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Big Bang Theory Season 06 Ep. 02


Author's note: The series continues with this season 6, episode 2. The series reset the storyline, but follows the show's story sequence.

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


Things between Leonard and Penny were better, but she was still on shaky ground when it came to their relationship. She backed off a little with the sex between them both, but she was still horny.

A couple days after the threesome Bernadette had with Raj and Sheldon, something she kept from Amy, especially when it was done on the evening of their first anniversary, she was in Penny's apartment. They were going over the wedding gifts she received and was listing them to send out thank you notes. She opened the next gift, it was a gravy boat.

Penny wrote it down, "Okay, one gravy boat."

Amy chuckled, "That's from Sheldon. He told me he had it engraved."

Bernadette turned it over, "Oh yeah, "In the event of a divorce please return to Sheldon Cooper."

Penny added to the list, "One inappropriate, yet I wish I thought of that, gravy boat." Penny got up for more wine. She couldn't take her eyes off of Bernadette's legs or partially exposed breasts. Ever since the wedding night debacle, she had a itching to try and sample Bernadette. She could see Amy saw Bernie in a new light too.

Bernie turned to Amy, "So do you actually see you and Sheldon getting married someday?"

"Not just someday in exactly four years. But don't tell Sheldon, he's still a flight risk."

Bernadette turned to Penny who returned with another bottle of wine, "What about you, Penny?"

She sat down and filled the glasses, "What about me, what?"

In a quiet voice Bernie replied, "Do you think you and Leonard might ever get married?"

She was cornered, "Oh, well, you know, Leonard is great." She left it at that.

Bernie pushed the issue, "But do you think you'll ever get married?"

She tried to change the subject, "He's a sweetie!"

Amy cut in, "You're not answering the question. Do you love him?"

In a disgusted tone she replied, "Yeah, sure, of course I love him."

Bernie added, "It doesn't sound like it."

In a defensive tone she replied, "Well, I do!"

"Did you tell him that?"

She shook her head, "No, he'd just take it the wrong way."

Amy started piling on, "What does that mean?"

"It means he is special and smart, and nice, and....."

Bernie cut her off, "Are you gonna break up with him?"

Penny was cornered and after her concerns how she loved how he dominated her, she wasn't sure, "NO! Maybe, I don't know!"

Bernie was concerned, "I had no idea you were unhappy. Is it still because of my wedding night?"

"That's the thing, I'm not. I'm not unhappy at all. It's just, I don't know, I've been in love before but it felt different. But maybe this is a new, better, boring kind of love. He's really good in the sack, especially the way he can be so forceful, but out of the sack, we have very little in common. Do you feel that way with Howard?"

Bernie giggled, "That's not a good comparison, I'm actually married to a sexy Buzz Lightyear!"

She turned to Amy, "Amy, you?"

"Can't help you there. Whenever I'm around Sheldon, I feel like my loins are on fire. In the good way, not the urinary tract infection way."

Bernie let it slip, "Yeah, I know, he is something?"

Amy looked to her, "Oh yeah, how would you know, Bernadette?"

She cleared her throat, "Oh, remember the wedding night?"

Amy looked at her, "Yeah, well I'll give you that one."

Bernie bit her lip and let out a long breath of air and thought to herself, "Gotta watch it there, girl!"

Penny changed the subject and poured more wine, before long she had enough in Bernadette to make her move. Sitting beside her, she topped off Bernie's glass, but overfilled it and spilled some all over Bernie dress. She hurried to the kitchen for a washcloth. She came back and started wiping the wine from her dress. She continued and increased the pressure on her breasts.

Bernie bit her lip and drew in a deep breath. She looked at Penny, her eyes focused on Penny's full, rich lips. Like a moth to a lightbulb, she was attracted and leaning over, placed her lips on Penny's. Their lips parted and as their tongues danced from one to the other.

Amy leaped from her chair and took a seat on the other side of Bernie. Her lips stopped just inches from Bernie's. Bernie felt Amy's breath on her skin. Amy leaned in and pressed her lips to Bernie's.

Bernie closed her eyes as both Penny and Amy began kissing her. Penny's fingers traced along Bernie's neck and pushing her hair aside, she leaned in and nibbled at the sensitive flesh there.

Amy pulled away and Bernie looked towards Penny. She grabbed Penny's hand and wrapped her soft lips around Penny's fingertips, caressing them with her tongue and sucking lightly.

Penny applied even more pressure to Bernie's neck and gently pushed the elastic of her bodice off one shoulder. She rained kisses along her shapely shoulder and moved lower to the upper swell of her heaving breasts.

Amy wanted in on the action and stripping off her sweater and blouse, she went in and began doing exactly the same to the other side of Bernie. She was a few steps behind and as she pushed her golden hair aside, she nipped and kissed Bernie's ear and down along her neck.

Bernie was shivering from the attention she was getting from her two female friends. She ran her one hand through Penny's long blonde hair as she managed to slide her other hand down Amy's bare back and deftly popped open her bra. She managed to slip it off and reaching around, she cupped Amy's full breast and drop the bra to the floor.

Just then Amy's phone went off and she let out a scream, "What does Sheldon want now?"

Bernie groaned out, "Oh shit, let it ring, stay put! How do you know it's Sheldon?"

Amy reached for the phone, "I programmed that ringtone just for him, now hush while I try and blow him off." She answered the phone, "Sorry Sheldon, I was in the bathroom, what do you want?" She listened to him go on and on. She let out a groan, "Okay, give me ten minutes and I'll be there." She hung it up and looked to her two blonde friends who were still going at it. "Sorry, but I have to go, he needs me to check his testicles. He said they are swollen ever since the wedding night party. I just may get lucky. I'm gonna go freshen up and get dressed, boy I was just getting into this Lesbo threesome too, hopefully I'll get the chance at one of you two soon, bye!"

Bernie pulled away from Penny and whispered to her, "I want you Penny!"

Penny kissed her passionately, pulling and biting on her lips as she guided Bernie's back on the couch.

When Bernie's back rested against the back cushion in the corner, Penny dropped to her knees on the floor. Penny put her hands on Bernadette's knees and slid her hands up along Bernie's thighs. Penny moved under Bernie's skirt, hooking her thumbs under her panties and slid them off.

Bernie smiled as Penny stood up and pulled her top off over her head. Penny's jeans followed, dropping them to the floor. Bernie's clit throbbed as her eyes traced over the lush curves of Penny's body.

Penny slipped her bra straps from her shoulders; she quickly freed her large, firm breasts. She hooked her fingers under the waistband of her panties and let them slip to the floor.

Bernadette licked her lips and looked up at Penny with those sexy blue eyes, "My God Penny, you are gorgeous. She extended her arms, welcoming Penny to come and join her on the sofa.

Penny licked her lips and shook her head no. She settled onto her knees and urged Bernie's legs apart once again. She ran her long, Nebraska man-hands up Bernie's naked thighs, taking the skirt of her dress along as she slid higher and higher.

Bernie welcomed her hands and thrust her hips upward, landing her butt on the edge of the cushion. She drew in a deep breath when she felt Penny's fingers trace the moist lips of her tight-lipped pussy. She let out a loud grunt when she felt Penny's fingers press against her outer lips and felt her cuntlips being parted. She reached up and slipped the top of her dress off her shoulders and down around her waist, freeing her huge tits.

Penny spread Bernie's cuntlips even further apart. She lowered her head and planted several wet kisses along Bernie's inner thighs, stopping just short of her quaking pussy. Penny pursed her lips and blew softly on Bernadette's stiff, blood red clit.

Bernie closed her eyes and let out a grunt and arched her hips upward, trying to make contact, Penny's breath wasn't enough. She clutched at Penny's silky hair and whispered out, "Oh please, Penny, lick it!"

Penny barely touched Bernie's clit with her lips. She placed a tiny kiss there and she smiled when she felt Bernie's entire lower body tense up. She heard Bernie's moans and groans urging her to eat her pussy.

Bernie's fingers tightened in Penny's hair and looked to see Amy fully dressed and her hand was under her skirt, playing with her own pussy. She smiled and nodded and saw Amy shake from a tiny orgasm. She saw her lower her skirt, smooth out her clothes and leave the apartment. She returned her focus on what Penny was doing. The sensation Penny was inflicting on her pussy was like nothing she ever experienced before. She could feel her cunt juices leaking out and being licked and sucked up by Penny's active and experienced mouth.

Penny moved her hands up Bernie's body and over her full, firm tits. She caught both of Bernie's ripe nipples between her fingers as she slipped her tongue between Bernie's quivering cuntlips.

Bernadette thought her entire body was on fire, as Penny teased her breasts and her soft lips and tongue probed her pussy.

Penny mauled Bernie's tits, tugging and twisting her huge nipples. She was used to having men play with them, but Penny was taking it to a new level. She wanted more; she groaned out to Penny, "Harder, oh please Penny! Harder, make them ache!" She let out a grunt as she did as she was told and suddenly Bernie was on the verge of an orgasm.

Penny flicked her tongue over Bernie's clit, as she twisted and pulled at her nipples.

Bernie needed a cock; she wanted her cunt filled, but settled for Penny's tongue, pulling Penny's active mouth tighter to her quaking pussy.

As if she knew it, Penny replaced her tongue with two fingers. She rubbed her clit and finding her dripping hole, shoved them in to the second knuckle

Bernie arched her back and let out a gurgling sound, "Oh Yesss Penny, deeper, fuck my hungry cunt with your fingers!" She looked down through her steamy glasses and saw Penny's face glistening with her juices; it sent her over the top as a second, even stronger orgasm wracked her tiny body. She was gasping for air as she combed her fingers thought Penny's tousled hair and watched as Penny planted several soft, wet kisses on her satisfied pussy. With every kiss, Bernie felt a bolt of electricity shoot through her body again. She fell back against the sofa and let out a loud groan of satisfaction, "Mmmmm, Penny, I never came so hard or cum twice in such a short period of time, you're amazing." She pulled Penny from the floor and they met in a passionate kiss that instantly rekindled the flames in her exhausted pussy. She peppered Penny's face with tiny kisses, tasting her own juices as she closed her lips over Penny's again. She combed the damp hair from her cheek, "I wanna do that to you now Penny, I wanna watch your face as I make you cum."

Penny chuckled, "It won't be hard, while I was licking you at the end; my other hand was getting my motor running." She guided Bernie's tiny hand between her legs and planted it directly over her dripping snatch.

Bernadette drew in a deep breath; she felt the soft, wet lips. She tugged at Penny's large, fleshy lips and slid her fingers upward, uncovering her large, stiff clit. She kissed Penny harder as she felt Penny release more juices, coating her fingers as she teased her clit and slipped two fingers in-between Penny's fleshy folds.

Penny clutched at her arm and began humping her hand, "Mmmm, I can tell this isn't your first pussy, is it?"

Bernadette giggled, I'm not saying, I know I just do what I like having done to my own kitty." She pumped her fingers in and out, never taking her lips off of Penny's. She smiled against Penny's lips when she felt Penny's legs spread open wider. She pulled away, "Oh Fuck, Penny, you're so wet, I have to taste you. You ate my pussy, now turn-about is fair play." She continued to finger-fuck Penny as she began working her way down Penny's lush body. She stopped and sucked and nipped at Penny's luscious tits, "Mmmm, let me see if I can make you squirm the way you made me!" She flicked her tongue back and forth like a lizard, and she did, Penny squirmed around, pushing her tit flesh harder against Bernie's active mouth.

Penny was gasping for air. She tightened her hands in Bernadette's golden, curly hair and moved her to the other tit, before pushing her downward. She wanted Bernie's mouth on her pussy. She loved how Bernie's fingers were keeping her on the edge, but after feeling how her tongue treated her nipples, she wanted it on her clit and pussy.

Bernie followed Penny's urging and drifted downward to her pussy. She stiffened her tongue and pulling her drenched fingers out, she darted her stiff tongue as deep as she could into Penny's quaking pussy.

Penny let out a loud scream as Bernie's cum coated fingers found her puckered hole and as she shoved her tongue into her pussy and her fingers in her ass, she was finished. She arched her back and screamed out, "I'm cummmmmming Bernie, holy shit, I'm cumming hard!"

Bernie lapped at the secretions released by Penny and closing her mouth over Penny's dripping hole; she sucked hard, sending Penny into yet another glorious orgasm. She danced across Penny's stiff clit as she felt her orgasm continue. She shoved a finger up her ass as she cradled her gorgeous ass cheeks in her hands.

Penny was exhausted; she fell back to the sofa in a crash. She rolled from side to side, trying to escape the onslaught of Bernie's mouth and hands. She managed to corral her hands and tugging at them, she drew her tiny body over hers. She wrapped her arms around Bernie and hugged her hard, raining kisses all over her face, sucking and licking her own cunt juices from Bernadette's messy face.

Bernie kisses her back; stroking Penny's disheveled hair from her face and pressing her sweaty, cum stained tits against Penny's equally sweaty tits.

The two of them soon found themselves flat on the sofa, Bernadette's tiny, lush body cradled against Penny's larger, lush body. Penny pulled a knit blanket that was on the back of the sofa over the two of them, "Might as well spend the night Bernie, Howard's still in space missing all of this.

The next evening the group went to the movies and Amy let it slip to Sheldon that Penny wasn't sure about her relationship with Leonard. He was upset when he heard this and wanted to tell Leonard, but Amy made him promise to keep it quiet till Penny decided. This did not sit right with Sheldon. He kept it from Leonard, but had to confront Penny.

He went to her apartment and tried the doorknob and it was unlocked. He quietly entered her apartment and snuck into her bedroom. He was about to wake her when he looked down and saw how skimpily she was dressed. He stood there and absently opened his robe and began stroking his huge cock. He thought about his night with Raj and Bernadette and got even hornier. He knew she was thinking about ending it with Leonard and wondered if he could knock off a piece with her first. He stood there stroking his cock, "My Lord, I just can't get enough pussy, ever since that vixen Amy Farrah Fowler tricked me in that Star Trek uniform. Maybe I can persuade her to stay with Leonard first and then get something as a reward." He accidentally kicked the nightstand and a glass tipped over waking Penny up. He stood there, cock out and Penny jumped up and screamed. He screamed too, cock in hand and looking at her practically bare body.

She reached over and turned on the lamp. She stared at his cock as he tried to stuff it back in his pajamas, "What the fuck, Sheldon?" She put her hand to her chest and it drew his gaze, "What are you doing in my bedroom? How did you even get in, you weirdo?"

"Weirdo, yeah, yeah, really? I've seen strange men traipsing in and out of here for years, but when I do it, it's weird?"

She turned to him and glared up, "What do you want, Sheldon?"

"I was up and thought we could talk, seeing you were up."

She rolled her eyes, "Talk about what?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe why Leonard is such an attractive and desirable boyfriend?"

She gave him the evil eye and through clench teeth called out, "Sheldon!"

"Did you know that while Leonard is not considered a tall fellow in our country, in today's North Korea, he's downright average. Talk about a keeper."

She took a deep breath, "Okay, what did Amy tell you?"

He rolled his head, "Oh, very well, I can't keep up this clever charade any longer. She told me that you were thinking of ending it with Leonard."

She rolled her eyes, "Okay, listen to me It's sweet you're trying to protect your friend, but this is none of your business. Got it?"

"Excuse me; this is not about protecting my friend." He sat down beside her and his still stiff cock poked out of his pajamas. She rolled away, but couldn't take her eyes off his huge, stiff cock. He tried to cover his cock and continued, "I'm a big fan of homeostasis. Do you know what that is?"

In a high voice she blurted out, "OF COURSE NOT!"

"Homeostasis refers to a system's ability to regulate its internal environment. Yeah, and maintain a constant condition of properties like temperature or pH."

Sarcastically she replied, "Worst bedtime story ever."

"My point is, I don't like when things change. Like when Amy tricked me into having sex. It completely changed my outlook on life. I'm constantly looking at women and wondering what it would be like to have coitus with them. Just like I was earlier, when I was watching you sleep. So, regardless of your feelings, I would like you to continue dating Leonard. And also, while we're on the subject, you recently changed your shampoo. I'm not comfortable with the new scent. Will you please stop this madness and go back to green apple?"

She hung her head, "Okay, honey, I have a lot to figure out. And until I do, you are not to say a word to Leonard. Do you understand?"

He nodded, "I do. You clear on the shampoo issue?"

She screamed, "Get out!" She rolled over and turned off the light and let out a big sigh.

He turned and his robe opened, his stiff cock winked at her. "Penny!"

She groaned out, "What?"

"Please don't hurt my friend."

She rolled over and licked her lips, she was staring at his cock, it was leaking and she knew he wanted her. She drew in a deep breath, "That is the last thing I want to do."

He took a step closer to the bed and whispered, "Thank you, now you know how I was talking about how Amy had changed my mating habits?"

She licked her lips and scooted closer to his exposed cock. She bit her lower lip and whispered out, "Yea, Sheldon, what about it?"

He placed one knee on her bed and leaned in, "Well I was wondering.............Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Penny's mouth opened and enveloped the head of his cock. Her tongue flicked out and ran around the fat crown. She popped her lips off and pointed to him, "Not a word to either Leonard or Amy, you got that?"

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