, stroked her belly and toyed with her nether lips.

Nyme whimpered and panted when her sex was penetrated and probed by inquisitive fingers. A large crowd had formed around Nyme and Hummurians by then, and the crowd laughed and cheered at the sounds Nyme made, and encouraged the Hummurians to impale Nyme's sex even deeper, and make her moan in mindless sexual passion.

This was a humiliation that all avatars sought to avoid, however, if Charrelle wished to humiliate us, we were helpless to stop her. I was subjected to such humiliations myself once. On this occasion, a wealthy patron of the arts was outside the theatre with her two children. All three were invited to touch me, examine me closely and evaluate my naked body.

The patroness herself looked wealthy, sophisticated and was perhaps in her mid-forties. Her son was slender, athletic and was perhaps nineteen years of age. The patroness's daughter looked to be anywhere between twenty and twenty-six.

"He looks apprehensive," the teenage boy remarked, "We haven't even touched him yet."

"He's naked and on display like a slave on the auction block," his older sister remarked, "Would not you be distressed if you were forced to expose your nude body before crowds of leering strangers?"

"He needs to learn to conquer his fear," Charrelle told patroness's daughter, "Being anxious and fearful is to be expected during his first few days as an avatar, however he has years remaining in his service to the Goddess. He cannot remain an innocent fledgling forever."

Of course, my cock was painfully hard, and the daughter took a great interest in that. She slapped my erect cock and pinched the sensitive tip, making me whimper in pain. She cupped my balls with one hand, as if weighing them, and then with her other hand, she spanked my cock yet again. I squirmed, but dared not to protect my genitals or attempt to cover my nudity. Such things would only invite more punishment.

"He is very well endowed," the young woman remarked, "Not only is his cock large, but it seems as hard and resilient as polished marble."

Then she placed one hand underneath my chin, lifted my face so that I was forced to look her directly in the eyes, and she said, "If you were a slave on the auction block, I would gladly pay a dozen gold argents for you. Your cock is quite exquisite."

I could feel my face flush hot with embarrassment at those words, and felt helpless and humiliated. This woman could not buy me; however, I was still utterly at her mercy. Charrelle would allow her to do very nearly whatever she wanted with me.

The patroness's son examined my sore buttocks, squeezing them, resurrecting the pain of recent stinging punishments and making the pain fresh again.

"His buttocks look remarkably inflamed and tender," the son observed, "What did you do to him?"

"He is spanked at least once a day, even if he is well-behaved," Charrelle replied, "And when exercising him, I whip his buttocks with a leather strap to make him run faster."

"I imagine that's quite effective," the boy said as he kneaded my poor buttocks and made me gasp in red-hot stinging torment.

"Has he been raped yet?" the patroness asked, as she stood back several feet and watched her children stroke, pinch, fondle and examine my naked body.

"Not yet," Charrelle replied, "His anus was remarkably tight and narrow when he was brought to Gran Admirus. With one such as him, it is necessary to open up his anal cleft gradually before we can allow him to be raped."

The patroness's children proceeded to run their hands across my naked thighs, belly, buttocks and torso, to pinch my poor nipples and examine my physical endowments as if I were a slave on the auction block. The boy spread my sore buttocks apart and discovered the impaling contrivance that had been forced inside of me to widen my anus.

A large crowd had gathered to watch the spectacle as my naked body was examined, pinched, slapped and toyed with. And any time I would gasp or whimper, the crowd would laugh or applaud or make some other sort of boisterous noise to show their approval of the way I was being publicly humiliated.

It was all quite degrading and dehumanizing, and I let out a great sigh of relief, when I was ordered to being running again and make my way back to the Church.

. . . . .

Rigoureux inflicted just as much physical pain on the avatars when she exercised them, however she did not put our naked bodies on display in front of crowds of city-dwellers, and I found that to be a mercy. When Rigoureux trained us, she would take us to a great empty hall near the acolyte's quarters, or sometimes to a verdant field that the Church owned, just out behind the church library.

Rigoureux's style of training us was painful and humiliating, however, at least, there were no crowds surrounding us. Only Rigoureux and perhaps some of the other acolytes would be there to witness our humiliation.

When she exercised us, we would be forced to assume various positions on command. The positions were designed to be quite humiliating and to make us feel quite helpless. Failure to assume the positions quickly often resulted in a stinging bite from Rigoureux's stinging strap.

"Inspection pose," Rigoureux would call out, and eighteen avatars would obediently stand with their legs spread far apart, their fingers laced behind the backs on their necks, their elbows pulled back, their chests thrust forward, their chins up and their lips slightly parted.

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