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Big Bang Theory Season 04 Ep.13-14


Author's note: The series with this episode, series doesn't reset yet.

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


Sheldon, Leonard and Amy were at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Penny came up to them, "Okay, you guys ready to order?"

As always Sheldon starts giving her shit, "Since we come in every Tuesday night at 6:00 and order the same exact thing and it's now 6:08, I believe your question not only answers itself, but also stands alongside such other nonsensical queries as: "Who let the dogs out?" And, uh, "How are they hanging?"

Penny looks at him with disgust, "Okay, so the usual with extra spit on Sheldon's hamburger." She turned to leave, but Amy stopped her.

"Penny, a moment. Do you have plans this weekend?"

Penny came back, "Oh, gee, Amy, sorry, I'm pretty busy this weekend"

Sheldon cut in, "Probably serving food that was ordered today."

Amy ignored him and continued, "Oh, that's too bad. I was hoping you could be my plus one at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies symposium on the impact of scientific research of societal interactions."

Penny stared at her, "The what?"

Leonard cut in this time, "It's an annual science conference. We've all been invited to speak."

Penny knew she dodged a big boring weekend, "Oh, okay, well, you know, like I said, I have plans."

Amy added, "Shame, since you're my best friend, it would be a bonding opportunity."

Penny looked at her and frowned, "I'm your best friend?"

"Don't you read my blog?"

Penny smiled, "Oh, don't feel bad. I never read Leonard's and I used to sleep with him."

Amy continued, "Do you know anybody who would appreciate an all-expense-paid spa weekend at a four star resort in Big Sur?"

Penny answered too quickly and tried taking it back. "No, I—I'm sorry, free what? Sorry, what-? What?"

Leonard cracked up, "I think her weekend just opened up."

Penny was stunned, "Wait, wait, just to be clear, when you guys say spa, does that mean the same thing as when regular people say it?"

Leonard replied, "Pretty much, except we keep our shirts on in the sauna."

Penny took a deep breath, "You know, it is going to be difficult, but I'm gonna cancel my plans..." She stepped over to give Amy a hug, "...so I can do this with my bestie."

Amy blurted out, "Please don't tough my breasts in public. She looked up at her and whispered, "You'll have to wait till we get to the resort and we can try in out on private." She smiled up at her.

Penny stood up, "I wasn't going to."

"All right, I just want to establish boundaries."

Penny moved over to the middle of the table, "This is great, I haven't had a vacation in ages."

Sheldon was getting hungrier by the second, "In order to take a vacation, one first has to work."

Penny shook her head, "You know, for a smart guy, you seem to have a hard time grasping the concept: ""Don't piss off the people who handle the things you eat." She smiled and walked away.

Amy leaned over and told him, "That does seem to be a valid principle."

He shook his head, dismissing her statement, "I trust Penny will adhere to the Official California Restaurant Workers Solemn Oath of Ethics and Cleanliness."

Amy replied, "I don't believe there's such a thing."

He turned to Leonard, "You lied to me?"

Saturday morning came around and all seven of them were gathered at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Sheldon was going over the orientation for the trip, seeing he was road trip coordinator. He assigned seating in the cars. The lead car had Leonard, Sheldon, Amy and Penny. In the following car were Bernadette, Howard and Rajesh. Penny asked Amy a loaded question, "Are you and Sheldon gonna be sharing a room?"

Amy shook her head, "No, we discussed it. We didn't wanna jeopardize our relationship by getting to know each other too well. I know we fucked like little minx at Zack's., but he wants to cool it. I have a plan and intend to bag that tall drink of water before the weekend is over. Don't worry Penny, you're my plus one. You'll bunk with me."

In the other car Bernadette was getting horny and so was Howard. Bernie drove and spoke up, "I hope we get there in time to see the keynote address."

Howard wanted something more, "Really? You wanna see the keynote?"

"Yeah, it sounds fun. Super Bacteria: Global Apocalypse or Exciting Research Opportunity?"

He broke out in a smile, "Actually, I was thinking we could go straight to the room and take a nap."

"Oh really? And miss the keynote?"

"Well, we can watch it later on C-Span. Besides, I was really looking forward to you and me...napping together in the hotel."

"Well, honey, if you're that tired, why don't you just take a nap here in the car?"

Raj knew what he was getting at and shaking his head, he picked up his phone and sent Leonard a text.

All of a sudden Leonard called Bernadette from his car, "Hang on, it's Leonard. Hi Leonard."

Over the car speaker came Leonard's voice, "Yeah, hi. Listen, I just go a text from Raj. He wanted me to tell you that when Howard says "nap" he means "sex."

Bernie nodded, "Oh, okay, thank you Raj."

They headed down the road and Sheldon started playing a game, but Penny was quickly bored to tears. She challenged Sheldon's authority, "Who elected you road trip god?"

Leonard replied, "He's not technically road trip god. It's travel supervisor."

Sheldon turned to Penny, "Although "road trip god" does have a certain ring to it."

She wasn't happy, "I don't understand why you people let him bully you like this. Someone should stand up to him. What's he gonna do?"

The next thing she knew, she was in the back seat with Raj, no longer lead car material. She was getting a little turned on. In the front seat Bernadette was getting frisky. She couldn't stop thinking about taking "a nap" with Howard. Driving with one hand, she managed to fish Howard's cock out of his pants and stroked it while trying to keep up with the first car.

Bernie kept glancing from the road to Howard's cock. She continued stroking it and it began leaking pre-cum. She used her thumb to smear it over the pink crown and resumed stroking him. The traffic was getting heavier and she slowed her jacking of Howard's cock.

He loved how her tiny hand wrapped around his cock. He wondered how her tiny hand would look around a larger cock, but right now he wanted to explore her body, even though Penny and Raj were in the back seat. He scooted closer to Bernadette and inched his hand towards her. He first had it on the console, he moved from the console to her dress covered leg. He caressed her tiny, slender leg up and down and in tiny circles. He moved lower until he reached the hem of her dress.

During the last pit stop, he failed to notice she came out of the bathroom with her red tights, stuffed into her purse. When his hand drifted down and came in contact with bare flesh, he stopped and watched for her reaction. He sucked in his breath, he hand was stroking him quicker now and he noticed her legs parting. He slid up under the hem of the dress and was now firmly caressing her luscious thigh.

In the back seat, things were getting busy too. Penny managed to lean over and seeing Bernie's hand on Howard's cock, she felt moisture between her legs. She hand her hand resting on the growing bulge in Raj's pants. She smiled up at Raj and groaned out, "Oh what the hell, may as well start up where we left off on New Year's Day." She quickly opened his pants and wrapped her long, Nebraska man hand around Raj's caramel colored cock. She pushed his pants down and squeezed harder as it grew and stiffened. She let out a low growl and lowered her head and began sucking gently on his cock. She bobbed up and down, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth. She flicked her tongue out, running it around the stiff, mushroomed head. She stabbed at the hole at the tip and sucked harder, drawing out the pre-cum that bubbled up to the tip. She swallowed it all and went back for more. She tickled his nuts and squeezed lightly as she increased the bobbing up and down.

All of a sudden the phone rang once again, it was Leonard. Bernadette answered it, her excitement was inching upward as Howard's hand inched up her leg. She panted out, "Hi Leonard, what's the issue this time?"

Leonard was silent for a second, "Uh, I know we didn't lose Penny, but I don't see her in the car. Where is she?"

Bernadette glanced back, "Oh myyyyyyyyy, Well Leonard!" She looked back again and Penny popped off Raj's cock and shook her head from side to side and whispered, "Don't you dare tell him what I'm doing." Bernadette cleared her throat, "Well, she's taking a nap!" She giggled and not the kind of nap Howard wants. She's slumped down in the back and resting her head against the cushion. Traffic is getting heavier, gotta go!" She cancelled the call and leaned back, "You can resume sucking Raj's cock Penny. Oh My God, I really need a "nap", Howard!"

Penny was slurping away at Raj and he had his hands fisting Penny's long, sexy, golden blonde hair. He let go with one hand and tugged at her loose fitting blouse and managed to pull it up and over her head. He groaned out when she stopped sucking, just long enough to toss the blouse off her body. She took his entire length into her mouth now. She pulled off and hovering over it, released a stream of saliva flow out and it covered his dark, stiff cock. She stroked it and blew on it. She felt her bra slacken and slide down her arms. She giggled and wrapped her full, firm tits around his juicy cock. She began fucking his cock with her tits and she groaned out when he helped.

Raj still had one hand curled around her golden locks. His other hand was cupping one of her tits, twisting and pulling at the puckered, stiff nipple. He groaned out, he wanted to tell her about his impending orgasm, but he couldn't find the words. He let out a high pitched squeal and started shooting his cum all over her tits, neck and up onto her lips and face.

Penny let out a grunt, "Mother fucker, thanks for the warning Raj." She sat up, her full firm tits flashed whoever drove past them.

Howard looked back and saw her tits covered with vanilla ice cream. It dripped off her rosy nips and ran down her flat belly. He let out a groan, Oh no Bernie, stop, stop!" It was too late; he started shooting a stream of cum upward. The first blast hit the headliner above him and fell back down to his pants. Blast after blast coated her fist and she giggled.

"Oh my Howard, hope you're still gonna wanna nap when we get to the spa?" She slowed her stroking and releasing it, she raised her hand to her mouth and licked all of the cum that covered her hand and fingers, "Mmmm, I'm definitely going to need a nap!"

Howard cleaned up the mess he made and without looking in the back; he tossed several tissues to the back for Penny to use.

She chuckled, "No need for all of these Howard, I licked up most of it, but Raj may need it after he finishes with me!" She raised her ass and slipped out of her tight jeans. She took the panties off and it dangled off one bare foot. She placed her leg over the console and threw her other leg towards the top of the backseat. She grabbed Raj by the shoulder and pulled him roughly between her outstretched legs. She didn't have to guide him any further.

Raj let out a squeal and began lapping away at her puffy pussy. It was glistening in the bright light of the daylight. He sucked and lapped away at her bush. It was matted down from her juices and his saliva. His slurping echoed throughout the confined space of the car.

Bernadette had a tough time keeping her eyes on the road. Howard resumed stroking her slender thigh; he inched his way beneath her tiny panties and found her dripping cunt. She glanced back and saw Raj lapping away at Penny's juicy cunt. She was amazed, remembering eating that same pussy a few weeks ago. She never told Howard, but all of a sudden, she had the urge to lick at Penny's pussy again. She saw Penny arching her back, knowing she was close; she did the same thing when she ate her pussy.

Penny clutched at Raj's head as she started spilling her cream all over his face. She twisted one hard nip between her fingers as she exploded all over Raj's face. She fell back to the back cushion and let the wave of lust roll over her and all over Raj.

Bernadette was close, but saw the hotel in the distance. She pushed his hand away and called out, "Aw Penny, you better get dressed. We'll be at the hotel in a minute or two, if you don't want Leonard and Sheldon seeing what you were doing, you two better get dressed and fast." She looked to Howard and yelled out, "Put that away till nap time, NOW Howard!" She pulled into the parking lot and took two laps around while Howard, Penny and Raj dressed. She parked at the entrance and stepped out, her legs were a little weak from her impending orgasm. She groaned out to Howard, "Fuck I need a "nap" and I need it soon!"

Penny entered the lobby pulling her suitcase behind her. Her hair was tousled and her top was rumpled, she was still horny seeing she had to hop back into her clothes before Raj could Really satisfy her. She saw Amy in-front of her waiting to check-in. She knew if she couldn't get her off, Leonard was always a fail-safe.

Amy turned around, feeling of their lesbian trysts came rushing in, "I missed you!"

Penny, as horny as she was looked at the frumpy Amy and smiled back at her, "You know what? I missed you too!"

Behind them stood Bernadette and Howard, she was itching for a long, long "nap" she turned when she heard a familiar voice; it was her old professor and boyfriend.


A huge smile crossed her face, "Oh my God, Glenn!" She stepped into her embrace. Her head rested on his lower chest, that's how tall he was.

Her wrapped his arms around her, "Ha, ha, great to see you."

She pulled away and stared up at him, "Are you here for the conference?" Howard came over and stood beside her, all of a sudden he felt inadequate.

Glenn smiled down at her, "I'm doing a global warming panel."

She placed her hand gently on his, "Oh, good for you." She let out a chuckle when she saw Howard beside her. After seeing Glenn, she was even more in a hurry for that "nap", "Glenn, this is my boyfriend, Howard."

Glenn extended his huge hand to him, "Oh, nice to meet you."

Howard's tiny hand was lost in the hand shake, "Hi, ha, ha, ha, ow!" The handshake was firm and Howard pulled back in pain.

Glenn looked down at Howard, "You're a lucky man. Bernie's a great gal." He reached out and tenderly caressed Bernie's shoulder and arm.

Howard chuckled, "Yes, Bernie sure is."

"Well I gotta run. The panel's tomorrow morning. It's called "Remembering snow: A look back"

He looked down at Bernie, she was still smiling up at him, her eyes were twinkling and she felt a lot of moisture suddenly in her panties. She couldn't stop smiling, "Oh, I'll try to catch it!"

He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, "Oh, great, bye."

She was still grinning ear to ear, "Bye! She stared as he walked away and was grinning all the time.

Howard stared too, "Hey, Bernie? Please tell me he's your gay cousin."

She was still smiling, "OH no! He was one of my professors in college."

He was relieved, "Oh, well, that's a relief, ha, ha!"

She nodded, "Ha, ha, then we went out for a year. Best year of my life! Come on; let's check in so we can take that "nap." She walked past him to the counter to check in and left him standing there.

Raj came over and whispered in his ear and Howard jumped back and nearly yelled out, "No, it's not necessarily proportioned! Shut up!"

As soon as Howard closed the door, Bernadette was all over him. She shoved her tongue down his throat and began removing her clothes. She knelt down before him and pulled his pants off and started sucking on it, but he was unresponsive. She looked up at him, "What's wrong Howie? Why aren't you getting hard?"

He looked down and should be happy, his cock was stuffed into her mouth, but he wasn't getting hard. All he could think of was Glenn, his huge hands and thought his cock was just the same. Raj's words stuck in his head. He pulled back and pulled his pants back up, "How can I compare to that guy?"

She looked up at him, "Who, Glenn. That doesn't matter Howard, I'm with you now, I love you!"

"What is he, like 6'4" or 6'5"?

Bernie chuckled and suddenly her smile disappeared, "No, he's six-seven! Is something bothering you?" She stood up and sat down on the bed, she was still horny as hell, but Howard was quickly throwing cold water over it.

He stood up and moved away, "No, it's just--I'm just thinking, if you had sex with that guy, I mean, there's nothing I can do here that will make any kind of impact. If it were a contest, I wouldn't have a chance, right?"

She stood up and moved over to him, "You can't think that way."

He raised his hand up to his forehead and made the letter L, "Yep, loser!" His fingers came together showing a tiny dick.

She was getting pissed, he already broke the moment and she was getting madder and madder by the second, "Howard, stop it."

"Sorry, I never figured that a guy like me, going out with a girl like you would ever have to compete with a guy like that."

She was now fuming, "Wait a minute, a girl like me? What's that mean?"

He suddenly realized he stuck his foot in his mouth, he was stuck, "Um, I--"

"Are you saying, you don't think I'm hot enough to go out with a guy like Glenn?"

"No, no, I'm saying exactly the opposite."

She was about to blow her top and her voice got louder, "So I'm too hot to go out with a guy like Glenn?"

He was stuck, "Um, yeah, let's go with that!"

She grabbed her suitcase and left Howard alone in the room, slamming the door behind her.

While this was going on, in the room down the hall Penny was sitting on the bed looking over the spa treatments. She wanted a massage, hopefully one with a happy ending. She had her shoes off and looked around for the ice bucket. She yelled to Amy in the bathroom, I'm going to look for ice, I'll be right back." She left with the door ajar and went looking for the ice machine. She turned the corner and still couldn't find it.

Down the hall from the other direction, Bernadette had her bag over one shoulder and her arm around Glenn waist, "Come on Glenn, I want you to meet a couple of my girlfriends." She was about to knock on Amy and Penny's door when she found it ajar. She pushed it open and they entered, just as Amy came out of the bathroom dressed in only her blouse and panties on.

Amy stopped dead looking at the dark god. Her jaw dropped and she moaned out, "Hoo!" She didn't try to cover up and watched as Bernadette entered deeper into the room and turning to Glenn, her "napping" time was now back and raring to go. She pushed him back and he flopped down on the bed and before he could react, she was straddling his huge body. She hovered over Glenn and smiled down at her. Those glasses of her, covering those sexy blue eyes turned Glenn on even more.

He reached up and combed his fingers through her silky, golden blonde hair, "Your boyfriend Howard is a fucking idiot. How could he not want to spend the entire weekend in bed with you?"

She smiled down at him, "Yeah, he is an ass. Stop talking and kiss me, Glenn!" She lowered her mouth and covered his. She moaned when she felt his huge tongue dance across her lips and entered her mouth. She remembered how thick and long it was, especially when his mouth was over her pussy and shoving that cock-like tongue in and out of her tiny, juicy pussy. She groaned out, "Oh yeahhhhhhh Glenn, squeeze my ass, maybe if you're lucky, I'll let you fuck it. I knew you always wanted to!"

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