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Big Bang Theory Season 05 Ep. 04-08


One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.

The four guys were in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, they were playing Dungeons and Dragons, while Bernadette, Amy and Penny were in Penny's apartment waxing whatever, and talking about wedding plans.

They talked about how pathetic Raj was and tried to come up with a way to fix him up with some woman. He was bringing everyone around him down and it was bad enough Leonard's woman, Priya was 6000 miles away, back in India.

The next day the four guys were at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and Penny was waiting on them. She came to the table, "Howard, can I see you for a minute, please?"

He got up and followed her and they return with a tall, rather attractive redhead and Penny stood over them, "Um, Raj, there's someone I want you to meet. This is my friend, Emily. I know her from spin class."

He panicked because he couldn't speak in from of women. He leaned over and whispered in Leonard's ear, but Penny broke in, "No, Raj, relax. She can't hear you. She's deaf."

Penny had Howard come with her because he could sign. He turned to Emily and signed, "Emily (Katie Leclerc), this is our friend Raj."

She turned to Raj and waved hi and he returned her wave back.

Penny was cheerful, "Oh look at you guys, just hitting it off. I am so good."

Raj had a hard time starting, but said, "Hi!"

She signed and Howard interpreted, "She says, "It's nice to meet you."

Raj, being the ass he always was around woman said to Howard, "Did she really mean that or was she signing it sarcastically?"

Howard ignored what Raj said and signed to her, "It's nice to meet you too."

She signed, "UH, she says she has to go back to her family. But Penny has her number if you wanna text her and get together."

Raj tried to play it cool said, "Tell her, maybe. Whatever, babe!" Howard gave Raj a sick look and signed her, "He'll text you, heh."

She gives them all the thumbs up and left.

Raj continued to be an ass, "Huh, look at that, I have a date. I love America again."

A couple days later, Raj set up a date with her at the local coffee shop. Howard joined them so he could interpret for them seeing he could sign and Raj couldn't.

She came in wearing a loose fitting black and flowery dress. Her shiny reddish blonde hair was curled and drifted over her pert breasts. When she sat, her dress drifted up, showing off her lovely, slender legs.

They went back and forth for over half an hour and she had to leave, but wanted to see him again. The date ended with her giving him a chaste kiss and waved good-bye.

A few weeks later Penny was having dinner at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, Howard was there, but Raj was out with Emily again. Howard bought up the subject about Raj and Emily, "Here's some fun news on the Raj-Emily front. He gave her a pair of diamond earrings and leased her a car."

Penny sat back, "You're kidding."

Leonard cut in, "Think she's taking advantage of him?"

She scoffed, "Oh, of course not. She wouldn't do something like that. She's deaf."

Leonard shrugged his shoulders, "Deaf women can't be gold diggers?"

"Handicapped people are nice, Leonard. Everyone knows that. Okay, so he's got money, and it's a few gifts, and a car."

Howard added, "She got him to pay off all of her credit cards."

She was shocked, "What? He paid off her credit cards? Damn it, I could have dated Raj for a couple months. But I wouldn't have, because I'm not that kind of girl. We should really talk to Raj."

"He's not gonna listen, he's in love."

The next day Howard and Penny cornered Emily at the gym and talked to her about being a gold digger.

Emily went off signing a bunch of foul words and ran off.

Raj went to Penny and ripped into her about Howard and her butting in.

Penny pulled him into her apartment, "This girl is trouble. Where is it where you buy things in exchange for sex?"

He screamed back, "The best I've ever had."

She poked him in the chest, "Okay, come on, you know you can do better."

He stepped back, "Aha! I see what's going on here. You and I had our couple crazy nights together. And now you can't stand to see me with another woman."

She stepped back, "Whoa, whoa, whoa!"

He broke in, "It's okay, I can't get mad at your feelings."

She yelled out, "I don't have feelings."

"Yeah, that's good. Keep telling yourself that." He went to leave, but she stopped him.

"You're right; you are cuter now that I know you're rich. So what are we going to do about this?"

He felt his dominant feeling resurfacing. He placed his hand on her shoulder, "Get down on your knees and give me a blow job."

She drew in a breath to yell out, no way, but she couldn't. Like in a spell, she knelt down and opened his pants, pulled down his pants and shorts and gripping his dark skinned cock, stroked it several times. She was wearing a green sweater with a plunging neckline. As she leaned over, her braless tits swayed around.

He reached in and began mauling one, "Come on Penny, I got a date later with Emily, suck it. Take it in deeper." His other hand curled around her long, silky blonde hair and filled her mouth and throat. Take off your blouse; I wanna see your tits Penny."

She released his cock and tore off her sweater. She started playing and sucking at his cock again. Her tongue ran up and down its thick length and her saliva coated the entire shaft.

Take down your slacks, but leave the boots on. Lean over your couch so I can fuck you really hard and fast. I'm still mad at you."

"Oh Raj, I'm sorry!" She stood up and tugged at her slacks and they hung around her boots. She lowered her panties and leaning over, gripped the edge of the sofa. She threw her long hair over her back and waited.

He shoved forward, burying his cock deep in her. He pounded away, mauling her tits and roughly playing with her clit.

Penny was beyond excited; she was turned on, just like when he dominated her before. She turned her head and forced him to kiss her. While their tongue danced back and forth, she began to stiffen and all of a sudden, she lost it and started cumming.

Raj felt her cumming and filled her pussy full of his cum. He gripped her hips and slapped her gorgeous ass. He clung to her until he stopped cumming. Releasing her, he spun her around and forced her to her knees. "I'm going on a date with Emily. I have to buy her a necklace to patch things up. I can't go over there all messy covered with your cunt juices. Lick it up and make sure you don't miss any. I don't her to know I just finished fucking the women who berated her."

She leaned down and did as she was told, sucking and licking every drop of their mixture. She swallowed it all and sitting back looked him in the eye, "You know, if it doesn't work with Emily, you can always come over here."

"Sorry Penny, I love Emily and she lets me fuck her ass anytime I want, see ya!" He pulled up his pants and left. Leaving Penny nearly naked, her pussy and mouth full of their cum.

Raj picked up Emily brought her over to his apartment. Over the past month, he learned to sign rather well and he signed for her to cover her eyes. He pulled out a ruby necklace and gave it to her.

Her jaw dropped and putting it on, she signed, "I put this on, you take everything else off." She leaned in and planted a hot kiss on his lips. She tore at his clothes and had him naked. She stood before him and started to strip. She crossed her arms and drew the tight top she was wearing; up and over her head. She reached back and with the flick of her fingers, released her bra. Her smallish, but extremely firm and high-standing tits didn't move at all. Her pink and white breasts winked at him, waiting to be played with. She leaned over, and placed her hand on the back of the sofa. She hovered over him and offered her tits to his waiting mouth.

Raj sucked like a newborn baby. He brought the first one to an aching stiffness and then moved to its twin and did the same.

Just then, his computer went off and he ushered her to the bedroom, signing, "I have to take it, it's my parents from India and I love them and their money. You wait here and I'll be right in." In a sexy voice, a voice she couldn't hear, he said, "Make yourself comfortable I want that ass of yours again."

She blushed and nodded, lowering her pants as she slipped to the bed.

He ran back to the living room, slipped hurriedly into his clothes and answered his computer, "Oh, Mommy, Daddy, what a nice surprise."

He father replied, "No, it's not a nice surprise, it's a bad surprise."

His mother added, "Penny called us."

Raj was pissed, he fucked her and she still ratted him out, "Penny?"

His mother continued, "She told us you're spending all of our money on your new girlfriend."

He looked to the bedroom where she was now naked and she threw her reddish, blonde hair over her shoulder, covering one breast and catching his eye, winked and blew him a kiss. "I just got her a couple of things. She gives me things too."

His father scoffed, "Yeah, yeah, I'm a gynecologist. I know exactly what she gives you. You need to find a nice Indian girl from a good family. If you keep seeing this woman, you're cut off."

"What? You're gonna make me choose between the woman I love and the money I have very strong feelings for?"

His father crossed his arms, "It's up to you."

Raj looked from Emily lying on the bed and back to the computer, "Well, I choose love."

His father scoffed again, "Heh, you're an idiot. Love doesn't last." He looked a couple times to his wife and continued, "Well, he's going to find out eventually. Think About it!" He closed his computer.

Raj sat back, staring at the black screen and then to Emily, naked and waiting for him in the bedroom. He thought about it, he'd tell her, but after he fucked her into the morning and then he'd break the news to her.

He entered the bedroom and a naked Emily slipped to the edge and sat before him naked. She grabbed hold of his belt and pulled him to the bed. She worked on his pants and underwear, while Raj stripped off his shirt, and t-shirt. She pushed his pants and shorts down his legs and smiled up at him when he kicked them away. She leaned in and grabbing his cock, she stroked it several times. A pearly drop of pre-cum oozed out and she used her dainty finger to run it around the large mushroomed head. She leaned forward; her long strawberry blonde hair covered his lower body.

Raj looked down and all he saw was a mass of red, shiny hair. He let out a groan when he felt the warmth of her mouth and the wetness of her tongue envelope his cock. He felt pressure as she began sucking at his dark, thick shaft. He gripped her head when he felt her fingers cup his nut. He felt more pressure when her hand snuck down and poked at his cock.

Emily giggled when she felt his cock leap in her mouth and stiffen even more. She began bobbing up and down and she felt his cock surge. She knew from past blowjobs, he was about to cum. She pulled back and allowed him to squirt his hot cum all over her face and neck. She smiled up at him. He told her he loved cumming on her face and she was just paying him back for the necklace, now covered in his sperm, as it hung around her neck.

Raj clutched at her head as he felt his cock growing softer. Pulling it from her mouth, he hurried to the bathroom for a warm washcloth. He returned and he began to stiffen.

Emily was lying on her back, her legs were drawn up to her chest and she parted them. He saw she had cleaned most of the cum from her face and she was painting her lips with what remained. She licked her lips clean and then pointed to her pussy.

He knew what she wanted. He climbed up between her wide-spread thighs and began licking and nipping at the tender flesh of her inner thighs. He heard her let out a tiny moan and her hips rocked from side to side. Her movements got a little more urgent then he finally came in contact with her pretty pussy, surrounded by the same color hair that was on her head. He drew her nectar from her wet hole. Dipping his finger in over and over again, he had his fingers drenched in her juices. Every second or third time he pulled out, he coated her puckered hole and pushed the fingertip into her ass. He loved how she drove upward, urging him to go deeper.

Emily was making animal noises as she stiffened and started cumming. She let out a long sigh as she felt her cunt juices trickling out of her wet pussy. She guided him higher and she let out even louder screams when she felt him finally come in contact with her large clit. It was unusually large for such a petite women. She clawed at his head and thrust up to meet his mouth. She dropped back and let out a long sigh, she came again. She rolled her head around and she smiled down at him. Emily ran her fingers through his hair and tugged at him urgently.

Raj knew she wanted his cock. It was once again stiff as can be. He settled between her outstretched legs and gripping his cock, pushed forward and slid easily into her drenched pussy. He loved how her tight pussy clutched at his shaft that was buried deep in her. He began to withdraw; he has very little space to move.

Emily had her slender legs wrapped around his upper thighs and locked her heels there, not allowing him to move. She began peppering his face and neck with kisses and her hips began rocking as she rubbed her huge clit against his thick cock. She humping became ever more urgent when he caught one of her stiff pink nipples between his lips and started to suck.

Raj moved from one tit to the other. He caught her mouth with his and tongue-fucked her mouth. He knew she loved tasting her own juices on his lips and chin. He finally got enough space to begin fucking her at a faster pace.

Emily clawed at his back and her moans got louder as she kissed him back with the same intensity he was fucking her. She let out a grunt and her legs fell to the mattress as she started cumming again. She thrust upward, meeting his vicious fucking and she bit his lip so hard, it drew blood.

Raj let out a grunt and pulled out of her. He rolled her slender body, covered in sweat, onto her belly. Gripping her hips, he urged her to her knees and slid easily back into her. He picked up the pace immediately and looking down stared at her luscious ass; that starred hole winking at him with each thrust and as he drew out, he slapped her ass. He chuckled when he saw her wiggle her ass and pushed back, wanting more. He was close to cumming and knew after tonight, he'd probably lose her. He pulled his cock from her juicy pussy and aimed it at her puckered hole. He pushed gently and watched her ass swallow up the head of his cock.

Emily was grunting as she felt inch after inch slip into her ass. She always loved anal sex and with Raj's thick cock, she could never get enough of it. She lowered her shoulder to the mattress and using the headboard for leverage, she pushed back, meeting his thrusts with ones equally as urgent as his. She wanted more, she wanted it deeper and she wanted it faster. She squirmed around and threw her head back. Driving her tiny ass hard against him, she swallowed up his entire length. She screamed out and continued to moan and groan.

Raj knew she wanted it harder; he began fucking her ass. It easily accepted his cock now and his hands roamed all over her body, wanting it to last, wanting to remember every inch of her. He knew she wouldn't want him without the toys and expensive gifts he gave her. He slapped her ass over and over again. He slid his hand down and played with her clit, but her hand was already there, covered in her juices as she was on the verge of cumming again. He picked up the pace and her grunts got louder. He leaned over her and turning her head, he caught her mouth with his. He kissed her hard and whispered out, "I love you Emily." He knew she couldn't hear him and he started cumming, he came so hard, he saw red. He licked at her full rich lips and his tongue danced across hers.

She let out a grunt when she felt him cumming and it triggered an orgasm she needed. She slumped to the mattress, her sweat covered body trapped to the mattress with his equally sweaty body. She giggled when she felt his cock leap in her ass and slowly shrink and eventually slipped from her ass. She pushed him off and ran to the bathroom to relieve herself and clean up.

He was lying flat on the bed when she returned. He drew her into his arms and they both drifted off to sleep.

The morning came; he acted like he talked on the phone and then told Emily he had to return the car and all of the other presents.

Emily broke up with him and he went over to Penny's where she comforted him. She tried getting him to fuck her again, but he was too in the mood, "I just broke up with Emily and you're hitting on me. Look, Penny, you're great, but I had a long talk with my parents. They said if a date an Indian girl, I get a Maserati." He left and went home to sulk.

Later that week Sheldon and Leonard were at the comic book store checking out a sword from Game of Thrones. They bargained back and forth with Stuart and ended up buying it.

Wil Wheaton came in and invited them to a party he was having. Leonard accepted, but Sheldon was still upset with him. They bickered back and forth and Sheldon refused to talk to Leonard until he came to his senses.

Later while the group was eating dinner Howard came rushing in, "Sorry I'm late. Ugh, I got some great news. NASA picked my team's design for the deep field space telescope that's going on the International Space Station this spring."

Bernie looking hotter than ever, she stood up and gave him a hug, "Howie, that's wonderful! Congratulations!"

He chuckled, "Uh, heh! It gets better. Someone has to go up with the telescope as a payload specialist, and guess who that someone is, heh. It's me; I'm going up in space! Technically, I'm an astronaut."

Bernadette wasn't happy, "Hang on a second, NASA doesn't have a shuttle anymore. How are you gonna get up there?"

"Oh, uh, it's really cool. You fly to Moscow, they take you to Kazakhstan. Then you get in a Russian Soyuz rocket which shoots you into a low earth orbit. Or it just sits on the launch pad because the Kazakhi mafia sold the rocket fuel on the black market, heh."

She's still upset, "Are these Russian rockets safe?"

"Well, safe as it can be, when it was built by the folks who brought you Chernobyl."

Leonard made a toast to celebrate is accomplishment.

Afterwards, on the way back to his house, while Bernie was driving, Howard was excited about his upcoming task. "You're really quiet, is everything okay?"

She grimaced, "Fine, just a little tired."

"I hope not too tired because I'm feeling particularly masculine right now. All systems go, if you catch my drift, heh."

Sarcastically she replied, "I always catch your drift."

"Well, something's obviously bugging you. What is it?"

"It's just I can't believe you signed up for the space program without even talking to me."

"I get it, you're worried about me. That is so sweet. You know, there's a saying we have at NASA. What makes the right stuff so right is that it always comes home?"

She was getting pissed, "Just stop talking, Howard!"

"This isn't the reaction I expected when I told you I was gonna be an astronaut."

"What did you think was gonna happen?"

"Honestly? Sex, huh. Do you realize what a big deal this is? What an honor it is to be chosen to go into space?"

"Yeah, I get it. I just wish you included me in the decision. We're supposed to be partners. We're supposed to be a team."

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