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Big Bang Theory Season 06 Ep. 04


Author's note: The series continues with this season 6, episode 4. The series doesn't reset, but follows the show's story sequence.

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


Howard returned to Earth from the space station. At the airport Bernadette was so fucking horny. She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her huge tits against his chest.

Howard was horny too. Watching Bernie fuck his friends he kissed her hard and shoved his tongue down her throat. His hands left her waist and slid to the hem of her dress. He ran his hands up her black tights and was pleased to find they were only thigh high, with no panties on either. He cupped her naked ass and immediately noticed how wet she was. "Come on Bernie, let's get back home and fuck."

She giggled, "I'm got gonna make it home, you drive. I have a special treat for you."

They got in the car and before they were out of the airport parking structure, Bernie had his pants open and had his cock in her hand. She stroked it several times and looked up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes and giggled, "Have you gotten larger Howie?"

He chuckled, "Yep, I think it grew and inch or inch and a half."

She leaned in and licked it, "Mmmm, I think you need to go back into space a couple more times, you'll be nearly as large as Sheldon then. As they entered the freeway, she had him stiff and halfway home, she was already drinking down his heavy, hot load. She pulled away, "There, got the first one out of the way, now we can get into bed and you can fuck me without cumming three seconds after getting in me. I wanna fuck all afternoon and evening. My Lord Howie, you sure had a large load there, I could hardly get it all in my mouth."

Back at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, they were setting up two large whiteboards to play Pictionary.

Leonard took off his jacket and turned to the group. "All right, Pictionary, what are the teams?"

Penny stood there, in a tight pair of black slacks, and a bright red blouse. The blouse had several silver snaps up the front. Her long blonde hair was piled high atop her head. She looked to Sheldon, "How about boys versus girls?" Sheldon scoffed, "Oh, that hardly seems fair, but I guess any team I'm not on had a decided disadvantage."

She threw up her hands, "Unbelievable! So what are the stakes?"

He smiled, Yeah, I know. I'm not very good at betting, any suggestions?"

She giggled, "Yeah, how about the loser of each round loose an article of clothing. We all need to start with removing our shoes. What do you think?" They all agreed and removed their shoes. She picked up the first card and looking at it, turned to Sheldon, "All right, round one, here!"

He looked at it, "Got it."

She put it down, "Okay, ready, set, go!" They both started drawing. Before long Penny had a box drawn with a ribbon and Amy blurted out, "A present."

Penny hopped up and down, "Yes, we win, remove an article of clothing, both of you."

Sheldon looked to Leonard, "How could you not get that?"

Leonard looked at the board, "How is that a present?"

Sheldon scoffed, "Not a present, but THE present. See there are the four of us and we're drawing and playing Pictionary, in THE PRESENT!"

Penny shook her head, "I'm gonna kill him. Okay guys, remove an article of clothing. Amy, Leonard, you're up next."

Both Sheldon and Leonard removed their socks. Leonard picked up the pen and began drawing, so did Amy. Sheldon blurted out nonsense and Amy drew nearly what Leonard had and Penny yelled out, "A chocolate chip cookie!"

Amy jumped up and down, "Yes, we win again, strip guys!"

Sheldon looked to Leonard, "If you wanna draw a cookie, you need to draw a glass of milk with it!"

They both took off their shirts and Sheldon and Penny were up next. Penny sat there shaking her head. Amy looked to her, "Aren't you gonna draw?"

Penny chuckled, "Not yet, we got this in the bag, I just wanna watch a bit."

Sheldon drew three sausages, the solar system and a lady on her back with smoke coming out of her belly.

Penny stood up and quickly drew a hand, fingernails and colored them in.

Amy yelled out, "Polish!"

Penny jumped up and down, "Yes, we win again."

Sheldon shook his head, "No, no, it's not polish, it's Polish! See Leonard, Polish Sausage; a model of the solar system developed by Nicolaus Copernicus, a Polish astronomer. And if that isn't enough, here is Madan Curie who was Polish by birth dying after discovering radium."

Penny picked up the card, "Sorry Sheldon, look it's a small "P" polish, not Polish. Time to lose more clothes, we won again."

Sheldon looked at the card, "Oh, well I guess we were both at fault this time Leonard." They both lost their pants and now stood there in t-shirts and shorts.

Sheldon looked to the group, "Time for another game."

Penny chuckled, "We'll kick your ass in any game you choose, we're on a roll. Hey Sheldon, you're always full of little facts. Where did the expression "got you ass handed to you" come from?"

He sat there in his t-shirt and tighty-whities his arms crossed, "I don't know."

She giggled, "I wonder if it's from, like, ancient Rome, where they'd actually chop someone's ass off and they go, "Here". You know, to appease Loseroneous, the god of losers."

He was fuming, "I'm not a loser. Pictionary is not a true test of any real intelligence or skill."

Leonard stepped in, dressed only in t-shirt and boxers, "In all fairness, Pictionary has verbal skills, visual skills. A pretty well-rounded game."

Sheldon scoffed, "Lot of talk from a man who can't draw a chocolate chip cookie."

Penny stepped in, "Fine, pick another game. Amy and I will kick your ass."

Sheldon came out of the kitchen, "All right, let's play...Physics Fiesta."

Penny crossed her arms, "Oh, come on. What is that?"

"It's a game I just invented in which the participants answer physics questions in remedial Spanish. Uh...Donde esta el boson de Higgs?"

Leonard looked at him and responded, "En el acelerador de particules."

Sheldon chuckled, "Bueno, mi amigo." He looked to Penny, see we won."

Penny shook her head, "No, no, we're not playing some dumb, made-up game."

Sheldon replied, "All games are made up. We won, remove some clothes."

Penny looked to Amy, "Okay we'll let them have one." She whispered in Amy's ear, "Remove your tights!"

Amy sucked in her breath, "I can't I'm not wearing panties under my tights." Penny chuckled, "That's okay, I'm not wearing panties either, now off with them. We can win all of the remaining games. We'll distract the hell out of them." She stepped back and teased the two nerds as she removed her slacks and she was naked and totally bare beneath them.

Amy reached under her jean skirt and slipped out of her tights. The gusset was damp from watching Sheldon parade around in his jockey shorts. She tossed them to him and he caught them.

"Aw yucky Amy, you soiled your tights again.

She giggled, "All your fault Sheldon."

Back at the Wolowitz apartment Howard was naked on the bed, the covers were pulled back and he was lying back on the huge pillows, stroking his cock in anticipation of Bernadette coming out of the bathroom.

She came out, her long blonde hair flowing over her half naked body. She was wearing a brief navy blue nightie covered in red polka dots. It ended a third of the way down her slender, naked legs. She stopped and stared at his naked body. She bit her lower lip and slowly slid the straps off her shoulders and tugging at the nighty, her huge firm breasts came out to play.

Howie stroked his cock harder and whispered out, "Oh my God, Bernie, I missed that luscious body of yours, get on the bed here, I wanna fuck you into tomorrow." He pulled her to the bed and planted her on her back. In doing so, her long, sexy blonde hair came tumbling down around her face, shoulders and breasts. She stared up at him with those beautiful blue eyes. She licked her lips and bit down on her lower lip. Her arms were extended and she called out to him, "Take me Howie, claim your wife!"

He lowered his slender body to hers and felt her lush curves mold his body. He combed his fingers through her hair, sweeping the golden locks from her face and neck. He began raining kisses all over her face, neck and ears. He had her breathing heavily before long. His lips covered hers and for the next several minutes he concentrated on kissing her plush lips. They teased one another, their tongues danced back and forth from one mouth to the other.

Howie finally tore his mouth from hers and they were both breathing heavily. He resumed giving her body the praise it was due. He licked and nipped at her neck and upper chest. Her tiny body was flushed from the attention it was receiving. His hands led the way, molding her lush, firm breasts, followed by his mouth. His tongue whipped around one turgid nipple and aeroule, drawing the entire crown into his mouth. Bernie rolled her head from side to side as she offered up her breasts to him. Her hands came up, one clutched at his head, gripping his hair tight as she pushed upward, sending more tit flesh into his mouth. Her other hand was sliding up and down his back, her nails scraping his flesh, turning him on even more.

Howie's cheeks were drawn in; he was sucking that vigorously at her luscious tits. He pulled off of one tit, his mouth made a popping sound and her entire breast was dripping with his saliva. He moved to the other one and gave it the same treatment.

Bernie ground her wet pussy against his stiff cock. She needed to be fucked and fucked now, but tonight, she was going to give Howie what he wanted and suffered in agony, but it was a good agony. Her hand released his head and she began twisting and tugging on her saliva covered tit as she watched him tease her other tit.

Howie finally released her second breast and slowly moved lower, setting off fires all along her heaving body. He loved how she let out tiny squeals and moans and groans as he sucked and licked her lower chest and belly. His tongue dipped into her belly button and she once again let out a squeal.

Her hands were on his head, guiding him to her aching pussy. She shaved every hair from her pussy and her tight lips were already blossoming, covered in her leaking, creamy juices. She drew in a deep breath and held it as she felt his hot breath bathing her juicy cunt. She released her breath and let out a gasp when she felt his tongue make contact with her gleaming cuntlips.

In the other apartment, the crazy contests continued. Penny, who was now naked from the waist down, was bent over. Sheldon too was bent over, just wearing his t-shirt and jockey shorts. The two of them were spinning around while Leonard and Amy counted.

Leonard blurted out, "Okay that's sixty seconds, now approach your white board and solve the simple division equation. Remember to show your work.

Both Penny and Sheldon staggered towards the boards and they both stumbled, being extremely dizzy. Penny recovered slightly; hanging onto her board she began doing the division.

Sheldon blurted out, "I got it, I got it" He grabbed hold of his board and drew a long line on the white board and called out, "I don't got it!" He suddenly rolled to one side, falling to the floor, taking his board with him.

Penny worked furiously on the problem and Leonard yelled out, "Come on Sheldon, we can't lose doing math!" Penny screamed out, 'I got it the answer is thirty-seven."

Leonard let out a loud groan as he looked at the stumbling Sheldon, "We lost another one, we're getting our asses handed to us." Both Leonard and Sheldon removed their t-shirts and now only had their briefs on.

The next challenge was for Amy and Leonard. They were both seated on the sofa and both had a huge book on their laps. It was a "Where's Waldo" book and the challenge were the two who wear glasses had to go to a certain page and after taking off their glasses, find Waldo on the page.

Sheldon was behind Leonard and as they opened the book began cheering Leonard on, "Come on Leonard, he's wearing a striped shirt, how hard can it be."'

Leonard looked to Sheldon, "It isn't easy, if it was, it would be called, "There's Waldo!" He went back to looking and suddenly Amy screamed out, "There he is."

Both of the guys let out a groan, they lost their last article of clothing and stripped off their shorts.

Sheldon's huge cock was semi-stiff and it grew stiffer as Penny and Amy looked on, "I guess the games are over, we're out of clothes.

Penny leaned over and whispered to Amy. She giggled and nodded. Penny licked her lips as she stared at the two stiff cocks, "We still have a couple tasks, if you win, we still remove clothes, but if you lose, you have to perform a sex act on us, we pick the act."

Sheldon was taken aback, "Aw, I don't know about this, I don't wanna end up on the wharf servicing a sailor."

Amy blurted out, "Don't worry Sheldon; it will be pleasant and only performed on Penny and me."

He looked to Leonard and saw him nod, "Okay, but I don't see this being something I'll like."

Back at the Wolowitz apartment, Howard's face was now completely soaked in Bernie's juices. He had her cum several times, using his tongue and fingers and Bernie finally got up enough energy to push Howard's face from between her thighs, "Please Howard, give me a chance to recover. I'm so weak from cumming so many times, I'm about to pass out."

He crawled up between her outstretched legs and planted his sweaty body on top of hers. He kissed her, feeding her some of her own juices.

Bernie weakly returned the kiss and licked the cream covering his lips and chin. She suddenly got her second wind and tried to wrap her arms around him, but Howard was moving higher. He straddled her chest and gripping her large sweaty tits, he planted his cock between the two orbs of flesh and began tit fucking her. She let out a giggle, she loved having her tits fucked and reached out and placed another pillow behind her head. This allowed her to lean down easily and lap away at his cock as it slip upward, brushing her neck and chin. She caught the leaking head between her lips and let out a frustrated groan when she was only able to lick at it briefly as he shoved his cock back and forth. She began shaking when she felt Howard lean back and finger her slick cunt again. "Come on Howie, I need to be fucked now, we have all night and half of tomorrow before going over to see the guys to play and tease one another. Fuck me; I need your cock in me!" She released holding her tits around his cock and urged him downward. She let out a gasp when she felt his stiff cock brush her clit and sliding lower his heat-seeking missile found its mark. She groaned out in relief when she felt him slowly sink into her cunt. Her tiny legs came up and wrapped around his skinny body.

Howard was in heaven; he felt her tight cunt muscles clamp onto his invading cock. He wanted to go slow as he sank deeper and deeper into her extremely hot pussy. He loved how her large tits mashed against his slender chest and scrape against his hairy chest. He loved how her legs and arms enveloped him as he felt the final two inches sink into her. He held it there briefly as he relished the heat and wetness covering his cock. He couldn't believe how much he missed her and never wanted to leave her again. He began withdrawing as he felt her cunt muscles release him. He slid back in and picked up the pace.

Bernie was rolling her head from side to side, urging him on. "Come on Howie, fuck your wife; make her cum. I want to feel you fill my hot pussy with your creamy cum. Harder; fuck me harder!" She clutched at his sweaty body, thrusting her hips upward meeting each and every one of his urgent thrusts.

Howie wanted this to go on forever, but feeling Bernie magic pussy clutching at his shaft, he sped up, driving into her harder and faster and when he felt her cumming again, he lost it and began pouring his hot seed in her fertile pussy. They both screamed out as they experienced their first orgasm together as husband and wife.

Bernie clung to him, kissing him feverously as she came down from her orgasm. They hugged each other until she finally felt him shrink and slip from her pussy.

Howie rolled off of her and spooning her, they slowly drifted off to sleep, he wasn't going back into space, he was happy having her in his arms.

Back in the other apartment, Sheldon and Penny were kneeling on the carpeted floor. They were in the classic competitive wresting starting position. Penny was holding him at a forty-five degree angle.

Amy was above his head and she yelled out, "Begin!"

In one swift move Penny rolled Sheldon over onto his back, she straddled him and she held him down.

Amy slapped the floor, "One, two, three, you lose, Sheldon."

He looked up at Penny and she leaned down and planted several kisses on his face and neck. Amy did the same and he yelled out, "Stop that, Leonard make them stop. He suddenly let out a long loud groan when he felt Penny reach back. Gripping his cock, she lowered her body, taking his stiff cock deep into her wet and ready pussy.

Penny looked to Amy and whispered loudly, "Climb up and plant your cunt on his face."

Amy giggled, "Now I know why you had me remove my tights." She yanked up her skirt and scooting forward, she swiped her tight lips up and down Sheldon's mouth and chin. She let out a grunt when she felt Sheldon do exactly what she wanted. She let out a gasp when she felt his tongue worm its way between her lips and dip into her hole. She leaned forward and clutched at Penny who was racing towards an explosive orgasm.

Penny rode Sheldon's cock and loved how it filled her. It brought back memories to them he invaded her bedroom to persuade her not to break up with Leonard. He fucked her so hard that night; she couldn't walk straight for days. She took him deeper, but did it slowly. She reveled in feeling every vein and bump sliding in and out, setting off fires throughout her body.

Amy reached out and kissed Penny and grabbing her blouse, she pulled hard and the snaps gave way and she ran her hands along Penny shoulders and slipped the blouse from her body. Now naked she cupped one of Penny's swaying tits. She leaned down and planted her lips over one of Penny's large aeroules. She sucked hard and she felt Penny's hands come up and clutch at her head and pull her harder to her aching tit.

Penny frantically unbuttoned Amy's sweater and blouse. She removed it and immediately unhooked her simple cotton bra and tossed it aside.

Leonard was done just watching. He slipped off the sofa, now naked after the "Where's Waldo" defeat. He pushed in between the two women and began kissing the two of them. The three of them swapped spit and their tongues danced back and forth between them. He groaned when he felt Amy's hand close around his fat cock and squeezed it hard, she stroked him. She used her thumb to swipe across the head and smeared the pre-cum around the shaft. He broke free and staggered to his feet and leaning in, he slipped his thick, stiff cock between the two women's mouths. He clutched at Penny's head as the two of them lapped away at his stiff cock. He pulled at the clasp and Penny's long light blonde hair came tumbling down around her shoulders and heaving tits. He closed his fist in it and pulled her tousled hair and guided her lips around his shaft.

Penny drew more and more of his cock into her mouth and she gagged when he shoved a little too hard and slipped into her throat. She moaned when she felt Amy's lips and tongue brush her chin as she dipped lower and sucked on what little shaft wasn't in Penny's mouth.

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