tagInterracial LoveBlame It On The Moon

Blame It On The Moon


A knock on the door of the restroom at the local gas station shocked me back to reality. I stood staring into the mirror in total disbelief after gargling and spiting out half of the Mountain Dew that I clenched. What had come over me? How could I have done such a thing? Did I intend to follow through with the plan I just agreed to? Would I come to my senses, submit to my lustful desire, or just chicken out as predicted? One thing was for sure, I had the weekend to think about it. Right now I had to tidy up, regain my composure, and come up with a believable story to tell my husband who had been waiting for me to get home going on two and a half hours.

The half hour drive home was slow going as my mind raced. Visions of what had just taken place overwhelmed me with feelings of guilt and disgust, as well as desire. I had followed part of a plan my husband had come up with, one I had jokingly, partially agreed to, and no intention of going through with. After all I told my husband, Donte' was probably not interested in a lady fifteen years older, though he was recently divorced from a nice looking white woman. The thought of flirting with a black man was disgusting, having sex with one was repulsive. However we did have something in common, we were both considered trouble makers at work. He because he was the only black man, and me because I'm a feisty little redhead. He had filed a discrimination lawsuit at work and was on the verge of a big payday and possibly a promotion as my new boss. I on the other hand, had a personality conflict with my boss and we couldn't stand each other. I was in fear of loosing my job. The plan basically was to see if there was any attraction, and if so, over time I would entice him into a sexual relationship and then file a lawsuit against him and the company. It sounded good but then so did calling in sick on my way to work Monday morning, a plan hatched ten minutes ago.

I called earlier in the day to inform Randy that I would be a little late getting home. After a lot of thought and taunts from Randy I called Donte' and he agreed to meet me. I told Randy I decided to go ahead and launch step one of the plan. He sounded extremely excited. We had decided on asking Donte' if he would agree to be a witness for me under the Weingarten Act in case I was called in to my bosses office for disciplinary reasons, that way he and I could become better acquainted. Up to this point we had only said hello to one another in passing. He had no idea what the meeting was about, only that I as an administrative secretary for his boss wanted to meet with him, in private, after work.

Randy had instructed me to meet Donte' in the parking lot at the local skating rink. It was a Friday night and a lot of people would be there. I was to park far away from the building and motion for him to get in my vehicle upon his arrival. I was to lock the doors when he got into the vehicle and say, "now I got ya, and there is no escaping." This would break the ice and depending on his comeback see if there was any interest in me. If there was I was to lightly flirt with him to set the plan in motion.

I was first to arrive at the skating rink and headed for the far corner. Clouds were moving in and it was beginning to snow again. It was late November and a full moon was perched on the mountains through my windshield. As I sat there I nervously wondered if I could really go through with this. What if he attacked me? I reached into my purse for my pepper spray. Several minutes passed and I saw his big truck enter the parking lot. I flashed my lights and he turned in my direction. He rolled down his window as he pulled up next to me. I rolled mine down as well and invited him to join me. The skating rink was totally obscured from view as I sat and watched him pass in front of my Subaru. We had never really had much interaction at work and I was surprised at how big he really was when he climbed in beside me and shut the door. I had never been this close to a black man before, especially alone in the dark. The smell of his cologne was pleasing. I struggled with the thought of locking the doors. Suddenly my left hand pushed the auto lock, as if it had a mind of it's own.

"Now I got ya and there's no escape," I giggled.

"Only a fool would want to escape from you Lenora," came the reply.

"You can call me Lena, I guess you've been wondering why I wanted to meet in private."

"Definitely, it has to be business though, you don't seem like the type of woman who likes to fool around, if you know what I mean," he smiled.

Wow, Randy was right, he bet that Donte' would come on to me. Before I knew it I suddenly blurted out very coyly, "oh, and what type of women would that be?"

"Well, I mean you're a very pretty and mature woman and odds are you would never consider having anything to do with a black man right?"

"That's very flattering Donte' thank you, but you need to get your eyes checked."

"So I guessed right, it's business, tell me though, have you ever had a relationship with a black man?"

"No, I haven't."

"Do you have something against black men?"

"No, I guess I just never was around any black men, I've led a pretty sheltered life."

Over the next hour we exchanged information about work and had a great conversation. I was surprised at how engaging and intelligent he was. He was also funny and I found myself slapping his thigh several times as we laughed. As the snow built on the windshield we sat, as if in a cocoon, in our own private world. The dim amber and red lights from the instrument panel and soothing sound of music from the radio seemed to cast a spell on us. We soon were removing our coats, overcome with the warmth we shared from the heater. As we sat there I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have sex with him. I felt myself becoming aroused. He was around six feet, a good eight inches taller than me and had a very strong upper body, big arm muscles and hands. He was very black and quite attractive, I guessed him to be around thirty.

"I better get going, Randy is going to start worrying about me?"

"Does he know we're meeting?"

"Yes, it was his idea to get you as my witness, knowing that it would piss management off."

"A smart yet trusting man, your Randy. What would he think if we became really close?"

"That all depends on what really close means Donte'."

"Well, you know that when I win my case there is a good chance that I could end up being your boss, don't you?"

"No, I didn't, but that would be fine with me."

"Your job would require some travel and stay overnight as my assistant. Are you comfortable with that?"

"As long as we have separate rooms, I snickered."

"You said you've never been with a black man, yet we have enjoyed each others company now for over an hour right?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"Do you feel closer to me now then you did an hour ago?"

"Yes, I feel we have a established a trust between us, and a friendship that I wasn't quite prepared for."

"Good, now that we're friends, we should be able to be totally honest with each other, and I just want you to know that you're very desirable."

"Really, since we're being honest, I find myself totally at ease with you, and I sense a physical attraction between us."

"Be careful now Lena, you know the old saying, once you go black."

"Yeah, I know, you never go back. That wouldn't have anything to do with the other old saying would it?"

"Would you be talking about bigger is better Lena?"

"Maybe, rumor has it all you black men are supposed to be bigger, any truth in that?"

"It all depends, you've never seen a black cock?"

"Only once in a porn movie, and he was pretty big."

"How would you like to see a real one?"

"Hmm, I don't know maybe."

I couldn't believe where this conversation was going, yet I was for some reason a willing participant. I was becoming aroused. Suddenly it occurred to me as he began to unzip his pants, I was about to get an up close and personal look at a real black cock. Now I've only been with a couple of guys in my life and they were average, at best six inches. Apprehension overcame me.

"No, no I don't think I want to see it."

"Sure you do, you want to see it, I thought we were going to be honest with each other?"

"Well I have to admit, I am curious, I guess it's okay to just take a peak."

I gasped as he pulled out a jet black cock, it didn't appear to have a head and I guessed it to be a couple inches longer than an empty toilet paper roll and just as round. Only having seen several other cocks in my life, I asked, "what happened to it's head?"

"It's shy."

We both broke out in laughter.

"Actually I'm uncut, I wasn't circumcised at birth, you haven't seen many cocks have you?"

"No, not really how stupid of me," I confessed.

"Would you like to touch it? If you pull back on the skin you can see the head."

"I think I've seen enough for one night, thank you."

"Come on Lenora, touch it at least, you came this far."

"Oh I know, but, but I, call me Lena."

"Don't be a chicken Lena, it's not going to bite you, take it in your hand."

"No one calls me a chicken."

That said, I took it in my right hand and slowly pulled back the skin. The head was purple colored and I must admit, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I instinctively began to slowly jack it, first with one hand then with both as it began to grow. I could feel my stomach churning, my nipples hardening and I was getting wet.

"My God, how big is this going to get," I grinned.

"I'm just short of ten inches. Nine and a half inches, don't stop now, suck it Lena."

"I don't think I should do that, although I do enjoy doing it, and have been told I'm good at it."

"Don't make me beg Lena, don't leave me like this. Get out of those jeans and sit on it then."

"It's tempting Donte' but there just isn't enough room in this little car and it's so big, besides it's getting late, I need to get home."

"Then suck it, and we can get together another time, I want to get deep inside of you and rock your world."

"I don't think I can get it in my mouth Donte' I've never seen anything this big."

"Well at least lick it to lubricate it and jack me off, please Lena, I need to cum."

"Oh alright I'll try."

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and to my surprise was able to take in the head and maybe two inches. I felt my bra being unsnapped and his hands on my breasts, my nipples were firm and inflamed. Little did he know that he was playing with fire. Redheads, especially those born under the sign of Capricorn are horny goats, very selective, but none the less, insatiable nympho maniacs.

"Unsnap your jeans Lena while I pull mine down and show you the whole package. I want to at least feel how tight that hot little pussy of yours is."

His cock escaped the lip lock I had on it as I slipped out of my blouse and bra and lowered my jeans to my knees. I was on my knees now in the seat next to him. I bent over his fully erect cock and grasped his balls with my left hand, my right hand I spit in, and lubricated his entire length with the help of my hungry tongue. His cock was strong in my hand and glistened in the faint light. I had learned to deep throat over the years on Randy but there was just no way, it was much to large. God what would this feel like inside of me I wondered. At a mere 115 pounds it would probably tear me. It would never fit, but it might be fun trying. I felt his warm finger penetrate me as I took the purple head in once again. Determined to get a little more in, I damned near chocked, but got another half inch this time. The thought of what was taking place had me so intoxicated, I was turning into an animal.

"You're a natural redhead, I've never been with one before."

"I guess this is a first for both of us."

"Do you like the taste of that black cock baby?"

"Umm, yes I said as I briefly released his cock."

"I'm going to slip another finger in your juicy little pussy, would that be okay?"

"Umm, please do, but I'm probably going to cum soon, it feels so good."

"I love the way you use your tongue on the head of my cock, lick my balls too."

"Umm you have such big balls. I can only imagine what they would feel like slapping against me from behind."

"Oh you like it doggie style Lena?"

"I don't like it, I love it."

I sucked and jacked him furiously for what seemed like forever, as wave after wave of sensual gratification shook me to my core. Suddenly I felt a familiar pulsation working it's way up his stout shaft from his tightening balls. I was about to rock his world. I sucked harder now, and bit at the head as I savagely stroked the slippery shaft. I wasn't prepared for what happened next. The explosion filled my mouth, throat and nostrils. I chocked but managed to drain every last drop as I slowly milked his stiff black cock to a spent state. His cum was sultry and I found the taste to be sweet and satisfying. I always swallow, that's key to giving a good blow job. I could only imagine what a hot massive load like that would feel like in my tight little pussy.

"My God, that was the absolute best head I've ever had. I can't wait to get you in bed, and take you to places you've never been before."

"Oh yeah, I don't know, your way bigger than any thing I've ever had. You have to promise to go slow and not to hurt me, if I decided to do it."

"Oh I promise, what do you say we both call in sick on Monday and I get us a room so we can spend the day getting much better aquatinted?"

"That sounds like a plan, but I need to think about it over the weekend. Are you going to the company party tomorrow night?"

"I haven't decided, with all that's going on at work, maybe I'll see you there."

"Okay but I need to get home, I enjoyed tonight, and thank you."

"I enjoyed it more, don't chicken out on me Monday, I promise you will not be disappointed, guaranteed."

As I turned into our long drive, I still hadn't decided what to tell Randy, I didn't want to lie to him. I certainly wasn't about to tell him the truth, at least not the whole truth, things just happened so fast, I lost control.

Chapter 2

The outside lights were on and Randy was shoveling the deck as I pulled up. It was snowing a lot harder now and offered the perfect excuse.

"Damn sweetie, I was really staring to worry about you. What the hell have you been doing for almost three hours? Why didn't you call me?"

"I'm sorry honey, he was just so hard ya know, to get away from, he likes to talk. I tried to call but the battery in my phone was dead. There are accidents all over and traffic was moving at a snails pace."

Not a complete lie, he was hard and did like to talk. As we sat down to dinner I wondered if Randy sensed anything out of the ordinary, he has caught me being untruthful several times over our ten years together, but I never would admit it. I hoped the questioning I was about to undergo didn't border on being interrogated. He has a way with asking questions and trapping people, he has done it to me in the past. He is also very good at reading body language.

"So, tell me exactly what happened, did he get in your car and did you lock the doors like we planned?"

"Yes, I invited him to sit in the car."

"What was his response when you locked the doors?"

"When I locked the doors, I said sorry it's just a habit, I couldn't say what I was supposed to say."

"Damn, well what did he say?"

"That's a good habit to get into."

"Then what?"

"I told him why we were meeting and he said he would be happy to be a witness if and when I needed him. He gave me his cell number also. He was surprised that I would choose him. He thought I was just another one of those stuck up bitches at work."

"That's it? You've been gone three hours, there has to be more. Did you sense any interest in you, did he come on to you at all?"

"It wasn't like that, he's very religious, and was a perfect gentleman. I think you would really like him, he's really smart and interesting to talk to."

"Oh come on, just because a guy is religious doesn't mean his cock doesn't get hard, especially when he's black and alone with a white woman."

"Well I'm sorry if you don't believe me, nothing happened, you can call him and ask him yourself."

"Oh sure, Hi Donte' this is Randy, did you fuck my wife tonight? I'm sure he'd tell me the truth. No, I'll just wait until tomorrow night when I see him at the company party. He is going isn't he?"

"I don't know, he wasn't sure. Please don't do anything stupid to embarrass me, I have to work with those people."

"Hey I thought we had a plan, if we do things right there's gonna be a nice pay day down the road. I didn't ask you to sleep with the guy, just flirt a little bit and see if it's even possible. If and when the time does come and you have sex with him it's going to be for a hell of a lot of money. Neither of us have to like it, but we can both live with it."

"Okay, but just the thought of having sex with him makes me, it makes me..."

"Excited, aroused, apprehensive, what?"

"Oh stop it, at the least, it makes me feel cheap."

"Well you need to get a little more enthusiastic, and think about the payday, stop thinking about the sex."

After dinner I headed for the shower. I didn't think I quite convinced him, if not I would be questioned again in bed. What was going through his head, what was he going to do at the company party? Would he confront Donte'? If I was lucky maybe Donte' wouldn't go to the party. Donte', my mind flashed back to earlier in the evening. As the hot water ran down my breasts I felt it pool in my cupped hand as I fondled myself to the thoughts of mounting that awesome black cock. Randy wasn't far behind and got in the shower as I was drying off.

"How about some loving tonight sweetie?"

"Oh honey I'm tired, how about tomorrow night after the party?"

"I guess so, I can wait."

I was first in bed and lay there with my mind racing and wondering if I would be able to go through another questioning. I decided to turn the tables on him if it started. Which it did as soon as he got under the covers.

"Are you sure you told me everything, you're not holding anything back from me are you? A lot can happen in three hours and if he's as smart as you say, he might have talked you into doing something that you're ashamed of."

"Stop it please, I already told you. Am I going to have to go through this for the rest of my life?"

"No, I just want you to know that I love you and you can tell me anything. See ya in the morning."

As I lay there I could not help thinking that he did not believe me and was trying to get me to confess. I somehow didn't think he could handle the truth right now, I was having a hard time myself.

We arrived at the party fashionably late and had to walk a good distance. Once inside there were few empty chairs, the place was packed. A quick scan of the room showed no sign of Dante' thank God. I saw a girlfriend from work who had been saving us a seat and we proceeded to make our way through the crowd. Once seated I felt at ease until I looked up. There making his way towards our table was Donte' and some girl I never saw before.

"Are these seats taken," he asked?

"No answered Rebecca, make yourselves at home. Randy, do you know Donte?"

"Ah know, I don't believe I do, nice to meet you, was his reply," as he glanced at me.

"Nice to meet you Randy. This is my date Shirley. Shirley I'd like you to meet Randy, Lena, Rebecca and it's Don right?"

We sat and made small talk getting to know each other as we sipped on red wine. Randy and Donte' seemed to be getting along quite well. Then Randy stood up and excused himself to go to the mens room and get some more wine. Donte' sprung up and excused himself as well to go with him. All kinds of things started flashing through my mind now. What was going on, the suspense was killing me. Would Randy confront him? If so what would Donte' say? I learned that Shirley knew Donte' from the church they attend. They were just good friends according to her, I wondered though. She was a couple of years younger than me, nice looking, a little taller and a full figured blonde. They returned soon joking and smiling and it was now time to get in line for the buffet. Randy whispered in my ear as we stood there...

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