"Best Wife Ever!" 12 Days of Sexmas


Hearing such a slutty declaration, I doubled my efforts to shoot a second load in my wife, this time in her pussy. Having already come just an hour ago, it took more time, but was helped by my wife's continual naughtiness. "Yeah baby, cum in your slut. Fill my cunt with your hot juice," and later "you would like that wouldn't you, baby? Knowing your cum is leaking down my legs while I am on the dance floor."

I indeed loved the thought and soon filled my wife's pussy, her cunt, with my cum. As I flooded her pussy, my wife purred, "Oh yeah, baby, that feels so good. Fill me completely."

Once done, I pulled out and she dropped to her knees and cleaned my cock, a mixture of my juice and her juice. A minute later, she stood back up, kissed me one last time and disappeared back down the stairs.

I leaned on a wall for a minute to catch my breath, before returning to the party. I grabbed another drink and watched my wife shaking her thing on the dance floor. I imagined my cum leaking out of her pussy while she danced. The thought had my well-pleasured cock on the rise again.

A couple of hours later a very drunk Alexis and I headed home. I was ready for one more go, but I knew from experience that Alexis had passed from the stage of drunk enough to be extra horny to so drunk she had no sexual drive left. I helped her into her bed and we both crashed knowing we had a three hour drive to do tomorrow.

11. THE ELEVENTH DAY OF SEXMAS...Saturday December 24th, 2011

The alarm went off at 9 a.m. which was way too early after our late night, but we hadn't packed or even wrapped our presents for my family.

Three hours later, we were fed, showered and packed. Alexis, finally completely out of her stupor, said, "So, I got you one present early."

"You did?" I asked.

"Well," she smiled, "it is for both of us, but I thought it would make for a fun drive."

Reeeeeeeally," I teased, curious. She handed me a remote control. "Is this a universal remote that turns on anything?"

"Well, not anything, but definitely someone," she teased, her smile dripping with sexual sweetness.

"What?" I responded, confused.

"Turn it on," she suggested.

I did and my beautiful wife gave a quick flinch. "Ooooooooh," I said, catching on.

She moaned ever-so-softly, "It is a vibrating egg. You have the power to tease and please me as you wish."

"Wow," I said, dazed.

"Wow, indeed," she repeated. "By the way, there are five speeds; you have it on low right now." She kissed me and said, "Now let's get on the road."

"Of course, my lady," I replied.

I teased my wife with the toy. On and off, on and off, but never going past speed two, during the first hour of the drive. Her face was flushed and I could tell she was beginning to get frustrated with the constant teasing. Once we reached the first town, she leaned forward and said, "Let's go find a place to play."

Instead of agreeing, I shook my head and said, quoting my little horny minx, "All good things come to those who wait, baby."

"You bastard," she replied, slapping me teasingly.

"Slut," I countered, turning the speed up to three.

"I stick with bastard," she countered back, attempting to hold in a moan.

I smiled, turning the remote up to four, "You can come anytime you want baby."

She sighed, "Keep driving then."

An hour later, unable to control the buzzing in her pussy, she lifted up her skirt and said, her frustration impossible to ignore, "Damn you, Jeremy. I am going to come right now."

"Go ahead, baby," I replied and watched her begin to rub herself. I kept watching the road and checking on my masturbating wife.

She moved her hand frantically on her clit and I ordered, "Slap your clit, baby. Spank yourself."

She obeyed without hesitation and with each gentle slap her moans increased until she let out an earth shattering scream, especially loud in the confines of a car. Her leg actually twitched as the orgasm spread through her. Instead of turning down the toy, I finally moved it to full blast. "Yoooooooou fucker," she moaned, the toy in her pussy continuing to quake her body.

A few minutes later we were passing a town and I decided it was a good time for a bite to eat. As I pulled in, she pulled down her skirt and ordered, "Go through the drive-thru."

"I need to take a piss," I countered.

"Go through the fucking drive-thru," she repeated, undoing my zipper. Pulling my cock out of my pants, she began to suck my cock as I pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru.

As I approached the order speakerphone, I asked, "What can I get you, baby?"

She quit sucking my cock, gave me her order and returned to my erect cock. Reaching the speakerphone, I ordered our food and continued to the pay window. This McDonald's had two windows: one to pay and another to get your food. There was no way my wife was going to blow me and allow others to see...was she? When there was only one car before me to pay, I warned, "We are next, baby." She ignored my warning and didn't move when I began rolling forward to the till.

A nerdy looking kid with enough acne to play connect-the-dots announced my amount before realizing what he was witnessing. "That will b-b-b-e 12.65."

"Just a second," I replied, my wallet is in my side pocket. I awkwardly reached for my wallet, while the whole time my wife kept my cock in her warm cocksucking mouth. The nerdy boy watched in voyeuristic glee while I struggled to retrieve my wallet. Finally able to get it, I opened it and handed him a twenty. He reluctantly looked away and put the money in the cash register. Returning my change, he avoided looking at me and watched my wife bob up and down on my cock, now with much more aggressiveness. I took my change and said, "Have a good day."

He mumbled something incoherently as I rolled forward. Her frantic sucking was beginning to really get me going, but I didn't want to cum until I got passed the second window, so I ordered, "Baby, slow down." She instantly obeyed. A minute later I rolled to the second window and my wife again resumed a fast-paced sucking.

A brunette, probably in her early twenties, gasped when she saw my wife in my lap bobbing up and down like a complete slut. Attempting to show my dominance, I took the food from the girl and ordered, "Slut, I told you to slow down."

The brunette gasped a second time and turned around to grab the drinks. My wife obeyed again and when the brunette handed me our drinks I said, "You know, a good slut is hard to train," and pulled away, leaving the brunette with her mouth dropped wide open like a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

I pulled into an open stall and said, "Now make me come, baby." Instantly she returned to her determined accelerated cocksucking and within two minutes I was releasing a powerful stream of cum down her wanton throat.

Once she had finished cleansing my cock, she returned to her seat and opened the McDonald's bag, as if nothing happened. She popped a fry in her mouth and teased, "Hmmm, cum and fries, delicious."

Deciding to test her theory, I took a fry, opened her legs, lifted up her skirt and slid the fry up her still glistening pussy lips. I popped it into my mouth and agreed, "I concur."

She exploded in laughter and I followed. We ate the rest of our fatty meals before both agreeing we needed a bathroom break. I pulled out and we hit a gas station further down the road, not wanting anyone to make the correlation between the cocksucking slut in the car and my wife. Before she got out of the car, she opened her legs one last time and pulled out the surprisingly large egg that had been inside her for a couple of hours. My wife smiled and handed me the sticky toy that was inside her. "Clean it for me, baby."

Without hesitation, I licked the toy clean of her juices. She smiled, "You are so pussy-whipped."

"And you are such a slut," I countered.

She slapped my leg, taking the toy back, before responding demurely, "Your slut baby. I will always be your slut." She kissed me quickly and got out of the car. I followed, again thinking the obvious thought, "I am the luckiest man in the world."

That night, at my family's, she behaved like the sweet, loving wife she is. It wasn't until we were in bed, close to midnight, that she said, "One more day in the 12 Days of Sexmas."

"So it is," I said, my voice unable to hide the disappointment.

"And I have saved the best for last," she teased, rubbing my cock.

"You have?" I asked, unable to even guess what she could possibly have left, especially at my parents' house.

"Oh," she teased, rubbing my cock fast through my pyjamas, "you have no fucking idea."

I moved my hand to her pussy and she slapped it away. "Oh...all good things come to those that wait, baby." She quit touching my cock and turned over, before adding, "Good night, baby."

"You bitch," I responded, realizing she was leaving me high and hard.

"And you love it," she closed.

I closed my eyes knowing I indeed did love it...I loved everything about her. I tossed and turned for a bit wondering what my beautiful bride could possibly have in store for me tomorrow.

12. THE TWELFTH DAY OF SEXMAS...Sunday December 25th, 2011

My family has a Christmas tradition every since I was a kid. Open presents ridiculously early, have a massive breakfast and then go back to bed. So at 6:30 in the morning we were in my parents' living room with my parents, my two siblings and respective spouses, and their three children. By 8:30 we were having breakfast and by 9:00 Alexis and I were back in bed.

Alexis kissed me gently, "I can't believe it! You bought me a dress I like."

"Everything happens eventually," I replied.

"With that in mind, are you ready for part one of your special last day of Christmas?" she asked, reaching for my limp cock.

"Here?" I asked, in my old bedroom in my parents' house.

"Hmmmm..." she teased, putting her hand inside my pyjamas.

She ordered, "Get naked, baby."

I discarded my clothes and my wife did the same. She stood up and went into her travel bag, pulling out an odd little gadget. Returning to the bed, she smiled, handing it to me, "This was what I used to please me when we were on the phone on Tuesday."

"What is it?" I asked.

"It is called a we-vibe2," she explained, "and it contacts both my g-spot and my clit."

"Well, you don't need me anymore."

"Of course I do," she responded, kissing me gently, "who else would mow the lawn?"

"Hardee-har-har," I quipped back.

She crawled to my cock and took it into her warm mouth. She sucked me slowly, allowing me to grow in her mouth. As usual, it didn't take long to become fully erect between her sweet lips. Once erect, she took my cock out of her mouth, spread her legs, turned the toy on and slid it into position. She smiled, and drew me in with her finger. I obeyed, like an obedient puppy. Although awkward at first, I slid my cock inside my wife's pussy and slowly began fucking her. The vibrations were both enthralling and annoying. It was a unique sensation, unlike anything I had ever felt from sex. It definitely seemed to be working on Alexis. Her moans were clearly getting hard to control for her and as they began to increase. I suddenly worried my parents would hear...or worse my siblings' kids. I slowed down and she looked up and said, "Noooo, faster, baby."

"If I keep this pace you will scream so loud the whole house will know I am fucking you."

"Grab my panties," she requested. I reached for them, confused, my cock slipping out of her. Putting my cock back inside her, she demanded, "Put them in my mouth."

"Really?" I asked, surprised by the request.

"Yes, really," she teased. "You are going to fuck me hard and deep until you cum deep inside your wife. And I will scream uncontrollably like I always do when you get me off, baby, so you better gag me."

Shocked by the suggestion, yet slightly turned on by it, I put her pink panties in her mouth. Seeing her so subservient was hot and I did as she suggested, I fucked her hard and fast. The fast pumping, mixed with the odd buzzing, had me feeling oddly tingly. I could tell Alexis was getting close by the look on her face and the muffled moans and I decided to get her off quicker as I pushed on the toy. Her back bent and she came a couple of seconds later. I too was close and seeing my wife so desperate to scream, but being muffled by her panties was just enough to get me off too and I sprayed my seed deep inside my wife's pussy. Both exhausted from the sex and the early morning wake-up call, we collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep naked and in each other's arms.

Three hours later we were wakened up by the sound of kids screaming and playing. We showered, got dressed and spent the afternoon with my family. Just before supper, Alexis whispered in my ear, "Meet me in back in the room in a couple of minutes."

I announced we were going to pack so we could get on the road after supper and disappeared with a credible excuse. Once in the room, Alexis closed the door, dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock. She sucked it hard and fast for a couple of minutes before stopping. She looked up from her submissive position and shocked me yet again, "Baby, your second gift of the last day of Sexmas is something new."

"OK, what is it?" I asked curious.

"I want you to face-fuck me, like in the porn movies," she revealed.

"What?" I responded shocked.

"Face-fuck your wife like a dirty slut in your old bedroom," she offered, stroking my cock with her hand.

"Are you sure?" I asked, trepidation lingering.

"Yes, I'm sure. I want you to fuck my lips and feel your hot seed fill my mouth," she begged, so hot and slutty.

I shoved my cock in her mouth and began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her red lips. After a minute or two of this slow fucking, she squeezed my ass cheeks and I began to move faster. The hotness of my wife and her sudden submissive nature was a huge turn-on and I began to enjoy fucking her face. My cum beginning to boil, I held her head with both hands and began to really fuck her face. With each deep thrust, I heard the sloppy sound of sex, which just made it hotter. In less than a minute of fast pumping between her lips, I shot a second load into my wife on this glorious Christmas Day. Once done, I fell back on the edge of my bed and watched as my wife crawled over to me and took my cock back in her mouth. She slowly sucked my cock for another minute before standing up and saying, "We should probably get back to your family."

Before I could say anything, she was gone.

After dinner, we said our goodbyes and began the long drive home. Once home, both exhausted, we left our luggage at the entrance and got ready for bed. When I returned from the bathroom, my wife had one last surprise for me. Instead of warm pyjamas, she was in dark brown stockings and nothing else.

I stared at her in my underwear, as she explained, "I got one last present for you."

I walked to the bed and asked, "What could you possibly have left to give, baby?"

"Oh, there is one thing," she hinted.

Still clueless, I stared at her, joining her on the bed.

"It is time for the trifecta," she announced.

"What is the trifecta?"

She stunned me with, "Filling me with your cum in each of my three holes."

I stammered, "W-w-what?"

"Baby, your final present is my ass," she revealed. When I just stared at her with my mouth open, she added, "Baby, please take my anal cherry."

"Y-y-you sure?"

"Yes, baby. I have been preparing for this for a while," she explained, reaching for my cock.

She took it in my mouth and got it nice and ready. She then said, "Grab the lube from my nightstand."

I went to the night-stand, still in a complete daze at what we were about to do. This has been a deal breaker since we first met. I opened her drawer and gasped. Besides lube were a couple of anal plugs. I grabbed the lube and returned to the bed.

She took the lube and generously coated my cock. She then got on her knees, took a good grip of the headboard and asked, "Baby, can you take the butt plug out of my ass?"

Shocked again, I crawled behind her and finally saw the toy in her ass. I pulled it out and was stunned at its size. She had indeed been preparing her ass for this moment. I was so in awe of my wife and what she was willing to do for me. Once out there was a pop and a gasp from Alexis. I placed my cock between her ass cheeks and paused.

She looked back and said, her voice hinting at her nervousness, but also at her determination to please, "Merry Christmas baby, now please be the first and only to make love to my ass."

Suddenly realizing she was giving me something she couldn't have before, her virginity, we both having had various lovers before we met, I knew she needed this as much as I wanted it. She wanted to give her entire being to me. I slowly pushed forward breaking through her tight entrance and into her virgin ass. The sensation was something I had never felt before. It was so tight and warm. I could tell she was tense and I took it extra slow. Once most of my cock had disappeared between her ass cheeks, I lingered inside her, scared to move or go any deeper and truthfully enjoying the tight warmth.

Alexis looked back and said, "Keep going baby, I want all of you in my ass."

I obeyed, slowly pushing forward until the last of my cock had disappeared inside her.

"Now fuck my ass, baby," she begged. "I want to feel you fill all three of my holes in the same day."

The thought of coming in her ass was the ultimate turn-on, the ultimate submission and the ultimate gift. I began to slowly fuck her ass, careful to not hurt her. Once in a consistent slow rhythm, Alexis began to moan and enjoy her first ass fuck. She begged, "Faster baby, fuck your wife's ass, faster."

I obliged again, and began to fuck her ass hard. Each deep thrust had Alexis give out a whimper of pleasure and pain and she began to get animated, "Oh God yes, baby, fuck my ass, fill my ass with your cum."

The tightness of her ass, the eagerness of my wife to please and her naughty word choice was too much and I shot my third load of cum inside my wife, this time in her no longer virgin ass...completing the perfect trifecta.

Once spent, I flipped her on her back and dove into her pussy sucking on her clit while sliding two fingers inside her cunt. Within a couple of minutes my wife was screaming loud and squirting onto my lips. Once her orgasm subsided, I crawled up and we kissed again.

Both way past exhaustion, we began to fall into slumber in each other's arms. I held her close, never wanting to let her go, never wanting these 12 days of complete sexual bliss to come to an end. I was just drifting into sub-consciousness when Alexis said one last thing, surprising me one final time, "If you think the 12 Days of Sexmas was amazing, you should wait to see what I have in mind for New Year's Eve."

The End...

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by pete56uk04/19/18

Unbelievable excellent

Very well written. Throughly enjoyed the excitements

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by Anonymous01/12/18

Real erotic story

Loved all the 'visuals' and the writing. Wonder about New Year's. Thank you.p

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by Gigantic12/06/17

Holiday Bliss

Wonderful story, perfect for this holiday season. I loved this every word. Excellent loving, erotic, exciting tale of 2 people so in love it was perfect!

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by WylieBCoyote11/18/17


The creativity and dialogue are superb. Thanks for the great story!

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by Anonymous07/25/17

loved the story

so nice to hear of a faithful, creative, loving wife. love to of heard the story about what she went through to have a custom palm pussy made.

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