tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBad, Bad Thing Ch. 07

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 07


“I can’t believe I have to spend my summer with you,” Buffy complained.

“Hey, I’m not happy about it either,” Spike replied. “And why the hell can’t you carry your own bloody bags?”

Buffy flipped her hair. “I just got my nails done.”

“I just got my nails done,” Spike mimicked, “I’m a lazy little princess.”

Buffy glared at her stepbrother, and then stomped into the house. She really didn’t want to spend a day with him, much less an entire summer. But their parents were going on a season long tour of Europe, and insisted that both of them remain in the summer home. When Buffy tried to protest, they threatened to take her credit cards and her allowance away.

Spike was just as angry about it as Buffy was. He couldn’t stand her. He planned to spend as much of his time as possible in town. Maybe he could find himself a girl to keep him company during the long, long hot summer.

He entered the large house, and without ceremony, dropped her bags on the floor.

“Are you just going to leave those there?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Fine. I’ll just call Reginald.”

“Would it kill you to carry your own bags? I mean, really? Would it?”


She stormed up the stairs, then turned around at the top. “Oh, and Spike, I’m going to be using the pool this afternoon.”


“So, I don’t want to see you there.”

Spike had had no intention of swimming until she made her announcement, then he resolved to spend the entire afternoon there. Bossy little chit. Who did she think she was?

“Don’t worry,” he said with a wide, insincere smile.

Thirty minutes later, Buffy was sunning herself leisurely before a large, seashell-shaped pool. She had on a white bikini and white oversized sunglasses, her hair was pulled back. Spike had to admit, she did look good. Damn good. Her breasts were a nice size, high and firm, and her legs were smooth and curvy. Her waist was small, but she wasn’t skin and bones. She looked like the picture of health.

It was easy to avoid thinking of her when she was out of his sight, or just being a real bitch. But some days her beauty caught him completely unawares, and all he could do was stare at her. Too bad that she was such an impossible brat to live with, because otherwise, their living arrangements would be very pleasant indeed.

She’d probably freak out if she ever knew how Spike looked at her, how he thought about her at night when he was beating off. So he kept the fact well hidden behind contempt and disgust. As far as Buffy knew, Spike didn’t see one redeeming quality in her.

Which was fine with her, because she didn’t see one redeeming quality in him. He was loud, and brash, and annoying. He listened to stupid music that he blasted until she had a headache. He drove a stupid motorcycle, and thought he was real hotshit. The first time he bleached his hair, all she could do was roll her eyes. Though she did admit to herself that he looked pretty good with bleached hair. And when she wasn’t completely annoyed or pissed at him, she could see why all of her girlfriends practically wet themselves over him. He could be pretty cute when we wanted to be.

Now wasn’t one of those times, however. He was standing over her, blocking her light, and smirking.

“What do you want?” Buffy snapped. “I thought I told you not to come out here.”

“You’re not the boss of me, Princess.”

“If you must be out here, can you just sit down and leave me alone?”

“No, I think I will go for a swim.”

He climed to the top of the jumping board, and jumped as high as he could, landing with a large splash. Water went everywhere, including all over Buffy.

She jumped up, spluttering with anger. She looked kind of like a wet kitten, all indignant fury and claws. “You jerk! You got me soaking wet!”

“Honey, you’re at the pool. You’re supposed to get wet.”

“If I wanted to get wet,” she said slowly, between gritted teeth, “I would have jumped in the pool.”

“Like this?” His hand snuck out of the water and grabbed her ankle. She tried to kick him off, but she lost her balance and fell into the pool, practically on top of him.

She was angry before, but now there was a murderous glint in her eye. “You’re going to pay for that.”

Spike raised an eyebrow. “Yeah? Whatcha gonna do?”

She splashed water in his face. He splashed back. Soon they were chasing each other around the pool, screaming and yelling at each other, and getting everything within 20 feet of the edge sopping wet. She was occasionally catch him and force his head under the water. Once he swam beneath her and knocked her legs out from under her.

It wasn’t long until their fighting turned to playing, and both of them were laughing so hard they couldn’t breath.

“Ok, ok,” she gasped, “I give. You win.”

“Yeah?” Spike asked, cornering her against the edge. “What’s my prize?”

“Catch me and I’ll show you.” With that she knocked him down and shot past him.

Buffy was a good swimmer, but Spike was faster. It didn’t take long before he caught up with her, and had her stuck again. “Caught you.”

“I’ve decided you don’t deserve a prize.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah,” she said defiantly.

Without warning, he tickled her ribs until she was laughing and straining to get away from him. “Do you give?”


He increased his efforts and she was laughing hysterically. How did he know about that spot just above her belly?

“How about now?”


“I bet I can do this longer than you an take it. Should we see?”

“No, no,” she gasped. “You win.”

“Damn straight. Now, what do I get?”

Buffy did it on impulse, without thinking at all. His lips were warm and tasted like chlorine and the cigarettes he sneaked. She tried to pull away from him after only a few seconds, but Spike wouldn’t let her. Instead he grabbed the back of her head and held her still as he plunged his tongue into her mouth.

Buffy struggled briefly, but stopped as warmth flooded her body. She had thought about kissing him occasionally in the past six months since their parents married, but never seriously. Now she wished she had done it sooner, because he was an excellent kisser.

“We shouldn’t do that again,” Buffy breathed when she finally pulled away from him.

Spike looked slightly hurt, but it was so brief that she couldn’t tell for sure. “You’re right.” He took a step back and she sat up on the edge of the pool, then pulled herself out of the water. Her wet, sun-kissed skin sparkled in the sunshine, and it nearly blinded Spike just to look at her.

“I’ll just be going inside now,” she said.


“Um, will you be joining me for dinner?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Ok, well, have a good afternoon.” Who knew that feeling extremely awkward and horny could make a person be so polite?

Buffy turned her back on Spike and began gathering up her now soaking towel and book. She heard the water as he moved out of the pool, but she didn’t have any idea where he was or where he was going. Even so, she wasn’t surprised when she felt his strong arms wrap around her from behind.

She straightened, but didn’t push away. She could feel his hard cock push against her ass. She shivered as he licked a drop of water between her shoulder blades. He followed the stream of water up her back to her neck, and then he blew in her softly. She knew that if he kept it up, her knees would buckle and she wouldn’t be able to resist him at all. Even now, her window of opportunity to push him away was shrinking.

It was the sun, Buffy decided, as she moaned and lolled her head forward so he would have better access to her neck. It had to be the heat that made her act to so recklessly. She held onto that excuse tightly as his finger traced the line of her bikini top, across her back, around her side, and over her breasts.

His mouth never left her back. He continued to lick, nibble, and kiss her neck, then shoulders, then the small of her back. He dropped to his knees and ran her hands up and down the back of her legs, and then caressed her ass. She was forced to lean forward and grip the chair for support, because his ministrations were turning her limbs to water. She couldn’t support herself anymore.

Buffy didn’t even voice an objection when he slid her bottoms off, exposing her to the world. All of his attention shifted to her nicely rounded cheeks, and he slapped them a few times. She jumped, but it didn’t hurt. He slowly kissed each red mark better, and the alternate sensations of pain and his soft mouth made her whimper.

She froze, however, when she felt his soft tongue trace the thin crack between her legs.



“Don’t do that.”

“Why not?” He licked her again. “Doesn’t that feel good?”


“So what’s wrong?”


“Nonsense, you’re perfectly clean.”


“Shhh, Baby.”

Buffy had no idea what possessed her step-brother to do this, but after the initial squicky-ness of it, she got over it fast. Really, really fast. Each swipe of his tongue made her moan. It felt good, but it also felt very wrong and very delicious. Her juices were dripping down her thighs.

“Like that baby?” He asked, after he swirled his tongue around her rim.


“How about this?” He shoved two fingers up her pussy and began fucking her with them rapidly. Her knees did buckle then, and she would have fallen if he didn’t have his arm wrapped around her.

While he fucked her with one hand, he pulled his hard cock out of his swimming trunks with the other. He was more than ready for her. He took his fingers out of her, and she yelped in protest.

“Oh, baby, I want you,” Spike groaned as he gently pulled her down to the ground. She obligingly spread out on the drying towel and spread her legs for him. She was so close to completion that she felt she would scream if he didn’t take her right that fucking second.

They both sighed blissfully once he entered her. He moved in and out of her with long, slow strokes that her out of her mind with bliss. She closed her eyes and arched her back to meet each thrust, more than happy to match the rhythm he set.

Spike wanted to pound into her until they were both breathing hard and exhausted, but he didn’t want to hurt her, so he held himself back as much as possible. The sun was hot on his back, but not nearly as hot as her tight pussy that felt like velvet around his cock. She was burning him up, and he had never felt anything so good, so welcome.

He couldn’t take it much longer, and he knew it. He slid his hand between them, and found her hard clit. He increased his pace as he rubbed it, and the combined efforts were enough to make her body shake as she quickly reached her orgasm. Seeing the surprised pleasure on her face, hearing her name on his lips, was enough to push him over the edge, and he came deep inside of her.

Spike collapsed beside her, and she automatically curled against him. He idly stroke the side of her breast, and both of them quickly grew aroused again.

“We’re going to get sun burnt out here.”


“If I already haven’t freckled.”

“Can’t let anything mar that pretty skin, princess.”

“Should we take this inside?”

Maybe the summer wouldn’t be so long and boring after all.

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