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Big Bang Theory Season 05 Ep. 14-18


Author's note: The series with this episode 14, the series reset the storyline follows the show's story sequence. Except Penny still likes to be dominated and Raj, Sheldon and Leonard are aware of this.

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


Sheldon was sitting on his sofa and presented the first episode of "Fun with Flags. Amy is his trusty sidekick and as they go on and on, Leonard walks in front of the camera, disrupting Sheldon's first episode. "Did you not see we were rolling?"

"I'm sorry; I'm having dinner with Penny. I have to get out of here."

He retorted, "And I have flag knowledge that I have to get out of here," he pointed to his head.

Leonard just stared at him and walked out the door.

Leonard has a nice dinner with Penny and they return from their evening out and Penny told him so, "That was a very nice dinner. I'm glad you asked me out again."

They got to their floor and he replied, "Me too, I missed you."

She replied in a tiny voice, "You see me all the time. You sure you just miss the sex?"

He chuckled; "Well, yeah, sex with you is pretty great. Have you ever tried it? Heh, Heh."

She nodded, "I have, you are not wrong. If we're gonna try dating again, we should take things slow."

"Oh, I can take it slow. Did I ever tell you about my girlfriend in high school, Karen Berberick? To this day she doesn't know we were going out; made it easier on her when I broke things off."

She chuckled, "Okay, well, maybe not that slow."

"How about this: Are you familiar with the typical development for computer software?"

"You know, just for fun, let's say I'm not."

"Before an application is released, they give it a trial run. We could do that. And if we hit a rough spot, instead of getting mad, we say: "Hey, we found a bug" and report it, so it can be fixed."

She stood before her door, "You mean like a beta test?"

"Technically, this would be an alpha test. A beta test requires people that weren't involved in the delevop--"

She broke in, "Seriously? Do I not get credit for knowing beta test?"

He nodded, "No. you should; absolutely. That was me being pedantic. And that's our first bug. You reported it, I can fix that. See? This is good."

She smiled and nodded, "All right. Let's give it a shot."

"Great. You keep a list, I'll keep a list, at some point, we'll exchange."

She smiled again, "Okay, good night, Leonard." She kissed him on the cheek and went into her apartment.

He nodded back, "Night."

The next day, at the university, Sheldon and Raj are in their office. Howard stops by and Raj had a new phone. Howard helped Raj break it in, and Raj instantly falls in love with the voice of Siri.

Howard pokes fun at him right away, "Look at that. There's finally a woman in your life you can talk to."

Raj talks to his phone, "Are you single?"

She replied, "I don't have a marital status, if that's what you're asking."

Raj nods, "Yeah, you're right, that's too personal. We hardly know each other. How about a cup of coffee?"

"I've found six coffee shops. Three of them are fairly close to you."

He got up from his desk, "I will see you gentlemen later." He struts out of the office.

Howard looks to Sheldon, "She is gonna break his heart."

That evening, Amy, Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are watching Dr. Who. Penny turned to Leonard, "We're not counting this as a date, are we?"

He looks confused and replied, "I'm—I'm not sure, but I think the right answer here is no.

She frowns, "Bug report: When a guy asks me to spend time with him, he usually plans something more interesting than hanging out at home, watching TV."

He points to the TV, "Even Doctor Who?"

She nods, "Even Doctor Who."

He clamps his hands together, "Okay, bug report taken. Next time, I will have a better plan for our evening's activity."

"Well, thank you. "I'll see you tomorrow." She got up to leave and he hopped up, "Yeah, oh, wait, here, almost forgot." He hands her a paper. She takes it, "What's this?"

"My bug report to you."

She opens it up and it's full on an 11x14 sheet of paper. She looks it up and down, "Well, it's quite a list you got there."

He pointed out, "It's color-coded. Red means, fix right away. Yellow is, whenever you get a chance and green is, I could probably learn to live with it. There's a key down here at the bottom. It's neat, huh?"

She holds her temper and replied, "YeP"! With the emphasis on the P in yep.

He looks to her and said, "So have a good night."

She nods and continues to read the list and replied again "YeP!" accenting the P again. She turns and leaves the apartment.

He closes the door and turns to Amy and Sheldon, "Look at that. Someday, we will tell future generations that dating used to be hard."

Amy looks up as he moves across the room, "What's baffling me is that you could have possibly put on the list. Hair too golden? Laugh too musical? World too much a better place for her mere presence in it?"

Sheldon breaks in, "How about constantly talks with food in her mouth?"

Amy shakes her head, "Her heart's full of love, no one cares what's in her mouth."

Back in Raj's apartment he's on the couch talking to Siri again, "So Siri, what's happening? How are you?"

His phone chimes, "I am well."

"What are you doing right now?"

Chimes, "What am I doing? I'm talking with you."

"You have a beautiful voice."

Chimes, "Thank you, it's nice to be appreciated."

He scoffs, "I bet it is. Why don't women like me?"

Chimes, "Let me check on that. How about a web search for "Why don't women like me?"

"Well, no need, I've already down that. Uh, Siri, do you have a last name?"

"Chimes, "My name is Siri."

"Ah, one name, like Cher, Madonna, Adele. All the women who rock me. My name is Rajesh, but you can call me Raj."

Chimes, "Would you like me to call you "Raj"?"

"I'd like you to call me "sexy"."

Chimes, "From now on, I'll call you "Sexy," Okay?"

He smiles, "OOOOkay!"

The next evening Leonard knocked on Penny's door and she yells, "It's open, come on in." She's sitting on her couch reading a book.

He opens the door, "Hey, you ready to go?"

"Yeah, just hang on, let me finish this chapter."

"Well, can't you finish it later?"

"No, I can't. Reading books is a big part of my life now because, you know:" She picks up his bug report, "We'll have more fun things to talk about" if I read more."

He taken aback a little, "Great, good, great, what are you reading?"

She picks up the book and shows him, "Two weeks to rock-hard abs."

He comes in, "All right, look, just remember how this works. We don't get mad about these things. Speaking of which, I've addressed your bug report on my date planning. I've got a really fun evening for you. It's kind of a surprise."

She looked at him, "All right, terrific. Let me just go find a pair of shoes that aren't so tall." She picked up the report again, "We wouldn't want you to feel like you were "Out for a walk with your mommy!" Just as she's about to get up, she taps a paper on the coffee table, "Oh, here's my list for you, right there."

He picks it up and begins to read it, "All right, fair enough. I certainly can be quieter when we kiss. I thought it was an expression of passion, but if it's coming across as juicy and weird, who wants that?"

They arrived at their surprise outing, a gun range and Penny was impressed, "This is amazing. How did you even get this idea?"

"I called your dad. I asked what things you liked to do when you were a kid. This seemed easier than getting a cow out here so you could tip it."

She laughed, "Okay, you're kind of really great."

"You mean for a person whose neck massages, feel like an eagle is trying to carry you to its nest?"

She bit her lip, "Okay, bug report, I complimented you. You should take it and shut up."

He nodded, "Right, sorry, sorry."

"And stop apologizing all the time."

"Right, sorry."

She picks up the gun, "All right, let's shoot stuff. Do you want me to show you what to do?"

"I play a lot of "Grand Theft Auto" I think I know how to handle a gat."

"Wow, you are cute when you get all gangsta." She leaned in and gave him a big kiss. All of a sudden his gun went off and he shot his shoe.

They returned to the apartment and he's hobbling up the stairs, "So I've got a gunshot would. That's pretty bad ass."

"No, you've got a Reebok with a gunshot wound and an ouchie on your pinkie toe."

"Hello? They gave me a Band-Aid. Hospitals do not issue Band-Aids unless it is medically necessary. That is the law."

She giggled, "Well, thank you for a really cool evening."

"Is it a good time to evaluate the beta test and see where we stand?"

She smiles at him, "Things are looking good."

"So are we still taking things slow? Because a gunshot would today, last week I slammed my thumb in the kitchen drawer. We don't know how much time I have."

She bit her lower lip in a sexy manner, she leaned in and kissed him, "Good night, you."

Raj was dressed in a sharp suit, burgundy shirt and dark tie. He had a dozen red roses and talked to the guard and he was instructed to use the first door on the left. Before he entered, he took a big swig of booze from his flask and opening the door, he walked in.

He stood there and he's in Siri's (Becky O'Donohue) office. She's speaking to someone, "I found six vacuum-cleaner repair shops in your area. Four are fairly close to you." He cleared his throat and she turns to see him. She's absolutely beautiful. Her long red hair is wavy and fell hallway down her back. Her face is angelic and her body is even better. She's wearing a black leather and silk dress, with a plunging neckline.

She stands and walks toward him, "Hello, Sexy, what can I help you with? If you'd like to make love to me just tell me."

He nods, and squeaks out, "Yes, yes I would Darling."

She's several inches taller than he is. She reaches down and untied the leather belt around her waist. "I heard you love to dominate women, if you would, after you take off my clothes, bind my hands with this belt and do with me as you wish."

He put his hands on her hips and moved them upward, across her low jacket and quickly unbuttoned her jacket. Her large firm tits came spilling out. He watched her throw her long red hair around and fluttered down around her tits and down her back. He reached up and grabbed hold of her luscious, thick hair. He closed his hands in her luxurious hair and pulled her face to his.

She ground her mouth to his; she was like a woman possessed. Her tongue slipped out and ran along his lips. She slipped it in between them and finding his she danced around and let Raj suck on it. She pulled back, "I hope you can suck pussy as well as you suck on my tongue. She kissed him again and reaching back, unzipped her skirt, it fell to her feet and she kicked it aside. She skimmed out of her panties and stood before him in only her high-heeled black shoes. She raised one extremely long leg and hooked it around his hip and began grinding her pussy against him. She pulled back and worked on his pants. Looking up at him with her gorgeous blue eyes, she whispered out, "Strip off your coat and shirt, I'll get these off."

Raj toed off his shoes and he felt his pants hit the floor. His jockey shorts followed as he struggled out of his shirt and tie. She pushed him over to one of the chairs behind him and kneeling down, she enveloped his thick, dark cock between her rich, red lips. He closed his eyes if he didn't he knew he would cum way too soon. He buried his hands in her luscious locks. He loved combing his fingers through them. It offered a barrier or he would be able to see her mouth swallow up his cock. Just the feel of her wicked tongue and lips sliding all about his cock was enough. He knew if he could see it, he would definitely fill her mouth with his load. He felt her mouth release his cock and suck on his balls.

Siri sucked hard on them and releasing them, she drove her tongue deep into his asshole. She stabbed at it over and over again, all the while, she stroked his cock. She felt him grow stiffer and swell up; she knew he was about to cum. She closed her lips around his thick cock again and sucked. All of a sudden her mouth was filled with his load. She swallowed furiously and didn't miss a drop. She popped his cock from her mouth and left a trail of saliva, mixed with his cum up to his mouth. She kissed him wildly again and fed him some of his cum. She pulled back and swallowed, "I figured if you taste some of your cum, you'd let me taste mine after you eat my pussy. Get up and let me take your place."

Raj jumped up and guided her to the chair. He gripped her two finely shaped legs and threw them over the arms of the chair. He pulled her forward until her tailbone rested on the edge of the chair. He dove in and began eating and sucking at her oozing pussy. He looked up and Siri's mouth was gaping open, he saw a trace of his cum on her tongue and lips. She guided her fingers to her tits and watched as she twisted and tugged at her pencil-eraser sized nipples. He shoved three fingers into her and he barely made them halfway in, she was that tight. He worked them in and out several times, and attacked her clit with his lips and tongue at the same time. He finally managed to work them in and scraping against her inner wall of her pussy, he teased her g-spot and she thrust her hips upward, she started to squirt, covering his face, wrist and arm with her creamy, slimy juices.

Siri clutched at his head as she humped his face and hand. She was sweating, her gorgeous hair stuck to her forehead as she squirmed on the chair. She pulled at his head and he, just like she did, left a trail upward of her slimy juices and his saliva. He paused at her ripe, red nipples and sucked and teased them until they were so hard, they could cut diamonds. He ran his tongue along her long graceful neck and then caught her plush lips with his. Their mouths met in a heated kiss and he fed her the cream he had all over his face and mouth.

Raj rose up and pulling her to her feel, guided her over to her work board. He pushed her over and she began talking to a customer. He gripped his cock and slapping her luscious ass several times; he shoved forward and buried his cock, balls deep in her juicy cunt.

She threw off her headset and planted her head on the work table. She pushed back and took all he could give her. Her extremely long red hair flew all about, she arched her back when Raj gathered up her hair and fisted it in one hand, he pulled back, driving his cock into her at the same time.

He reached back and grabbed hold of her leather belt. He grabbed one hand and tied it around her wrist. He grabbed the other hand and pulled it back too. He tied them together and gripping her hair in one hand and her hands in the other, he began pounding in and out of her luscious body. He was beyond excited; he felt her juices running down his cock and balls and dripped to the floor. He pulled harder on her hair and twisting her head around, he captured her mouth. Raj kissed her with so much passion, he through he was going to pass out.

Siri, screamed out, "Fuck me Sexy; fill my cunt with your dark seed. Breed me; make a bunch of little Siris." She giggled, that even sounds Indian, breed me and make more Siris." She kissed him and grunted into his mouth as she felt an orgasm course through her gorgeous body.

Raj released her hair and pulling hard on her wrists, he slapped her ass as he pounded her harder and harder. He felt her cumming and he drove into her one more time and held it there. He felt his balls tighten and them he began filling her pussy with his seed. Shot after shot fill her and joined with her eggs to make baby Siris.

After a minute or so, he untied her, turned her around and she dropped to her knees and licked the mixture of both of their orgasm. She sucked him clean. Getting up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and fed him their mixture. She kissed him one more time and picked up her clothes and dressed as she sat back down at her work table, she turned to him and Chimed, "Wake up sexy and take your penis out of your fist."

All of a sudden Raj jumped up from his couch, his cock in hand and his cum covered his fist and pants. He screamed out, "Noooooooo!"

The next night Sheldon had an emergency drill in the apartment, Leonard failed the drill and was so upset; he signed Sheldon's I-pad and no longer had to follow the roommate agreement.

That night Sheldon returned home, seeing Leonard no longer had to drive him everywhere, he tried to get Amy, Penny or Howard to drive him around. He struck out on all efforts.

The next night Leonard was watching TV and the power went out, Sheldon really turned the circuit breakers off in the basement.

All of a sudden Penny came running into his apartment, "Oh good, your power is out too."

Leonard came over to the door, "Why is that good?"

She let out a sigh, "Because last month, I sent the electric company a Starbucks gift card, an apology note and a few snapshots of me in a bra."

Sheldon came running in, "Power failure, implementing power failure protocol. Please try not to see anything by this light. It's not for you."

Leonard wasn't falling for any of his crap. "It's just a blackout, I'm sure the power will be back soon."

Penny came in further to the room, "I've got candles in my apartment."

Sheldon chastised her, "Candles? During a blackout? Are you mad? That's a fire hazard. No, Pasadena Water and Power recommends the far safer glow stick." He pulled out the tiny glow sticks, the length of his fingers.

Leonard came out of the storage closet and had his three foot long light saber. He turned it on and swung it towards Sheldon, "You call that a glow stick? Now this is a glow stick."

Penny was smiling from ear to ear, she turned to him, come on, let's go. I've got wine at my place and some bubble wrap we could pop."

He turned and followed her to her apartment, leaving Sheldon there alone, his trick to have Leonard reinstate the "Roommate Agreement" failed.

Penny had candles lit all over her apartment. They were seated on her sofa and he raised his glass to toast, "To wine and bubble wrap. And to not having to watch Sheldon demonstrate his reverse osmosis machine that converts urine into drinking water."

She popped some bubble wrap and smiled. She was wearing a low-cut purple pullover and jeans. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, exposing her long slender neck and half of her shoulders were left bare. She took a sip of her wine, "You know, in Girl Scouts, Tammie Dieesha said you could do that with panty hose. Boy was she wrong." She took another gulp of her wine. She put her glass down and turned towards him, "Anyway, you wanna make out?"

Leonard immediately perked up, "I thought because our relationship's in a beta test, you wanted to take things slow."

She bit her lip, "Okay, do you wanna make out slow?"

He set his glass down, "I can go so slow it'll be like there's a snail in your mouth."

She scrunched up her nose, "Oh...Lucky for you there's nothing else to do right now." She leaned in and her lips met his. Her lips parted and her tongue darted out and finding his open, she snuck right in and began dueling with his. Her hand dropped the bubble wrap and placing her hand on his knee; she slid upward and closed around his rapidly stiffening cock.

All of a sudden Sheldon came barging in, "Excuse me, Leonard."

He pulled back from Penny, "Since when don't you knock? It's like the only good thing about you."

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