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Big Bang Theory Season 04 Ep.16-17


Author's note: The series doesn't rest with this episode. Remember that as this story progresses, many times they resume the storyline as if never having sex before with each other.

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


Howard was horny after Leonard told him what a great fuck Mrs. Latham was. After work he hurried over to Bernadette's apartment to fuck the stacked blonde. He had her naked minutes after she answered the door and nearly dragged her to the bedroom.

He spread those lush thighs of hers and licked away as if it was one of his mother's juicy briskets. He normally loved having her go down on him, so he could watch those gorgeous blue eyes of her as she bobbed up and down and look at those gorgeous tits of hers sway back and forth. Not today, he mounted her and pounded her into her mattress and made sounds that turned her on even more.

Bernadette came quickly, she knew he wasn't going to last long and she tickled and strummed her clit to match his excitement and just as she started cumming, he lost it and filled the condom to overflowing.

Howard rolled off of her and she cuddled up to him, thanking her index finger to bringing her off just as he did. She rested her head on his chest and started to giggle.

Howard looked down at her tousled blonde hair and chuckled too, "What's so funny?"

She giggled again, "Nothing. Just thinking about the noises people make while fucking."

He chuckled again, "I do sometimes get a bit carried away, don't I? You bring the best out of me."

She smiled up at him and reaching down, peeled the condom off and her tiny hand grasped at his slimy cock and stroked it gently, "It's cute! You sound a little like a drunken monkey." She makes the sound of a horny monkey and starts to giggle. Her hand speeds up on his cock.

He closes his eyes and let out a sigh as he felt his cock coming back to life. He bit down on his lip and gasped out, "You know, it's meant as a compliment, the sounds I make while feeling your tight pussy clutching at my cock, I just can't hold back."

She moaned and pulled her hand from under the blanket. She tossed the condom into the trash and just before tunneling under the blanket she called out, "That's how I take it."

He groaned out as he felt her lips close around his steadily growing cock. He peeled back the blanket and watched those shiny red lips close around his cock. He groaned out, "That is perfect Bernie, don't stop!"

Her tongue danced out and ran around and around the swollen purple head. Bernie opened her mouth and released a gob of spit. Coating his cock, she followed it up with a tight seal of her lips, sliding further and further onto his cock. She swallowed his entire cock and her tongue tickled his nuts and without warning he clutched at her head and groaned out, "Oh, oh look out Bernie, I'm cumming!"

She pulled back slightly, catching his second load in her mouth. She was able to swallow all he had and after he was done, she slid back up and planted her head on his chest. She planted several wet kisses on his chest and he chuckled, "I hope this moment never ends."

She looked up at him with those twinkling blue eyes and nodded, "Me too!"

All of a sudden he hopped up, "Well, gotta go!"

She was upset, she wanted a second orgasm and she watched as he got into his shorts, "Already? Why don't you stay over?"

He continued dressing, "Well, I'd love to, but you know my mother needs me in the morning."

He slips into his dickey and she is getting pissed now, "Please, I think a woman can manage to put a wig on by herself."

He scoffs, "Look, it's not just the wig. It's pinning her hair up, drawing on her eyebrows. It's a two person job."

Her feeling are hurt, "It's just...When you leave right after fucking me, it makes me feel cheap, like I'm your cum bucket and after filling me up, you're gone."

He finishes dressing and he tries to calm her down, "Oh, honey, I'm sorry, what can I do?"

She pouts and replies, "Stay, get me off again, I did you twice."

"Oh Bernie, I really don't have it in me, but I can stay another five or ten minutes."

"Yeah, I don't have it in me either, go home!"

He hopped back out of bed, "Your call, eh!" He hurried out the door and as the door closed, he could have sworn he heard a buzzing.

Bernie reached into her night stand pulled out her trusty big black dildo, she turned it on and as she shoved it into her pussy she groaned out, "Oh Glenn, I've missed you!"

Howard returned home and had a fight with his mother about fucking Bernadette and possibly giving her a disease. He was so pissed off he headed over to Leonard's apartment.

He answered the door, "Hey, what's up?"

Howard was still upset, "I need a place to crash."

"Sure, come on in, what, what happened?"

"I had a big fight with my mother, it was about Bernadette."

Sheldon walks into the room, "What's going on?"

"Well Howard's going to sleep here tonight. He had a fight with his mother."

Sheldon takes a seat beside Howard, "Point of inquiry, given that Leonard is your secondary friend, and Koothrappali is your primary friend, why didn't you seek refuse under his roof?"

Howard shrugged his shoulders, "There's no room, his sister is staying with him."

Leonard heard this and he perked up, "Wait, wait, what? What, Priya's in town?"

Howard nodded, "Yeah, some work thing. Anyway, my mother seems to think that Bernadette--"

Leonard interrupted him, "Hold on, when did Priya get here?"

"I don't know, a couple days ago. The thing is, Bernadette doesn't like that I take care of my mother and my mother doesn't trust Bernadette."

Leonard cut him off again, "Yeah, that's a real pickle. Bye!" He grabbed his jacket and keys and ran out the door and headed over to Raj's apartment. When he arrived at Raj's apartment he was ready to knock on the door, but stopped when he heard two people moaning from the apartment.

"Oh yeah Priya, just like that! I love how you suck cock. I've missed this ever since I left New Delhi and came here to America."

She giggled, "Oh Raj, must you go on and on about my cock sucking skills. I've always loved the way you eat pussy, Mmmmm, yes Raj, just like that, suck harder on my clit. Drive those fat fingers deeper into my tight pussy."

Leonard was conflicted, he wanted to run away in disgust, but at the same time, he was turned on knowing that the gorgeous, petite sexpot was having sex with her brother. Luckily Raj's apartment was at the end of the hall and around the corner from any other apartment door. He continued to listen and the moans got louder and the breathing was heavier. Without realizing what he was doing, he aimlessly unzipped his pants and whipped out his stiff cock. It was already leaking pre-cum and he started stroking his cock.

"Oh please Priya, suck it harder; lick my balls. You know how much I love it when you do that!" He slurped at Priya's juicy hole, and he sucked on her fat, dark cuntlips. Raj slid a second finger into her cunt and found her G-spot.

Leonard heard Priya's let out a squeal and he knew that sound, it was the sound she made when she was close to cumming.

Priya pulled her mouth from Raj's cock, "Oh fuck Raj, you're hitting my G-spot perfectly, don't stop, I'm going to cum soon!" Her shrieks got louder and higher pitched, suddenly she went silent as she started cumming all over his face. She groaned out, "Come on big brother, take me to the bedroom and fuck your baby sister's tight pussy."

He chuckled out, "Okay, who am I to argue with the lawyer of the family."

Leonard was shocked and looking down, he realized his cock was as stiff as it's ever been. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't hear them any longer, seeing they left the living room and were now in the bedroom. He tentatively tried to handle and the door opened. He poked his head in and saw the room was empty and noticed the bedroom door was partially open. He closed the apartment door and moved quietly over to the bedroom door. He heard heavy breathing and a lot of moaning and groaning. He knew hearing, just wasn't enough; he had to see Raj and his sister fucking one another.

With cock in hand, he gently pushed the door open wider. He did it so slow, Raj and Priya didn't notice.

Priya was too occupied with her brother. She was flat on her back, her legs were spread wide and her hands were gripping his ass. She pulled continually on his ass. Her hands slid upward, raking her nails across his back. Her shapely legs rose and she deftly wrapped them around his waist. Her head was rolling from side to side; her mouth was gaping open wide, sucking in air as much as possible. She was moaning, groaning and urging Raj on, "Come on Raj, fuck your baby sister's tight cunt. Fuck me, fuck me hard and slam it in deep!" She let out a growl and it made Leonard smile, "I'll always love the way your cock stretches my tight pussy."

Leonard's eyes were locked lower. He stroked his cock harder; he was amazed seeing Priya's creamy white cum coating Raj's thick, dark cock. He watched as Raj picked up the pace and shoved in her cunt to the root, his swollen nut sack slapped against her gorgeous ass cheeks.

Raj lowered his head and his lips closed around one of Priya's black, button sized nipples. He released it and flicked his tongue around and around the very dark aeroules. His mouth moved from one to the other and both stiff tips were glistening with his saliva. His one hand slid up and cupped her extremely firm, B cup tit. His mouth covered the other one, sucking hard as his fingers strummed the other tip.

Priya's hands left his back and moved up and cupped his head. She crushed his head to her tit and tugged at it and planted her lips over his. She ground her mouth to his, almost violently. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth and fought with his. She screamed out against his mouth as she started cumming.

Raj's hands came up and ran through her luxurious, glossy raven hair. His hands clutched at her hair and pulled her head off the pillow and kissed her even harder. Releasing her hair, his hands slid down her gorgeous, glistening body. Cupping her ass, he slid them along her shapely thighs and when he reached her knees, he pulled hard and folded her over, placing her knees alongside her head. He rose higher and jackhammered his cock in and out of her. He felt her cumming yet again and with each downward movement, her juices squirted out around his cock. He drove into her and her tiny body nearly bounced off the mattress, rising up to meet his sweat covered body.

Leonard was never more turned on watching his friend and his sister fuck like two porn-stars. His hand was nearly a blur as he stroked his cock harder and faster. He slowed, not wanting to cum and he had to stifle a moan when he saw Raj pull his cock from Priya's pussy. He saw her black licorice cuntlips, they were shiny with her juices and normally rather tight, they were pouty and extended from her excitement. He noticed Raj's cock, totally coated with Priya's creamy cum.

Raj rolled Priya over and drew her to her knees. He caressed her tight ass; he slid along her sexy legs and drew them back meeting his cock. He moaned out, "Oh Priya, I'm going to fuck you like the dog you are. You always treat me badly. Now I'm going to fuck you until you scream for me to fill you with my sperm!" He slapped her ass lightly and he smiled when he heard her moan and wiggle her ass against him.

Priya let out a grunt when she felt his cock part her cuntlips and sink deep into her womb. She arched her back and threw her head back; her tousled hair tumbled down her back and slid across her dark slender shoulders. She pushed her ass back, meeting Raj's thrusts with ones of her own. She grunted out, "Come on Raj, fuck me, slam that cock into me, make me taste it!" Her entire body shook as she raced towards yet another orgasm. She fucked him before, but she really loved how he took control. She turned her head to kiss him and she froze, her dark, smoldering eyes nearly bugged out of her head. She spotted Leonard at the doorway, her body resumed moving in concert with Raj's. She knew she was cumming again. She saw Leonard's stiff cock in his hand, stroking it because of her. A tiny smile crossed her lips and she motioned for him to come into the room.

Now Leonard froze, not knowing what to do. He knew Priya saw him and he nearly fainted when he saw her motion for him to step into the room. Not knowing how Raj would react, he didn't move a muscle.

She growled out, "Get that stiff cock over here so I can suck it!"

Leonard hurried into the room, racing past Raj and stood before her. He groaned out when he saw her throw her hair back over her shoulder and lowered her wet, slick lips to his cock.

It was Raj's turn to freeze in mid-stroke, "What—what the hell Leonard, who let you in, get out, get out of here!"

Priya was suddenly back in control, "Oh be quiet Rajesh and just fuck me harder. This is like a wish come true. I was just thinking about sucking on Leonard and my wish came true, here he is. So if you wanna keep fucking me, your baby sister, I don't want to hear another peep out of you unless you're screaming that you're cumming, got it?"

He grumbled something under his breath and resumed fucking her, but now with more intensity and with each thrust; he pushed her face and mouth deeper towards Leonard's cock.

Leonard loved the sight below him. Watching his old girlfriend, her mouth full of his cock and watching her get stuffed from both ends was just too much. He shouldn't have been stroking himself so hard earlier, but this sight was bringing him quickly to the brink.

Priya wasn't far off either. Scolding Rajesh brought out the domineering lawyer in her and made her juices flow even stronger. She used her talented tongue on Leonard and she spurred Raj on and she knew he was about to cum, she was right.

Raj let out a loud grunt, "Okay little sis, you wanted it, you're getting it, take it, take all of my cum. Oh Krishna, I'm cumming! I'm filling my sister's fertile womb with my sperm, take it, take it all you little slut!"

Hearing Raj's vulgar language was just too much for Priya to take and she felt him shooting hot ropes of his potent cum in her pussy. She knew she should have him pull out, but it was too late. She clamped down on his cock with her cunt muscles and drew every drop of cum from his cock. She came so hard; her mouth came off of Leonard's stiff cock, bad move.

Just hearing Raj, something so out of character, it made him lose it. Just as he started feeling his cum rumbling out of his balls and into his cock, Priya ripped her mouth off his cock. She was gasping for air as she came too. It was too late and he started to cum. He sent blast after hot, creamy blasts all over her gorgeous face, into her hair and across her shoulders and back. He couldn't stop, seeing her face covered in his cum, he felt like a second orgasm took over, sending even more of his cum all over her dark skin and coal black hair, it was a sight to behold. He staggered back and rested his ass on Raj's night stand, panting hard as he watched Priya shake and quiver through an explosive orgasm.

Raj fell back and as Priya rolled onto her back, Leonard saw her cunt, pouty and swollen; Raj's creamy cum oozing out. Leonard was overcome with passion he didn't think he had in him. He slid to the bed and spreading her gorgeous legs, he dove in and began sucking the cum from her pussy. He ate the intoxicating mixture of brother and sister and when it was all lapped up, he went back and made Priya make more and he drank that down too. He clamped his mouth completely over her juicy cunt and drank all she could produce. He focused on her blood red clit and took her to the promise land, making her cum twice more, before she forced his head away. Her clit was overly sensitive and she couldn't take anymore.

Raj watched in awe as Leonard serviced his weak, well-sedated sister, He crawled out of bed and stood over them, "That was awesome dude, I can't compete with that, she's all yours, at least for now." He chuckled, "She always comes back to her big brother, right Priya?" He turned and taking his robe off the back of the door, slipped it on and left without waiting for a reply from her.

After what seemed like forever, Priya slowly scooted up from under him, "Leonard, what are you doing here anyways?"

"Howard told me you were in town staying with Raj. I raced over, but just as I was about to knock on the door, I heard the two of you moaning. I have to say, that was fucking awesome. I never saw anything as erotic as that. So are you ready to fuck me now?"

She grinned from ear to ear, "You still want me, even after seeing Raj and me together?"

He didn't answer; he just crawled up and entered her in one swift motion. He drove her to the mattress and fucked her like he never fucked anyone before.

They fucked on and off the entire night and more in the morning. By the time they left the bedroom, Raj already left for work. They showered together and as he dried her, he kissed her, "Priya, will you be my steady girlfriend?"

She threw her arms around him and kissed him, pulling away she smiled, "Is that a good enough answer?"

He chuckled, "I'd like to take you to bed again and show you, but I need fluids, I'm tapped out. Oh, and one more thing, if we're going to be together, no more incest with Raj, is that okay?"

She giggled, "Oh, I'll think about it!" She nodded, but never gave him a verbal answer; she knew she could never deny her brother if he wanted her.

The next evening Howard, Raj and Sheldon were eating at the Cheesecake Factory. Leonard and Priya came in, holding hands. She saw them and said, "Hi Sheldon, hi Howard!

They looked up from their menus and replied, "Hello!"

Raj was still upset, "Why are you holding hands I forbid you to hold hands."

They sat down and Priya spoke up, "Rajesh, you know Leonard and I spent the night together."

"Yeah, but you were just sleeping because I forboded you to have sex."

Leonard scoffed and whispered to him, "After what I saw the two of you doing and you saw what we did, how can you say that?"

He nodded, "Okay, but keep it down, I don't want Bernadette hearing what we did."

"Why not, she's with Howard, not you?"

He smiled, "Maybe not for long, now hush."

Priya spoke up, "Listen, Rajesh, Leonard and I decided to see each other again and you don't get to tell me who I can or can't have a relationship with."

"Listen Priya, my point is you can't go out with Leonard."

Just then Penny came over to wait on them, "Who can't go out with Leonard?"

Raj pointed to Priya, "My sister."

Leonard introduced them, "Penny, this is Raj's sister, Priya."

Priya looked up at her, "It's very nice to meet you."

Penny let out a nervous chuckle, "Oh, yeah, you too."

As always, Sheldon says the wrong thing, "Priya, if you're experiencing any tension or awkwardness, it may stem from the fact what Leonard and Penny used to, if I may quote Howard, "Do the dance with no pants."

Penny gave him a disgusted look, "Sheldon!"

Leonard sat back, "Really?"

Raj still wasn't going to let it go, "Penny, you became disenchanted with Leonard as a lover. Would you please tell my sister why?"

Penny stared him down and walked away.

Later that evening, after Penny got off work she was at home and Amy came over and Penny opened the door and Amy blurted out, "I came as quickly as I could."

Penny stood there and looked at her, "Okay...Why?"

"To comfort you, of course. Sheldon told me about Leonard dating Rajesh's sister, so I hightailed it over here to pick up the pieces of your broken heart."

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