Beach Fun


Let's just say Rascal loves the water and the sexual desire it creates in her. When you add in beach and ocean waves, things can get really passionate and sensual. We started our family vacation at the beach in a nice beach house on the oceanfront. We settled in to relax and enjoy each other. After a few days of enjoying the sun, surf, and sand, we let the kids watch a movie as we went to enjoy the stars, moon, and sound of the crashing waves. We set up our beach chairs in the sand with a nice bottle of wine beside us. As we sipped and talked, we eased into the relaxed sexual conversation of life long lovers. Rascal was wearing a nice wrap swimsuit cover and nothing else! As we chatted, Huggs slowly caressed her thighs with an occasional brush of her breasts. As the bottle was emptied, the conversation slowed and the caresses increased. With no one walking, we knew we would be free to fully enjoy the setting.

Rascal eased her breasts out so they could enjoy the moonlight as well. Once Huggs gazed about her luscious nipples basking in the moonlight, his fingers brushed against her moist lips. As we both felt our passion rising, Huggs slid his fingers over her wet clit, and Rascal let out a soft moan. Rascal opened her legs to enjoy more of Huggs manual loving. As he gently rubbed and teased her clit, Rascal squirmed in her chair to find the right angle so Huggs could slide in deep. However, her squirming could not get to the right angle, so Rascal leaned her chair all the way back and lifted her legs. This gave Huggs full access to her wet dripping pussy. Huggs teased her clit until she told him to go in. As Huggs slid his finger in and out of her pussy Rascal relaxed with soft moans until they could tell she was ready. Huggs started to rub and press her G-spot allowing her is reach her first climax. As the wave of her orgasm engulfed her body Huggs kept rubbing to keep her climax going until rascal grabbed his hand to slow him down. Huggs leaned over and passionately kissed Rascal as he gently caressed her wet lips.

As the passion of their kiss grew, Huggs fingers slid in again to start building another climax for Rascal. Our rhythm synched very quickly as Rascal's pussy tensed quickly in another orgasm. This one caused her to moan loudly and squirt! Huggs kept his finger going to ensure she enjoyed all of her wet orgasm. As she slowed down, Huggs rubbed the outside of her now soaked lips.

Huggs leaned back in his chair to pour the last of the wine. We each sipped and enjoyed a kiss or two. The wine was gone in a few minutes since it was not anywhere near a full glass. As Huggs set the glasses down in the sand next to the empty bottle, Rascal stood up and stretched. Her next move surprised huggs as she reached down and pulled his swim trunks off. Huggs was speechless with desire and wondering what she would do next. Rascal tossed the trunks aside, and she told Huggs to sit back. She lifted her wrap up over her head and stood over Huggs with her body bathed in moonlight. She straddled Huggs and sat down on his stiff penis. The entry was hot, smooth and wet. Rascal slowly ground her pussy onto Huggs as she squeezed him with her pussy walls making him moan as well.

Rascal maintained her slow pace as they both enjoyed each other in the moonlight. Rascal increased her pace and her wet pussy engulfed Huggs' hard cock. The little beach chair was a surprisingly good fit for their position except for the handles that stuck into Huggs's thighs. As their passionate and grinding increased the chair rocked but gave Rascal all the support she needed. To make their connection firmer, Rascal grabbed the back of the chair and increased her grinding and speed. She was so hot as her pussy was rubbing hard against Huggs. She started to fuck hard and fast, then slow down and pussy suck awhile, then hard and fast, then ... However, the pain of the handle kept Huggs from climaxing.

After several minutes of Rascal's passionate fucking, Huggs could take it no more and lifted her up and laid her on the beach blanket. He quickly entered her as his knees were in the cool smooth sand. At first, his pace was slow so he could enjoy the feel of her body pressed underneath him in the cool sand. Also, Rascal was using her pussy walls to suck harder on his cock. The sand provided a firm surface to maintain a hard connection between them. Huggs increased his pace and thrust which caused rascal to climax again. Huggs maintained his thrusting so Rascal could fully enjoy her orgasm which was hard and long. After it passed, Huggs slowed his pace and positioned his cock just inside her pussy. With short strokes, he teased her pussy and clit. This motion built up her desire until she told him to thrust deeply into her. With that request Huggs entered her with a firm deep thrust and kept pounding her wet pussy until they both cam with loud moans and kisses. Once the orgasm was over, Rascal "sucked" on Huggs cock with her pussy walls as they kissed passionately. Rascal wrapped her arms and legs around him and they laid there for a few minutes feeling the afterglow of their love making. And that was the first beach night love making...

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by Anonymous

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by ReedRichards01/11/18

Biggest problem?

Both characters had names that sounded like you were writing about dogs!

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by Anonymous01/11/18

Good start

Edit this to keep the first person narrator-you use "we" but then you switch to "Huggs and he/his" when you should use "I, me". Will come off better. Maybe some additional background too so your readersmore...

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