tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBetter Loving through Chemistry Ch. 05

Better Loving through Chemistry Ch. 05


I was lying in bed, looking at my loft through the frame of my feet: the small kitchen area, the couch sitting under the large bay window, and opposite that a wall was taken up by a long metal table, with beakers and jars taking up most of its surface. The lab would have to go. The cooking, the drugs, the experiment. I was going to give it all up for Nicole, for a chance at a real relationship.

I walked over to the work table. Not everything. I would keep just enough to cook up some small batch of the good stuff, some pure E, for us. No more giving it away. That was a good way for the Narcs to come knocking. Just us.

I looked at the remaining supplies. Enough for one last batch of my special concoction. It would be a shame to waste it.

One last time. A final blow-out.

I mixed and cooked and before I knew it I had a spray bottle of diluted mixture ready to go. I left it on the work table and made breakfast.

Was I really going to do it? I guess I was. I felt guilty, though technically I was not cheating on Nicole. But I was also not being fully honest. But I would always regret it if I didn't give it that one last try.

Wednesday night found me alone in my loft. Nicole was at her place, tired from work. We had plans for the weekend.

I grabbed the spray bottle and headed out.

I was dead sober and sweaty palmed when I pushed through the door of the rave. I was nervous, I knew I was here to push a final boundary. If this was going to be the last time I did this, I had to see how far it would go. No more pussy-footing around.

The doors opened and a wall of sound hit me. The world turned into a staccato pulse of light and images, bodies dancing, arms in the air, head thrown back and forth in time with the music. A large crowd filled the large industrial space that housed the rave. But I knew this place and cut through the dancers, out a side door and into an outdoor space. It was a fenced-in parking lot, but now it was taken over by a small bar and a lounge area. A few dozen people were standing around, taking a breather.

Everyone was dressed in their dance duds, all neon colors or bright white. Tonight had a theme, but I couldn't guess what it was... I kept walking.

Behind the lounge area was another room, a third the size of the main hall, where another DJ was spinning. This was it, my lab for the night.

The roof was lower, the room darker. A projector was spraying a wall with moving colors. The DJ table was lit, and a few lights on stands threw some reddish glow over the dancers, but that was about it. And the place was hot. The low ceiling trapped the heat; everyone was sweating, skin glistening. Several layers of clothing had already been taken off by most of the dancers.


I dropped my bag in a corner and pulled out the spray bottle. I moved into the throng of dancers and started spraying. Several people eagerly turned their faces towards the cooling water, drinking it in. I moved with the music, getting into the groove. I sprayed and danced, letting a thin mist of my concoction float behind me. I held my bottle up for all to see. Every other step someone would wave and turn their face to me, mouth open, and I would spray the liquid. Men and women got a dose, I was an equal opportunity dowser that night. I wanted to see where this night was going to go.

I did a round of the room, and then another. I finally ran out. I licked the last drop before dropping the spray bottle in my bag.

I started dancing with everyone else, letting the music bounce around my bones. I kept my eyes half-opened, trying to spot the first signs that the drug was taking effect.

The first sign was a shift in the beat. It was as if everyone dropped a notch, slowed down, found the bass and hung on to that. I watch the dancers near me. A young woman, a brunette dressed in white loose pants and a white bra, her hair pulled up with two white flowers, started running her hands over her face, trailing her fingers over her closed eyelids, over her lips. Her hips gyrated in slow arcs. She was feeling it, feeling the first wave.

A few men caught my eyes. I didn't know how it would affect them. I knew my reaction to the drug, but I had been prepared, knew the effect. Some of the guys were starting to droop, to lean forward and back, shoulders slumped. I was briefly worried, but they all suddenly, in time with the music, straightened up. But they were different now, moving from the waist. They looked relaxed, shoulders down. There was no more posturing, no more shoulders thrown wide, but instead a deep rolling sway of the hips guided them, while a small smile appeared on their lips. Apparently they found it as enjoyable as I had.

A woman caught my attention. She was pulling at her bra. It was a bathing suit top, really, a little stringy affair that tied around her neck. She pulled it off, revealing small breast that were sadly covered by a pair of pasties in the shape of stars. I was disappointed for a second, but I smiled. It was having an effect, that was sure.

A couple near me seemed to have triggered the next step. They were dancing close, forehead to forehead, their hands running all over each other's body. His hands were on her back, pushing up her shirt and bra, his hands locked in the fabric. Her breasts appeared, swaying loose from the bra, pale nipples hardening. Her hands clung to his waist, one hand sliding down the front of his pants and stroking his hardening cock through the thin fabric. She started to slowly stroke him, in time with the music. His hands stayed on her back,though one had dropped low enough for his thumb to strum her nipple. They were locked in their kiss, eyes closed, uncaring about the dancers around them.

More and more couples were getting explicit in their affection. One woman, back to her man, draped her arms around his neck and turned her head to kiss him. His hands were roaming all over her stretched belly, pushing her purple boy shorts down until they were barely hanging above the slit of her sex. Her breasts were out for all to see, two small round domes with thick dark nipples, her bra bunched around her neck.

I started to smile, my heart pounding in my chest. I cold feel my cock thicken, though the mild euphoria from the dose I had taken was dulling the sexual edge. It was more sensual, deeper rooted in the body, in the spine. The vibe had turned sexier, that was clear. But only half the dancers had been dosed, at most. I wondered how the others would react. Would I be able to tell? Or would they call the police if a full blown orgy started?

The dancers kept dancing, and the heat continued to rise. Most of the guys started taking off their shirts. More than could be blamed on the drug. The mood was catching, with the chemically enhanced setting the pace. Once a boundary was pushed back, everybody joined in. Now there was naked flesh everywhere, naked torsos, clothes dropping.

I started almost spinning. Everywhere I looked boundaries were being broken. The girl in the white pants had dropped her bra and was dancing topless now, her heavy breasts swaying in time with the music. Around her a few of the guys stared, big smiles on their faces. Many simply danced, eyes closed or too high to to care.

The music became harder, industrial. A thumping beat had everyone throwing their whole bodies in convulsions. The mood turned savage. Several girls started pulling at the hem of their skirts, dancing hip firsts, thrusting at some unseen God calling from down below. Hands clutched around the fabric, they raised the skirts further and further up. Most were wearing fashionable mini-skirts, so soon they were exposing g-strings and boy shorts, flashes of color between thighs slick with sweat. I stared at them hungrily, at the bare asses being revealed. I saw their eyes screwed shut, the nipples clearly poking through the thin fabric of their rave costumes.

The night had barely started.

And then a young asian girl simply stopped dancing and took off all her clothes. She was barely dressed anyway, just some fuzzy neon boots, a pair of black boy shorts and a yellow tube top. She pushed her boy shorts down passed her ankles, kicking off her boots in the process and tossed her top to the side. Completely naked now, she started dancing again in a wild fashion, hips thrusting her shaved sex forward, her small breasts heaving. Her hands were roaming all over her body, sometimes even tugging at a nipple.

I almost panicked. This is what I had come for, but was it too much? Was anyone going to stop the music, stop the dancers? But no one did. The young woman kept dancing naked. No one assaulted her. Several men started to dance closer, obviously turned on by her display. She greeted them all, not allowing a single guy to monopolize her. She shimmied and ground her naked sex against one guy's leg before turning and grinding her ass against another. Her hands never left her breasts as she did this, a cat in heat, hungry for the attention of all the males around her.

More couples got into the mood. Hands everywhere were digging into crotches, pushing bras out of the way, pulling hardened cocks out into the open. Everyone was still dancing though. There was no fucking, just sexier and sexier dancing.

Two girls, a blonde in a short white dress and white feathers in her hair and a brunette in rainbow-colored parachute pants and tube top, started dancing with each other, face to face, their hands like butterflies over each other's bodies. Their eyes were closed and their lips barely touching. They were both dancing slowly, following the pounding bass, letting their hard nipples brush each other through their clothes. The brunette let her hands flutter under the hem of the blonde, lifting up the dress, revealing a tight ass and a small g-string under that dress. Her fingers fluttered across the top of the blonde's hips. The blonde, eyes still shut, opened her mouth and shivered.

The blonde started tugging at the brunette's pants, pulling them over the crest of her hips. A tied string in front kept them from falling further. With trembling fingers the blonde worked at untying the string. Meanwhile the brunette's fingers were brushing back and forth over the panty-clad lips of her sex, causing her to wriggle her ass and bite her lips as she continued to dance. Finally the knot was loose and the pants inched further down. The brunette never tried to stop her, even when the pants swept past her ass, revealing her naked flesh beneath. The pants dropped to the ground, pooling around her ankles in a psychedelic puddle. She was naked from the waist down, her ass round and full, her legs long and strong. Even in the dim light you could see the small patch of brown hair that topped the swollen lips of her sex. The blonde ran her hands across the soft expanse of naked flesh, gripping the ass, gently squeezing it in time with the music. They stayed like this for quite a while, lost in the feelings they were generating, riding a wave of sensual pleasure, their bodies pulsing with the beat.

I moved away from them. there was too much happening around me to stay put and wait to see if they were going to do more.

So much of women's rave fashion is based on sexy underwear, with garter belts and fishnet stockings, frilly bras or string bikinis, that when clothes started dropping people ended up naked very quickly. women were letting their partners undress them, pushing bras and tops out of the way, pulling skirts up above the waist, pulling shorts down to mid-thighs. Other women pulled their clothes off their own bodies, offering themselves.

A brunette, tall and voluptuous, dressed in a rainbow-striped bikini and rainbow fuzzy boots, starting pulling at the ties on the side of her bikini bottoms. A small smile on her lips, she tugged at the knot, almost untying it. She was teasing herself with the nearness of her nudity. Finally she tugged, and the knot loosened, and the front of her bikini fell to the side. She kept her legs closed so her bikini stayed caught between her thighs. But the loosened flap revealed her small bush and shaved lips, her pussy puffy with desire. She looked down and smiled. She rolled her hips, shuffling her feet until the bikini bottoms fell all the way down. She kept her bikini top on and continued dancing, her pussy on full display, her eyes glistening with lust as she dared the men around her to look at her sex. A thin line of grool started to emerge from between the swollen lips of her sex.

A girl had knelt in front of her man and taken his thick cock in her mouth, hungrily pumping away at it, her breasts swinging freely below. In another corner a man had buried his face under the skirt of his girlfriend. Her face told the story of her pleasure. My cock was hard and demanding now. Clusters of people had formed. Some people were leaving, shocked. Others were standing around, gaping. I made my way to a small cluster.

A group of men were standing around watching a couple fuck on the dance floor, her body barely visible under his. I moved on.

The naked asian girl I had seen earlier was taking on her admirers, stroking their cocks as they pushed against her in a tight knot, their hands roaming over her breasts, her ass, her pussy. She pushed against the man behind her who as feverishly trying to slip his cock in her from behind. She moaned but the music drowned the sound. The guy behind her started pumping for good, fucking her sanding up. Her feet were not even touching the ground, held up as she was by the men pressed against her. I moved on.

I found my blonde and brunette still locked in a kiss. the blonde's panties were gone, the brunette's pants as well. They were kissing and fingering each other's pussy as they held each other close. A small cluster of men and women were watching, but distractedly. They themselves were starting to touch and feel each other. I moved closer and let my hand gently cup the brunette's ass. She didn't react, so I let my fingers move lower, between her thighs. I found her slick with her juices. I could feel the brunette's fingers pushing and pulling at the blonde's pussy, knuckle deep in her wetness. I traced the wet distended lips, feeling the motion of the other's hand. I pulled back, letting my fingers brush against her soft puckered asshole. I moved on.

A girl was walking around on her hands and knees, with purple fuzzy boots and purple fuzzy bra and cat's ear on her head giving her a feline look. She was bare below the waist, her ass high. She bared her teeth and snapped at people who tried to touch her, fully in her role of a cat in heat. I circled her, catching her eye. She was pretty, and feral. She raised her hips, showing me her round ass and the open cleft of her bald sex, a wet peach between her thighs. She snarled at me. I circled her, holding her gaze, and knelt in front of her, extending my hand. She demurred and came closer. I scratched her behind the ear. She smiled and came closer.

Before I knew what was happening she pushed me from my kneeling position and I fell on my ass. Her face was immediately in my crotch. I felt her hands fumble for the zipper and in seconds my cock was deep in the warmth of her mouth. She sucked me hungrily. head down in my lap and ass in the air. I reached forward to cup her ass, my fingers brushing against the slick lips of her sex. She was dripping wet. I hunched further forward, pushing her deeper on my cock as I did, slipping two fingers in her pussy. I felt her moan around my cock. I started pumping my fingers in and out, finger fucking her hard. A few people were standing around us now, watching. I didn't care.

She was starting to spasm around my fingers, her slurping mouth tugging harder at my cock. I couldn't hold it anymore and with a final push in her mouth I erupted, filling her mouth. She came, hard, her body shaking. After a few seconds she came up from my lap, her lips smeared with my cum. Looking more like a cat then ever, she licked my cum of her lips, wiping her face with the back of her hand. Her eyes were locked in mine as she did this, smiling. I moved on with trembling legs, pushing my cock back in my pants.

A girl was naked except for her neon fishnet stocking, legs splayed open, her hand moving furiously across her clit. Around her a ring of men were jerking off, aiming their arcing spunk at her body. She was watching their hands and cocks intently, apparently cumming with every spurt from the men. I moved on.

A girl was dancing , fully dressed, eyes closed, oblivious to what was happening around her. I moved on.

I was starting to become overwhelmed by what i had started. But the high was in full force around me. I didn't want to leave too soon in case it turned ugly. I needed to know no one got hurt tonight.

A few people were still dancing around the clumps of people having sex. Some were just watching and dancing, others were just lost in the music and whatever drug they were on. Some were half-dressed, under the influence of my drug, and enjoying the feel of the music as it pulsed against their inhibitions.

I found the woman in the rainbow bikini. She was still dancing, bottom-less. Her hips were gyrating, her legs open, the music driving her to dance. I saw no one watching her. There was more exciting things happening, and in any case unless you looked, she was not obviously naked.

She had tied rainbow ribbons in her hair to match her bikini and boots. She was colorful and voluptuous, her heavy breasts barely contained by her bikini top. She was tall and slightly thick, the build of someone naturally strong. Her naked sex, lips shaved bare but with a tuff of brown hair crowing it, was meaty and swollen. Her hands would brush by her hips, her fingers teasing her sex before floating back up, rubbing her hard nipples, her throat, her face.

I watched her dance, my cock swelling again at the sight of her open lust. She saw me watching out of the corner of her eyes. She continued dancing, but now she aimed her body at me, sometimes turning the better to show me her ass, or squatting low to reveal her sex the better.

Her thighs were slick with her excitement.I moved closer and started dancing with her. Her hands fluttered around my body, her fingertips barely touching me as if the sensation of touch was too intense. I traced my fingers across her thighs. She moved closer. I slipped my fingers up and touched the wet lips of her sex. She held on to my arm as I slowly started running a finger across her pussy, the pad of my finger bumping against her clit with every stroke. She reached for my cock, fumbling with my pants, pulling it out. Her hand was dry and rough compared to the wet softness of her pussy.

I slipped my cock between her thighs, the length of it pressed against her wetness. I felt the lips part and straddle my cock, her juices coating it. The tip of my cock was sticking out from between her thighs. I started to thrust slowly, holding on to her. She held on to me tighter, pushing her clit against my cock as I slid it back and forth. We almost danced, gyrating and thrusting our hips in rhythm. I felt her quiver and shake as an orgasm, then another, washed over her. I was taking my time, less sensitive from the previous blow-job. I continued thrusting between her thighs and she continued to tremble, her head low against my shoulder as her hands dug into my arms. I could feel her juices dripping from my cock to my balls and onto the dance floor.

Finally she pushed me off, staggering back a few feet on unsteady legs. She held her hand out to m, which I took. Without a word she pulled me to the side and shoved me against the wall, my cock bouncing around, semi-hard still.

"I want your cum" she growled.

She knelt and took my cock, still slick with her juices, and slipped it between her lips. She started the second blow job of my night, hungrily sucking and pumping. I didn't know if I was going to cum again so soon. But her hand on my shaft and her mouth on my gland soon did the trick. I grunted a few words of warning but she just started sucking harder. I spasmed and came in her mouth. She swallowed the load hungrily.

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