tagGay MaleBigrig Ch. 14

Bigrig Ch. 14


Jonathan stared into Bruce's face for a long moment. It seemed they both were watching the other, as the man was looking longingly back at him. But he smiled gently at the young man.

"What's on yer mind, Jon?" He asked, not sure by the very different look on his face. It was an expression he had never seen on him before.

Jonathan shrugged, feeling he should know. He looked away resting his head on his shoulder for the moment.

"Jonathan?" the man's tone was a bit firmer now. "Don't you shrug me off like that! Now, what's on your mind?" This time his inquiry was more a demand to know, spoken in a statement.

"I was only wondering if you want me." Jonathan looked up into his face but didn't lift his head.

Bruce chuckled a bit lightly. "What, getchya wondering? Are you feeling self-conscious suddenly? Maybe a little inadequate?" He was becoming more familiar with some of the things he and Greg had discussed in the past few days. During the moments when Tony had taken Jonathan out of the motel room to calm down his stir craziness. Flashes of different emotions and warning signs that seemed to lead to his very difficult to deal with problems, were all targets for discussion at every opportunity that they had alone together.

"I guess I am. Maybe a little." Jonathan answered solemnly.

"And why? You should know by now that I love to hold you and cuddle with you. I know I haven't been around as much as you want. But I do have to work. Just like Greg, I have a responsibility to my job. And you..." He tapped the young man's nose lightly with a finger.

Jonathan giggled a little.

"Then again, I don't want you feeling obligated to me. You're not my whore, do you hear me?" The man was firm on that point.

And the youth looked into his face, knowing he was more than serious. Yet he wasn't really used to not seeing himself that way still.

"Jonathan?" Bruce half sat up looking down into his eyes now. "What did I just say?"

A mist seemed to shroud his eyes as he gazed into Bruce's, and then looked away at the tiny details of the man's chest. "I'm not your whore..." He muttered softly.

"That's right. I love you as a friend, my companion, and sometimes I even think of you as my own kid. But you are not my whore. I never meant that from the beginning and I think you know that, don't you?"

"I do..." He sighed heavily as emotion was beginning to choke him it seemed. The lump that had formed in his throat felt so large to him at the moment.

"I love you, Jonathan. That in itself speaks better of you than just a whore. And I mean that."

"I know, Bruce. I just find it hard to think better of myself sometimes. I've been feeling this way for so long." He admitted.

"Yes, but like Greg told you before, you have to start telling yourself the good things that we say about you, at every turn, kid. It took repetitious comments to get you thinking the way you are now. So, you have to change it, and no longer agree with those, but begin to agree with what we say about you. When you feel your worst, it is the most important time to do this. And you know what?" Bruce leaned closer almost covering his body as he leaned to his ear. "Greg and I have been talking and we both know a very good therapist that we believe would help you a lot. So, if I take you to him, will you cooperate with him and talk to him?"

"Yes, I will..." Jonathan sighed again. "If it'll make you happy."

Bruce recoiled back just a little. He stared down at Jonathan feeling he might be feeling his way around him somewhat. And maybe he was feeling a little apprehensive about talking to a total stranger. It wasn't more what would make him happy, it was about how Jonathan felt that mattered most to him. But, if he had to use a little psychology of his own, he would.

"Yes, Jon. That would make me very happy." He returned with a little emphasis.

"Okay, then I'll do it." Jonathan stated with some firmness.

"Good." Bruce settled over him again getting comfortable. "And at the moment, I would love to have you, but I only have a little while to rest. I'd like it if you held me until I go to sleep. Would you do that for me?"

Jonathan smiled, squirming onto his back looking squarely up at him. "I'd love that, Bruce."


Jonathan had dozed for only a moment when he felt the truck swerve a little. Looking at Bruce who was sound asleep, he inched his way out from under him in an attempt to not wake him.

"Were you goin', Jon?" Bruce muttered in his sleep.

"Just goin' to check on Tony." the young man whispered.

"Okay..." the man turned onto his side facing the back wall of the bunk.

Jonathan got up, going up front sitting in the passenger seat. He rubbed his eyes trying to wake up and help Tony stay awake for a while.

"Damn four wheeler, almost clipped the front end." Tony grumbled.

It was then Jonathan noticed the car not far ahead. And Tony was barreling through Dallas on I-20, at a high rate of fuel consumption.

"Um, Tony..." Jonathan pointed ahead. "...Is that a cop?"

Immediately, the man flipped a switch and the truck began to rumble while it slowed dramatically.

"Shit..." The man growled. "...Thanks, Jonathan. That could have gotten us into a whole heap of trouble."

"I thought so. But I did want to tell you to slow down before you got caught." the younger man stated. "What was that you turned on? The whole truck made that noise." Jonathan asked curiously.

"It's a Jake Brake, or engine brake. It does make a noise. And using it, I don't have to step on the brakes at all. That would incriminate me and the cops would've come after me for sure. Stepping on the brake alerts 'em to my guilt." He laughed a bit.

"Well, just be careful, Tony. I know you don't want to hurt anyone, and Bruce would be furious if you wreck his truck." Jonathan commented.

"I know. I was just being a little overzealous, I guess."

"How ya feelin'?"

"Pretty spry right now. Why?"

"Oh, just checkin'."

"Oh, are you my sleepy patrol, now?" Tony grinned, glancing at him for a second, then back at the road.

"Well, I guess so. Nobody else here to do it." Jonathan teased.

They talked for hours. Tony passed Whetherford not paying any attention to it as he went by both the Petro and the Pilot there. Continuing to talk for more than three more hours, Tony began to quiet down and feel very drowsy.

"Tony..." Jonathan spoke softly as he watched the man's eyelids fighting to remain open. "...Why don't you find somewhere to stop? Bruce told me to make you stop if you get sleepy." He stated.

"Okay, kid. Look in this little book here, and find us a large or medium truck stop to pull into." He reached up into the cabinet overhead, handing Jonathan a pocket sized truck stop book. "It's in alphabetical order by state. Then in numerical order by Interstate or road."

"Okay..." Jonathan looked for Texas finding I-20. "...Where are we?" He asked, then noticed the entries were by exit numbers.

"We're at the 214 mile marker." Tony said, as they passed the marker.

"Okay, Big Springs is the first. There's a Travel Center of America there."

"A T/A... Probably full, but we'll make a spot somewhere. That way Bruce can get some coffee when he wakes up." Tony stated then.

Jonathan tried to keep Tony awake as they maneuvered down the interstate highway. But the man was just too tired to really be able to even pay attention to his ramblings. It seemed the more he talked, the sleepier Tony became.

Finally, out of desperation, Jonathan stood moving to him. Leaning over the back of the chair and the man's shoulder, he gently began to nip at the man's ear.

"What are you up to, kid?" Tony chuckled then.

"Just keeping you awake until we get to the truckstop." He then lightly followed the gentle curve of the man's outer ear with the tip of his tongue.

"Hmm. You keep that up and you may be in some trouble." Tony stated softly leaning his head away to give the young man more access to his ear. "...And for God's sakes, don't stick your tongue in my ear. I hate that." he added.

Jonathan laughed lightly. "Maybe I will, just to keep you awake."

"Jonathan? I mean it..." The man chided.

"I'm only teasing, man. Don't take me so serious all the damn time."

"Whatever, you just do it an' see what happens."

"Ooh, I'm so sceered." Jonathan feigned trembling with fear.

His hand moved slowly down Tony's arm. With a very light touch he explored lazily. At the same time, he took the lobe into his mouth drawing on it softly.

Tony moaned, and it seemed to encourage the youth to do more.

"Keep you're eyes open, Tony." He whispered, watching the man close them briefly enjoying the contact that Jonathan was affording him.

"I'm trying, kid. It just feels so good." The man muttered.

The hand was retracted from the arm. Its fingers found the top button of the man's shirt. Pushing it through the hole, they inadvertently grazed Tony's flesh as he searched for another.

Tony shivered a bit at the feel of his light gentle touches. He leaned his head back on Jonathan's shoulder watching the road, more alert now.

"How is that, Tony? Are you awake now?"

"Oh, I'm very awake, kid." The man returned emphatically.

Jonathan chuckled as he opened the shirt languidly all the way down. His fingers grazing the man's skin with unintentional touches that were so very stimulating to the man. And when he had finished ridding them of the barrier of clothing, his hand began to plunder his upper body painstakingly slowly.

All the while, he watched where they were going. Seeing the city limits sign for Big Springs, he lightly pressed his lips to the man's ear. "Don't miss the T/A." he whispered, his lips softly brushing the man's ear as he did.

Another shudder came from Tony as sensation washed over him. It skittered down his body to his toes, coming back up once more. His manhood swelled with it, beginning to stir his desires even more.

"You're in trouble now, Jonathan." Tony stated with a chuckle.

"Good. I like getting into trouble with you." He gave him a brief hug as the man turned on the blinker and the truckstop came into full view. Moving to the passenger seat, he waited until Tony found a spot to park the rig.

It was then that Tony grasped the curtain pulling it past his window and the windshield before him. Jonathan then stood, taking it from him. He covered the remaining windows then sat again.

"Oh, no you don't. Come 'ere you little tease." The man reached for him, grasping his arm. "Finish what you started or you'll pay dearly, kid." He pulled him toward him gently.

"Maybe I should just go to bed, then." Jonathan jested.

"You wouldn't dare..." The man slipped an arm around him as he looked up at Jonathan's face with a grin.

"You wanna find out?"

The man laughed quietly not wanting Bruce to wake up just yet. "Getchyer ass to work, boy." He suddenly grasped the front of his shirt, jerking him closer. "Better yet, strip..." A light shove sent the youth back to the passenger seat with a plop.

Jonathan giggled. "I just love when you treat me like that." He admitted.

"I know..." Tony smiled. "...Now, come on, so I can lay down with ya. Take it all off, babe." The man spoke gently to him.

Jonathan made quick work of ridding himself of all his clothing. He then moved to the man lifting a leg that Tony grasped, feeding it to the far side of the chair. Had Jonathan been thicker in the legs, he would not have been able to straddle the man in the driver's seat.

Tony then grasped his bottom in both hands pulling him flush to his body. "You feel that?" The man asked almost as if in anger. "You did that. Now, you'll do somethin' about it."

Jonathan grinned as he did feel the hardness of Tony. Inertly he moved his pelvis against him. Wrapping his arms around the man, his body moved slowly over Tony's fully clothed body.

"Yes, Jonathan..." The man's hands roamed over his back. "How does that feel? You like that, don't you?"

It started at the top of his head, spreading through Jonathan quickly. The sudden stippling of every pore in his body caused him to suck air abruptly, shortly.

"Yes, Tony..." He moaned in returned. He was finding the simple things the man did, always turned him on. Like the way he teased him with his words while they made love or played a little.

"Hmm. I just turned you on." The man chuckled lightly.

"Yes, Tony. More please..." Jonathan almost seemed to whine and moan at the same time.

"You want it, Jonathan?" He asked as the young man began to move against him with more fervor.

"Yes, Tony..." The youth breathed into his ear. "...I want it badly."

"Hmm. And what if I make you work for it? What would you say then?" the man proposed.

"I'll do anything you say, Tony. You know that."

"Yes, I do. Put your hands behind you. Grab the steering wheel and don't you dare let go." He ordered softly.

Jonathan reached behind him to the steering wheel that Tony had long since moved up out of the way. It forced his back to arch toward the man somewhat. And new sensations washed over Jonathan right away.

"Don't stop whatchyer doin', boy." The man barked softly to him when the young man seemed to almost quit his movement.

It started again and Tony began to take advantage of the situation. The hands that were around him now moved around his sides. With feathery light touches, he tormented many of Jonathan's hot spots along his sides. A smile was produced that grew each time the youth shuddered or sucked air suddenly. He could feel him hardening even more between them. And it aroused him so, to gain such an effect on him.

The hands moved up over his chest to his shoulders. He was being so gentle at the moment, with good reason. It was his desire to draw the younger man to such a point that he could barely stand it, before he even thought about anything else.

His fingers traced upward, scarcely touching his flesh as they moved over his throat to his jaw and grasped his face. Pulling him closer, he tenderly brushed his lips. That was when Jonathan unlatched his hands from the wheel bringing them around to surround Tony again.

Immediately the man reached behind him to the handcuff clip on his belt. Jonathan heard the light clinging of metal to metal wondering what he meant to do now. His arm reappeared, lifting to gently take the left arm in hand. And at the first opportunity, he locked the cuff around his wrist.

"I told you not to let go. If you can't do that, I'll have to make you do it." He said as he carefully moved the arm back into place behind the youth, letting the open cuff fall on the inside of the wheel. Taking the other arm, he latched that wrist in the cuff. Now, Jonathan was locked to the wheel and could not be free of it.

Tony stared into his face with so much longing then. He had always fantasized of doing this with someone. Now, it was about to come true for him. His arousal soared higher, causing him to begin to throb with excitement.

Grasping the youth's jaw lightly, he urged him back toward to wheel. Jonathan let his head drift back some to allow him room for whatever he had planned.

"You know you are about to fulfill one of my deepest desires, Jonathan." The man whispered. "...I've always wanted to do this with someone. And you are the best candidate I could ever have."

"Then I hope I make it the best for you, Tony." Jonathan muttered in return.

"Oh, I have no doubt o' that, kid. You have a knack for makin' everything the best for me." He commented softly.

The hand that lightly gripped his jaw now moved down over his throat again. Not stopping, it traveled slowly down the center of his chest and abdomen.

"Such a beautiful body you have, Jonathan. And you know how to use it. I like that." the man muttered to him.

The hand came back up. He turned it so that the backs of his fingers inertly brushed the younger man's flesh as they moved. Jonathan's body shuddered again and again. Tony almost had to stifle a laugh here and there. But then, why? Why should he? He was in control at the moment. What would it matter if he did laugh?

"You like that don't you, Jonathan?"

"Yes..." The youth answered on his breath.

"How does it feel to not be able to move yer hands? You being locked to the wheel while I do whatever, does that excite ya?"

"Oh, yes. And I can't hold you, or do anything, no matter what you do." The youth returned in a whisper.

"Yes, that turns me on." He leaned closer then. "Should I grasp your nipple between my finger and thumb? Would you like it?" His lips began to brush Jonathan's ear as he breathed into it.

"Yes, I'd like that."

He did as he had described to him giving the raised flesh a light squeeze. "How is that? You want more?"

"Oh, yes, Tony..." Jonathan squirmed a bit. "...Please."

"Hmm." Tony almost quivered himself as Jonathan began to beg a little. He squeezed it harder. Gradually. Slowly applying pressure to the nipple. Jonathan soon sucked in air.

"Is it too much? Or are you wantin' to gorge yerself on a little pain?"

"Just a little." The youth answered, squirming more as Tony held the pressure that started to rise somewhat.


"Yes..." Jonathan's chest rose and fell faster. He clenched his teeth drawing air through them audibly.


"Yes..." His mouth then came open a little, air rushing sporadically through it.

"I think that's enough for now." Tony released it watching the apex of his nipple turning blue.

Jonathan relaxed suddenly with a groan. A whine followed that told Tony he had not been ready to stop yet. He chuckled at the fact that he was torturing his desires a little.

"What if I decide I want to bend you over the steering wheel and fuck you?" Tony moved the pad of his finger lightly over the abused nipple now.

Jonathan only moaned at the idea.

"My body would be so compressed against you because of the confined space we're working in. Not much movement allowed for, but very effective in sealing me to you and deep inside you, Jonathan. Would you like that?" He had leaned to him whispering into his ear once again.

"God, Tony..." Jonathan groaned. The man seemed so different at the moment. This man was not the Tony he had known in the past. His words seemed more arousing, more salacious, eloquently spoken as if from someone educated.

But of course, he knew Tony had done much in his life. From being a truck driver, to becoming a nurse, and following his desires all through life. He hadn't let anything or anyone stop him from achieving his goals. It made him realize that maybe he should follow in his footsteps a little.

"Hm? You were saying?" Tony laughed lightly. "Should I take that as a, 'yes'?" He teased.

Letting the pads of the four fingers rest on his chest, he moved them languidly across the youth's chest.

"Tony, anything you do at this point would drive me crazy." Jonathan finally said.

"Oh? Are you excited? Have I aroused you? You feel so hard, Jonathan. Or should I just stop now, and go to bed?"

"No, Tony!" Jonathan's head came up, looking down his body at the finger and thumb that trapped the opposing nipple between them. "Please, don't stop." His eyes lifted to meet the man's mischievous stare.

"Why not, Jonathan?" He teased further, gradually applying pressure to it as he had the first.

Jonathan began to respire erratically once more. "That wouldn't be fair. I'm so turned on by all this." He admitted.

"Ah..." Tony grinned broader. "So, the truth is known now. You like this."

"Yes, I do."

"You want more."

"Oh yes, Tony." Jonathan was more expressive about it now. "...Please."

"Hmm." More sensation spread through Tony that he had to open his lips slightly and allow a long exhale to escape him.

"I'm enjoying it too, Jonathan. The way yer responding is so erotic to me. And I want to go on and see how much more I can make you stand before you have to get off." He watched the younger man's face as the pressure of his caught nipple built under his finger and thumb.

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