tagInterracial LoveBeing Neighborly Ch. 03

Being Neighborly Ch. 03

byQuentin Riley©

Sunday had arrived so quickly it seemed, and due to the wild (not to mention delicious) events that took place over the last two days with Calvin and Debbi, I still hadn’t finished my work for tomorrow. After Calvin and I had our tryst all over the kitchen yesterday, all three of us seem to settle back into being just friends again without saying a word. It was Calvin and I didn’t want Debbi to suspect what we did together while she was getting groceries. We weren’t sure how Deb would take it. She didn’t inquire about anything, but I sensed that despite all efforts to play it cool, Debbi knew something was going on.

Calvin was in the living room watching football and Debbi got into a cleaning mode all of a sudden. I prepared my briefs and legal paperwork at their computer in the bedroom undisturbed. After a few hours passed, Debbi came through the bedroom where I was and showered in the adjacent bathroom.

No problems.

But when she closed the bedroom door quietly so Calvin wouldn’t hear it shut, I became nervous. She set on her bed behind me and started to apply moisturizer on her body. Debbi was practically naked with only a towel covering her. With just passing glances, I knew she looked stunning with her wet black hair clinging to her shoulders and the moisture on her body making her smooth Hershey chocolate skin glisten.

“Sam. Come here” I heard Deb say to me in a confident, stern, knowing voice. The hairs on my neck stood up and I was terrified. In my gut I knew she knew I fucked her husband yesterday in her home. I was in trouble. I stood up at the computer desk and slowly turned to face Debbi. She had her bare legs folded and was rubbing a sweet-smelling chamomile lotion on them that gave them that sexy shine. As I came to her, Debbi’s eyes stayed on me.

“While I was gone at the store yesterday, what did you and Calvin do?” I should have been honest with my best girlfriend, but I was scared and the first thing I thought to do was to lie.


It didn’t sound too confident or convincing.

“Oh really, Sam? You sure?”

I broke down and came clean.

“Okay, Deb—But listen, please.”

No acknowledgement, just a cold stare she gave me.

“I didn’t mean for things to go so far...You know I think Calvin is so sexy, and there he was in the kitchen looking good. And we started flirting, and his dick was so big and hard in his underwear. Things led to more things and—“

“You fucked him, right?”

“I’m so sorry, Deb. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to disrespect you…” This was a nightmare come to life.

“I can’t believe you went there with my man! YOU FUCKED MY MAN IN MY HOUSE!”

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” Tears began to form in my eyes. I was ashamed of actions and myself. I was hoping Calvin would hear the commotion and come to my aid, but the door remained closed and I heard no footsteps.

“No, you scandalous bitch! You’re going to pay for disrespecting me and mine!”

Debbi unfolded her chocolate thighs and I braced myself for a physical attack. Instead, as smooth as a criminal, she spread her legs wide open, showing me her bare, flawless pussy. She leaned back on the bed, propping her body up on her elbows with all the control in the world. My eyes caught glimpses of her in flashes: Debbi’s beautifully manicured and painted toes. The color contrast between the bottom of her little feet and her black skin. Her gold anklet. The fullness of her lips and the way she licked them in slow circles. The way her dark chocolate nipples stood up and apart. The way her body swayed and the way the forefingers on her right hand were moving up and down on her vagina. I went from feeling fear, to temporary confusion to feeling wet. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I certainly enjoyed watching it.

“Get on your knees.” Debbi instructed. I paused for a moment, but quickly dropped to the floor.

“Come to me” she said, and I did. I crawled to the bed until I was face to face with Debbi’s pussy.

“If you can be my husband’s bitch, you can be my bitch, too.” Debbi told me. I wasn’t completely sure, but I started to think that this argument was part of a ruse. A way to turn up the sexual heat of the weekend. But Debbi wasn’t letting me in on it just yet. She continued to rub herself slowly, teasing me. Taunting me. Debbi’s body language was saying to me what she didn’t need to say. Our bedroom eyes locked on each other and without words, I started in on Debbi’s thighs. I hungrily ran my wanting tongue over her skin, working my way closely to her wet pussy. She tasted so sweet. The closer I got towards her fingers, the harder I sucked on her flesh. Working between Deb’s legs, I knew that she too was a sexual conquest I coveted along with Calvin. The sex beast within me was once again unleashed and all I wanted was pussy against my face. Debbi inched her sweet crotch closer to my mouth and reached for the back of my head.

“Lick it. Lick it clean!” She said and I was ready to oblige. I put my fingers on her to feel her wetness for myself. I slipped one of my fingers inside Debbi and tasted her. Her eyes rolled back in her head. This experience promised to be just as delicious to her as it was to me. I remembered how Calvin played with me between my legs with my back on the marble counter top—licking, then sticking his dick in me. I was going to do his wife the same way. I put my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and licked Debbi all the way up to her clit. Immediately, I dipped two fingers inside her and twisted them a little while I was in there. Debbi’s body jumped some when I penetrated her and her head fell back in ecstasy. The next time I licked my neighbor, I flicked the tip of my tongue in her asshole and snaked it back up to her clit. I sucked on it, hummed on it and made it hard.

Then I got down to business.

I constantly licked and sucked on Debbi’s clean-shaven pussy. She kept bucking and gyrating on me, but I held her legs open from the outside and kept my entire mouth on it. My own wetness soaked my own panties. We both moved up on the bed and I quickly stripped myself of my workout shorts and wet undies. Debbi held my head again and pushed my face up and down her tender flesh. Each time, my tongue slipped into her as I held it out.

I came up the length of her body with my breasts stout with sexual excitement sliding against Debbi’s naked upper body. We kissed passionately when our lips finally met. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. Debbi had my top off in no time. She had her hands full of my breasts and she worked my nipples to full erection. We lay facing each other on the bed. Debbi had her fingers pushing inside me and I had my fingers inside her. We gyrated against our hands. We sucked each other’s nipples. We kissed. We were two ladies getting worked up and having good fun. Debbi removed her fingers from my pussy and put them in my mouth. I licked them, sucking every drop of my juice off her digits. I wanted more action for sure. My face must have revealed my desire because Debbi seductively kissed my body and went down on me to return the favor.

She had control of me from the moment she took her first lick. Besides Calvin, I wondered if I was ever as wet with a man as I was right now. And the excitement was about to build once again, because Debbi quickly positioned her lower body up towards my chest, gesturing for me to lick her too. Within moments, Debbi and I both had our mouths full our each other’s pussy in the 69 position. I swear I was in heaven. Debbi ate pussy a lot better than I did, and I couldn’t keep up with her. All I could do was finger her holes and do my best not to come faster than I wanted because I desperately wanted to savor my first time with a woman.

“Hey honey” I heard Debbi say with bated and elated breath from between my thighs. It was the only way I became aware of Calvin standing and watching in the bedroom doorway, naked with his semi-hard penis dangling between his thighs like a rope. Debbi moved off of me and Calvin entered the room. He got on top of me and kissed my lips, my breasts, my thighs until he was were his wife was.

“That’s right baby, get her ready for this dick.”

I paused within myself for a moment. What dick was Debbi talking about? I quickly turned my head to look at her and was surprised again.

“Did you honestly think I was out all yesterday morning only buying food for the house, Sam?” was Debbi’s answer to the stunned look on my face. There she was, deliciously naked and snapping the last hook to the harness of a brown colored strap-on. She poured lube all over her hand and her ‘cock’, letting some fall to the floor as she stared into my eyes. Simple, yet erotic. A woman always seems to know what makes a woman hot. Debbi stroked the cock in her hands like a prized weapon in her arsenal, prepping for use on me. She climbed back onto the bed with Calvin and I. Calvin removed himself from licking and Debbi placed her body between my thighs, ready to fuck me. She slid it right inside me slow and deep. Debbi held my hips and penetrated me. Not wanting to be left out of action, I saw Calvin get behind his wife’s juicy ass. When she jumped and gasped, I knew his dick was penetrated her tight hole. Debbi talked dirty to me and I pinched my nipples. Calvin had worked himself inside his wife’s ass and gyrated on her, and that forced her to sink the strap-on deeper into me. I was out of my mind all over again and could feel my orgasm coming on.

But my kinky neighbors continued to tease my body some more.

Calvin pulled out of Debbi’s asshole and Debbi took her strap-on out of me. I felt the pangs of frustration because these two sex machines refused to take me over the top as I desperately wanted to. Calvin laid down next to me. He told me to lift my body off the bed. He held me there partly in the air and placed his naked muscular body beneath me. My muscles clinched against my own body’s will because my neighbors were about to expose my sexual palate to its lewdest act yet. I felt Calvin’s penis poking at my backdoor, his hands spreading my ass open for imminent entry, and I saw Debbi position her body (as well as her strap-on) to split me in the front. I cried in surrender as Calvin’s hardness traveled slow, yet relentlessly inside my ass. At the same time, Debbi found her opening and plunged into me. Calvin’s black arms held me like a bear as I became a sex slave to my first double penetration.

“Now you’re going to cum like we want you to,” Calvin whispered into my ear.

“That’s right.” Debbi said, then took a long naughty lick of my wet flesh.

It was like they were dancing with me as they bumped and grinded into me in rhythm. Their hands were all over my body—grabbing this and squeezing that. Every mention of me as the cream filling in their Oreo sex cookie drove me deliriously mad. Their words were as searing as their bodies smothering my orifices. All I could do was cried out and beg for more.

The talking stopped. The humping picked up and the grunting between us all became louder and louder. I slid down onto Calvin’s penis, and up onto Debbi’s strap-on over and over, again and again. I could feel my orgasm rising to the surface. After all the ebbing and flowing of sexual play, I knew I was going to explode. Calvin, Debbi and I were sweating, panting and cumming closer. Impaled on two poles, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I screamed and convulsed as wave after wave of orgasmic sensation rushed over me and shook my entire being. When Debbi pulled the strap-on out of me, she was greeted with a hot splash of my juices on her chest. Calvin grunted loudly and popped inside my ass for the second time. My muscles felt his hot cum swimming inside my rectum and triggered another shot out of my pussy onto Debbi, who now shot fake hot cum out of the strap-on on my heaving, wet body. It was nasty and delicious. I was completely broken and deflowered and experiencing one of the best times of my life. Debbi collapsed on me, mixing our sweat, heat and cum together between our bodies. Thoroughly satisfied, I drifted into sleep. And the last on my mind was my pathetic ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t even remember his name…

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