tagNovels and NovellasBlood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 02

Blood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 02


I was cold. Some jungle bird had screeched in the distance waking me. I couldn’t get up though we were lying as sausages in a pan close together. Miles behind me and Blondie in front. The guys had magnanimously decided us girls would be safer if we were sandwiched with them on the outside.

Being this close to virtual strangers wasn’t really my idea of fun. When it was boiled down, we all sweat the same; we all had pretty high body odour. Mine wasn’t any better than theirs.

Miles groaned in his sleep. I guess his head wound must’ve given him hell this afternoon. But in all fairness he hadn’t complained. He’d carried all he’d been given and he’d walked for hours through the dense hot jungle, just as we all had.

Blondie was the only one who complained. She couldn’t carry her load, couldn’t walk, and needed food. She’d bitched for three solid hours before Martin told her to shut-up.

We rested only when Martin thought we’d put a reasonable distance between us, the remnants of the plane and any possible rebel who’d realise there’d been more than the two pilots and one steward aboard. We left our entire luggage behind; taking bare essentials struggling with carrying them had been enough to bring me out in a hot sweat as we’d tramped through the jungle.

The rifle dug into my back as Miles turned over. Martin ensured we carried one each, loaded, ready for firing. It had been okay to sleep beside Miles when his back was against mine. But now his belly rubbed against me and a seriously suspicious bump pushed hard against my ass. I wriggled away only to discover Blondie’s face pressed into my breasts. The snore let me know she was in dreamland though, so I didn’t let her bother me.

I couldn’t relax to sleep. My body beaten from all the unaccustomed walking was scratched from the dense undergrowth. The trouble was, my brain wouldn’t shut down sufficiently to allow me to drift into a light sleep. I knew tomorrow would be worse. I knew I needed the sleep. So, I did what I would do when I was at home in the same situation. I carefully turned so I lay on my back, slipped my hand down into my shorts and panties, and masturbated right there deep in the jungle in Pander.

I bit my lip hard though. I didn’t want the other three hearing me. I tend to get a little vocal when I’m masturbating. I didn’t linger with the job; just got it over and done with, jerking a little as the orgasm rippled through me. Sighing with a clear head at last, I turned over. Breathing deep and slow I drifted off.

“That was beautiful to watch.” I imagined I heard Miles whispering in my ear. Smiling I snuggled down and slept deeply.

It felt like only an hour later though, when Martin prodded me awake. “Come on lazybones. Get up. We’ve gotta eat and move on.”

Blondie moaned as she got up. One of her false eyelashes had gone awry during the night. She looked decidedly lopsided rubbing her arms and legs trying to get the blood circulating again. When she looked over at me I reached deep inside for the control not to laugh. She appeared comical with her skimpy bright sundress hiked halfway up her ass. The bra she wore would be giving her hell by now, the wriggling contortionist act she was trying to hide only proved it was driving her nuts. Her hair needed seeing to real bad. All in all, she looked like a drug-laden prostitute having a bad day. Poor bitch, I wondered how the hell she was going to survive the next few days.

I felt Miles roll away from me, welcoming the cool air down my back. He groaned as he stood brushing the leaf mould off his body. Holding a hand out for me to grab, my thoughts of him being a liability to our little group waned a little. His strong grip took all my weight as he pulled me to my feet.


“It is the least I can do,” he replied, smiling. The least I can do? Wondering at his odd remark I walked around willing the numbness from my unfit body. A few slow careful stretches later Martin quietly called.

“Here we go all. Breakfast is ready. Come and get it.”

Moving towards him, the horrified look on Blondie’s face caused a bubble of giggling to erupt from me.

“Before we eat, Lorrie, there’s something I need to help you with. Hold still.” She yelped as I held her lopsided eyelash pulling it off. I threw the offending piece of pomp into the jungle.

“There, now you’ll be able to see better.”

“My name is Lorris. Please remember that.” Haughtiness kind of suited her. I grinned but didn't dare look at her again. She actually looked funnier with one false eyelash on and the other off.

I concentrated hard on my meagre breakfast ration Martin offered me.

“Gee thanks, I think. I could eat a horse right about now.”

“We need to ration the little food we have or we’ll run out before we find help.” His eyes showed serious concern. Turning into quite the leader. Maybe his job wasn’t on the line after all.

“How long will what we have, last us?” I didn’t really want to know.

“I reckon we have enough food for three days with bottled water for two or three.”

I looked down at my plastic wrapped muesli bar and cup of water. God alone knew how I was going to survive on three days of this kind of meal. Hell, it might be a good thing really. I needed to lose a few pounds, having no other option might be a good way of dieting.

“Oh Martin, you surely can’t expect me to survive on one muesli bar! I’ll starve to death!” Blondie’s winging tone grated real bad on my ears.

“Dear, we need to save as much food as we can. We don’t know how long we’ll be out here.” He tried honesty first, with the politeness. I was impressed.

“Martin honey, I need more than this to survive in this horrible old jungle. Please let me have another bar.”

Not wanting to hear more, I walked off with my breakfast. Her whining got right up my nose. Martin was doing a great job placating her. I’d probably lose control and deck her one just to shut her up. Finding a rotting log a little distance away, content that it looked solid enough, I sat down to eat my bar. My back was to the sight of Martin and Blondie hugging.

Closing my eyes I nibbled a tiny morsel from the bar, letting a single rolled oat move around inside my mouth for a long time. I was quarter of the way through the bar when Miles plonked himself on the ground beside me.

“It is oddly nice out here, don’t you agree Bess?” He munched almost happily on his bar.

“If you like green stuff and rotting stuff,” I answered grimacing.

“Relax dear. Think of this as a tramp through the bush back home.”

Unbidden memories of home ran through my mind. The kids would be having their breakfast soon. John would get them ready and walk them to school. He’d spend the rest of the day looking through the paper for job, then lying on the couch in front of the television until it was time to collect the kids from school again. He was behaving like a complete bum at the moment. I guess he just needed to work the depression out of his system in his own time. Being made redundant was not an unheard of event. He’d get through it. He’d probably be a better man at the end of it all, I hoped, sighing.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you,” Miles brought me back to the steamy jungle. Already it was growing uncomfortably warm and sticky.

“It’s ok. I was thinking about home. I wonder if I’ll ever get to see it again.” The bleak thought ruminated through the air. Turning away, my eyes caught on Blondie and Martin. She was at it again. Right out in the open this time. Maybe she thought we couldn’t see her. Gasping I looked quickly away. Miles grinned. He already knew what they were up to.

“She sure knows how to get what she wants, wouldn’t you agree Bess?”

I scoffed at his comment. “Unfortunately for us, she’ll succeed in getting Martin to part up with extra food for her. You realise that means we lose out don’t you?”

“Oh yes, I realise. But if it means she’ll walk quietly, then it will be worth it this morning.”

Unable to stop myself, I turned back to watch them. Her knees must be getting pretty sore, but the way her head was pumping Martin’s cock I reckoned she didn’t much notice her knees. Bitch. She was good too. Martin sure was enjoying her, grabbing her hair and practically pulling it out by the roots as she mouth fucked him. I watched as her cheeks drew right in, his groan indicating she’d managed to get him to cum yet again.

Disgusted, I stood abruptly putting my empty cup into my load. I slung it over my shoulder and began walking in the same direction as yesterday, not caring if anyone followed. I blocked them out and left them to catch up. The jungle’s heat had already increased to an uncomfortable level. I wanted to find my way out, or at least to a river, quickly. I needed a wash badly.

Walking for a few minutes I noticed the odd rumbling noise of yesterday had begun again. I wondered if the others had noticed it. I knew full well what it was. Soon enough we all would.

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