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Big Bang Theory Season 03 Ep. 14-18


Author's note: The series resets with this episode. Remember that as this story progresses, many times they resume the storyline as if never having sex before with each other. So is the case in this episode

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


Sheldon has been up all night; he's stuck trying to solve a problem he's been working on for several days. He's standing with his back to his white board and flips around over and over again as he tries to distinguish where his problem lies.

Penny came out of Leonard's bedroom dressed in a ribbed, white tank-top and long sleep pants. She's tying her robe around her as she watches Sheldon jerk about as he tries to discover his problem on his whiteboard. She stops at the step to the living room and flinches every time he jerks about. She is still half asleep and tips her head to one side and in a quizzical voice calls out to him, "What ya doing?"

I'm attempting to view my work as a peripheral image so as to engage the superior colliculus of my brain." He continues to jerk back and forth.

Penny walks into the kitchen, "Interesting, I usually just have coffee." She pours herself a cup and turns back, "You've been up all night?"

"Is it morning?"

She nods, "Yes."

"Then I've been up all night."

She gives him a sick look, "And you're stuck?"

"Why else would a person try to engage their superior colliculus?"

Her eyes are still half closed, "Uh, sorry, sweetie, I can't help you till I've had my coffee."

Sheldon switched tactics and now ran back and forth in front of the board and glances at it as he does.

Just then Leonard comes out of the bedroom in his robe and heads for the coffee too. He grabs the coffee pot and turns to her, "Penny, I told you, if you don't put him in his crate at night, he just runs around the apartment."

Sheldon stops in front of his board and curls both hands into the shape of a telescope and looks through them onto his board.

Penny leaned over the counter and squints, "What the hell is he doing now?"

He's pouring his coffee and looks towards Sheldon, "Mmmm, he's either isolating the terms of his formula and examining them individually, or looking for the alligator that swallowed his hand after Peter Pan cut it off."

Sheldon continued to look, but replied to what Leonard said, "Captain Hook's hand was eaten by a crocodile, not an alligator. If you're going to mock me, at least get your facts straight. I can't see it! It just won't coalesce."

That same day while they are all in the university cafeteria, Sheldon continues to struggle with the solution to his problem. He's going over the material, looking for solutions as he mumbles over and over again equations trying to solve his issues.

Raj comes over and sits down, "They have disco night at the roller rink tonight."

Howard looks up from his plate, "Perfect, Bernadette's been hawking me to take her roller skating."

Leonard nods, "I think Penny likes to skate. The four of us could double."

Howard replies, "What could be better, we're in."

Raj is now pissed, "Great, it's not like I brought it up because I wanted to go."

Howard feels bad, "You can come with us."

Raj's feelings are now hurt, "No! I don't have to go. I'm happy just to guide you and your ladies to suitable entertainment choices. I'm a walking, brown yelp.com.

That evening Bernadette and Penny are dressed in sexy skating outfits and coming back from skating, they are both shocked by the guy's behavior there. Bernadette mumbles out, "Oh my God, Have you ever been so embarrassed?"

Penny shakes her head, "Not recently!" She dressed in skin tight pink satin tights and satin, orange shorts. Over that is a matching pink football jersey. Her long blonde hair is pulled back in two sexy pigtails.

Bernadette has black tights and a tiny royal blue satin skirt with a tight black pullover, showing off her huge tits. Her golden blonde hair is pulled back and held by two tiny clips. "I don't know which is lamer, their roller skating or their disco dancing."

Penny nodded, "For me the worst part was when people saw us leave with them."

Bernadette chuckled, "And when Howard tried to do the splits?"

Penny giggled, "Shhh!"

Howard and Leonard caught up to them at the landing and Leonard was rubbing his ass, "Sorry, I'm moving a little slow. I think I bruised my coccyx."

Penny came up to him and gave him a peck on the cheek, "Aw, poor baby!"

He looked to her, "Don't tell Koothrappali." He opened the door to his apartment and swung it open, "After you!"

"Aw, what a gentleman." She looked up and calls out, "Oh hello Sheldon!" All of a sudden she slips on the marbles that are scattered all over the floor; she screams out and falls on her back.

Leonard leans in to catch her and falls on them too. He turns to Penny, "Are you okay?"

She shakes her head, "Do I look okay?"

"Don't bark at me, I fell too."

She's sitting there in pain, "Oh, you've been falling all night, you're used to it."

Howard stands there, "Sheldon, what the hell are you doing?"

"The same thing I've been doing for three days. Trying to figure out why electrons behave like they have no mass when traveling though graphene."

Bernadette is intrigued, "With marbles? Sheldon, when was the last time you got any sleep?"

"I don't know, two or three days. Not important, I don't need sleep, I need answers. I need to determine where in this swamp of unbalanced formulas squateth the toad of truth."

Penny and Leonard are on the sofa, both rubbing their backs and she looks to Leonard, "The toad of truth? Is that a physics thing?"

He groaned out, "No, that's a crazy thing."

Bernadette made her way into the living room stepping around the scattered marble, "Okay Sheldon, what happens to our neuroreceptors when we don't get enough REM sleep?"

He perks up and looks at her, "They lose their sensitivity to serotonin and norepinephrine."

She leans over and looks him in the eyes, "Which leads to...?"

"Impaired cognitive function."

She straightens up, "Right, so march in there, brush your teeth and go to bed."

"But I don't wanna go to bed."

She points to the bedroom, "I'm gonna count to three, One--"

"Oh, all right!" He gets up and hurries to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Leonard looks to Bernadette, "That was amazing how you handled him."

She giggled, "I know how to deal with stubborn children. My mother used to run an illegal daycare center in our basement. Now that we got Sheldon out of the way, Leonard you come over here and lay flat on your belly. I'm going to rub that pain out of your back." She turned to Howard, "You can use the sofa to do the same to Penny. Do you think you do that Howie?"

Howard nodded and stepped towards Penny, "Okay Penny; lay on your belly and I'll rub those aches out. Where does the pain seem to be the worst Penny?"

She reached back and pulled up the back of her pink football jersey and pointed to the spots just above her bubble butt and slid over to her hip. "The pain is above my butt and runs over to my hip on the right here. Mmmm yessssssss Howard, right there."

Howard kicked off his shoes and straddled her calves and lower thighs. His hands squeezed and massaged the spot just above her butt; the tiny dip there and moved over to her hip. He applied more pressure and he pulled away when he heard her moan, "Sorry Penny; did that hurt?"

She turned her head, her sexy pigtails flipped around and her green eyes caught his eyes, "Mmmm no Howard. Please don't stop. I was moaning because it felt so good. It was a little uncomfortable, but it felt fantastic, please continue." She dropped her head back down and grabbed one of the throw pillows and put it under her head.

Howard resumed massaging her hip and slid to her waist and downward to the spot above her butt. He locked his eyes on her luscious ass as it swayed and juggled as she adjusted to where his hands were massaging.

On the floor, Bernadette placed one of the cushions beneath Leonard's head and urged him to lay flat on the floor. She raised her short skirt and straddled his legs. She pulled up his shirt and tugged at his short satin pants to the point of his ass crack. She was behind Howard because she waited for Sheldon to finish in the bathroom. She came out with a bottle of baby oil to use on Leonard's back and tailbone. She dripped a tiny stream of oil on his bare skin and she was nearly bucked off his back, "Woo there Leonard, calm down, it will warm up quickly, just relax."

He looked back, "You could have warned me Bernadette that was cold. Mmmmm, that feels nice, sorry I jumped so hard, please don't stop."

Bernadette started pushing hard on his lower back and she watched his tight ass push up against her mound. It was her turn to let out a moan. She licked her lips and pushed down harder with her hands and lower body at the same time. She didn't want to look so obvious. Her mouth dropped open when she felt Leonard involuntarily grind his ass against her heated pussy. She looked over at Penny and Penny gave her a wink and a nod and mouthed the words, "Go for it!?

Bernadette smiled at her and mouthed back, "Are you sure?"

Penny smiled and nodded again, "Go ahead, go for it." She watched as Bernadette's fingers slid lower and began tickling the flesh just above Leonard's ass crack. She knew she was on the right track when she heard Leonard's moans sound a little more like pleasure than pain. She slid her hands higher, taking his shirt and t-shirt up with them. She slid them off and looking to Penny, she got the green light when Penny nodded again.

Howard slowed as he watched his girlfriend, Bernadette stop and tossed off her sweater. He watched her huge breasts move under the tight, pullover top she was wearing. He looked back to Penny and noticed she had reached back and slid her top up and it was now around her neck, leaving her only in her tight bra. He called out to Bernadette, "Toss me the oil Bernie; I want to try some on Penny here."

Bernadette sprayed some on Leonard's back and tossed it to Howard. He opened the bottle and poured too much onto her back. He slicked her up, he was making a mess.

Penny rose up and shrieked out, "What the hell, Howard, you're getting it all over the place. This is a brand new bra. I don't want to get it all full of oil!" She reached back and with the flick of her fingers, had it undone. She slipped it off and tossed it to Leonard.

He looked up and noticed she was naked from the waist up, just like him, but he didn't have what she had and he saw how interested Howard was. He suddenly realized what Bernadette was going down lower and turning his head further he whispered out to her, "You know Bernadette, these jeans are new too. I wouldn't want you to get them all full of oil."

Bernadette bit down on her lower lip and after a couple of seconds she nodded, "Okay, unsnap them and you take them off. My hands are covered in oil and I don't want to make a mess."

Leonard knew this was his chance and slipped his pants and boxers off together, leaving him with only his socks. He lay back down; he felt his cock growing stiffer by the second. He let out a gasp when Bernadette resumed rubbing the oil on his lower back. She got the bottle back from Howard and started in on his buttocks and legs. She stopped and Leonard turned his head to her, "It's okay Bernadette, I really like your massage."

"Yeah, I can tell, but these roller skating tights cost me a fortune and if I continue, the oil here on your legs will soak through and ruin them. Do you think I should remove them?"

"Leonard felt his cock go stiff now, "Oh yeah, we wouldn't want that now would we? Sure make yourself comfortable." He kept his eyes on her as she stood up and ran to the kitchen to wipe her hands. She kicked off her shoes and wiggled out of her tights. Leonard noticed a damp patch covering her tiny, little pussy. Her legs were amazing, rather short for her tiny four foot eleven inch frame, but very shapely. He let out a groan when she straddled him again and felt her moisture covered pussy slide along his calf.

On the sofa Howard was busy slopping the oil all over Penny's back and shoulders. It ran down lower and she could feel it getting close to her new shorts and tights.

"Howard, wait a second, you're going to ruin these new tights. I just got them special for tonight's roller skating. Sit up for a second." She thrust her ass up and shimmied out of the tights and shorts. Unlike Bernadette, she wasn't wearing panties. She didn't see a reason seeing she had tight and shorts on. She quickly dropped back down, but not before Howard got an eyeful of her swaying tits and a glimpse of her fat-lipped pussy. She lay back down, her legs close together, hiding her moistening pussy.

Howard looked over at Bernadette and she was running her tiny hands between Leonard's spread legs. Every once in a while, her hand would brush against his nut sack and he would tense up and moan. Looking back down at Penny, he leaned over her, "Penny, would you mind if I took off my pants and short. They're both satin and if I get oil on them, my mother will murder me."

She knew where this was going and seeing Leonard with Bernadette was getting her all hot and bothered, "Sure why not, Leonard and I are naked, why not you AND Bernadette."

Bernadette heard her and she giggled. She watched Howard jump up and head to the kitchen to wipe his hands off. He stripped there and returned to Penny. She was now on her back. She raised her arms to him, "Why don't you work on my front for a little while. It needs a little attention too."

Bernadette managed to slip out her tight top and bra. She skinned off her panties and as she straddled Leonard, he suddenly rolled over and his thick, stiff cock pointed directly at Bernadette's pussy that was suddenly hovering over his cock. She scooted back a couple of inches, not ready for him to slip into her. She smiled down at him, "All in good time Leonard. Let's get you all oiled up first." She covered his chest and belly with the oil and handed it to Leonard. She slid her tiny hands all over his chest and belly. Her arm grazed his stiff cock and she looked down at him with those gorgeous blue eyes. She tossed her long, golden blonde hair over her shoulder and leaning in, planted a soft kiss on his lips. She rose up and giggled, "Oh my, look, I got oil all over me too."

Leonard opened the bottle and filled his palm with it. He tossed the bottle to Penny and coating both of his hands with it. He placed them on her huge tits and began working the oil into them. Her tits were even larger than Penny's and on her tiny frame, they looked even larger. He loved how her dark red nipples and dark pink aeroules perked up when he played with them.

Bernadette let out a moan and her hand was now stroking his thick cock. The two of them massaged one another and suddenly Bernadette rose up slightly and lowered her tight lipped pussy over the head of Leonard's cock. She slowly lowered her body and his oily cock slid deeper and deeper into her extremely tight cunt.

Howard watched as his girlfriend was riding up and down Leonard's thick cock. He turned back to Penny when he felt her oil coated hands on his cock. It wasn't as thick as Leonard's and it was an inch or two shorter, but Penny had it stiff within seconds. She closed her eyes and moaned when Howard began rubbing the oil into her large tits. They were smaller than Bernadette's, but firmer and the nipples and aeroules were tinier. He leaned in and added his tongue and saliva to them and he grunted out when he felt Penny guide his cock to her fat-lipped pussy.

Howard loved those large lips and felt them cling to his cock as he slid into her. He couldn't believe how hot and how wet she was. He picked up the pace and felt her legs come up and wrap-around his waist.

The entire room was filled with moaning and groaning as Bernadette rode Leonard and Howard plowed into Penny. Penny raked her nails all over Howard's skinny back and cupped his flat butt. She tried to get him off but knew he wanted this to last for a long time. She whispered into his ear, "Look down on the floor Howard. Just watch Leonard fill Bernadette with his fat cock. Oh how I love it when I ride him like that. He likes it that way. He can play all night with my titties that way."

When Howard heard that he looked at Leonard mauling Bernie's tits, Howard let out a long cry and started cumming. He pulled his cock out of Penny and shot his load all over her belly and chest. He was totally spent and he looked down at Penny, "Don't you worry Penny; I'll take care of you." He slipped down and began lapping away at her pussy like a rabid dog. He sucked and stabbed at her hole and clit and Penny was pleasantly surprised when before long, she felt a tiny orgasm building. When Howard slid two fingers up into her snatch, she tightened and came all over his fingers.

The two of them climbed off the sofa and hurried into the bathroom where Penny hopped into the shower and Howard cleaned off before the sink.

In the living room Leonard now rolled over and had the tiny blonde beneath him. She was very close to cumming. She smiled up at him, "Oh Leonard, I can now see why Penny likes you. You are a kind and considerate lover, unlike Howard who can never wait for me. Did you see him with Penny? Again he lost it and came way too soon." She wrapped her tiny arms and legs around Leonard, but her legs kept slipped off. They were too short, plus he was covered in oil. She met his downward thrusts with equally urgent upward thrusts of her own.

Leonard leaned in and began toying with her stiff nipples and constantly changed up the speed and intensity of his thrusts. He knew Penny loved this and could tell Bernadette liked it too. He felt her tense up and her breathing became more labored.

She clutched at his head and pulled him up to kiss her swollen lips, "OH Leonard, I'm cumming, come with me, please I'd love to do it together for once, oh God, yes, yes, come in me!"

Hearing this was all he needed and he kicked it into high gear and pumped violently into the tiny blonde and when he felt her tighten and felt her hot juices coat his invading cock, he lost it and filled her to the brim. He hugged her and kissed her all over the face. He saw a tiny tear run down her cheek and kissing it away, he whispered out, "I didn't hurt you, did I Bernadette? I know I got a little carried away."

She shook her head from side to side, "Oh no, no way Leonard, I'm just so happy. You have no idea how long I'd gone without making love, or fucking, whatever you want to call it, without having an intense orgasm where we both came together." She kissed him tenderly on the cheek and whispered, "Thank you!" She hugged him tightly and let out a tiny moan, "Can we just lay here and let me bask in the afterglow that was nice."

He kissed her tenderly on the lips and it grew a little more as their kiss continued. He felt himself getting very hard again and before they knew it, they were going at it hard and fast. Both of them wanted round two to be quick, dirty and hard and that it was. It took no more than three or four minutes, but once again, they came together and Bernadette clung to Leonard until the bathroom door opened and Penny and Howard came out.

Leonard and Bernadette got up slowly and headed to the bathroom. Once in there, they took a nice long shower together and finished off with another frantic fuck, this time Leonard took her from behind.

When he came out, Howard was dressed and Penny had already returned to her apartment. Leonard gathered up Bernadette's clothes and took them to her in the bathroom.

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