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The soft rope caresses my hands as it slides effortlessly around. I feel eyes watching, but the binding is all that matters. Too lose and it all goes for naught. Over and under the weaving goes, as the rope snakes upward through the eye hook above and is pulled through, but not too snug. Then with a quick flourish it is bound in place with no fear of it loosening. I turn and step out to relax for it is time to enjoy the moment.

A pleasant mix of pine, freshly mowed grass, and sweat fills the air as I fill my lungs and take in the sight before me. Under the overhang the mower sits still warm. The fragrant greenery mixes in the faint gas odor that fortunately is carried off with the mild fall breeze.

Everything is in its place, as this is a place of security and solitude for me. The tools hang above the work bench, each on their own wooden peg. Leather bridles and cinches hanging near the saddle on its stand, pushed out of the way but not forgotten. My peaceful sanctuary where stress from work is forgotten and only pleasure can inhabit.

Now music to float in the background to soothe the beast within or send it into a frenzy of motion that can drive it beyond its natural bounds to heights of excitement. Something mellow today, at least for now, to keep the mood of relaxed, and simple to keep the pleasures alive.

Running finger tips over the covers over the neat rows of CD covers they tenderly glide about searching for just the right one. Before frustration can ruin the moment they fall onto the stack of vinyl and quickly settle on a soft, yet tantalizing instrumental selection.

The art of Vinyl records has its own magic that starts from the moment it slides out of its paper sheath. It is a reverent act of control, soft, but firm touches, around the edges of its being. The guiding of it to the desired place where it will come alive as the needle begins its spiraling dance.

That delicate movement as it glides into place instead of those that rudely let it slam into place. To hear that swoosh of sound as the life within the trenches push back against the needle. Sometimes a single gasping note emerges or may it be a symphony of angels bursting forth. It all depends on the partnering of two together.

For now the notes come out low, and slow, yet build in rhythm as it evolves into that soul nurturing sound that grabs hold as it says hello to the world. With that first vibrant note I spin and snatch two pieces of rope from the table and let them run lovingly between my fingers as I walk back to the center of the room.

Keeping head bowed, refusing to look into my eyes, I drop into a kneeling position to wrap one end of rope around calf and carefully tie around the ankle leaving the remaining rope dangle. Then wrap the other rope around until they are mirror images of each other. Careful that the circulation is not cut off I stretch the rope over to an eye-bolt anchored securely to the wall. Sliding the rope through I slowly add more pressure until the angle looks about right. Then grabbing the other rope I do the same to that one as it is secured to the opposite wall.

The music plays on, as the breeze carries with it the subtle scents of fall in all its glory. Not able to resist I use my open palm to smack the ass so firm and muscular. A resounding clap it is as it falls to the beat of the music. Oh, the pleasures it will bring right up to the climatic moments of that final movement. Placing my palms against the chest I caress and then burying my fingers into the sweat soaked shirt I pull hard making my own chest bulge as the shirt rips apart.

I smile at the figure hidden within the shadows of the corner. I can almost smell the sexual need emanating from there. I look back to my play toy and our eyes meet for a fraction of a second before they drop from mine as if a heavy weight pulls them downward. Reaching down I grasp the crotch area firmly and a "Sorry Sir." is whispered lightly for my ears only. It may have been a stray breeze so faint it was, but I know and loosen the grip.

My hands only travel a short distance as the belt falls open and the button loses the battle popping open almost of its own accord. A faint snick as the zipper falls, and again I hear a faint sound from the corner. As if a sharp intake of air from deep within the shadows. The pants slip down a short ways as the ass comes into view. Even though there is no underwear the spread legs keep the pants from falling all the way down.

So walking to the table I select a large pair of sheers that rest upon two wooden pegs to the right of the work bench. My whole hand wraps around the throat of the sheers and lift slightly as I pull them free. Long dagger blades catch the fading light and mirror it around the room as I inspect them for imperfections. The snick of the blades sync with the mandolins light tones.

Coming around front the protruding cock is full and firm. Not massive, but pleasant to view, with firm full balls hanging beneath. My free hand slides over the top of the cock and then around to cup the balls pulling them totally free of the dangling pants. With a sigh of resignation I smile and bring the shears to bear. With a snip the cloth separates with a couple more in quick succession the pants part and fall to the ground with only the cuffs under the ropes still touching his skin.

The work is done, as I stroll back to the table to place the shears back onto their pegs. I take a moment to smile into the shadowy corner and with a nod watch as a black corseted figure emerges. Firm nipples peeking out on top and moist trim pussy scream as loudly of sex as the quivering lips and steely blue eyes that are fixed upon his back.

I stand beside the table bare chested as I watch her glide unseen toward her victim. Her fishnet nylons secured with garters and the soft bottom flats make her approach undetectable as his heart beat so loud within his chest in anticipation of the promised payment for mowing the lawn.

Long red nails slide along his back and down to those clenching ass cheeks. A moment neither will forget any time soon. I am sure he never expected what knocking on our door to solicit lawn services. Bartering, services for services, he fulfilled his service, and now it is our turn.

As her fingers glide sensually over his body, muscles twitch, and a gasping moan escapes his lips, as her lips and teeth graze upon his shoulders. I undo my pants as she tantalizes him from behind. From this angle I can see his back arc as she uses her nails down his spine, his cock bulging. My own cock finally bursts free in a firm yet bowing downward arc.

The motion must have caught her eye for in the next instant she presses up against his back. With arms wrapping around his barrel chest she smiles at me as she turns her head to watch as my hand slowly strokes my cock. Her hands massage his breast and then the nails rake across it leaving a light trail of red as they go.

Lifting my cock slightly I blow her a kiss, motivating her to reach down and roll her fingers over her play toy's cock. Firmly wrapping her fingers around she whispers in his ear "Count for me".

As her hand slides down his cock from tip to balls, the ropes strain as he arcs his back and in a breathy voice says "one."

With her free hand she cups his balls and gives a warning squeeze. "I can't hear you, start again."

With that said she again slides a firm grip over his cock and he shouts out, "ONE", followed in fast succession "TWO, THREE. FOUR, FIVE."

As his voice becomes coarser and his breathing between deepens, she slows her stroke, and as her hand touches his balls she lets it glide around and hefts them up lightly. Sliding around in front of him she reaches out with her tongue and starting at the base of his balls slowly licks to the tip. Lips spreading ever so slightly into an O her moist lips slide downward. A gasp escapes from his lips as he says, "6."

Stepping out of my pants, not an easy job with my hiking boots still on, but motivated in joining in, I manage. I watch for a few more seconds as her lips rise and fall. Her fist bound around the base of his cock angling it out for her ease of play. The other hand cupped around his balls with finger tips sliding back between his spread legs to his puckered ass eventually rimming it ever so slightly turns his breathing rough.

With eyes burning downward as he strains his arms against the ropes in a vain effort of touching her. His mouth opens, and closes, wanting to say something, but he resists. Oh, that devious bargain. It only goes on as long as he does not say a word without being commanded to do so. The counting almost lost it for him. When he was commanded to start again, he almost spoke, I heard the first syllables, but they broke off to a gasping pant.

Walking up behind her I reach down and grab the tie ends of her bodice. A slow pull upward unties all that holds it together and the lacing slowly unravels. I put one end into his hands and with eyes wide he works the string the rest of the way. Until he is left holding onto the lacing and her bodice falls forward. Peeling away from her chest her suit of armor falls away, as she leans back to show her nakedness to his urges.

I take her hands and help steady her as she rises up from the kneeling position she was in. Her breast brushes against him as she stands. A moist mark, smears across her breast.

He tries to lean forward into her, but sliding my hands down her arms I cup her breast and pull her back against my chest. Her pelvis bows out as she tips back, to rub against his manhood, all covered in her moisture. His body sways back and forth as his arms manipulate what little slack there is in the ropes. Frustration, need, and wanton desire, written all over his face as he is only able to lightly brush against her maiden form.

Her own need flair as her nipples firm, as they are rolled between my fingers that stretch them outward but still well out of his reach. With a giggle she spins in my arms and with a quick peck on the lips she slides down my body. Her nails mark my chest until squatting on the balls of her feet as she licks the head of my cock. My fingers run through her hair as she continues to play, I watch as our playmate struggle in his ropes. So close yet unable to reach her.

Closing my eyes to ecstasy her lips glide over my cock. The ropes creak as he must be driven crazy at what is happening just inched before him, but then I hear a satisfied moan mixed in and my eyes snap open. I have to smile as I admire her flexibility and desire to tease. With my cock in her mouth she willfully straightens her legs, bending at the waist as she continues to suck on my cock. Yet, this also allows her to weave her ass within reach of his very excited cock.

I press forward so she can spread her ass cheeks in an effort to let our bound friend rub more firmly against her. Bending at the waist I reach out and slap her weaving ass then grasping it I spread her ass cheeks wide as I pull her deeper onto my cock. Not wasting my effort the frustrated purple helmet of my new found friend lines his cock up with her split and rides it up and down with fervor.

As the excitement rises I continue to push forward with my hips slowly so that she has to lean back to keep from gagging. I watch his eyes widen and tongue moistens his upper lip, contorts his hips and then presses forward as I continue to hold her ass cheeks apart. Before she realizes it his cock presses into her opening and slides part way in.

She gasps and an impulse tries to stand, but my arms hold her firm long enough for him to start to slide in and out. I press back even further and he is able to drive deep inside her very moist tunnel. His excitement has him pounding in hard against her. His balls making an audible slapping sound against her. A wet sloshing sound emanates from deep inside.

I slide my hands back toward myself as she pulls off of my cock and starts moaning very loudly. I kiss her between her shoulder blades then step back as I take her hands and place them on her knees to help her balance.

Taking the three long steps to the side I grasp the saddle horn and catching the back of the saddle I roll it in front of my lady. I take her hands and slide her up and across the saddle, pushing the saddle toward him, as he continues to pound home. Her breast wobbles delightfully on my side of the saddle. Her moisture wets the leather beneath her, adding to the aroma of sex to the strong leather that already permeates the room. I watch as she grips the saddle tight, thrusting her ass back in time with his thrusts as he struggles to pound deep enough.

Running my hand down her back as I walk around I stand behind him my arms reaching around him to grab her hips. With my naked body against his sweat soaked body I start pulling her ass firmly against his cock, driving him deep. His muscles tighten throughout his body as my cock stretches down through his ass cheeks as it slaps against his thighs. Taking pity on him I pull away and trace the rope back to its knot on the front wall. The knot is stubborn but it slowly releases so his arms are finally free. He looks back at me and smiles as his arms slowly lower to where he can slide them along her back and actually grasp her hips for a firm plunge.

She gasps as she feels his hands grip her firmly. I desperation she grasps the saddle tight as the shock that he is in full control of her body, and slamming his full length in rakes his cock over her g-spot. The teasing has ended as he forces her orgasms to start flooding through her. Her loud moans turn to screams as they roll over her again and over again. His pent up frustration comes to a head quickly though as his cock pulses and he shoots his load deep within her. Lust keeps him plunging deep within at a slow pace. I walk over and loosen the other ropes as well so his legs are also loose.

Grabbing her legs he rotates her higher onto the saddle and slaps her ass as he continues to fuck her relentlessly. Her moans grow louder as she tries to hold onto the saddle as another orgasm rolls out of her. Rivulets of their mixed orgasms flow out of her. Suddenly he gasps, and pulling her tight, his whole body convulses as yet another pulse racks his body. My lady lets out an oh as she feels the waves pulse against her inside walls.

As his convulsions lessen he attempts a slow pumping motion that lasts only a few strokes before he slides out of her.

Lessening her grip on the saddle she is finally able to relax against the saddle.

Stepping back he raises his hands and looks over to me. With a nod I walk over and remove his bindings. His cock still extended and moist yet limp as it hangs low. Standing still until I am finished. I coil the rope and as I turn to put the ropes back in their place on the table I ask, "Payment in full?"

He walks over to the pants and shirt that he was wearing and digs through the pockets. With a smile on his face his hand stretches out toward me and I take the proffered business card. He looks over to my lady who is now sitting on the very heavily stained saddle smiling back at him.

He nods then turns back to me and says, "I wish the grass grew faster this time of year, but give me a call in about two weeks and we can see about another barter trade. If you get bored before that, please don't hesitate to call. I might be able to bring a nimble toy with me so we all can play."

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