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Big Bang Theory Season 02 Ep. 08-10


Author's note: The series resets with this episode. Remember that as this story progresses, many times they resume the storyline as if never having sex before with each other. So is the case in this episode.

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


Raj, Leonard and Sheldon were arguing about what space show to watch, Saturn 3, Deep Space 9 or Babylon 5. Howard walked in looking like a pirate with a patch across one eye. He wanted to look distinct and memorable, but he only looked foolish. He also told them to use negative complements to throw a good looking woman off their game.

Penny came in, "Howard your scooter's blocking my car." He turns around and faces her, "Oh Howard, did you get pink eye again?"

He turns to the guys, ""Step one: she notices the eye patch." He turns back to Penny, "May I say Penny, not a lot of women could look as hot as you do with such greasy hair."

She reaches out and grabbing his eye patch, she pulls it and lets it snap back against his face. "Yeah, just move your stupid scooter before I pick it up and throw in in the dumpster." She turned and left.

Howard turns back to the guys, "Ow!" He leaves and goes to the bar to try and pick up a woman.

Later the guys are watching TV and the phone rings, Leonard answers it and its Howard, he had an emergency and asks the three of them to come to his lab and help out. They hurry there and as they reach the lab, Howard comes out, "Oh thank God you're here."

Leonard steps up, "What's the emergency?"

"I got the Mars rover stuck in a ditch."

Sheldon asks a stupid question, "Where?"

Sarcastically Howard replies, "In a dusty highway just outside of Bakersfield. Where do you think? On Mars!"

Just then a gorgeous redhead with a very, very short black dress pops out of the lab, "Howard, is everything okay?"

"Yeah baby, I'll be right in." She turns and closes the door.

Sheldon is pissed, "You brought a girl to the Mars-rover control room?"

"Yeah I picked her up in the bar. She's a doctor. One free barium enema and my mother won't care she's not Jewish."

Leonard chimes in, "Wait a minute, so the eye patch and the insults worked?"

Howard shook his head, "No, there were three other guys with eye patches, it was a fiasco. What did work was, "How'd you like to visit a secret government facility?"

Sheldon crosses his arms, "So what exactly do you want us to do?"

"You help me get the rover out, and you Leonard, get Stephanie out before someone notices. She doesn't exactly have clearance."

Just then Stephanie came out again, "Hey Howard, it's getting late so do I get to drive this thing or what?"

"Yeah, no I'm sorry, but something's come up. So my friend Leonard is gonna take you home."

She looks him up and down, "Oh, okay, let's go, friend Leonard."

As they walk away Leonard checks her out, her huge tits are begging to pop free from the low cut dress. Her legs are encased in black stockings and she's wearing fuck me boots to top it all off. As they walk away she asks Leonard, "Are you a scientist like Howard?"

Leonard scoffs, "No one's a scientist like Howard." He ends up in front of her apartment building and Stephanie is all over Leonard, her tongue is down his throat and her hands are setting fires off along his torso. She breaks the kiss, "I'm sorry, I totally interrupted you. What were you saying?" She immediately goes back to kissing him.

He blurts out; "Just said Howard's a terrific guy."

She chuckles, "Yeah!" and starts kissing him again.

Through their kissing he says, "He's got a great sense of humor. He loves his mother a lot. Some people say too much."

Through the kissing she says, "I really like that you're such a loyal friend." She resumes kissing him even more passionately now.

"He kisses her some more, "Yeah, I am loyal. You know, if you look at the big picture." They continue making out as Stephanie nibbles at his earlobe and down his neck. Leonard is getting an extremely stiff cock. He pulls away, "Just, uh, out of curiosity, did Howard ever have a shot with you?"

She had a sick look on her face, "Are you insane? The guy was wearing an eye patch."

He smiled at the answer, "So then why did you--?"

"He said I could drive a car... on Mars."

He nodded, "Got it!" They immediately went back to making out like two high school teenagers. "He barely lifted his lips from hers, "So can I see you again?"

She pulled back a few inches her hands were still cupping his face and she said very seductively, "You're not done seeing me now!" She stuck her tongue down his throat, "Just wait to see what else I can do with these lips and this tongue." Stephanie attacked his neck again.

Leonard let out a grunt, "Um--Cool!" He threw his head back as she peppered his face with kisses while her hand unzipped him. His fingers tangled in her curly dark auburn red hair as he felt her mouth close down around his cock.

Stephanie was a surgeon, but what she did with those lips and tongue was a surgical masterpiece. She swallowed him whole and as her tongue flicked at his balls, while her throat was full of cock, it was just too much for Leonard to take.

He pulled at her head and she allowed his cock to slip partway out, but she kept it in her mouth. He groaned out, "I usually last a lot, lot longer Stephanie, but you are so fucking good at doing that, I'm about to cum!"

She smiled around his cock and sucked so hard, his large head atop his shoulders nearly collapsed. She waited as she felt his cock jerk and she began swallowing as her mouth was filled with his pearly white cum. She didn't miss a drop and as he began to soften, she allowed it to slip from her mouth. She gave it one last kiss and lapped at the oozing head. She stuffed his cock back into his pants, "Okay, now we're done. As for seeing me again, I certainly hope so. I'd love for you to reciprocate in the oral stimulation aspect of this relationship."

He opened the door, his knees were weak, but he managed to open her door and guide her to her door. He gave her one last kiss, "I'll see you tomorrow."

She giggled, "Maybe a lot more of me!" She kissed him back and was gone before he could respond.

The next evening, the group was together and he wanted to sneak out without letting Howard know where he was going. He made the mistake of telling Sheldon he was going out. He had a hard-on most of the day, just thinking about what Stephanie had planned for him next.

He changed and as the others were watching TV he hurried to the door, "I'm going out for a while."

A couple of them replied, "Okay", as they continued watching TV.

Leonard made it to Stephanie's apartment; they were just finishing eating a meal she prepared. They finished off half a bottle of wine and Leonard was checking her out. She was wearing a clinging bright blue dress. Her milky white tits were playing peek-a-boo with the neckline. Her thick legs were covered in a pair of opaque black stocking. Putting down his drink he asked, "So how was work today?"

She replied, "Busy, I removed an appendix, a gall bladder and about a foot and a half of bowel."

He smiled at her, "I'm hoping that was three different guys."

She was serious, "No, just the one, he didn't make it." She put down her wine glass and looked at him, "So how was your day?"

He put his glass down, "Mmmm you know, I'm a physicist, so I thought about stuff."

"That's it?"

"I wrote some of it down."

"Are you done eating?"

He put his napkin down, "Yeah, I guess so."

"Oh, good!" She attacked him covering his body with her own and giving him a tonsillectomy with her tongue. They fell back again the back of the sofa and when Leonard came up for air he blurted out, "If I knew you were waiting, I would have swallowed that lasagna whole."

They went back to kissing as her hand traveled down to his pants once again, "Oh you'll see me swallow something whole tonight, just like In the car, but a lot lower and a lot longer this time." She went back to kissing him and then the phone rang, she allowed the answering machine to pick it up, it was Howard. "You've reached Dr. Stephanie Barnett, leave a message!" It beeped and Howard came on over the machine, "Hey, Steph, it's me again, Howard. Listen, if you're free Friday, maybe we could have something to eat at my place. My mom cooks a hell of a brisket. Let me know, it's Howard."

They stopped making out for a second and Leonard smirked, "I've had her brisket. Melts in your mouth."

She replied, "Mm-hm", and they went back to kissing like two teenagers alone babysitting.

Leonard finally managed to get Stephanie on her back on the sofa, he was between her outstretched legs and she pulled her head back as she tugged at his sports coat, "Mmmm maybe we should think about going to the bedroom."

He looked into her hazel eyes, "That's a good idea, because there's a bed there, and I'm very, very, very pro-bed." As they try and get off the sofa, Leonard pulls off his shoes while Stephanie slipped his jacket off.

The phone rings again and Stephanie ignores it again, "You've reached Dr. Stephanie Barnett, leave a message...BEEP! Hey, it's me again. Just wanna let you know the head count for dinner Friday has gone up." Leonard tears her sweater off as Howard continues on the machine, "My Aunt Betty and Uncle Elliot are coming in from Palm Springs. Oh, and if anybody should ask, you're half Jewish on your mother's side. Okay, call me, it's Howard!"

Stephanie is tearing at Leonard's shirt and he tries to slide her clinging dress upward. He stops and looks down at her, "Don't you think you should tell him you're not interested?"

Her lips never leave his as she slips his shirt off and her hands go under his t-shirt, "You want me to stop and call him back right now?"

His tongue in halfway down her throat and he blurts out, "Dear God, no!"

They were still locked together as they got off the sofa. Leonard reached down and caught the bottom of her clinging, soft dress. He drew it upward and it caught briefly at her huge tits. He tugged one more time and Stephanie's arms rose and he drew it off her. He dropped it immediately and attacked her back and shoulders. He slipped the straps of her black slip from her shoulders; he drew it down over her straining tits and down to her rounded belly. He tried to kneel, but Stephanie wouldn't allow it.

She had her fists around his belt and opening it, she drew the belt away. Like a surgeon, she swiftly popped open his pants, lowered his zipper and dropped his pants.

Leonard, now free of his pants, knelt before her and planted several kisses on her rounded belly. He continued tugging at her slip and it slid from her body. He tossed it aside and looked up at her womanly curves and he let out a groan.

Stephanie shyly covered her belly and huge tits, still encased in a matching black lacy bra. She let out a gasp, which immediately turned to a groan when she felt her opaque pantyhose being pulled down. She let out a squeal when he tossed aside her pantyhose and felt his hot breath on her completely bare pussy. Before Leonard could begin feasting in her hairless pussy, she pulled him to his feet and tugged at his arm, leading him into the bedroom, leaving a huge trail of clothes behind them. She giggled, "My roommate will have a fit if she comes home and sees all of our clothes all over the floor."

He turned and went to the door, "Do you think we should gather them up and bring them in here?"

She smiled at him, "You're kidding right, I'm standing here in my bra and nothing else and you want to go tidy up?"

He shrugged and smiled back at her, "I'm going to answer...noooooo?"

She chuckled as she slipped onto the bed. She must have been anticipating this; the comforter was pulled back and upon the bed was black, satin sheets. When she slid up onto the sheets, she nearly slipped off the other side. She giggled and caught herself. Her outstretched arms waited for Leonard and he quickly joined her. She wrapped her arms around him and loved how his body molded to her huge tits, still hidden behind her black lace bra. She let out a groan when she felt his already stiff cock poking her soft, rounded belly, even though he still had his boxers on. She pulled back and whispered out, "Lay back Leonard, I want to do some exploring, that is if you don't mind?"

He took off his glasses and tossed them to the nightstand and flopped back on the satin sheets. He looked up at her and his smile broke out into a huge grin. He watched her reach back and popped open the clasps on her bra. Her huge tits sprung forward, leaping from their confinement. He locked eyes with her and he groaned as she dropped the bra and he caught sight of her huge, heavy breasts. They sagged slightly, but with all of that weight and their sure size, it was a given that they would.

Stephanie reached out and grabbed hold of his boxers and tugging them down, she giggled and laughed when his cock sprung free and swayed at full mast from side to side. "Mmmm, it looks even better in the light. I knew it was large and fat, but seeing it out on the light of the room, it's a little intimidating. I'm going to love have you fuck me with it later. For now... she giggled, play time!"

Play she did, Leonard knew she was skilled at doing this. Stephanie started at his feet, as she flicked her tongue out and played with each toe, her hands were sliding up and down his calf, up to his knee. She would rake her nails over his skin and when she reached his foot, she caressed his instep and arch. She had him squirming seconds after beginning. She moved to the other foot and did the same. Dropping his foot, she scooted between his legs. Her huge, fat nippled tits raked across his hair covered calves as she dipped her head. She played with his knees and lower thighs, her dark red, auburn curls, danced across his electrified thighs. Stephanie worked wonders with her lips, teeth and tongue. She nipped at the flesh of his inner thighs, her tongue darting out and led the way to his genitals. Her hot breath on his swollen nuts made him groan out and Stephanie loved the effect she was having on him.

As she moved higher, she grabbed hold of his stiff shaft and stroking it several times, she abandoned it as she moved higher. Her large tits enveloped his cock and she briefly squeezed them together and rose and fell several times, producing an even louder grunt from his lips. Her mouth was already moving higher; she tickled his belly button and tugged at the hairs surrounding his man nipples. She sucked on them feverously and her tongue flicked out and teased them even more so.

Leonard had never been teased and loved, physically like this before and he tried to keep his hands still. He reached down and teased, rolled and tugged at those bright pink, huge aeroules. In the middle were two of the most tantalizing nipples he had ever seen. They were very fat, as fat as his pinkies and over an inch in length. His mouth was watering, dying to taste and suck on them. He was just biding his time, he was known as the king of foreplay and was itching to show off to Stephanie.

Stephanie was now up around his shoulders, his collarbone and neck. She spread her lush, womanly body atop his and her curved meshed with his body perfectly. She could feel his thick cock, sliding along the slick lips of her pussy. She was tempted to grab it and shove it in, but she wanted more teasing first.

Leonard now had his fists clutching at her sexy dark red hair. He urged her mouth from his neck and ear to his mouth. When their lips met, he took control and fenced with hers and stabbing at her tongue, he forced hers back and he was flicking away at her oral cavity. The two of them were moaning and groaning uncontrollably, their kisses grew hotter and more passionately as their lips were bruised against one another.

Stephanie was gasping for air, not getting enough through her nose, she finally ripped her mouth from his and rolling off of him, she flopped down on her back, gasping for air.

Leonard took advantage of her position and he rolled over and flattened her body with his own. He rose up on his elbows and hovered over her. He leaned forward and planted a soft peck on her nose, then her forehead, cheeks and when he reached her lips, he kissed her harder and they exchanged tongue in each other's mouths. He combed his fingers through her tousled hair, pulling back on it harder, her head tipped back. Breaking the kiss, he rained kisses along her throat and up to her ear. He tugged at the lobe and ran his tongue-tip along the other ridges of her ear. He moved back down her neck and up to the other ear. He did the same and went back and forth several times.

Stephanie was rocking her hips as she tried to make greater contact with his cock that laid flat down the grove of her moist pussy. She ran her fingers through his hair and tried to make him move south to her rocking hips.

Leonard resisted as long as possible and when he slid lower, he heard Stephanie let out a moan of approval. He reached the tops of her gorgeous, full, plush breasts. He squeezed them and played with them. He used both of his thumbs to roll around the huge bright pink aeroules. Tens of tiny bumps perked up and the pinkness turned darker the more he played with them. He finally concentrated on the fat red nipples dead center of the mounds. He twisted them, tugged at them and flicking them back and forth, he pushed the twin mounds of flesh together and leaning in, he captured both of them in-between his lips and steadily sucked harder and harder. He used his tongue and danced across both of those luscious knobs until he heard her groan.

"Oh my fucking God, you know just how to bring me to the brink and then let off. You better move down and get to the prize we both want you to lick. I know you love my tits, oh fuck, I don't want you to let them go, but I want more and you can always revisit my titties later." She let out a grunt when she felt him suck even harder, "You bastard you, you know my weakness, but I want your glorious tongue on my quim. I need to cum and I need it now!"

Leonard lifted off her tits, his mouth made a popping sound and he looked down at the swollen, beet red points, covered in his saliva. He leaned down and took two or three quick licks and then releasing her twin mounds of flesh, he loved watching them sway atop her chest like two mounds of Jell-O. He rode up and down, scraping his cock up and down her wet groove. He peppered her rounded belly with hot, wet kisses and sucked at the pliable flesh. He was going to skip her pussy and play with her legs like she did, but he knew she wouldn't allow it, she was too hot and was about to explode. He's play with those large pillars of flesh at a later date, now he wanted to feast on her pussy and wanted to see her cum all over his thick, wet tongue.

Stephanie grabbed two fistfuls of his hair and directed her to her pussy. She thrust her hips upward, trying to make contact with his mouth. She let out a tiny shutter and dropped back down to the satin sheets when she finally felt his tongue pierce through the tight lipped pussy beneath his mouth. She let out a growl and wiggled her hips from side to side. Her thighs tightened about his face as she tried holding him in place.

Leonard wasn't going anywhere; he was very happy where he was. He licked up and down her juicy slit and loved how sweet her pussy tasted. He dipped his tongue in deep and scooped out as much of the cream she created from her last orgasm. He had most of it and resumed tongue fucking her. He was in a hurry to make more and he attacked her spongy, pearl and when he felt her stiffen and squeeze his head harder, he knew more was coming soon.

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