tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBig Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 03-05

Big Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 03-05


The four nerds have been playing an online game for 97 hours. Howard sat up straight and declared; "Here we are gentlemen, the Gates of Elzebub. Stay frosty, there's a horde of armed goblins on that gate guarding the Sword of Azeroth."

The other three began talking trash as they attack and suddenly Sheldon captured the Sword of Azeroth and rather than stay and fight with the other three, he teleports and immediately hops of eBay and put the sword up for sale.

They all scream at him and Raj blurts out; "Someone is buying it!"

Howard stood up and yells out; "I am the Sword master, I own the Sword of Azeroth."

Leonard, Sheldon and Raj quit the game and all of a sudden from outside, in the hall they hear Penny laughing and giggling. Leonard says; "Excuse me." He starts walking towards the door.

Sheldon clears this throat; "Don't forget the mail you took so you'd have an excuse to talk to her."

Leonard turns and hops over to his desk; "Oh right, right, right."

Howard mumbled out; "Stealing snail mail, very old school... I like it."

Leonard opens the door and is looking down at her mail and says; "Penny, the mailman did it again. He... Oh sorry." He stops and looking up he sees Penny kissing a guy. She looks incredible in a very short, red mini skirt and an extremely tight white pullover blouse with a multi colored design, it has tiny spaghetti straps, her heavy breasts threaten to burst free.

Penny pulls back from her date and turns to Leonard; "Um, no, hi Leonard, this is Doug. Doug this is my neighbor, Leonard."

Doug looks like a real air head, right down Penny's alley. He's rather good looking, but nothing upstairs, he stares at Leonard; "What's up, bro?"

Leonard stands there looking awkward; "Nothing much, brooooo."

Penny seems a little nervous; "Is everything okay?"

"Leonard is distraught and looks down again; "Yeah, no. I just... I got your mail again, here!" He reached out and hands her the mail.

She takes it; "Oh thank you, I've got to talk to that mailman."

Leonard steps back; "Oh no, that's probably not such a good idea. Civil servants have a documented propensity to, you know, snap, so... "

"Okay, well thank you again."

"No problem, bye." He turned and as he reached the door he turned back; "Oh and bye brooooo, heh!" He went into the apartment and was totally bummed out. He flops down on the sofa and Sheldon chuckles; "A Penny for your thoughts."

"Very funny Sheldon, Penny's fine, the guy she's kissing is fine."

Sheldon scoffs; "Don't tell me that your hopeless infatuation is devolving into pointless jealousy."

"Look, I'm not jealous. I'm just a little concerned for her. I didn't like the look of the guy she was with."

Sarcastically Howard mumbles; "Why because he looks better than you?"

"Yeah, he was kind of dreamy. I'm done with Penny. I'm gonna be more realistic and go after someone my own speed. I'm thinking Olivia Geiger."

Sheldon shakes his head; "The dietician at the cafeteria with the limp and the lazy eye, I don't think you have a shot there. I have noticed that Leslie Winkle recently started shaving her legs. Now given that winter is coming, one can assume she's signaling sexual availability.

Howard sits back; "I don't know, you guys work in the same lab. There are pitfalls, trust me, I know. When it comes to sexual-harassment law, I'm a bit of a self-taught expert."

"Look Howard, if I were to ask Leslie Winkle out, it would just be for dinner. I'm not gonna walk into the lab ask her to strip naked and dance for me."

"Oh, then you're probably okay."

While all of this was going on, over in Penny's apartment she had Doug on the couch. She was bound and determined to forget her old boyfriend Kirk. She poured two glasses of wine and took them to the sofa. She handed a glass to Doug and stood before him; she downed her glass and watched as he sipped his. She was inpatient and wanted to get fucked, fucked hard and fast. After she got the edge off, then she could take it slow. She wanted an all-nighter; she hoped he was up for it. Penny reached down and took his glass from him. She held it out and slowly lowered her body down and sat down on his lap; "Here's your drink back. I was wondering if you'd rather drink your wine or fuck me?"

He was taking a sip when he heard her say that. He shot half of the drink all over himself and started coughing. He handed her the glass and tried to regain a little bit of composure. She put the glass on the coffee table and turning further, kicked off her heels and straddled his body. She scooted up even more and her tiny skirt rode up even higher. Penny's tiny thong did little to cover her puffy cunt as she began rocking back and forth. She smiled down at him when she felt his stiff cock beginning to sprout and rise up to rub back against her wanting pussy.

Doug wrapped his arms around her and pulled her upper body down upon his. His hands were sliding up and down her back and he let out a moan when he discovered she was braless. He dove in and began nuzzling her neck; his hands were in constant motion. They moved from her back, to her ass, beneath her tiny skirt. He squeezed her luscious, bare ass cheeks and finding the seam of her thong; he snuck his fingers beneath it and was rewarded with a pussy that was already wet and ready for deeper exploration. He moved one hand back up her back and up into her silky, shiny light blonde hair. Combing his fingers through it, he crushed it in his fist and pulled her mouth down to meet his.

Their lips met in an open-mouthed kiss. Their tongue darted back and forth and Penny let out a groan deep into his mouth as he slipped two fingers deep within her pussy; he felt it clutching at his fingers.

He let go of her hair and found the strap on her shoulder. He roughly pulled it down and one of her large, full tits popped out. It wasn't uncovered for long. He broke their kiss and clamped his lips upon the lush mound of flesh. He worked over her turgid tip. His tongue flicked out and worried the crown and sent shivers throughout her body.

Penny had enough of this foreplay, she loved it, but needed a stiff cock plowing in and out of her cunt and she needed it now. She reluctantly drew his face from her tit. It was covered in his saliva and as he tried to reconnect with it, she slipped off his lap and stood up. She was a sight to see. Her tiny skirt was up around her waist her thong was pulled off to one side giving his a birds-eye-view of her glistening pussy. Her one blouse strap was pulled down and her lush tit was exposed and gleaming in the light of the living room. Her dark green eyes were lidded in lust and her full red lips were swollen from the intense kissing they just experienced. She reached down and grabbing him by the hand, pulled him to his feet; "Come on stud, take me into my bedroom and fuck me. I need it hard and fast. We can worry about all of the other shit later, right now I need to cum and cum hard, you got that?"

He nodded and hurried after her as she nearly ran into the bedroom. Once in there, he was whipped around and found himself flat on his back.

Penny straddled his legs and went to work on his pants. Getting them open, she stood on the floor and pulled off his shoes and socks. Grabbing hold of his pant legs, she tugged at them and he helped by lifting his ass. His boxers come off along with his pants. She stood over him looking at his stiff cock. She smiled to herself, she was happy he wasn't extremely large, as a matter of fact, he was on the smaller size, about five inches from what she could see. He did have a rather muscular body and she licked her lips when he reached down and pulled his shirt up over his head, without even unbuttoning it.

Penny, just like Doug, crossed her arms and in one swift motion, removed her blouse, leaving her upper portion of her body completely bare. She smiled when his eyes darted from her tits, to her face, back to her tits and down to her hips. She was quickly sliding her skirt down and off her slender legs. She nearly tore her thong off. Now naked, she licked her lips and bit down on her lower lip. She knew what she wanted, to get fucked, but first she wanted to suck his cock, just to get it nice and wet so she could easily ride him into the mattress. She thought back to Sheldon's cock, she was disappointed she hadn't taken him all the way down, Doug's wasn't going to be a problem and she planned on practicing on it, but not till later. She leaned over and gripped his cock in one fist. She stroked it up and down several times and followed it up with her mouth. She enveloped the head and slowly lowered her head. Inch by inch, she swallowed his entire length. Her tongue got into the action and whipped around the shaft and she smiled to herself when she felt his thrusting his hips upward. She had it all in, but it still wasn't enough for him. She rose up slightly and gazed up into his eyes. She saw the longing there and he wasn't going to have to wait long.

She slowly allowed the entire length to slip from her lips. She hovered over it and opening her mouth, she allowed a long stream of saliva to dribble out and cover his shaft. She followed it up with her lips, recapturing his cock and took him in all the way, recovering the saliva she had just deposited there. She was done for now, she needed cock in her and not in her mouth. Slipping her swollen red lips off his cock. She straddled him and reaching back, wrapped her thick fingers around his slippery cock. She nudged the head between her full slimy cuntlips. She lowered her body and as soon as the head popped in, she slammed her body down, taking his entire length into her overheated cunt.

Doug threw his head back; he had never experienced such an incredible act before. He was there for the ride and he loved every second of it. He watched as she rode him. Her entire body was in motion. Her head whipped around, sending her gorgeous hair flying all about. Her large heavy breasts bounced and juggled as she pounded her body up and down on his. Her mouth was wide open as she tried to suck in as much oxygen as she could. Her legs were scissoring from side to side, up and down as she greedily gobbled up his length into her hot cunt. She slowed her riding as she got closer and closer to her first orgasm. She just sat upon his thighs, she thrust her hips forwards and backwards, grinding her cunt and making as much contact with his cock and her stiff clit. She placed her hands on his chest and clawing at his flesh. She let out a high-pitched scream and started to cum. She shook and quivered as every muscle in her lithe body stiffened and released. She did this several times, panting wildly as she slowly calmed down from the orgasm she so badly needed and finally got. She laid there, her heavy tits crushed against Doug's sweat covered chest. After several long minutes, she rose up and ran her fingers through his hair and smiled; "Thanks Doug, I really needed that. I know you haven't cum yet, but I promise, you will, over and over and over again!"

He grinned up at her; "I don't know what you're thanking me for Penny, I was just here for the ride. You are one wild woman aren't you? I hope I can keep up with you, I know one thing, I'm sure as hell going to try!"

"Mmmm I love the sound of that. Just to let you know, I'm trying to get over my old boyfriend. Doug for some reason, while we're fucking, if I call out his name, please don't take it personally. We were together for four years and I really want to forget him."

He kissed her on the tip of her nose, no problem Polly, I understand." He started laughing and he knew she caught on.

"Very funny Bruce, oh I mean Doug! Damn I have to stop calling out his name, even though it isn't even Bruce. Just so you know, it's Penny, not Polly." She started giggling and jumped out of bed. I'm going to freshen up, be raring to go when I return."

"Hell Penny, I never lost my hard-on, hard to do when I get to stare at someone as sexy and hot as you are."

She was in the bathroom for over ten minutes and when she came out, her hair was freshly brushed and it swayed about her naked shoulders. She stopped and stared at his hard-on, like she thought before, it wasn't huge, but would do the trick, especially if she was going to go at it with him for the entire week-end.

She slid onto the bed like a tiger stalking its prey. She shoved his legs apart and flopping down on her belly; she began planting tiny little wet kisses and nips along his knees and strong thighs. She made sure her soft, silky hair swished back and forth across them as she went along. She dipped a little lower and let out a moan as she stuck out her tongue and flicked it back and forth across his crinkled nut sack. She gently flicked and rolled his balls back and forth and once they were covered in saliva, she took first one and then the second into her wet oral cavity. She flicked her tongue around and around and she heard a rush of air being sucked into his lungs. She let them pop out and she grinned up at him; "Mmmm I see someone likes that huh? Let me see if I can get any other reactions out of you." She scooted a little higher and flicked out at the root of his cock. Her fingers wedged her way in-between his tight ass cheeks and finding his puckered hole, she pulled her finger out, slipped it into her mouth and withdrew it covered in her saliva. She found that hole again and as she ran her lips up and down the underside of his cock, she slid her finger into his asshole, past the first knuckle and held it there without moving it. Her lips ran up his cock to the swollen red mushroomed head. She flicked out her tongue and danced around and around the underside of the crown and it made him groan and arch his hips.

When Doug did this, Penny shoved her finger in his ass even deeper and it made his cock extremely hard and he let out a long hiss. He fell back to the bed and closing his eyes, he placed the back of one hand over his eyes and just took in the exquisite feeling Penny was bestowing on his cock and asshole.

Over the next fifteen minutes, Penny made oral love to his cock and balls. Whenever he was on the verge of cumming, she would squeeze the base of his cock or roughly handle his nut sack and the urge to cum would subside.

Doug was panting wildly as he raced again and again to the edge of the cliff, but every time she would pull him back. Unable to bare it any longer, he grabbed her under her arms and drew her up and rolling over, he had her pinned to the mattress. He had caught her off guard and after what she put him through, he was about to pay her back. Doug gathered up her shapely legs and pushing them upward, he scooted forward. He rested her calves on his shoulders and holding her ankles on either side of his head with one large hand, he gripped his cock that was saturated with her saliva, with the other hand. He found her extremely wet pussy and pushing forward, he watched in amazement as those large fat lips parted and clung to this shaft as he fed it deeper and deeper into her hot, wet cavern. He now held her feet with both hands; he parted them more and now began to pick up the pace. He loved to watch as his cock reappeared completely covered in clumps of her juices. It was hot and sticky and it made him even harder.

Penny was close to cumming and as he fucked her harder and faster, her moans and groans increased. She, once again turned her lovely hair into a tousled mess as she rolled her head from side to side and it covered her entire face, neck and the tops of her straining tits. "Please, please Doug, cum with me! Oh fuck me harder, I'm so fucking close. Mmmm yes, yes just like that, deeper oh my god, I'm cumming!" She struggled to free her legs and when she felt Doug's cock swell, she knew he was cumming. Freeing her legs, she wrapped them tightly about his waist and created a scissors and pulled him tight to her body.

Doug fell against her, catching first one and then the other fat, swollen nipple and sucked on it so hard, it made her groan in pain and pleasure.

Completely exhausted, he rolled off of her after a few minutes. He gathered her up in his arms and they dozed off briefly.

They fucked two more times before falling into a deep sleep. Once during the night, with her cunt completely full of his cum, she came once again as Doug ate her to orgasm. She reciprocated, taking his hot load down her throat.

The following morning Leonard walked into Leslie Winkle's lab and proposed a night out, but in a round-about way.

Leslie stops and looks at him; "Wait are you asking me out?"

"Yeah I guess I am."

"Why don't we skip off of the dating rituals and go right for the kiss to see if there is any attraction."

"Fine, should I count from three?"

"No, I think it should be spontaneous."

He kisses her and then pulls back; "Well what do you think?"

"Sorry Leonard, no arousal."

He stands up; "Thank you for your time." He walks out and stops at the door; "None at all?"

She shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head no.

Back at Penny's that same morning; she came out of the shower and saw Doug in the kitchen. He was naked making a hot breakfast for the two of them. He turned and saw Penny wrapped in a large over-sized towel, his cock once again got as stiff as a board. She lets out a growl stepped up to him. He turned to attend to the sausage and eggs. She wrapped her arms around him and reaching down began stroking his rock-hard cock.

Overcome with the urge to fuck again, she slipped to the floor and wiggling her way in-between his legs. She craned her neck and captured his cock with her lips. She wiggled her lips like a fish on a hook. She soon had his cock nudging the back of her throat. She had managed to swallow him whole while he continued to fry the eggs.

Doug twisted as she opened her mouth to slide him back in and he escaped her by stepping over her and reaching for two plates, slid the eggs out of the pan and onto the plate. He let out a growl; "My god Penny, I love what you're doing, but I need some nourishment if we're going to continue this throughout the day. Here get your ass up and eat and while we're eating, we can see who can make who the hottest."

She giggled; "Oh I do love a challenge Doug!" She scarfed down the food and even finished the juice and coffee that he made. She was done first which allowed her to start her teasing sooner. By the time Doug was finished eating, he was so turned on, he pulled her to her feet, tore off her towel, dropped her luscious ass on the edge of the counter and drove his cock home. He was buried to the hilt and Penny had her legs wrapped around him, the heels of her feet were kicking at his tight ass. Within minutes, both of them were cumming and still pumping cum into her cunt, he lifted her and carried her to the bedroom.

They sucked and fucked throughout the day and into the evening. They stopped to order pizza and when the delivery guy came to the door, Penny peaked her head out, half naked with Doug's cock buried deep in her ass. The pizza got cold as they continued to fuck until he unloaded his load in her tight ass. She came several times during that bout.

Afterwards they sat naked in the middle of the bed, eating reheated pizza and drinking cheap wine from a box.

Doug left the following morning, exhausted with bite marks on his heinie; Penny kicked him to the curb.

Leonard is depressed after what happened in the hall with Penny and her date. He had sworn her off and buried himself in starting a hobby, he decided on getting a cat. He purchased all kinds of cat paraphernalia and when Sheldon saw all this he tried to persuade him to channel his energy into something else. When he saw all Leonard had purchased he let out a groan; "Oh I hope that scratching post is for you. Do you think you can satisfy your need for a relationship with a genetically-altered cat?"

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