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Big Bang Theory Season 06 Ep. 09-10


Author's note: The series continues with this season 6, episode 9. The series doesn't reset, but follows the show's story sequence.

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


Howard got a new car and at the university, because he was an astronaut, he was given a prime parking spot. It used to be Sheldon's, but because he didn't have a car, he lost it.

Sheldon went insane ranting and raving that it was his and the feud spilled over into their female mates.

He took Howard's Ironman Helmet, because, according to Sheldon, he wasn't using it.

Penny and Bernadette took Amy for a bikini wax. She had so much hair down there; the attending had to go out for more wax. Upon returning to her apartment, she poured them all a glass of wine.

Bernie turned to Amy, "So did you spend last night hearing about this silly parking-space fight too?"

Amy took off her jacket, "Yeah, for hours, fortunately, I couldn't understand most of it because Sheldon was wearing that stupid robot mask."

Bernie giggled, "Howard was so angry, I had to mash up Benadryl in his ice cream to get him to fall asleep."

Amy took a seat, "I guess this is what we get for being with two testosterone-fueled alpha males. At some point, they're bound to lock horns."

Penny scoffed, "I'm assuming these are some kind of horns they bought at Comic-Con?"

Bernie handed Amy a glass of wine and took a seat too, "I'm really sorry they took Sheldon's spot away. He shouldn't have to suffer just because Howard's a big deal now."

Amy agreed, "I know, Sheldon should just let Howard have his little moment in the sun."

Bernie didn't like the tone Amy had, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I mean, Howard's never gonna go to space again, but Sheldon will always be a genius."

Bernie was getting pissed, "You're right, and I'm sure Sheldon will get a fancy parking spot again, if and when he makes a worthwhile contribution to science.

Penny took a deep breath and sat back, she knew this was getting ugly, "Maybe we should change the subject. Amy, how are your lady parts? Still chilly down there?"

Amy put down her glass, "If and when?"

Bernie put her hand up to Penny, "Hang on, none of Sheldon's theories have ever been definitely proven. My husband actually went to outer space."

Amy nodded and replied sarcastically, "That's an impressive accomplishment. He's now an inspiration to millions of Americans who know you don't have to be special or even qualified to go into space."

Once again Penny tried to change the subject, "You know, I remember the first time I got a bikini wax. My sister did it with melted Crayola's and duct tape." She chuckled, "Yeah, it's a bad idea." She took a sip of wine as Bernie ignored her.

"Gosh, Amy, I'm sensing a little hostility. Is it maybe because, like Sheldon's work, your sex life is also theoretical?"

Amy sat there stunned and her jaw dropped.

Penny shook her head and blurted out, "Oh, damn!"

Amy shot back, "Well, at least when we do make love, Sheldon won't be thinking about his...MOTHER! Yes, that is a cleverly veiled reference to Howard's lifelong obsession to crawl back into her spacious womb."

Once again Penny tried to lighten the mood, "Anyway, to this day, I still can't see a box of crayons without crossing my legs, ha, ha!"

Bernie reached back and picked up her purse and jacket, "I don't have to take this." She headed for the door, "I'm gonna go home and have sex with my husband right now. Maybe I'll let him do it to me in the parking spot." All of a sudden her eyes went wide, "Which sounds dirty, but I didn't mean it that way." She stormed out and slammed the door behind her.

That same evening Raj, Leonard and Sheldon climbed the stairs to their apartment and upon opening the door, Howard was sitting naked in Sheldon's "spot" naked, with his laptop sitting on his naked junk.

Sheldon went crazy, "He's in my spot! Leonard, make him stop being naked in my spot."

Leonard was cracking up, "Howard, what are you doing?"

He chuckled, "He wasn't using it and I needed a nice cool piece of leather to wiggle my naked ass on."

Sheldon stepped forward, "Get off there."

He replied, "Give me back my Iron Man helmet."

"Give me back my parking space."

"You don't need a parking space. You don't have a car."

"You don't need an Iron Man helmet. You're not Iron Man."

Howard smiled up at him, "Well, we appear to have reached an impasse and, you know, I have to say, I thought you'd be more upset that your laptop is sitting on my junk.

Later that night, Sheldon and Amy went back to the university and sprayed out Howard's name on the parking block and repainted Sheldon's name. He turned to Amy, "Okay, now pull your car into the spot and let's get out of here."

"Wait, I'm leaving my car here?"

"Yes, and be sure and put the emergency brake on."

Amy had an idea, "Before I park, come in the backseat. I wanna show you something I had done today." She wanted a little payback for leaving her car there. She climbed into the backseat; luckily she was wearing a corduroy skirt that buttoned all the way from hem to waistline. She deftly unbuttoned her skirt and pulled down her tights."

He came over and climbed in, "Color me intrigued."

She showed him her new bikini wax job, her pussy was completely bare, "So, what do you think?"

He wasn't in any mood for sex, especially with all of the campus police roaming the area, "I think you're high on paint fumes. And, Boy, that's a lot of Band-Aids.

It ended up with Howard giving Sheldon back his parking spot, but Sheldon realized that Howard was being the bigger man. He wanted to be the bigger man and let Howard keep the spot.

A few days later Sheldon put on a suit to accompany Amy to a memorial service for one of her colleagues who passed away. When he arrived at her apartment, he found her in her nightgown. She was sick and according to their boyfriend/girlfriend agreement, the one not sick had to care for the sick partner. Sheldon wasn't keen about the idea, but relented and stayed to nurse her to health.

Over at Bernadette's parent's house, Howard and Bernie were there for dinner. Neither Mike nor Howard was happy about being there, but they struggled though.

Bernadette and her mother were in the kitchen preparing the meal and Bernie yelled out, "You have got to be kidding me? Mom, you shocked the shit out of me."

Mike called out from the living room, "Bernadette I don't want to hear that kind of talk in my house, do you hear me?"

She entered the living room and came over to her father and grabbed his hand, "Come with me, Dad, I wanna talk to you and see if that mom is telling me is true."

He looked to his wife, "Sally, what did you tell her?" She just giggled and nodded, "Go with her and she'll tell you. They entered the bedroom and there was a lot of loud talking and Howard was the only one who was left in the dark. The two of them came out and they were both smiling and Mike's (Casey Sander) face was red from blushing.

They had their meal and during the meal, Howard jumped a couple of times. It seems that Sally Rostenkowski (Meagan Fay) took off her shoe and was running her foot up and down Howard's leg. He looked to Bernie and she giggled and continued to eat.

Once the meal was finished, Mike and Bernie cleared the dishes and a very sassy Sally took a seat beside Howard and got cozy. Her hand was on Howard's thigh and she leaned over and whispered in his ear, "How would you like to have your cock sucked by your mother-in-law?"

He jumped up and headed for the bathroom as he passed Bernadette, he called out to her, "Can I see you in the bathroom?" Once there he closed the door and turned to Bernie, "Your mother just propositioned me, what am I supposed to do, Mike will kill me!"

Bernie giggled, "Hey, now you get to even the score. You know how you like watching me fuck other guys; well it seems my dad is the same. He wants to watch you fuck my mom, are you up for it?"

He stared at her, his jaw dropped, "Are you okay with this?"

She smiled and nodded, "I sorta wanna watch too. I wanna see if it's just a turn-on for me like it is for you." He looked at her in awe, "Yeah, I can see that, but with your mother?" She hugged him, "Well this way, two people, my dad and I are fulfilling our fantasies, what do you say?" He chuckled, "Let's go for it, remember, no turning back, just like I couldn't turn back after you started."

She kissed him hard and squeezed his cock, "Deal, now get out there and fuck my mom."

He took a seat beside Sally and while Bernie and Howard were discussing the arrangement, she slipped into the bedroom and changed into a full, pleated skirt and a matching, wrap-around blouse. She was used to wearing sweaters and loose fitting clothes to hide her figure, but she was built just as large as Bernie. The main difference was she was nearly a foot taller.

Sally removed her glasses and brushed out her short blonde hair. She talked to the three of them, but slowly placed her hand on Howard's tight red pants.

Howard jumped slightly when he felt her hand drift up and down his leg.

Mike and Bernie were seated on the sofa across from them. Bernie was wearing a flowery silky full skirt and a tight button-up sweater. Her eyes were locked on what her mother was doing and she, without thinking, placed her hand on her father's leg and ran it up and down his thigh.

Howard looked over at Bernie and seeing her beginning to play with her father's leg, he felt a stirring in his pants. His cock grew stiff and when Sally's fingertips skimmed across his shaft, he reached down and opened his pants. Being bold, he pushed his pants down to his knees and grabbing Sally's wrist, he guided her hand to his cock. He let out a groan when she closed her fingers around it and began stroking it.

Sally looked over at Mike and he freed his cock and licked his lips as he watched his wife playing with Howard's cock. He let out a grunt and closed his eyes when Bernie's tiny fingers closed around his thick cock.

Bernie was shocked and surprised by how thick her father's cock was. It was slightly larger than Howard's, but a lot thicker. She stroked it up and down, her thumb swiped over the large head, spreading out the pre-cum that began oozing out. Her mouth watered just thinking about sucking on that thick piece of meat. She looked over to the other sofa and Sally was now leaning over Howard, her tongue whipped around and around his shaft, making it slick and even harder.

Howard ran his fingers through Sally's short blonde hair, guiding her wet lips up and down his shaft. He loved how her tongue danced around his shaft as she bobbed up and down. With every downward movement, she took more and more of him into her mouth. He felt the head graze the back of her throat and as she took it deeper next time, he slid into her throat and he thrust his hips upward, sending the last inch into her. He held her there and felt her work her throat muscles on his shaft.

Bernadette was shocked on how proficient her mother was at sucking cock and she looked at Mike. He was smiling and looked to Bernie, "She's good; she can make me cum at the drop of a hat. Just watch what she does when she starts twisting her head around, he'll go through the roof." He let out a grunt as he watched his wife's slick lips teased and brought Howard to the brink of cumming.

Sally slipped to the floor before him and pulling off his cock, a string of pre-cum and saliva clung to her lips and the tip of his cock. She sucked it in and reached down and untied her blouse, she shook it off and she was now naked from the waist up.

Howard stared at her luscious tits. They were slightly larger than Bernie's; but hung down a little more from their weight and her age. He reached down and hefted them, finding them still firm and very soft. Her areoules and nipples were almost the same as Bernie's crowning nearly the entire top of each tit. He palmed them, rolling the large pink nipples with his thumbs. He twisted them and smiled when she groaned out and once again attacked his cock.

Sally dropped her head and began bobbing up and down even faster. She slid downward and twisting her head, she pulled back sideways; she slid down the same way and twisting her head, pulled back up with a different angle.

Howard fisted her silky blonde hair and grunted out, "Oh Sally, if you keep that up, I'm gonna fill that magic mouth of yours with my cum."

Sally ignored him and even picked up the pace and was soon rewarded with a thick spurt of cum. Blast after blast shot from his cock and filled her mouth. She swallowed every drop and when he stopped cumming, she came off his cock with a pop. She swiped her hand along her slick lips and stood. She stepped closer to him and grabbed the hem of her skirt. She raised it and showed Howard her bare pussy.

Howard licked his lips; he knew Sally was Bernie's mother. Her pussy was a carbon copy of Bernie's. Not a strand of hair covered her pussy and he reached out and grabbing her butt, which was larger and not as firm as Bernie's. He pulled her forward and ne buried his face in her crotch.

Bernie giggled and continued stroking Mike's cock. "He's pretty good at eating pussy for a Jew. Leonard his Gentile friend is an expert and is known as the king of foreplay." She let out a gasp when she saw her mother's skirt hit the floor and now naked, Howard guided her to the sofa and onto her back.

Sally was more than ready, but was surprised when Howard went down on her instead of just fucking her. She planted one foot on the floor and threw her other leg over the back of the sofa, spreading herself wide for Howard to eat her.

Howard knew Sally wanted to fuck, but after just shooting his wad down her throat, he needed a few minutes to recover and munching on Sally's pussy was the perfect solution. He looked over at Bernie and he felt his cock begin to stiffen.

Bernie kept her eyes focused on what Howard was doing to her mother, but as she watched, she leaned over and began licking up and down the length of her father's thick cock.

Mike swept Bernadette's long, curly blonde hair from her face as he kept his eyes on his wife who was squirming around on the other sofa. He tightened his grip in Bernie's hair as she expertly flicked her tongue all along his shaft and he let out a grunt when her mouth opened wide and enveloped the head and slid a few inches into her mouth.

Both Sally and Howard stopped what they were doing to watch Bernie suck on her father's cock. Howard loved watching his bride service other guys and with it being her father, made it even hotter. He let out a groan and dove back in and began licking, sucking and driving his fingers deep into Sally's tight-lipped pussy.

Sally let out a squeal and dropped her leg from the back of the sofa and landing on Howard's back, she pulled at him trying to make even greater contact with her pussy. She clawed at his back and rolled her head from side to side as she started cumming. Her orgasm was even stronger as she locked eyes with her daughter and watched her draw the last couple inches of Mike's cock down her throat. She pawed at Howard's head and back, trying to get him to slow down. She wanted to fuck now, but Howard just continued to lick and suck at her juicy hole and strum her aching clit. She held her breath as a second, even stronger orgasm wracked her lush body and she drew her other leg from the floor and wrapped it around Howard.

He finally released her cunt from his mouth and slid up her body, kissing as he went and feasted on her huge, swaying tits until he reached her mouth. He kissed her hard, feeding her, her own juices. He squirmed around and his stiff cock slid up and down her juicy-laden cunt. He pushed forward and slid into her rather tight hole. Inch by inch he slid into her and when he bottomed out, he felt Sally's active legs wrap around his skinny body.

On the sofa across from them Bernadette continued to bob up and down on her father's cock.

Mike was leaning over Bernie; he had her skirt up around her waist and had her panties down to mid-thigh. He was running his thick fingers up and down her tight slit and every time he slid up to her clit, he felt his daughter take his cock deep down to the root.

Sally rolled her head to the side and watched her husband finger their daughter. She pushed on Howard and groaned out, "Get off of me for a moment, I wanna ride you reverse cowgirl so I can watch them go at it."

Howard rose up onto his knees, slipping from her juicy cunt. His cock bobbed up and down and he let out a groan when Sally sat up and took his cock into her mouth. She slurped up and down, drinking down the slime she sucked from his shaft. She leaned up and kissed him, "Aren't I just tasty, Howard?" She pushed him back onto his back and when he sat up, she threw a leg over his and gripping his cock, she fit it into her weeping hole and slowly sank down. She was soon resting her ass on his legs.

With her legs spread wide, she exposed her pussy to her daughter and husband. It was extremely obscene and it turned her on ever more. She planted her feet on either side of him and leaning back, she placed her hands on his arms. She slowly began rising and lowering her body. She was so wet; his cock was covered in her milky juices.

Mike was beyond excited seeing his son-in-law sitting there while his sexy, timid wife rode his cock. While he watched Sally get in place above Howard, he managed to unbutton Bernadette's sweater and remove it, along with her bra. He mauled her firmer tits and reveled in their sure weight. He played with her puckered nipples and urged her off his cock.

Bernadette was so excited; she didn't wanna leave her father's cock. Her tiny hand stroked it and her tongue and lips made love to his cock. At the same time, she glanced over across the room and watched her mother pumped up and down on Howard's cock. She felt an orgasm racing through her body as Howard's hands ran all over her mother's lush body. She started cumming. She always imagined her mother making love to her father, in the dark and only in the missionary position. Seeing her this way, thrusting her plump pussy up and down on Howard's cock, covering his pole with her cream, she came hard. She wanted her father to fuck her and when he pulled her off his cock, she sat up and stood up and slid her skirt and panties off. She straddled her father's legs and facing Howard, she lowered her tiny body onto her father's thick cock.

Mike was in heaven, he watched his wife riding a cock. Her movements were jerky and urgent and he knew she was about to cum again. He pulled Bernadette back against his body and he watched her place her feet on the cushions on either side of him. He felt her squirm around on his cock and he enveloped her body in his strong arms. He played with her lush body, plucking away at her firm tits, nibbling at her neck and slipping his hand down, rubbed hard on her stiff clit.

Howard watched Mike fuck his bride and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He rolled to the side and Sally slipped from his cock, "Get on the floor Sally, I wanna fuck you doggy."

She giggled, "My, my Bernadette, I see your husband can be more than a wimp, huh?" She turned to him, "Fuck me hard and make me cum and I'll let you cum all over my face and tits." She knelt down and placed her head on the carpet and wiggled her ass and she let out a groan when she felt him enter her. She pushed back, meeting each and every one of his hard, deep thrusts. She threw her head back and watched Bernie get off of Mike and slipped to the floor and flopped down on her back.

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