tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBernadette Conducts an Experiment

Bernadette Conducts an Experiment


The gang was all gathered in Leonard and Penny's apartment having dinner and watching Sheldon make an ass of himself as usual. What was unusual was what was going on with Bernadette's imagination.

Penny had told Bernadette all about the pounding she had taken earlier in the week from Leonard and, most shockingly, Sheldon during her "experiment" with Sheldon that Leonard and unexpectedly walked in on. She had also told her all about Sheldon's 10 inch cock. Bernadette, rightfully so, didn't believe Penny had been dp'd by those two, or that Sheldon had a big secret hiding in his pants. But she couldn't get the image out of her head. She found herself glancing at Sheldon's groin every chance she got to see if there was even a hint of a monster hiding in there.

Bernadette loved her Howie. But his sad little 5 inch penis didn't scratch her itch. Lucky for both of them, he was a magician with both his hands and tongue. Toys in the bedroom didn't hurt, either. But it had been quite a while since she'd had a manly cock inside her. The thought of something twice the size of Howie's sorry little dick fucking her made her wet just thinking about it.

Bernadette played the good Catholic girl in public but she had a nasty streak running through her. Howard and Penny were the only ones that had even a clue of it. Howard had seen her in full nasty mode in the bedroom. Howard talked a good game but it intimidated the fuck out of him, to the point that he couldn't perform, so Bernadette had to tame her wild side down with him. She hoped she would be able to bring him over to the nasty side eventually. But, for now, she had to tamp that side of herself down. Penny knew because she confided in Penny. She explained to Penny she'd gotten straight A's in her Catholic high school not because she was such a great student but because the priest's loved fucking her 34C's. She didn't get on the dean's list in college just because she was a wiz in science. It helped that she was giving the professors topless hand jobs after class. She didn't get the high paying position she has now just because she's smart. It didn't hurt that the CEO of the company liked getting blow jobs in the stairwell. And, before Howie, she was dating a former professional basketball player who was giving her his big black cock in her ass on a regular basis.

The thought of having a 10 inch cock so close that she could touch it but couldn't was making her crazy. She had to know.

Bernadette excused herself from the group and slipped down the hallway towards the bathroom and the two bedrooms. She went into Sheldon's old bedroom just to make sure the setting was right. She waited for a few minutes, then walked back into the living space.

"Sheldon, can you help me with something, please?" she asked.

"Absolutely. What it is, Bernadette?" Sheldon replied as he rose up from his spot on the couch.

"Do you want my help, Bernie?" asked her husband Howard.

"No, Howie. I need something off of the top shelf." That comment didn't strike anyone in the group as funny or odd. With Sheldon being considerably taller than anyone else in the group, it wasn't at all unusual for him to be asked to grab something that's out of reach for the rest of them.

Sheldon followed Bernadette into what was his bedroom until he moved across the hall and in with Amy. Bernadette asked him to grab a gray box from the top shelf in the back of the closet. This was a struggle for even Sheldon. He slid into the closet, fighting to get the box Bernadette so badly desired. As he struggled in the closet, Bernadette quietly closed the bedroom door.

Sheldon finally managed to get the box down. "My goodness, Bernadette. I certainly hope whatever's in here is worth the effort."

"I hope it's worth the effort, too, Sheldon."

As Sheldon turned to hand Bernadette the box the sight before him made him jump. His natural reflexes caused him to throw his hands in the air. The box he had just retrieved flew out of his hand and crashed into the corner across the room.

"Bernadette! What's going on?!"

She pressed her finger to his lips. "Shhhhhhhh, be quiet Sheldon."

She stood in front of him wearing nothing but a black, lacy bra and a matching thong, showing off her 37-25-35 curves on her 5 foot frame. Her sweater and skirt were in a pile in the corner of the room.

"Bernadette! Why aren't you wearing any clothes? Why are you just in your underwear? Are you too warm?"

"No, Sheldon, I'm hot. You're making me hot." She ran a hand across her breasts.

"Would you like me to turn the thermostat down?"

She rolled her eyes. "No, Sheldon, I do not want you to turn the thermostat down." She paused. "Sheldon, we're both scientists..."

He cut her off. "Well, you're a microbiologist, Bernadette. I'm actually a physicist."

She fought the urge to put him in his place. "Whatever," she snapped, then took a deep breath. "Did you conduct an experiment with Penny the other day?"

"Oh! Yes, yes I did." His face lit up. "I quite enjoyed it. It was very enlightening."

"Would you like more data for your experiment?"

"Would I?! How do you propose I do that?"

"Well, Sheldon, you can use me as a third variable," she suggested, pinching her nipples through the thin material of her bra.

"How do you propose we begin?" he asked.

"How did you and Penny start?"

"Well, it started when I came home and told Amy what we talked about at work. Amy said..."

Bernadette cut him off, trying to ignore her irritation with Sheldon and concentrate on the task at hand. "No, Sheldon. Let's fast forward to when your experiment began."

"Oh. Alright. Well, Penny removed my pants because I had what she called a hard on."

"Okay, let's begin there. Do you have a hard on right now, Sheldon?"


Bernadette thought to herself "I'm standing here in my sexiest bra and panties and he doesn't have a hard on?! What's wrong with him?!"

"Okay, Sheldon, take off your pants and sit down on the bed." She was beginning to get wet thinking about having a 10 inch cock inside of her soon.

"Shouldn't we move to the couch to replicate the experiment?"

"Were there other people in the room when you and Penny did your experiment?"

"No, not until Leonard walked in."

"Then we should replicate the conditions as best as possible. So let's stay in here by ourselves for the time being."

"Alright." Sheldon removed his pants and tighty whities, revealing his limp dick, and sat on the side of the bed. Bernadette moved in front of him.

"Then what?" she asked.

"Let's see. Oh yes. Then she got on her knees in front of me and put my hard on in her mouth, which I thought was very unsanitary."

"Of course you would," she said, rolling her eyes. She knelt down in front of him. "Since you're not hard yet I'm going to stroke it with my hand until it's hard. Okay?"

"Yes, that should be fine."

Bernadette took him into her tiny hands and began to gently stroke him. She watched in amazement as it began to quickly grow. And grow. And grow. It grew to all of 10 inches, possibly more. She couldn't believe Sheldon Cooper had a cock that every woman would desire.

Bernadette looked into his face. "How's that, Sheldon."

"That felt very nice, Bernadette."

She thought to herself, "I just gave him a hand job and it was 'nice'. Jesus." "Sheldon, you have a beautiful cock."

"That's exactly what Penny said. Interesting."

"Then what?"

"Then she put it in her mouth and performed what she called a blow job." Bernadette is so tiny she had to raise her body to get her head above his rock hard cock. Just before she lowered her mouth onto him, "Oh! Wait! She was naked, too."

"Oh good!" She stood up and removed her bra and thong, throwing them into the corner. She massaged her 36C tits that were now free of their constraints.

She resumed her place in front of Sheldon on her knees. Sheldon closed his eyes and leaned back as Bernadette grabbed the base of his cock and lowered her mouth around it. Sheldon gave a small gasp as she did. She took as much of him in as she could before he hit the back of her mouth, which was just a little over half of his length. She had only handled one cock this large before and that was years ago. This was going to take some work.

Sitting up on her knees, she took as much of him in with each bob of her head, a little more each time. Her hand stroked what wouldn't fit in her mouth. Her wet pussy was begging for attention. She sent her other hand down south to give it the attention it desired. Her fingers began to rub her hard clit, taking her breath away at first touch.

Sheldon made a mental note that Bernadette's mouth felt almost exactly the same as Penny's around his cock, warm and moist. Her lips were velvety soft, just like Penny's, possibly even softer. Maybe Penny needed to change her lip gloss to what Bernadette used? He thought he should mention it to Penny when this was done.

Bernadette was able to relax her throat muscles enough to deep throat him, but it still wasn't enough to take his full 10 inches in. She gagged occasionally, not having a need to practice her gag reflex in quite some time. Not that Sheldon seemed to mind. It wasn't long before she could feel his cock begin to throb in her throat. A mixture of saliva and precum ran down his cock and across his ball sack.

Sheldon's breathing became more labored. Bernadette knew he was close. She removed him from her mouth with a pop, stroking him with strong, slow strokes.

"What happened next, Sheldon? What happened when you came?"

"Oh, yes," he said with labored breath. "She stroked me just as you're doing and then I exploded a substance she referred to as cum all over her face and chest."

"Oh, yay!" she squealed.

"Penny said a lot of women liked that."

"Oh, yes, Sheldon. I like that a lot!"

She grabbed him with both of her tiny hands and began to stroke him with firm, fast strokes. She could see his body begin to tighten and his breathing become deeper and harder.

"Oh! Oh! It's happening again!" A thick rope of white cum shot out from the head of his tool. It shot across her glasses, across her forehead, and into her long, blonde hair. A second stream hit her in the cheek and streaked back towards her ear and into her hair. A third, smaller gush came out, falling onto her massive chest. She took him back into her mouth, bobbing her head and continuing to stroke his shaft, until she could no longer feel the throbbing of his cock.

Sheldon opened his eyes. "Oh dear! I did it again!" He brought his palms to his cheeks and looked on in horror at what he had done to Bernadette's face.

Bernadette took off her cum stained glasses and tossed them over to join her other clothes. Then she scooped some cum from her forehead with her fingers and stuck them into her mouth, sucking them clean. "It's fine, Sheldon. It's more than fine. I love it."

"Well, alright, if you say so."

She lifted another scoopful of cum with her fingers from her cheek and licked them clean. "So, how was that compared to Penny's blow job?"

"Oh, it was wonderful, just like Penny's. Your lips might be softer, though. You should talk to Penny about that."

Bernadette thought to herself, "Yes! Score one for me!"

"However, your nose never touched my belly like Penny's did."

"Her nose touched your belly?! She swallowed that whole thing?!"

"Oh, yes, many times. I found that very pleasurable."

Bernadette thought to herself, "That deep throating bitch! What a slut!"

"Ok, whatever. Let's move on. What happened next, Sheldon?"

"Well, she said she hadn't reached an orgasm yet, and it was impolite that I had and she hadn't. So she made me stroke myself while I watched her pleasure herself. Did you have an orgasm, Bernadette?"

"No I didn't, Sheldon. She's right, it's impolite to not help your partner reach orgasm. Will you help me have an orgasm, Sheldon?"

"Of course. How can I help?"

"Scooch down. I'm going to lay down on the bed." She climbed onto the bed and laid her head on the pillow. She spread her legs apart, allowing Sheldon to stare straight into her bald cunt. "Give me your hand, Sheldon," which he did. "All I want you to do is put two fingers in my pussy and slide them in and out. Can you do that?"

"Yes, I believe I can."

She took his hand. His fingers were just like the rest of him, long and lean. She guided him until he had two fingers buried in her slit up to his knuckles. "Mmmmmm, very good, Sheldon. Now slide them in and out." He began to slowly pump his fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy. "Yes, uh huh, that's it, just like that."

She used her own hand to drum a steady beat on her clit. She had been close to cumming when she was blowing Sheldon, this wouldn't take long. While one hand abused her love button, the other hand molested her tits and nipples, pinching and pulling them.

Her eyes were closed and her head was buried in the pillow she was laying on. Sheldon rhythmically slid his fingers in and out of her quivering pussy. Her heart was beginning to race, she was about to reach a crescendo.

"Sheldon, faster. Move your hand faster!" He did as commanded, pumping his hand faster. She was close. "Put another finger in Sheldon!" He slid a third finger in and gave several more pumps.

That was all it took. Her back arched as she cried out "Ohhhhhmaaagodddddd! Yes! Mmmmmm, yes! Don't you fucking stop, Sheldon!" He watched in amazement as her body trembled with a massive orgasm, her cunt clamping down on his fingers in spasms.

Her body sank into the bed as her orgasm subsided. "Okay, Sheldon, you can stop fingering me," she said breathlessly.

"Fingering you?" he asked as he continued to pump his fingers into her still quivering snatch.

"Stop. Putting. Your. Fingers. In my. Va-gin-a," she said forcefully.

He snapped his hand back towards himself as if her pussy might snap them off. "Alright! Why didn't you say that in the first place?"

She took a deep breath. "Yes, you're right, Sheldon, I should have been clearer." In her mind she said to herself, "Clueless bastard." "So what happened next, Sheldon?"

"Well, then she said we should conduct a second experiment that would allow me to compare her vagina to Amy's."

"So you fucked her."

"Yes, that's what she called it."

Bernadette looked down at Sheldon's half flaccid cock. She thought to herself "He just finger fucked me while I masturbated myself to orgasm and he's not even hard? What the fuck is wrong with him?!"

"Ok, Sheldon, we need to get you hard again. Did she do anything to get you hard before you fucked her?"

"No, I was already hard." It irked Bernadette that seeing Penny masturbate got him hard but fingering her didn't. None the less...

"Did she let you titty fuck her at all?"

"Titty fuck?"

"Did she wrap her tits around your cock?"

"Oh no. I don't think her breasts are large enough to do that."

Bernadette thought to herself, "Score another one for the girl with the big tits!" This brought a smile to her face. "Sit on the edge of the bed, Sheldon. I think you'll like this."

Bernadette climbed off the bed and got on her knees between Sheldon's legs once again. She grabbed her incredible tits, pushing them together. She dropped two strings of saliva into her cleavage. "Sheldon, hold your cock up as straight as you can and hold it there, please."

He did as asked as she wrapped her fleshy mounds around him and pushed them together. His cock disappeared in the cleavage.

"Ooooo, that feels warm and soft. I like this."

She slowly moved her tits up and down as Sheldon held his cock. She could feel it growing. Soon the purple head of his cock was popping in and out of the top of her cleavage.

"Well, would you look at that!" he said in amazement. Bernadette grinned at his childlike wonderment.

"OK, Sheldon let's fuck. I've been waiting to get that huge cock of yours in me all night!"

"All night? All you had to do was ask," he said, as if she had been waiting for the right opportunity to ask him to pass the ketchup.

"Yeahhhhh, ok," she said, taking a breath. "Ok, was she on top or were you on top?"

"I believe she was on top. Yes, she was on top."

"Ok, lay down, Sheldon."

He laid flat in his old bed, his long cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. Bernadette's body quivered at the thought of having this rod inside of her finally. She climbed onto the bed and raised herself over him. She grabbed the base of his cock and lowered herself onto him, bringing a small gasp from Sheldon. The moment the tip slid past her trembling pussy lips she moaned, and she didn't stop moaning until she was sitting in his lap, taking him completely inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhhmagod," she said as she sat in his lap, eyes closed, her body adjusting to this massive pole inside her tiny body.

Without a word, she placed her hands on his chest and began to raise and lower herself, sliding Sheldon's 10 inch cock in and out of her dripping gash. Remembering what Penny had told him, Sheldon reached up and began to grope Bernadette's 36C tits. He noted to himself that her breasts felt thicker and heavier than Penny's did. He also noted that Bernadette's nipples were larger and seemingly more sensitive to the touch than Penny's. Each time he pinched one of Bernadette's nipples it brought a small squeal from her.

Bernadette's thighs were beginning to tremble. It had been quite some time since they had gotten a work out like this. Sheldon felt a familiar burning beginning to build up in his loins. And then he remembered.

"Bernadette? Bernadette?"

She opened her eyes for the first time since climbing on. "What is it, Sheldon?"

"Bernadette, it was about this time that Leonard walked in and joined in the experiment."

"Oh! Yes. I almost forgot." She climbed off of Sheldon like a cowgirl would a horse. She stepped over to the door and cracked it open.

"Leonard! Leonard! Can you come back here for a minute, please?"

Leonard was sitting in the same chair Penny and fingered herself to orgasm just a few days ago. "Uhhhh, yeah, sure."

"Do you want me to come back there, Bernie?" Howard called.

"No! No. Just Leonard. We'll be done here in a sec, Howie."

Leonard opened the door and walked in to see Sheldon grinning, laying flat on the bed, his glistening cock shooting up through his pants.

"What the...?!"

Before he could finish, Bernadette, who had been hiding behind the open door, shoved Leonard into the room and quickly closed the door. Leonard spun around to see the innocent, Catholic school girl Bernadette, naked, hands on hips, smiling at him.

"What the hell?!"

"Leonard, Bernadette volunteered to be a third variable in my experiment. Isn't that exciting?!"

Leonard looked at Sheldon, back to Bernadette, back to Sheldon, back to Bernadette. "What is happening?!"

"I'll tell you what's happening, Mister. You're going to fuck my ass, and you're going to fuck it good. Now drop your pants!"

All the guys were quite intimidated by Bernadette when she started giving orders. Leonard, without protest, dropped his pants, only to reveal a limp dick. There was no hiding that Leonard was clearly embarrassed by this.

"Let's get you ready for action," Bernadette said, quickly dropping to her knees and taking Leonard into her mouth before he could say a word.

"Wow. Wow. Oh wow!" Leonard said. For one, he couldn't believe his cock was in Bernadette's mouth. Secondly, he was shocked at the amount of suction she used giving head.

Leonard was hard in no time. Bernadette released him from her mouth with a pop, then gave the tip a light, loving kiss. She looked up at Leonard and said with a devilish grin, "Penny's a lucky girl. I can't wait to have it buried in my ass." She jumped to her feet and climbed onto the bed. "Alright, boys, let's get this show on the road. Don't hold back, fuck me like you mean it." She once again raised herself over Sheldon's rod and lowered herself onto it. Her body had gotten used to the feeling of a 10 inch cock inside of it but it still felt fucking amazing. She folded her tiny body at the waist, resting her head on Sheldon's chest, looking back at Leonard sliding in behind her.

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