Big Butt Daughter!

byL.A. Wicker©

I hugged her and pushed in. my cock jerked, I grunted and started filling my daughter with cum. "Baby, oh God...yeah!" I growled, gave another push forward and I could have sworn my cock-head found a hidden hole, deep in Lillian's pussy and I just slipped in. "I love you so much, baby!" I moaned and held my hips to her, enjoying this new place and being in my girl. I shot more cum and it was as if I was eighteen again.

Lilly pushed to me and I held her so tight. "Daddy, I love you too! Oh God, yes! Cum in me, cum in me...Daddy and fill me up! Give me all that warm...Daddy cum!" she purred, smiled and I felt Lilly's hips jerk. "Oh fuck...I'm...cuming...again!" Lilly squealed, as her back arched and like before, a warm shot of juice hit my cock and splashed on my arm. "Oh Daddy, I love you sooo freakin' much!" she growled through her teeth and I held her squirming hips to mine.


A few hours later, I was watching the news and I thought Lilly was taking a nap. "Hey Daddy." I heard a soft voice call out and she walked into the living room. She had rubbed oil all over her body and her beautiful ass. "I'm ready for you and that gorgeous cock now, Daddy." She said with a sexy voice, strolled next to my chair and turned her ass towards me. "I'm going to your room, bend over the bed just like this and um...I'm leaving the rest to you...Daddy!" Lilly purred, reaching back to spread her cheeks, smiled at me and sashayed back to my room. "Come on, Daddy and enjoy my last hole!" she smiled and we walked to my room.

I followed Lilly and couldn't keep my eyes off her sexy ass. "I've got to be careful and not get to carried away. I don't want to hurt you." I whispered, as she slid into my arms for another hug and she giggled.

"I'll be just fine, Daddy and like I told you, momma and I were made the same." She smiled and pulled me in for a hug. "I have the same problem she had and I poop really big, sooo, if a big, long cock um...wanted to fuck my could very, very easily!" Lilly smiled, kissed me and slowly lay across the bed, leaving her feet on the floor and spread her legs. She reached back, grabbed her big cheeks and pulled them apart. "I'm have grease in it and I took one of your pills. There's also some oil by the lamp...just in case you wanted to rub my...ass!" She smiled back to me and I rubbed my cock-head around her greased hole.

I smiled back to Lilly, made sure my cock had some lube on it and I aimed it to the tiny, brown hole and I started caressing her ass. "You ready for my cock, baby?" I asked, purring more oil on Lilly and I caressed her cheeks. "Daddy wants his cock in that ass!" I moaned, eased it in and she started moaning.

I felt her cheeks tense, but as I caressed and talked, Lilly relaxed and I pushed more. "Oh fuck, it's sooo fuckin' big, so fuckin' big!" she squealed, as the head very easily popped in her and her muscles were contracting around the head. "Daddy, he's so freakin' big and my butt is burning! Oh God, Daddy! Daddy!" Lilly cried out, as her muscles worked my cock-head and I massaged her blubbery ass.

Her muscles squeezed hard and I thought they were going to cut the head of cock off. "Shhh, it's ok, baby girl. Relax and let's have more fun. Daddy won't hurt his girl and you know that." I whispered and purred more oil over my shaft, hoping it would help Lilly's stretched out ass and stop the burning.

She was half on my bed, my cock-head up her butt and I was rubbing her cheeks. "Oh Daddy, my Daddy! It hurts, Daddy! Will it stop?" she asked and I saw a little smile.

"Oh yes and when you're used to it all...Daddy is going to make love to it!" I moaned to her and I felt Lilly squeezed her cheek muscles.

"Ohhh Daddy, I can't wait!" she moaned, lifted her hips and let more of my hard shaft sink in. "Oh fuck, it feels sooo freakin good, but sooo weird too and it feels like I haven't pooped in a month!" Lilly giggled, lifted again and I could feel my shaft sinking into her.

"Oh yeah, it's going so deep and it feels so good!" I moaned, rubbing her big cheeks and watched my big dick up my daughters ass hole. I kept caressing and trying to help her relax. "Who would have ever known, we'd do this with each other and end up being...lovers!" I whispered, she moaned and I felt Lilly flexing her anal muscles.

I heard a moan and she eased back more. "I know, isn't it so hot and exciting...Daddy? You've had all of me now and I bet momma is sooo happy for us." She said and I could hear sadness in her voice. "After I got bigger and she knew how I felt for you, momma always said that if anything ever happened to her...I better seduce you and be a good lover for my Daddy." Lilly added with a sniff and I leaned down to kiss the side of her mouth.

Lilly pushed back more and our body's touched. "Oh fuck, you took it all, baby! You took all of Daddy's big, ol' cock and I'm going to fuck you...soon!" I whispered and Lilly moaned.

"Oh yeah, Daddy gunna fuck my big, sexy ass and um...cum in it too!" she moaned with need and pushed more. "My Daddy's cock is in! Oh fuck, Daddy! Daddy!" Lilly started screaming, I felt her entire body jerk and tense up. She exploded around my cock-head and her hands were clawing the bed. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy!" she squealed, her cheeks tightened more and I could feel her trembling under me.

I held her hips, while trying not to explode yet, but as I watched Lillian's butt muscles squeezing and her big cheeks wiggling, I grabbed her hips and blew my load up her ass. "Oh baby, oh shit! My God, you made me...cum sooo fucking...hard!" I grunted cum shot up my shaft and deep into her big, meaty ass and Lilly moaned.

Her cheeks tightened, she grabbed the sheets and squealed. "Oh Daddy, yeah, oh God, yeah! I can...feel it and...and it's sooo hot!" Lilly cried out, as my cum filled her insides and that big ass. She jerked and I could feel her cuming with me.

I held her hips and kept my cock deep. "That's my girl...cum with Daddy! Cum with me, baby girl!" I moaned, as the last of my cum shot and I laid over her back. "My God, that had to have been my best piece of ass...ever!" I whispered in Lilly's ear and she giggled.

She was under me smiling and kept squeezing her ass muscles around my cock. "I'm glad Daddy, 'cause I promised momma I'd take very, very good care of you and I gotta keep my word." Lilly purred as we kissed and I wrapped my arms around her.

"You're doing a good job baby and I thank you." I replied as we kissed and held each other.

Lilly and I are expecting a baby this summer and everything looks great. Maybe I'll update you later, so keep your eyes open, you never know!


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