Being Busted Brings Benefits


Suddenly I felt her pussy gush with a burst of juice, pressing out like a water balloon on her panties before running out the sides onto my hand and countertop. She fucking squirted! I didn't think it was real but now I had no doubt. She went ballistic, screaming and gyrating on the bar. She grabbed my arm and wrenched it forward, wanting more friction than I was giving her.

"Harder, harder, don't you dare stop!" she screamed, still in the grips of her orgasm.

My eyes left her face to look at the puddle that had formed between her legs. She was definitely my mother from the mess we both make when cumming. She continued to cum and pull my hand into her. My fingers were pressing her panties into her pussy with my thumb on her clit. The secretions were very slippery, odorless and thick, telling me it couldn't be urine. I was so into grinding and pressing into her that I didn't notice my cock getting hard again until it bumped up against the cold counter. Fingering my mother had my cock hard within minutes of my huge climax. It was amazing.

Her climax was tapering off and she let go of my hand, but told me not to stop yet. She fell backwards and lay out on the counter top as my fingers played in the slippery panties and folds of her sex. My cock was raging now and I don't know what came over me but we were too far into it to stop. I grabbed her hips and pulled her off the counter, spun her around pressed her face back down onto the granite with her legs on the ground. Moving up her skirt I grabbed her soaked panties and pulled them to one side revealing her very pink and flushed pussy. It was completely shaved clean like she had done it this morning just for me. I had never seen such a nice wet and engorged sex in my life.

Grabbing my cock, I didn't ask permission or say a word. I just forced it into the hole I had come out of as a baby. She screamed in pleasure, and looked back at me.

"That's it... Fuck my pussy, give me your cock! Oh it feels so good, so big, so perfect!" she screamed.

I had never felt anything like it before. It was the wettest and hottest pussy I had ever fucked. It seemed to conform to my cock perfectly and wrap it in sweet hot bliss. The shear shock of pleasure drowned all else even the way she talked and language she used. I put my hands on her back, keeping her bent over and slammed into her again and again. She screamed in pleasure, stretching her arms out above her head so her large breasts smashed out the sides of her body.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm, it's so big, so hard. It's been so long since I've felt like this."

I still hadn't let go of the thought of how good she felt. Her body, her folds, wrapped me in ecstasy; the likes of which I didn't think existed. I mean how much can women's pussies vary? So I thought, but I had never been so wrong. Mom's skirt had fallen back down as I thrust in and out, rubbing above my cock as I pounded away and pushed her up against the counter over and over. Her panties rubbed the side of my cock where I had pulled them to one side but were soaked and slippery as well.

"Yes, give it to me! I need it! I need it!" she screamed

Her shouts only encouraged me. I sped up, rising up on my toes for a better angle and driving in as deep as I could. Mom's pussy convulsed and a fresh explosion covered my cock and balls, running down her long smooth legs. She had stopped making sense now, just screaming and moaning. It sounded like she was biting her lips or something. I could tell her noises were supposed to be words but I couldn't understand them as she climaxed again.

Her pussy was unreal, it just seemed to get better and better the more I fucked her. If it wasn't for the huge orgasm just minutes before I wouldn't have been able to last a minute. Even with that, I was already approaching another climax. I was helpless, a slave to her body and the way it made me feel. I knew it was my mother, and I didn't care about the consequences the ramification, the legality, I didn't care about anything but the pleasure her pussy provided.

"That's it, fuck me, fuck me David, don't stop. Keep going, just like that. Make me cum again, sweetie."

My calf muscles were beginning to ache standing on my toes but I wasn't about to disappoint her. I had never made a woman cum like this before, so quickly multiple times. She was special, my mother. Dad's trophy wife, almost half his age, but did he know how special she really was? Had he been able to coax this much pleasure out of her before? I had my doubts. If not it was about time she got what she deserved. I made it my goal to last as long as I could and bring her to climax as many times as possible before I couldn't stop my own from coming.

I focused on her and her pleasure, pushing mine to the back for now, giving her what she asked for when she screamed it out to me. I started taking my mind off my cock by touching her body, rolling her surprisingly tight buttock in my hands, spreading her cheeks under her skirt. Reaching around, with my long arms, to play with her clitoris again really got her going. With only a few seconds of the added stimulation and deep thrusts I got her off again with another convulsion. She seemed to be having difficulty breathing, her chest was rising and falling on the counter and she was panting between screams.

"Ahhh... oh... my... good... g... good... ahhhh!" came from her mouth, making me smile.

I continued to pound away, focusing on her and what she was experiencing to last longer. During this and after several minutes the thought came to me that I hadn't seen her tits yet. Felt them yes, pinched and fondled but not seen without her shirt and bra. The distraction helped me last even longer, as I worked on her bra strap under her tight shirt. It popped loose, and she got the hint of what I was doing. She raised herself off the counter slightly as I pulled her shirt up and over her head with the bra. She squealed as I pushed her back down, probably from the cold granite on her exposed breasts. Working my hands under her I finally felt the real deal, flesh to flesh and my excitement grew as her nipples hardened fully. Her luscious breasts felt incredible, firm and round for her age, astonishing. I licked her sexy back, pinched her nipples and thrust my shaft deep into her, several time, trying to get her to cum again.

The sensation was too much from me, I knew I wasn't going to manage another climax from her before I came if I didn't stop and ease down slightly. And I still wanted to see her breasts. Pulling out, I lifter her off the counter and spun her around. Her erect nipples stood straight out, high on her round breasts. They were phenomenal. My mouth dropped open at the sight of her perfect pair.

She stood before me, swaying slightly on wobbly legs from her multiple orgasms. It was then I realized just how hot my mother was. Her exposed breasts, aroused and crinkled areolas, short skirt, blond messed up hair and flushed face, showed me just why I was known as the kid with the hot mom. I had never really seen it before until then. My mother was more than hot she was fucking perfect.

My cock throbbed and bounced at its pinnacle with my rapid heart, covered in my mother's juices. My lust for her was off the charts. I pulled a barstool out and sat her upon it facing me so I could see her breasts. She leaned back on the counter and I lifted her legs, moving forward. She grabbed my hard cock, bent it down and fed it into her gorgeous open pussy. Her clit was rock hard and pressing through her engorged folds. We both moaned in unison as I entered her slow and deep once again. Pulling out, unhurried and deliberate again we stared into each other's eyes; before I slammed everything I had back in, hard and fast.

"Give it to me! Fuck me like you mean it, David. I want you to cum again. Cum all over my tits!" she screamed.

I had no idea my mother could talk like this, or even knew some of the words she was using but obviously there were many things I didn't know about her. Holding tight to her legs and staring at her rolling breasts I began to pound deep and hard with each thrust; quickly back to where I had left off in stimulation. My cock increased in size, my balls lifted to wrap snuggly against my shaft. The thought of spraying my load onto her breasts was all it took to take me over my limit. I had lost the will to try and hold off and get her to cum again. It was just too good and the visual too perfect. Her yelling rooted me on and in less than two minutes I was ready.

"Now, David! Spray your cum all over me. Give Mommy your milk!"

Pulling out I grabbed my wide throbbing shaft and stroked a burst of cum in-between her tits, curling up her neck to pool between her collar bones. The next burst I went left to right, painting both breasts, screaming in pleasure as my ass clenched and my muscles constricted sending the cum forth. It just kept coming, rope after rope and burst after burst onto my mother's breasts, stomach and finally dripping down on her shaved pussy. Now it was me with wobbly legs.

"Mmm, David you were incredible. I didn't expect you to be so... so capable."

"There seems to be a lot of things we don't know about each other," I said shaking my cock hard for the last glob of cum to fall on her.

"Indeed, and I can't wait to find out," she said running her fingers through the art on her chest.

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Fucking hot!


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hot wow!!

Very hot story, loved it!!!

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You cum in inside the pussy, not the mouth, not the butt, but where cum belongs, in a sweet pussy...5 stars good!

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