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Jeffrey Carter stepped off of the plane, inhaled the moist air, and smiled. My first trip to the Bahamas. His friend Anthony recommended this place for some R and R. I have a suite in the Hilton on the beach. Running your own company can be hard on your mind and you body. I’m thirty years, single, never married, one son who is seven from a college relationship. Alexander is my heart but his mother and me didn’t get along enough to get married. Don’t get me wrong, I take care of my son. He will never have to want. I have him every other weekend, one month in the summer, and we alternate the holidays. That’s my pride and he needs to know that.

My other pride is my business. After college I started a dot COM Company. It was a web page where black people, really any race, could come to get help or answers to any question. After six months I became a millionaire. After two and a half years I was worth 15.7 million dollars. When I owned the company for three almost four years another dot com company came to me and made it possible for me to retire at the age of 30. They brought my company for 67.5 million dollars. I’m happy, my son is provided for, and now it’s time to rest. This place is beautiful. Before I checked into the hotel I drove the island in my rental car. The beach made me want to go swimming.

Time to head for the room for some rest. The desk clerk told me at check in that my had a good view of the ocean and that there would be a beach party starting at 10pm for hotel guest and friends. The room view is nice and peaceful. I looked down to the beach and see someone strolling along. A caramel slim female with long black hair. From here she looked beautiful. Someone I could get into. Nice body, nice height, and nice hair. Maybe I’ll see her at the beach party. Well, better get some sleep. Damn! What time is it, 9:30pm. I can’t believe I slept this long. I still make it to the party and maybe find that girl.

After a shower I throw on my swim trunks with a white shirt unbutton. Show off my built. I have a light chocolate complexion, cut close curly hair cut, 6’2 with muscular built and a stomach you can scrub clothes on. I walked to the beach and can hear the party was at fuel swing. I look around to see if I could find the girl. No such luck, but there were plenty of other cuties here. I meet a couple of them, dance with some, but most of them were looking for money. There she goes that fine ass girl from the beach. She had on a white swim suite with a lace wrap skirt. Her hair cascaded down her back like a wave. I walked up to her and asked if she would like to dance she said no. So I asked could I buy her a drink.

She said no again. I asked what was there I could do to get her to talk to me. Se stated she was from the island and was not trying to get her groove back. I told her I wasn’t trying to give back her groove. That I just wanted someone to talk too. I was about to walk away feeling salty and wanting to call her out of her name. That’s when she gently touched my arm. She apologize and told me her name was Tara. That her father owns the hotel and she was tired of horney Americans coming to the island just to have sex with an islander. I explain to her that I was not like that. That I have been working hard lately and I came down to rest. I went as far as to tell her that. I was asleep about a hour ago. She laugh lightly and said she would love to dance. We dance and talked until the end of the party. I went back to my room and slept until noon. I did some souvenir shopping and sight seeing.

When the sun begin to go down I went to the beach for a walk. I need to decide how I would live the rest of my life. Every men wish is to retire early but shit, I don’t want to be bored. That’s when I heard a gentle call of my name. I turned to see Tara running towards him. Hey, I said to her. Damn. She was beautiful. The things I could do to her. She ask me where have I been all day. That she was looking for me to show me around the island. I explained what I did for the day and told her I didn’t think she wanted to be bothered by an American. She laughed bashfully and said she was wrong and wanted to make it up to me. I laughed. We talked and walked for while. She offered to treat me to dinner because of last night.

Of course I accepted. The food was good and really spicy. As we walked to the hotel I was hoping to get come but not wishing it. In front of the hotel she told me she did not want the night to end. I told her that I was really tired and need to rest. She looked dejected. Hey, wasn’t she the one dogging me the other night about sex with an American. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to fuck her brains out but tonight I will need a cold shower. Well, can we get together tomorrow? I can show you some more of the island. I agree to meet her out front at one and went up to my room. I slept a hard sleep and woke up with a headache. So I called and cancelled with Tara. I could tell in her tone she was not too happy. O well, I will not die for a piece of ass so I went back to sleep. Around six there was a little tap at the door. I went to answer the door and Tara was there, She said she came to see if I was all right and brought me something to eat. I told her I was feeling much fine and invited her in. An un-invited guess means that I’m getting me some of that ass.

I said to her so you stop by to see if I was doing better or to see if I was playing you off. Before she could answer I grabbed her and kissed her hard. She did not resist. She wanted what I wanted. I pushed her on to the bed. I removed her clothes roughly, sucking on any exposed skin. She moaned and sighed with each piece of clothes removed. She lied there withering butt naked on my bed. I slowly removed my t-shirt and pajama pants. She was begging me to fuck her. Oh, in due time, she still had to pay for her comments. I climbed on the bed where her head was and put my thick dick to her lips. She sucked it in hungrily.

Damn, her mouth was doing wonders on my balls than my dick. Now, my dick isn’t small, it’s about 8 1/2 inches long and 2 inches thick. I tell you my dick was hitting the back of her throat and I pumped deeper. She gagged but recovered. Although I was enjoying this I had to stop her. I looked down at her and saw her hand disappearing in and out of her pussy.

A damn woman’s fingers can’t out do a man. I turned her around roughly, spread her legs, bent her legs at the knee and bushed them outward, was ready to dive in. Oh shit, I forgot my damn rubber. I reached into my nightstand and got one. Had it on within a few seconds and was back in business. I nudge the head of my dick into her. She yelled out loud. I let my enlarged head just sit there. When she calmed down I slammed the rest of my dick inside of her. She was enraptured as I thrust in and out of her. She was cumming like a facet was turned on.

I pulled out and flipped her over. I pulled her ass to me, spread her check and re-entered her pussy. I held on to her bucking ass, forcing every inch of me into her. I was at the end of this ride so I pushed hard one last time and knocked her to the bed. Cumming deep inside her with my rubber tightly on. The rest of the week there I got a lot of rest, relaxation, and my dick being sucked and fucking. I guess I did exhale, again and again.

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