tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBanging Brandee Smith

Banging Brandee Smith


Brandee Smith glanced at the clock above the door and a little shiver went through her. It was her last period of the day, and her least favorite at that! Eighth hour English, full of arrogant, rambunctious eighteen-year-old senior's who were on the verge of graduating, and thought they knew everything.

As if on cue, three of her most obnoxious senior boys crashed through the door, laughing, joking, and shoving each other around. They plopped into various seats, stretching out as if they owned the room, and settled into silence when their gazes rested on their English teacher. Brandee had a reputation as the biggest bitch in the school, and a prude to boot. She hadn't had a boyfriend in over two years and it showed in her treatment of her male students, when they were verbally abused if they answered incorrectly or made a little too much noise in class.

"Hey, Miss Smith," the best looking one of the group, Drake, said with a smooth grin. "How's life?"

"Just fine, Drake." Brandee replied coldly as the raven-haired, green-eyed youth looked over her. She had chosen a short black skirt, cream-colored blouse and black high heels, which put her well over her curvy, 5'7 inch frame. Her blond-brown hair fell in full curls just past her shoulders, and the smoky gray make up she used around her eyes enhanced the deep blue color. A slut in bitch's clothing, Drake thought.

"You like really nice today, Miss Smith." Tyler added, a muscular blond-haired, blue-eyed senior who was captain of the football team.

"Thank you, Tyler." Brandee murmured. She looked up at the clock irritably. "Where is the rest of the class?"

Drake approached the desk where she was sitting and walked around it, coming to stand right beside her, his hand resting on her shoulder. A shiver went through his teacher's body, hardening her nipples, which pushed through the thin material of her blouse.

"Why - why is your hand on me, Drake?" Brandee asked with a slight stammer. Drake grinned at this buddies.

"You want it there, don't you, Miss Smith?" the other boy, Seth, the brown-haired, gray-eyed best friend of Drake's, spoke up.

Brandee swallowed. "No. Remove your hand from me, Drake."

"But Miss Smith," Drake murmured, his hand sliding down her arm and stopping just beside her left breast, and then brushing his index finger over her taut, throbbing nipple. "I've seen the way you've been checking out me and my buddies. Haven't had a fat cock in your cunt for a while, have you?"

"How dare you!" Brandee said angrily, slapping Drake's hand away, fury building inside her when all three began chuckling. Drake grabbed her by the waist and crushed her to his body, grinding a very hard dick into her pelvis and nibbling at her smooth white neck while Brandee continued to struggle.

"Mmmm, you taste good," Drake whispered into her ear. "Slut."

Brandee shoved him away and looked at the boys, murder in her blue eyes. "You three are going to be in big trouble!"

The three exchanged secret looks. Brandee began to feel more than a little nervous and started towards the door, hearing all three come after her. With a gasp, Brandee yanked the door open and flew out, seeing the door at the end of the hall was closed. It was never closed!

She ran to it, grasping the knob and trying desperately to turn it, discovering in horror that it was locked. Behind it, she could hear the voices of her missing students.

"It's locked...maybe Miss Smith moved class upstairs?" a shrill female voice said.

"Yea, here's a note. It says class is canceled today because she went home sick and to take the last period off." A male voice said.

There were numerous cheers and then silence. Brandee tried the knob again then closed her eyes in defeat when it didn't budge.

"Look at that ass," Drake said from behind her. Brandee bit back tears of panic that welled up in her eyes as an arm slid around her waist, gently tugging her backwards into a solid body. A pair of hands worked upwards to her big tits, cupping them, squeezing them, and then roughly grabbing her nipples and twisting them hard.

"Get her back to the room." Seth said briskly. The body behind her lifted her up and slapped a free hand over her mouth, effectively smothering any idea Brandee had about attracting attention. Her classroom was the last room of a long hall, and the one door that led to it was locked off. The boys had seen to that. Why did she never see this coming?

"Please don't do this," Brandee moaned from behind Tyler's hand. Tyler was holding her, because Drake and Seth were in front of them. Her skirt was riding up, farther and farther; until she knew her black silk panties were showing, and Tyler's engorged prick was pressing between her ass cheeks. A flush of shame surged through the English teacher when she felt the wetness between her thighs, thoroughly saturating the crotch of her panties.

Tyler let her down and Brandee stumbled forward, nearly falling headfirst before steadying herself against a bookcase. She turned to face the three senior's, who were leering at her with lust in their young eyes, hands at the fat bulges in the front of their jeans.

"Take off the blouse, Miss Smith," Drake ordered. "Or perhaps I should call you Brandee. How's that?"

Brandee was frozen. This couldn't be happening...raped by her students?

"Now!" he barked.

His loud tone startled her into action. She quickly unbuttoned it and let it fall down her shoulders and unto the floor; she was suddenly ashamed she had not worn a bra that morning. Her nipples were hard and pointing straight out from her big, firm tits, pink and pencil eraser-sized.

Could this turn her on? Being forced by three of her senior students? Her tits and pussy were screaming yes. Drake was right; she hadn't had a cock inside her cunt for a long time...and the thought of three eighteen-year-old cocks inside her wasn't repulsive.

"If I knew my teacher had some such great tits, I wouldn't have waited so long to give her what she was asking for." Seth said approvingly.

"Now the skirt, Brandee." Drake said.

Fingers trembling, Brandee did as she was told. Her skirt fell with a soft pat around her ankles, leaving her in black panties and heels.

"Now slide your panties off."

"No...please, Drake..." Brandee begged softly. She couldn't...not in front of them.

"Come on, Brandee. You know you want to do it for us."

She hooked her thumbs in her panties, slid them down to her ankles, and stepped out of them, while trying to avoid the intent gazes of her attackers. She felt very naked and very out of control, very much at the mercy of the three boys who were leering at her now, and more than a little turned on.

"Shaved cunt...such a naughty teacher." Seth murmured.

It was then Drake dropped his pants, holding out a thick cock that was at least eight inches long. "Put it in your mouth, teacher."

Brandee hesitated only a moment before kneeling in front of the good-looking eighteen year old and taking his dick in her shaking hand. She stuck her tongue out and rubbed the swollen head across the warm, wet surface, his fist grabbing a handful of her hair and gripping it tightly as he pushed it into her mouth. Brandee stretched her jaw accordingly, accepting him, locking her lips around his bulging shaft and stroking it with her tongue, then began moving up and down the length of him, sucking.

The other two took places beside her, cocks in hand, watching their friend get sucked by the English teacher who was knelt submissively in front of him in her black high heels. Brandee sucked Drake's dick in and out of her warm mouth, looking up at him, circling the head with her tongue and taking him deep in her throat, her cunt juices dripping steadily down the insides of her thighs.

Impatiently Tyler took hold of Brandee's chin and guided it to his own cock, which was even thicker than Drake's. She moaned softly as she took him in, her fingers playing lightly over his balls, pre-cum dripping down her chin when Seth pulled her to his straining prick.

"Sweet little cocksucker," Seth groaned, Brandee eagerly working at his cockmeat. Her pussy throbbed with need. She didn't know she could feel so deprived...she needed their young cocks stuffed inside her...and soon.

"Come here, Brandee." Drake said. She stood and he took hold of her elbow, leading her to her desk. He swept it clean with one swipe of his arm and bent her over the desk, ass in the air, and knelt down behind her. Brandee gripped the sides of her wooden desk and bit back her scream of pleasure when she felt Drake slip his tongue between her pussy lips, starting at her quivering clit and working to her hot hole. He thrust his wet tongue inside and fucked her with it, in and out, his thumb roughly manipulating her clit. Tyler sat down on the desk in front of her and stuck his cock in her face, moaning in pleasure when his teacher wrapped her hot, wet mouth around it and suckled like a baby. Seth, not to be left out, put her hand around his thick shaft and thrusted in and out of her clenched fist.

Drake licked her hot cunt until her knee's were weak and about the collapse out from under her. He withdrew his tongue and stood to press the head of his dick against her clit, rubbing it very lightly, teasingly, dragging it between her swollen lips before inching inside her.

"You want my cock in you, teacher?" Drake asked.

Brandee flushed but couldn't deny she wanted it. "Yes...please fuck me, Drake..."

She had barely finished her sentence before he grabbed her hips and thrust his cock inside her, deep, straight to the hilt. Both Drake and Brandee cried out, Drake feeling his teacher's tight cunt sucking him, and Brandee feeing her student's young, hard cock filling her up to an intense level.

Tyler's cock grew in her mouth and he arched his hips, groaning, his breathing ragged. "I'm going to cum..."

"Mmmm cum in my mouth," Brandee murmured. "Shoot in my mouth, Tyler."

He grabbed her head and shot into her mouth, spurt after spurt down her throat, coating her tongue. Brandee swallowed what she could of her young students cum, the rest leaking down her face and unto the desk. She carefully licked off his cock, purposefully running her tongue across the now ultra sensitive tip to watch him jump.

"Brandee..." Drake gasped. "Your cunt is so fucking tight..."

He was pounding into her so hard her body already ached, but her pussy was on fire and begging for release, taking him deeper inside her, her muscles sucking at his big cock, and she felt him swell up, stretching her even more.

"You want my cum inside you?" he groaned. "Come on, tell me Brandee..."

"Drake...yes, cum inside me..." Brandee cried, so close to cumming, she felt it building inside her, threatening to overcome her. "Now...please Drake!"

Then he came, his boiling cum emptying inside her, and Brandee came, an excruciating, blinding pleasure that stole her strength, and they both went limp, breathing hard.

Brandee moaned softly when Drake pulled out, feeling some of the warm cum leaking down her thigh, and she faintly realized that she was being tugged off the desk.

"You're not done yet," Seth chuckled in her ear. Tyler was laying on the floor, his big cock fully hard again, and he reached up for her, sliding her down unto his young dick.

"Oh yes," Brandee whimpered. From behind her, Seth pushed a slippery finger into her ass, and she knew what was coming.

"Hurry," she whispered hotly, squeezing her cunt muscles around Tyler's thick cock. "Put it in my ass, Seth!"

"What a slut." Drake laughed from his position on the desk, his hand stroking his soft cock. Brandee knew he probably wouldn't be that way for long.

Tyler sucked one of her nipples into his mouth as Seth nudged his cockhead between her cheeks, pushing against her asshole, then holding tightly to her hips when the first inch worked past her clenching ass muscle. Brandee cringed as his big prick continued inside, feeling taut and stretched to the limit with both cocks buried deep in her, and then sweet pleasure when they began fucking her simultaneously. Then a delicious sensation when they synchronized their thrusts to Tyler pulled out, Seth pushed in. Seth pulled out, Tyler pushed in...Brandee couldn't help but began to cry out.

"Oh yes...you feel so good...harder, fuck me harder!" she groaned gutturally, pushing her ass back to meet Seth. The feeling of their cocks rubbing together through the thin, sensitive membrane between her steaming cunt and tight ass was excruciatingly good and already she felt another orgasm building. Seth took a handful of her hair and yanked it back, jamming his dick in and out of her ass, his breathing growing louder and quicker.

"I'm going to cum on your ass, Brandee," Seth cried, his pace quickening. "Yes...here it comes..." He pulled out and shot hot cum on to her ass, letting it pool and drip down between her ass cheeks, leaking down Tyler's pistoning cock.

"Make me cum, Tyler!" Brandee moaned, arching back and resting her hands just above Tyler's knees. She began moving up and down on his hard dick, feeling his length slip in and out of her, fucking her...

"Ahhh Brandee..." Tyler gasped before he launched his cum inside her with one last thrust, which sent Brandee tumbling over the edge into another mind-blowing orgasm.

For a while, all three boys were quiet. Then Drake stood and picked her up, handing her back the blouse, skirt and panties, watching silently as Brandee redressed.

"Feel better, teacher?" Drake asked with a small smile when she finished dressing and was straightening her hair.

Brandee couldn't help from blushing. "How long were you three planning this?"

"About a month," Tyler chimed, tugging his jeans up. "It was killer watching you teach class in those short skirts."

With a very satisfied sigh, Brandee sat down at her desk, still feeling the boys collected cum slick between her cunt lips. It felt good.

"Well, class is over. See you tomorrow, Miss Smith." Drake murmured. The other two called good-bye and followed him to the classroom door.

"Boys," Brandee called. They stopped and turned.

"If you should need any extra help with your schoolwork...I'm always here." She said with a wink and a quick smile.

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