tagErotic CouplingsBetween the Covers

Between the Covers

bypocket rocket©

Elizabeth lived in the countryside. She picked a small town near where she grew up to settle down as she escaped the rat race of the city and her old life in it. Years of working her way up the ladder proved to be unsatisfying. So she sold her apartment and quit her job and moved herself and her cat back to a place where she could feel herself again. She had always wanted to write and this would be the perfect location for that. Far from the distractions of her old life. Nothing but trees and forest and rolling hills and most importantly the quiet.

After a few weeks she began to feel like the woman she used to know so long ago and took a part time job at the local bookstore. She didn't have to work. Her savings, well invested in a high tower bank in the city would keep her comfortable for years if she were careful with her money. She just wanted the contact again with people. Real people that don't walk into your office with an agenda of their own tucked under one arm. It would be a good chance to meet some of the people in the town and for them to get to know her. Mr. Yocholvsky ran a small tidy bookshop on the corner across for the cafe. Three days a week he would leave to visit his mother and on those days Elizabeth minded the store. It was quiet alright. Not a town of big readers she laughed on her bike ride home one day after spending the entire day alone in the store and not one customer came in. The quiet she seeked was there and gave her plenty of time to work on story ideas.

The Three Palms Cafe was far from any palm trees as a cafe could get but had the name and the three painted palms on the front wall above the aged sign with its cracked white paint peeling and gone from the corners. Inside was a long counter and several tile-topped tables. Behind the counter was Sam. He had been there since the dawn of time and ran the place. Mostly coffee and pie for the lunchtime crowd that would file in as usual at the same usual time. Some miles away a young man walked on the side of the highway in the heat. From a distance his figure was distorted in the waving haze rising from the pavements. He was tall and light haired that was in a tangle from the wind blowing across him. Each step was a struggle in the hot mid-day sun and he spun at the road with thumb out at the sound of an approaching car. He turned and held out his thumb and did so at the same exact moment as a young woman on a bicycle rode past him too close and he accidentally smacked her face and sent her off the bike in a spill.

'Are you alright? I am so sorry...here let me help you up!'

She rose up and brushed her dress off and scrapped her red hair back from her face slowly and panting from the adrenaline excitement of being tossed to the ground suddenly.

'I'm ok.... My fault for not looking where I was going. I can't believe I ran right into you hand.' Elizabeth laughed and held hers out to shake his.

'Elizabeth, friends call me Beth.' she smiled.

He stuttered and told her his name was Jack.

'How far is the next town?' he asked.

'Not far actually. Just around the next corner. Nice little town, great coffee at the Three Palms....' she said as she got on the bike and rode down the road waving back at him.

A rush of heat blew into the air-conditioned cafe as Jack walked in the door. He sat down at the corner booth and Sam called out for what he wanted.

'Oh...water and a coffee. I hear it is, great.' Jack gave a half smile and was happy to be sitting down after a long walk from his broken down out of gas car twelve miles behind the spot her knocked Beth off her bike.

The coffee was good as it always is in such spots. He drank down the water first then sipped at the great coffee and stared out across the street at the small bookstore.

Elizabeth said goodbye to Mr. Yocholvsky and took over things for the afternoon. Quiet as usual. She sat behind the counter reading but looked up from time to time and stared out the window across the street. Something was drawing her to do so but she could not figure out the feelings. Lost in her book again hours past without a jingle of the bells above the door to tell of entering customers. Then a shudder swept over her as she was startled by the unfamiliar sound. She looked up to see the young man she met on the highway.

'Hello again, I see you found us in the end.'She smirked.

'Um, yeah...you run this shop?'

'No.only a couple days a week, part time, you know.' she said.

She got a better look at him now. His hair was neater that earlier and he was suddenly more real than out there on the road. She thought to herself that he was handsome. Jack came forward. Stood up against the counter and was very close to her now. She felt his heat and presence.

'I was wondering, well if you knew of a good place to stay. My car is being towed in and I was told they couldn't go get it until the morning. Something about Jim not being here or something.' he mumbled to her.

Jim was the only one who could drive the tow truck. His younger brother and know doubt the one Jack spoke to was not allowed to drive after that unfortunate episode with the sheep.

'MMMmmmm, yep. I know...remember where you are. Not exactly the big smoke out here but it has its benefits too.

She smiled at him.

'I know all about those benefits, I am looking at one.' he winked.

'Well you seem to be a nice guy even though you knock girls off bicycles for fun. Tell you what. Hang around for another hour and you can come home with me. I have a guest cottage out back. It will do for one night but remember one thing...I sleep with a baseball bat beside the bed!' she looked sternly at him for a moment and laughed.

The walk to Beth's cabin was not that long, only a half-hour and a short walk across a field and through some trees. The main farmhouse was in sight of her cabin and the guest cottage was next to it. It consisted of a small shack with running water and a bed.

'Not the Plaza hotel but it will have to do.' she said as she opened the front door to the guesthouse.

'It will be fine. So let me make you dinner in exchange..Is that a good price for rental of this, um...hut.' he smiled.

They went into the cabin, which by the standards of the other building was a palace. Loft bedroom and a balcony that ran around one third of the cabin. A hammock strung between the posts swung alittle in the early evening breeze. The hot dry weather was near its end and that slight wind was the greetings of a rainstorm on the horizon.

Night fell fast out here and soon it was dark and the candles and lanterns Beth lit around the place gave it a warm inviting feel.

Dinner was nice too and warm. The conversation floated along as she told of her time as a ladder climber and he told of his life in the city as a financial advisor. He was on a sort of vacation against his will as once ever few years they give him and his brain a rest. Burn out is a danger in his profession he went on to say.

'So here I am.... In the middle of no where with no car and no idea where to go next. Two months of this and then I can get back to work.' he grunted.

She sensed he was still stuck in city mode and knew how it felt to be plucked up and out of it. Elizabeth brushed her hair back from her eyes again and smiling reached to pick up the empty salad bowl as he reached for it too. Fingers caressed lightly and stoped for a long moment in absent play. As their fingers began to make love they both knew. She reached further and placed her hand on his arm and he sensed her slight warm touch on his sensitive hairs. Her fingers clasp on his arm and tightly. She looked into his eyes and saw his soul looking back at her and the desire in her to be held and loved over took her. Her hand still on its own seductive journey ran down his arm and her fingers nestled in his open palm and again caressed against his fingers. They both stood at the same time and wordlessly moved towards each other still holding hands, fingers locked and tangled together. Jack pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her neck and felt the soft warmth of her thick red hair against his skin. He kissed her softly. Once on her upper lip then cheek and under her jawline below the ear. Elizabeth felt her breath tighten as he gave her a sucking kiss there and it drove her wild inside. His body rubbing on hers and his hips moving against her own got her arousal up. She felt her nipples tighten under her dress and the hint of moisture below.

'Mmmmm jaaaack...I have never done this before. Make love with some guy I just met...mmmmmm' she moaned.

'Make love...' he sighed.

'Make love to me Jack.... Let me make love to you...mmmmm' she continued in a sigh of her own.

The clouds moved in faster as they were un-noticed by the lovers as a pot that never boils when watched. The hammock swung harder as the wind picked up to announce the arrival of rain. The first shy drops hit the balcony outside followed by more.

Elizabeth let the dress fall to the floor and revealed her nakedness to him. Jack stood silent as he watched her undress completely. His eyes traveled on her slowly as to take in every inch of her in study for the test of lovemaking that was to come soon. Her breasts were round and full and held in the center by the pinkish brown button of her nipple. Her soft red hair draped over her shoulders on her face as he gazed downward over her belly and pierced navel and down to her neat trimmed crop of red curls almost pointing the way to her sex and wet folds now tingling for him inside. Her legs were long and she stepped out of the clothes and towards him. Jack stood still as she ran her hands on his chest and kissed him once on the mouth. He started to touch her hair.

'No...Sweetie, not yet.' She whispered with a finger to her lips as she fingered the buttons of his shirt and delicately flipped each one open. Tugging the hem out of his jeans and finishing the row off. Her hands felt amazing to him he thought. Warm and cool at the same time as they stroked open the folds of his shirt and she kissed his chest lightly. She pulled the shirt off and tossed it on the chair. Her fingers started on his belt and button and zipper as she knelt down on the floor before him and tugged the jeans down to his ankles. His cock begging release from captivity as she slide her fingers up under the elastic and dragged them down and letting his cock free to grow harder still. She brushed her long hair over it and heard his reaction in a long low moaning sigh of pleasure. Her pussy ached for him as she stroked her fingertips on his shaft. She began to kiss him there and took his tip slightly into her lips and sucked and licked at it making him crazy for more. She licked her fingertip and ran it up and under his balls to explore his hole. As she thought of how good it must feel to have her little finger moving in and out there she took him into her mouth totally. He gasped at the sudden surrounding heat of her soft velvet tongue. She wiggled he finger in and out and sucked down his shaft and to the tip where she played alittle stroking it with wetted fingers. Elizabeth pressed her palm up against his balls and sucked down on him again. His cock began to throb in her mouth and she knew he was close to climax.

'Mmmmm jack sweetie.... Do you like the taste of pussy...will you go down on me' she said amazed that she was asking it of him.

Jack helped her up and they moved to her bedroom. She sat down on the edge and lifted on foot up on the bedcovers and fingered herself lightly for him to see. He moved to the spot between her legs and kissed her thighs and moved in on her. Sucking hard on her taste and smell that aroused him to take her with his tongue. Beth fell back on the bed in a long crying sigh as he licked deeply up into her wet lips and held her open for more with his fingers and slipping on into her and running in and out on the roof of her pussy.

'Ooooww jaaack that feels so goood. It’s been so long for me.... Mmmm’ Beth panted and moaned as he continued as though he never heard her speaking. He moved a second finger into the tight folds of her lips and into her hole and listening to the gasp as he did so. He turned them and moved slowly in and out at the same time he sucked hard on her swollen clit and she cried out in delight and pleasure. She loved feeling like this, free and very sexually charged up. Letting him take her. He and anyone else that walked in the room. When she felt this way she was careless and loved it. As she felt him on her wild fantasies played out on her mind of letting her full sensual self out and even to allow herself to be a little bit slutty. She loved sex and the way it made her feel all over. It had been far too long in between long wonderful sessions like this. This reminded her that her own hand though clever and skilled was not nearly enough.

Elizabeth felt herself begin to cum. The tension built up in her face and she released it all in one long low throaty moan and a short squealing as the last few waves tickled through her.

He looked up at her body laying on the bed, open and waiting and willing. Breathing heavily from the experience of orgasm Beth looked down her body and at his face. She suddenly felt a wash of submissivness fall over her. Her expression changed to one of calm as he sensed this change he stood and she nodded silently. Jack pressed the tip of his cock to her lips and in one long firm move entered her completely making Beth squirm on the bed and groan at the feel of fullness inside her. Her hips rose to meet his movements and he fucked her ass watched her on the bed taking him and every thrust with a panting cry. His moves were clean and smooth in her wetness and she loved the tingle of him and the deep pressure of his thrusts. She stroked her nipples as he watched and moved harder in her making her pant and breath heavier until he tensed up and in a few more thrusts exploded into her and she felt him cum and moaned out loud.

He climbed up on the bed with her and they shared passionate kissing for a long time as hands and feet played on each other’s bodies. The rain on the roof was soft and relaxing and hard too. They cuddled under the covers for some time and she offered herself to him again.

She got up and tossed the covers away as she padded out in bare feet with her red hair flowing. Jack got up and followed her out. She was now on the balcony and soaking wet. The red hair now dark black against her skin and slick with rain. She twirled around, as the rain felt so amazingly refreshing on her body. Jack stood at the door laughing at her and calling to her to come inside. She raced over to the door and grabbed his arm and tugged him out into the downpour.

'Come on.... Let’s make love out here in the rain. I have always wanted to do this!' she shouted against the sound of the rainfall.

She led him to the hammock and said to him that she would like to be on top. He got on and she straddled a leg over him and sat on his knees and caressed his cock to life. She moved onto him and let his fullness move up into her sex slower this time.

Her little soft moaning as she moved on him and then lay on him dangling her feet over the sides of the hammock and the swaying as it moved with her. She moved so she could better rub her clit on his shaft and lay with her hands clasped on the sides of the swinging hammock and her face inches from his as she rose up and held him at the brink before falling on his cock again and letting out a girlish sigh. His hands smoothed over her wet skin and on her sides and massaged her nipples into his palms and she moved faster on him and gave a long crying sound as she came just as the ties of the hammock gave way and they both fell the deck in a laughing heap of pleasures.

'Mmmmm jack let me suck you now. I came too fast it was so awesome out here!' she smiled and lay in the rain and kissed him and took his shaft into her mouth. She enjoyed him for a moment and looked up and said,

'Jack...will you, would you like to cum on my um...face. I like it alittle bit.' she smirked and sat up on her calves and swept the wet hair away from her cheeks.

He stood and she again took him to her lips and was more aware of his body and when to let go. Elizabeth liked this more than a little bit. She sucked on him gently and loved his head on her tongue and lapped along the length of his shaft underneath and kissing his balls and moving back up to his tip sucking on it alone. He moaned and tensed up and she knew it was time and his cock jerked in her fingers and she let go as he took it and let his cum spill on her rainsoaked face. Her mouth open and the stream of cum moving to her lower lip from her cheek as she stuck the tip of her tongue out to catch alittle bit.

'Hmmmmm come inside lets get dried off and get some sleep okay.' Elizabeth said as she got up and wiped the cream on her hand. Holding him and kissing in the rain for a moment then going back inside.

As they lay warm and dry between the covers of her bed he asked if she had ever been in a threesome before.

'um...no. Why?' she asked softly almost knowing the answer already.

'Well Beth, I thought we could stay in touch and see. I will give you my e-mail address and if you want you can talk with my girlfriend and me. We have talked about it. She wants to have one for a birthday present. And you thought it was my idea huh. She wants it to be with another woman and me and I think she would like you alot Beth. Will you think about it?' he said and kissed her cheek.

'I've never been with another girl Jack! I don't know if I could do it.'

"Just think about it...that's all. Maybe talk to Jill by e-mail. Tell her about tonight if you want too.'

'Jill! Jack and....Jill...' Beth began to laugh hysterically.

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