tagNovels and NovellasBlood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 03

Blood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 03


The jungle was beginning to stink. Wet rotting vegetation, smouldering humidity. It wasn't inducing a great loving temperament in me. I certainly wasn't thinking kind thoughts of my companions then. I seriously doubted if I ever would again.

Blondie was pissing me off big time. It was the way she kept sucking up to Martin that was driving me insane. Touching him with her hands every moment she could get away with. I wondered how much longer he would put up with her. The heat was causing us all to sweat like pigs. My breasts were rubbing raw against my body; I constantly had to wipe underneath them with the bottom of my shirt.

Martin's shirt was totally soaked. I hoped he'd managed to grab himself a replacement from the wreckage of the plane. I know Miles' shirt was not going to last the rest of the day. It had been torn up the back during the crash and this morning looked as if the slightest branch snag would rip it to shreds.

As I walked through the dense bush, my legs bled from the consistent scratches. I could have done with a knife of some sort to cut my way through the bush. At least I knew I was heading in the right direction. The old girl scout days had stood me in good stead so far. I merely followed the signs then aimed myself north. There was no doubt in my mind there would be a river waiting for me. I couldn't hear it, and the ground signs had been hard to pick, but there was an abundance of tree life. I figured where there was more life there'd be water. Kind of logical thinking really. Hell, it sounded good to me.

I couldn't figure out how far I'd travelled by myself though. The sun seemed to have risen a quarter of the way up into the sky by the time I had a chance to notice it through the canopy. I figured it was about mid-morning.

At least it was a damn sight more peaceful walking alone than with the rest of them. Blondie's constant chattering, Martin's constant placating and Miles' complete silence were all as bad as one another. It was nice to walk without having to listen to anything except the wildlife. It hadn't seemed too bad so far. At least, I hadn't managed to stand on any poisonous spiders or irritate any snakes.

The jungle became thicker, harder to move through. Interwoven amongst the branches of an old rotting tree were about a dozen different varieties of vine. The problem was they seemed to spread themselves right across my pathway. I stopped for a few minutes to figure out my way mentally around the mass. I took a long cool drink from my water bottle, then thanked God we at least had water. I tried to figure my way around or through the jungle.

I had decided that the right of the main trunk was most likely the best way and forced my way through. My hair snagged on twigs which brought stinging tears to my eyes. I blinked them back as I pushed my way through. My running-shoe clad foot landed on something soft. Unable to get enough of my body through the hole in the branches, I tested half my weight on the front foot. It appeared solid enough. It felt a little squishy. I had put my whole weight on that foot; I used the branches and pulled myself through the tangled mass. I stopped when I stood straight and looked down at what I was standing on.

My scream echoed through the jungle for miles. The birds had flown off in shock, screeching loudly. I sprang back through the hole and fell to the ground weeping.

Thunderous feet crashed through the undergrowth.

"Bess! Where are you Bess? Shout so we can find you!" Miles' concerned voice sounded very good to my ears right at that moment.

"Over here. I'm over here." I shakily answered him.

He smashed his way through the jungle, still shouting. "Talk to me Bess. I need to hear you to find you!"

"Miles I'm here. To your right. I can see glimpses of you through the trees."

He appeared in front of me, his face showed deep concern. "What is it? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" He swept his hands over my feet and legs. Moved them up my body. If I hadn't been so shocked I'd have been turned on. I shoved his hands away.

"There's a, a body in the bush." I pointed where I'd seen it.

"A body? Where?"

God how did this guy get to be the company's operations manager? He seemed so damn dense at times.

"In there Miles. I stood on it. I was trying to get through the tangle of branches. I stood on his goddamn arm."

Miles dropped his bag to the ground by my feet. He held his rifle steadily in front, cocked, ready to fire, he walked towards the spot I'd pointed to. Sticking his head in the tiny gap, he pulled it out quick when he realised there was indeed a man's body laid out on the ground.

He was white in the face. I could see he was trying to control the nausea that had taken hold of him. Failing miserably, he dashed a few feet away and heaved up his breakfast. I didn't have the energy to go do the motherly thing of rubbing his back. My own insides were having a hell of a job staying put.

Martin and Blondie crashed into the small clearing.

"What's up? Are you okay Bess? What's with Miles?" He couldn't stop the grin from creasing his face when he realised Miles had thrown up. Blondie did her thing by going over to him and rubbing (or should I say stroking) his back. It didn't seem to help him any. He just kept chucking up nothing.

"There's a body in that bush. I was trying to get through it when I stood on some dead guy's arm. Miles went to check it out and nearly checked himself out in the process."

"A bit high is it?"

"Just a tad. Not much of a pretty sight either. Looks like he's been there a while."

Martin moved carefully over to the bush. He took a deep breath, then poked his head in the hole. He had it stuck in there a while before backing out.

"I'd say he's been dead about a week. Looks like he's been strangled. There's bad bruising marks around his neck. And it looks like a piece of wire or string or something is lying beside him. You okay Miles?" Martin added looking across at the still bent figure.

"Yeah I'll be alright. It stunk a bit is all. You reckon he's been dead a week? I wonder who killed him, and why."

Blondie plonked herself down on the dirt and burst into tears. The two guys stared at her. I laughed, a little hysterically. The three of them looked so comical.

"Shut up Lorrie. I can't hear what the guys are saying." Exasperated, I stood, walked over to her, lifted her face by the chin and slapped her. "Hysteria has no place right now. Snap out of it woman."

I ignored the shocked looks. "Who would have killed him? And why kill him? He doesn't look dressed up enough to be worth killing for his wallet."

"Maybe he saw something he shouldn't have." The sniffing bitch mumbled.

"Yeah right. Like what?" I asked.

"I don't know. But it figures that if there's rebels around, then maybe they're camping close by and maybe he saw them."

Actually through the dumb blond attitude, she may have had a point. I sat and thought for a few minutes. Miles and Martin talked quietly together. It seemed she was right. The men had decided we'd walk close together without talking from now on.

"Are we going to bury him?" Blondie snivelled.

"What with dear. We have no spades to dig with. He'll be okay where he is." Martin looked like he felt sorry for her. Hell, I reckoned he was just placating her so he could get sucked off again later on. I sure hoped we were going to be still around for that to happen. The way things had begun to look, I doubted I'd be alive myself for long.

We moved off, Martin was in front and Miles brought up the rear. I followed behind Martin this time. I tried to concentrate where my feet were going; I put Blondie's noisy crying out of my mind. Or tried to. I reckoned the heat had got to me for we hadn't gone more than 10 metres when I turned on her and slapped her face hard leaving an angry red mark.

"For fucks sake, shut up! You're gonna have us all murdered if you keep that noise up."

That seemed to stem the flow. My hand tingled from the slap. It must have hurt her like hell, but she hadn't said a word. Glancing back the red mark showed my fingers clearly. I refused to feel guilty.

Several times on our walk we had to stop and wait for Martin to discern the easiest route through the dense jungle. Blondie's face constantly rammed against my backside. I was getting to the point where I was enjoying it. Eventually Miles hissed to Martin.

"We need to stop for a rest and something to eat Martin." I was thankful he'd suggested it. I'd been holding off for the last hour hoping Blondie would crush first, but she'd held her tongue still. Slapping her must have sorted her out.

Martin found a gap in the thickening vegetation. We gratefully dumped our bags and rifles. Making sure to keep the rifles close, we then ate our meagre muesli bar and drank our cup of water. Martin and Miles wandered off a little way to check the path ahead.

Blondie had moved close to me. She sized me up with her eyes. "Bess, I want you."

The shock must have been obvious in my own eyes. She smiled. Oddly enough she looked fairly pretty when she was behaving in a natural way. Mind you with her natural was an act too. I thought about her offer. Touched her bruised face with my fingertips.

"I'm sorry I slapped you. But there wasn't another way to quickly get you quiet."

"Oh yes there was," she answered leaning towards me.

Before I could utter a word, her mouth had closed over mine; her hands wandered over the front of my shirt. I almost pulled away then. Almost pulled away that is, until the voice of reason tapped my half-dead brain cells. Maybe she could be useful after all, I thought.

I let her kiss me. I didn't protest either when she lifted my sweat covered shirt and latched on to my swollen nipple. When she sucked on it I cried out.

"Sweet Jesus girl. Where'd you learn to do that?"

She kept sucking. Her hand moved down the inside of my shorts and pants. She expertly found my clitty and rubbed her to life. Softly and gently she rubbed, the tension had tightened my aching pussy muscles. When I exploded arching my back, she swallowed on my breast. I felt my nipple rubbing against the back of her throat. I kept cumming, totally unable to gain control.

She suckled gently until the orgasm stopped then moved up to my mouth planting sweet tiny kisses against my dry, cracked lips. At that moment she was the most beautiful goddess on earth.

The men murmured to each other as they came back through the bush. We pulled apart, her knowing look landed on my incredulous face.

"Wait until tonight Bess. I'll show you a real good time."

With that promise, I leapt to my feet, gathered my bag and rifle and left the clearing. My sex scent still hung heavily in the air.

As we joined the men, the ground rumbled below our feet. This time it was loud in our ears and felled us to the ground. We were getting closer.

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