tagInterracial LoveBack to the South Ch. 06

Back to the South Ch. 06


The next morning at the Millton estate.

Julie Millton woke up nude in her masterbed bedroom in between two large black men.

Elijah, who laid on her left side had his heavy black arm across her naked chest.

Gently sliding it down her side, Julie sat up.

"Mmm..." She stretched her arms up in the air, yawning.

Julie, with a smile on her face looked down at Elijah and Noah, admiring the two naked black men. Noah's big black cock laid over his thick thigh as Julie couldn't help but softly run her hand across his muscled chest.

Just then there was a knock on the door to the master bedroom, as it opened.

"Ah, you're awake." Clara, a stunning and slender ebony woman in her mid twenties came into the room. She wore a rather lavish dress, that showed off quite a generous amount of her large bosom.

"And I see you had a good night." She saw Elijah and Noah lying naked in her mistress's bed, before she walked over and slid open the curtains on the windows.

"Oh yes." Julie smiled at Clara, her friend and confidant, as she stepped out of the bed.

Clara also ran Julie's household, something that was quite unusual for a negress.

Walking over to her morning gown, Julie admired her naked self in the mirror.

She brushed her wavy light brown hair back behind her ear as she looked down, and gently cupped her still perky breasts.

"Mr. Howard is also waiting for you downstairs." Clara came over and picked up Julie's morning gown.

"Oh yes, I did send for him, didn't I." Julie slipped into her quite see through morning gown.

"Do you want me to send him away?" Clara asked her mistress.

"No, I'll see the young Mr. Howard." Julie turned to walk over to the door.

"Oh, would you mind taking Noah and Elijah down to the kitchen and get them a healthy breakfast." Julie told Clara.

"Of course." Clara said as she watched Julie walk out.

Walking over to the bed where the two black men laid, Clara was about to clap to wake them up when her eyes wandered up and down Noah's naked body.

No, get a grip Clara... She told herself.

Clara then clapped her hands waking up Elijah and Noah.

"Uh?" Noah and Elijah woke up surprised to see Clara standing there looking over them.

"Oh miss Clara." Elijah got up out of bed covering up his large manhood as he respectfully looked over at Clara, whilst looking around for his work clothes.

Noah on the other hand, made no attempt to cover up his huge black manhood as he got up.

"Miss Clara." Noah walked with a bit of confidence over to the beautiful Clara.

Not long ago Clara had spent an evening in her mistress's bedroom, where Julie had undressed her in front of Noah. It had been a night of pure lust, where Noah had fucked her so good.

"I am to take the two of you downstairs to the kitchen and get you a meal." Clara had to really concentrate to keep her composure when Noah was standing so close to her.

"You look very pretty today, miss Clara." Noah told her quietly so Elijah couldn't hear.

Clara glanced over into Noah's eyes and felt her knees weakening.

Oh god... please Noah... Clara who was in charge of the household, wanted to keep her strict appearance, but she knew that if Noah didn't get dressed soon, that she would find herself on her knees sucking his big cock and asking him to take her.

Noah's eyes wandered down to Clara's heaving bosom.

"Here Noah." Elijah was a bit nervous that Noah hadn't gotten dressed yet, as he didn't want to get in trouble with miss Clara.

Noah nodded and took his work pants and shirt.

Clara sighed with relief as Noah got dressed.

Though as Noah stepped into his pants, Clara got a glimpse of his sizable black cock, which made her sigh once more, but this time for another reason entirely.

At the entrance hall of the Mansion, the young Mr. Andrew Howard waited politely alongside one of the servants. The twenty-two year Andrew worked for the Elmore bank.

Though he was somewhat inexperienced, Julie Millton had taken a liking to Andrew and his young wife Mary, when she had met them at a banquet a year ago.

Since Julie was one of the largest benefactors of the bank of Elmore, she had Mr. Reed, the bank manager assign Andrew to some of her affairs.

"Ah Andrew, it's good to see you." Julie looked down from on top of the marble staircase.

"Mrs. Millton, how do you do?" Andrew politely bowed as he then looked up at Julie in her morning gown and gulped.

In the sunlight he could see her nude body underneath the thin clothing of the gown.

Her breasts softly moved with each step Julie took down the staircase.

"Is something the matter Andrew?" Julie smiled as she was very aware that he could see hints of her naked body.

"Ehm." Andrew gulped again. "No." Andrew looked a bit embarrassed.

Julie looked at the young man as he tried remember why he was there.

"The papers... I have the papers here for you to sign, Mrs. Millton." Andrew then fumbled with the documents as Julie smiled.

"Oh and Mary wanted me to thank you again for the nice dinner at the Holton Country Club." Andrew remembered how impressed the both of them had been by the country club.

"Oh it was my pleasure. You know I'm quite fond of you and Mary?" Julie said.

"Thank you, I know Mary is quite fond of you as well Mrs. Millton." Andrew felt glad.

"In fact, why don't the two of you come over this weekend?" Julie then asked Andrew.

"Here? To the mansion?" Andrew said surprised.

"Of course, I'd love to have you stay for a bit." Julie smiled.

"Oh, It would be our pleasure, thank you Mrs. Millton." Andrew happily accepted as Mary had often asked him what it was like up at Mrs. Millton's estate.

"Then it's settled." Julie smiled. "Shall we?" She then looked down at the document in Andrew's hand.

"Oh yes, the papers." Andrew held out the papers for Julie to sign.

"Let's go into the den." Julie then walked in front of Andrew.

As he walked behind her, Andrew tried to be polite and not look down at her round and bare bottom that was clearly visible through her gown.

Over by her late husband's oak desk, Julie turned around as Andrew then put down the paper in front of her.

"Might I just say that, I think it's very generous of you to help the town with the new church." Andrew said being proud to be working for Julie.

A few days ago Pastor Adams had asked Julie for funds to build a new church as the old one was very run down. Julie had mostly just agreed in order to not get out of the boring conversation.

"Mhm." Julie signed the papers.

"There you go." Julie then picked up the document and held it below her chest.

Andrew's eyes wandered down to her perky breasts for brief moment before he looked up.

Julie smiled as she saw how the young man blush.

"T.. thank you." Andrew felt a bit embarrassed as he took the document.

"Well I really looking forward to seeing you and Mary this weekend." Julie smiled.

"Thank you Mrs. Millton." Andrew thanked her again as he couldn't wait to tell Mary the news.

As they walked out to the hall, one of the servants opened the door for Andrew.

"Good day Andrew." Julie Millton said goodbye to Andrew Howard.

"Good day Mrs. Millton." Andrew walked out to the carriage that waited for him.

Mmm, the weekend is going to be enjoyable... Julie smiled to herself as she waved as the carriage rode off.

"Would you like for Jemima to arrange a bath for you?" Clara then came up behind Julie.

"Oh, I'm a little disappointed in you Clara." Julie then said teasingly.

"Excuse me?" Clara sounded a bit confused.

"I had hoped to find you upstairs in bed with Noah." Julie teased Clara who had always been a bit uptight.

"I... don't know what you are talking about." Clara found herself blushing, which was rather unusual for her.

"Uh huh." Julie smiled as she walked upstairs with Clara to get dressed.

"You know, last night, Noah asked about you." Julie then said.

"He did?" Clara said feeling excited as Julie turned around with a smirk on her face.

"Hmph." Clara looked to the side as Julie smiled.

Later that afternoon Julie was entertaining Mrs. Cynthia Perry, wife of the esteemed Judge James Perry of the Elmore courthouse.

Cynthia was a reputable and elegant woman in her mid forties.

She was a somewhat robust woman, not overly chubby, but it was clear that she had some meat on her bones. Being a prominent woman, her expensive dress was somewhat non revealing, as it didn't show any cleavage, though it was obvious that Mrs. Perry had a very large chest.

She was also the chairwoman of the Rose club.

A social club for women in the highest of society in southern Alabama.

"Mrs. Bradley offered to have the ball over at their estate." Cynthia was telling Julie about an upcoming ball that the Rose club was hosting.

"Would you care for some tea Cynthia?" Julie looked over at Mrs. Perry.

"That would be nice Julie, thank you." Cynthia smiled.

"Jemima, would you have Benjamin bring in some tea." Julie looked over at her maid.

"Yes miss Julie." Jemima walked out from the closed veranda.

"On a different matter. Might I enquire as to when you might host your next..."Cynthia paused with some anticipation looking over at Julie.

"My next party?" Julie smiled as she looked over at Mrs. Perry who looked like she was yearning for answer.

"I was actually thinking of holding one next weekend." Julie told her.

"Oh." Cynthia's eyes lit up as she looked quietly at Julie.

"Don't worry, you will be receiving an invitation." Julie told her smiling as Cynthia exhaled with relief that she was invited.

Just then Benjamin, a large half naked black man walked in with a silver platter.

Cynthia looked over at the bare chested negro who only wore a pair of shorts.

Oh my... Cynthia Perry put her hand on her cheek and blushed a little as she saw the absolutely huge bulge in the black man's shorts.

"Thank you Benjamin." Julie told him as he put down the platter with the tea on the table.

"Can I pour you some tea Cynthia?" Julie saw the way Mrs. Perry was looking at Benjamin's bulge.

"Oh... yes... please." Cynthia's large chest heaved as she took a breath, not able to keep her eyes from the massive manhood that must have been stuffed in his shorts.

After pouring her some tea, Julie looked over at Cynthia.

"You were saying about Mrs. Bradley and the ball." Julie asked Cynthia.

"Oh yes... Ehm... She want to host the summer ball, and it's between her and... Mrs. West." Cynthia had a hard time concentrating as Benjamin stood there.

"Ehm..." Cynthia took a sip of the tea and then looked over at Julie.

"Would it be possible to get the... special flavored tea?" Cynthia took another deep breath as she waited for Julie's reply.

"Hmm." Julie kept Cynthia waiting for a moment as she enjoyed seeing her squirm a bit.

"Benjamin." Julie looked up at the big black man standing next to the table.

"Would you mind giving Mrs. Perry's tea a big... hefty... load of flavor." Julie asked sexily.

"It would be mah pleasure miss Julie." Benjamin said as he slowly pulled his shorts down, revealing a huge eleven inch black cock, and a pair lemon sized balls.

Cynthia's jaw dropped as she barely managed to put down her teacup on the table.

Benjamin then took a step over to Cynthia's side of the table and started stroking his heavy cock over her teacup.

Cynthia watched him stroke that big, long and thick cock with such desire.

She licked her lips as she watched precum drip from the tip of his cock into her tea.

Oh it looks so good... Mrs. Perry watched with such hungry eyes, that she knew that she couldn't wait much longer.

"Would... it be possible for me to..." Cynthia looked at Benjamin's throbbing cock and then up at Julie.

"Mrs. Perry, do you want to suck this big negro's cock, and have him fill your mouth full of cum?" Julie then teased Cynthia.

"Y... yes." Cynthia breathed heavily as she wanted him to shove his black cock between her lips and flood her mouth full of hot thick cum.

"Well, then you best ask Benjamin." Julie told Cynthia to ask the negro for permission to suck his black cock.

Cynthia imagined what would happen, if some of the ladies of the Rose club, were to find out what she was about to ask a negro man. Cynthia knew that she would be disgraced, but right now she didn't care.

Cynthia looked up at the big black man.

"May I please take your big negro cock into my mouth."

Benjamin gave her a small nod and took a few steps over to Cynthia, and shoved the tip of his cock between her lips into her awaiting mouth.

"Mmm mmm." Cynthia gagged a bit at first before she opened her mouth wider, and started to eagerly suck his thick cock.

Cynthia then reached up and wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft, and started to really stroke it.

Mmm... come... fill my mouth... Cynthia sucked him harder and harder, she wanted him to explode in her mouth.

"Ahh ahhh." Benjamin started groaning as he reached down and grabbed his cock from Cynthia.

He pulled it out so just the tip of his cock was inside her mouth.

Benjamin then started jerking it hard.

"Ah ahh ahhh." Benjamin groaned as Cynthia couldn't wait swallow his huge load.

Then a huge stream hit the back of Cynthia's throat. "Ahhh!" Benjamin grunted.

Oh yess... mmm... Cynthia let the warm and thick cum fill her mouth before she gulped it down.

Mmmm more... She loved the taste of a negro man's cum as she wrapped her lips around his tip.

She didn't want to miss a single drop.

"Uhh uhhh." Benjamin groaned as Cynthia was in heaven.

She was amazed at how much cum he had in his big balls.

Cynthia had already swallowed two big mouthfuls, and she was still sucking cum from his cock.

"Mmm..." She moaned as a heavily breathing Benjamin slowly pulled out of her mouth.

Cynthia had stuck out her tongue on which Benjamin laid his big cock head.

She felt small amounts of cum ooze out from the tip and onto her tongue.

Small droplets that she happily held her tongue out for.

"Mmm..." Cynthia then gave his big slimy cock a few more sucks just to make sure that she got all of it, and then gave the slit one last lick.

"Thank you." Cynthia then looked up at the big negro and licked her lips.

"You're welcome miss Cynthia." Benjamin told her.

"Thank you Benjamin, you may go and clean up." Julie told a heavily breathing Benjamin who then picked up his shorts and left.

"Oh Julie, it's always such a pleasure to visit you." Mrs. Perry leaned back into her chair with a big smile on her face.

"You should bring your daughter Mildred with you some time." Julie told her.

"Oh she would like it here." Cynthia thought of her twenty-three year old daughter who was married to Phillip Wright, an army captain from a good family.

"I'm not sure if I should tell you this since it's rather sensitive..." Mrs. Perry looked over at Julie.

"Oh, now you simply must tell me." Julie was curious.

"Well..." Cynthia looked rather excited as she paused.

"Mildred is two-months pregnant, and the father is one of her house negroes. She's going to have a negro baby." Cynthia told Julie looking nervous and excited at the same time.

"Oh wow." Julie was surprised but very happy for Mildred.

"And it's not her husband's?" Julie then asked.

"It's not Phillips, he's been away on an army assignment for the past three months." Cynthia revealed.

"And I know my daughter, she can't go a day without bedding a negro." Cynthia said with naughty pride in her voice.

"Does her husband know?" Julie then asked as she didn't know much of Phillip Wright.

"He knows. Mildred and Phillip send each other letters at least once a week..."

Two weeks ago during a rainy night, the thirty year old Captain Phillip Wright sat in his army regulation tent, going through the next morning's training exercises for his men.

"Captain sir, private Roger just rode in with the mail. I have some letters for you." Sergeant Wilmer Hanks came into the captain's tent.

"Thank you sergeant." Captain Phillip took the letters.

"That'll be all sergeant."

"Yes sir." Sergeant Wilmer saluted and exited the tent.

As Phillip went through the four letters, he found from Mildred Wright, his wife.

Phillip sat down by the small wriggly table he had in his tent, and turned up the lamp.

He then unfolded the letter and read;

My dear Phillip.

I am writing you this week with some joyus news.

I am with child.

Phillip looked up all stunned.

Then after taking a breather he kept reading.

I am not sure which of the negroes the child belongs to.

I suspect that Solomon might be the father.

He is always so powerful when he beds me.

Though, it could also be Rufus or Wesley, they are both so very strong.

I hope you find this news as uplifting as I did.

Your devoted and loving wife,


P.S. Solomon just walked into our bedroom.

Phillip breathed heavily as he put down the letter from his wife.

Mildred is having a negro baby... Phillip found himself feeling both excited and happy for Mildred and himself.

Though he also realized that they had to be careful, since there were a lot of people who would not look too kindly to Mildred having a black child.

He knew that once Mildred started showing that she was pregnant, that she would have to stay inside until she had the child.

They would also have to pretend that the child belonged to one of the negro women on their staff. Even with that, Phillip couldn't wait to be a father for the child, and he knew that Mildred would be a great mother.

Phillip then took out a paper and wrote back to his wife.

My loving Mildred.

My heart was filled with such joy when I read your letter.

It is at times like these that I find myself wishing that I was better at describing my emotions.

Just know that I am elated knowing that you are carrying a negro's child in your belly.

I hope to be as good of a father to him or her as I know you will be a good mother.

Your news could also have not come at a better time, as I have just received word that our regiment will be returning home in less than a month's time.

Your devoted husband,


P.S. Knowing that you are not alone in your bedchamber fills my lonely nights with such pleasant thoughts.

"Then I really must send an invitation to Mildred as well." Julie told Mrs. Perry.

"That would be so kind of you Julie, I know how coveted your invitations are." Mrs. Perry sounded so appreciative.

"I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to next weekend." Cynthia Perry smiled.

Cynthia really hoped that she would be the woman who got chosen at the party.

She had heard rumours about what would happen to that woman, but they were just rumours.

No one except for Julie and the few women who had experienced it knew what was in store for the woman who got chosen. Julie was very strict when it came to those details, since if any woman revealed what happens, they would never be invited back to her parties. To this day, none of the women had revealed the secret as they would never take the chance of not being invited back.

Outside the Millton mansion, at one of the nearby barns.

Clara stood in front of Samuel and Calvin, two black boys who had turned seventeen a mere month ago.

"Now that the two of you have come of age, you will be attending miss Julie's party next weekend." Clara told them.

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