tagNovels and NovellasBrandon's Fuckslut Family Ch. 07

Brandon's Fuckslut Family Ch. 07


Brandon walked into the bedroom where his nieces were all having some tea and cake – totally nude. The girls had become so comfortable being naked in front of their uncle and each other, the clothes had started flying the moment they'd walked through the door hours earlier. They had set about cleaning his house from top to bottom, wearing only their birthday suits, knowing the effect their nudity and teasing was having on their Uncle. They were supposed to have lunch once they'd finished cleaning and airing out the house, but the minute they were finished, Brandon dragged the three nymphos upstairs, had them all shower and they began an incestuous romp that had only ended when Tabby complained of being hungry.

The auburn-haired beauty looked over at her family and shook her head – were they really doing all these crazy, insane things? Reality was overrated if they weren't, because Autumn had never, ever found a man who knew how to get her off like Uncle B and no one knew their way around a woman's body like her loving, kinky sisters. She was a bit sad because Bliss wasn't with them, but someone had to keep an eye on the Condo.

"That was your sister on the phone, your mother is home and everything's fine," Brandon smiled, although there was a small trace of melancholy in his voice. He knew this would mean a near-cessation of his relationship with the girls, although they would all be free to visit his home and share his bed whenever they wanted, the day-to-day passions would be ending. As he looked over at the 3 bodies having their little snack, all beautiful in their own way, all unique and sensual, he didn't know which of them he'd miss more, Bliss included.

Julee stood up and hugged her uncle from behind. "What's wrong, Uncle B? You look like Tabby did when they stopped showing Kianna's Flex Appeal." Tabitha stuck out her tongue at her raven-haired sister, but she laughed as well.

"My pretty love – my pretty loves - we've had the adventure of a lifetime and I've shared your beautiful bodies in ways I could never have imagined. I love you and understand you all on a much deeper level now and I'm going to miss seeing your sweet, loving faces every day."

Tabby's face almost looked crestfallen and her eyes were almost full of tears. "Hey, Uncle B, don't make us all cry. We've had a great afternoon and we'll be having a lot more, you can count on it. You think any of us wants to give up your wonderful cock now that we've gotten used to it? Nuh-uh, right girls?"

Autumn and Julee nodded and echoed their sister's sentiments. They were all crazy about their Uncle B, he'd brought them all closer together. They were happy that their Mom was home and couldn't wait to hear her stories about her vacation, but it was going to be weird not having Uncle B around every day.

Autumn and Tabitha were already starting to feel the need again, the twins had noticed that in the past few weeks, they'd gotten closer and become more in tune with each other's needs. One of the few minor changes in recent weeks had been Autumn's relationship with her lawyer-boyfriend, Chase. He was an okay fuck, but the last time he had screwed the sensual, fit Autumn, he'd come up far short in comparison to her studly Uncle B. Tabitha had already found out that none of the men she'd dated in recent years had measured up to Brandon, so she was currently seeing the cute librarian, Martina Warner. She had already mentioned to Bliss that Martina had a sister about her age and she thought they might have a relationship similar to hers and Bliss'. Bliss thought that sounded interesting and asked Tabby to feel her out and perhaps they could "double date" - she also thought it might be nice to bring a new girl – or two – to one of Jo & Sophie's little parties. Bliss was always practical, it was nice to have options.

Julee was already working on her Uncle; her libido was constantly racing when Brandon was around. There was something about her handsome uncle that continually got to Julee, as far as she was concerned, he had an animal magnetism unlike any other man she'd ever been with. Brandon's arms held his slender, dark-haired niece tight as her sisters watched with envy. There was something unusual about the sex their uncle had with their sister – it always seemed a bit different, a little subtle, with hidden nuances. Bliss told the twins they were being coo-coo, but Autumn and Tabby thought the reason might simply be that Julee had been the first to sleep with him. Julee knew what Brandon liked; her hands moved all over his body with the twins moved into a languid sixty-nine on the bed beside them. Julee and Brandon side-shuffled over to the bed as the sisters made room for them, though barely coming up for air.

"You know Uncle B, you're going to have to get a much bigger bed if we're going to be over here all the time," Julee said, running her hands over her uncle's torso. Brandon shivered at her touch; Julee instinctively had a feel for the spots on a person's body that were sensitive to a caress.

"Oh I will, will I?" Brandon teased. "Who, pray tell, is going to help me pay for this new expensive piece of furniture?"

Tabitha moved her face from her sister's sleek, tanned thighs. "We'll all chip in, Uncle B. You shouldn't have to foot the bill for our naughtiness, should he girls?" The other two quickly voiced their agreement.

Autumn also spoke. "Uncle B, it also might be a good idea for us to put our lingerie, sexy clothes and sex toys in a room or closet over here. Don't want Mom snooping around and asking a lot of questions." Autumn then took Brandon's cock in her mouth and began sucking him while Julee pushed him down on the bed. She and Tabby just continued to massage him gently while their athletic sibling pleasured him.

"Hey, you know what would be cool?" Tabitha suggested to her sister as Autumn's mouth bobbed up and down on Brandon's cock and her fingertips traced his balls. "We should all make a film of us fucking sometime – something we can remember later on, for when we're older. What do you think, Uncle B? Wanna have an amateur porn film of your slutty little nieces doing naughty things with you and each other?"

"Much as I'd love that kitten, I'm not sure it'd be a good idea. If anyone ever got hold of it or your mother ever saw it, she'd have my balls in a blender. It's a pretty fun idea, though." Brandon grinned as Autumn's mouth left his cock, to be replaced by Tabby's.

Julee and Autumn were now in a slow, sensual sixty-nine as Brandon's cuddly, blonde niece sucked him slowly. Tabitha loved to tease her uncle and he never seemed to mind. He wasn't like so many of the silly boys she'd fucked before – Uncle B could take care of all his girls rather nicely and he always took his time. Tabitha felt her twin's gentle hand massaging her skin as they continued to make love as a unit of four.

It never seemed awkward, Julee smiled as her older sister's tongue and hands moved all over her body – it always just seemed so natural, all of them being together like this. There was such tenderness mixed in with the passion and kink, like a naughty, exotic dish with a dash of spice. Julee liked that the girls could be themselves with Brandon and now, with each other. If she wanted to be silly, she could be, but Uncle B liked her sensual side, he liked her romantic side – and he brought out the best in the others as well. Oddly, despite all the fun they were having, she still missed Bliss – it felt odd not having their younger sister a part of the goings-on.

Tabitha loved the way they'd all woken up this morning, she'd been the happiest, with Uncle B's big cock nestled against her pussy from behind. With very little effort, she had managed to slip his cock deep inside her and begin fucking him while her sisters dozed on beside them. Autumn and Julee hadn't been too thrilled when they'd awoken and seen the goings-on, but it didn't take long for the high-spirited young women to overcome their annoyance and join in the fun and games.

Julee loved watching – she had actually given serious thought to working in the Adult Industry as a porn film writer or director, she loved watching people fuck and she often wondered if Tabby knew how cute she looked when she was fucking. Tabitha wasn't the most vocal – that was Julee herself or Bliss – but she was the noisiest and she was the one who seemed to have certain looks on her face, it was a slow, gradual change that came over Tabitha, like she was drifting into her own, happy little world of sexual pleasure, unaware of anything else.

Julee wasn't far behind, with Autumn's physical prowess and attention to detail; she was a sensational girl-lover. Autumn could really provide sensual and physical pleasure, she didn't tire easily. Her strong arms held Julee tight, the raven-haired beauty was luxuriating in the feeling of Autumn's long, sensual tongue licking deep into her cunt and her hands moving all over Julee's supple body. Julee did her best to concentrate on pleasing her sister, but she was being distracted by the moans Tabby was making and the shaking and squeakings that were going on in the bed as well. Uncle B's bed was a bit smaller than what they were used to, but the foursome was making the best of it.

"Okay, time for me to have some cock, you greedy little bitch!" Autumn said, giving her twin a smooch but pulling her away from Brandon. Smart people did not argue with Autumn, for reasons that were obvious. She moved atop her Uncle Brandon and began to fuck him the way she liked, letting her body work its magic on her favorite relative. She was happy that he'd become more fit in the last number of weeks, but his stamina had surprised her considerably. Chase was much younger and worked out near-daily, but Uncle B did his best to make a girl happy. He never rushed, he was attentive and by taking his time, he seemed to last. Chase wasn't quite "Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am" but he wouldn't be giving the Chippendales guys a run in the stud department either.

"Harder Uncle B, really fuck me, I want tonight to be memorable!" Autumn grimaced as she corkscrewed her tight, educated pussy around his cock. Brandon did as Autumn requested, he pushed his body forward, sending his cock deeper into her pussy. Autumn groaned and smiled over at her sisters, who were playing with each other and kissing softly. Autumn loved the various combinations – Bliss and Tabby in the blonde-blonde, herself and Julee, Tabby and Julee in the blonde-black, she just enjoyed all the various combinations and hoped there'd be many more in years to come. Her body moved around and around, her tits bouncing as she pondered their future as an incestuous family. She and the girls had a serious discussion about it just a few nights prior – what about marriage and kids? Autumn had flat-out said she was not going to be able to stop their newfound relationships, the others had echoed her sentiments. IF any of the girls chose a mate, they'd have to be cool with the family-play, because they were all happy with the way things were.

Brandon was close to exhaustion, they'd played the previous day and nearly all of today as well, in between bouts of house-cleaning and tidying up. He liked his little house well enough, but since living with the girls, he'd come to enjoy having all the voices and activity surrounding him. As his cock moved in and out of Autumn's warm, educated pussy, he hoped they'd be frequent visitors, although he was fairly certain they would be. They all enjoyed their fucking too much to give it up so readily.

Tabitha and Julee were sensually playing nearby, luxuriating in the unhurried, warm sensuality of the afternoon. Tabitha was sucking her sister's nipples while Julee's slender fingers were manipulating her sister's clitoris. Both girls weren't saying much of anything; they were just making gentle sighs that co-mingled with the grunts and groans of their uncle and sister fucking wantonly alongside them. Julee always took notice no matter who Uncle B was screwing, it was different – he adapted himself to each lover's particular preferences, it was one of his best skills as a bedmate.

"Uncle B, gotta cum, gotta CUM!!" Autumn shrieked, her body convulsing and her cunt constricting around her Uncle's thick shaft. She wailed and thrashed about, her explosion obvious to all in the room. Panting, Autumn rolled off her uncle's cock, Brandon still hadn't achieved orgasm, but Julee simply wasn't having it.

The raven-haired nymph mounted him reverse-cowgirl and started screwing him with as much passion as she could while Tabby licked her tits and Autumn, still slightly dazed, nuzzled her neck. They were all united and Brandon, seeing his nieces at play, decided he could let go now and flooded Julee's pussy with his spend, which her kinky siblings licked clean.

"Okay, you three perverted Sex Maniacs, we all need to stop, finish up here and get back to your place. I am sure your mother wants to see you all and tell you about her trip, so let's get to it." Julee pouted at Brandon, but he waved her off. "There's nothing we can do about it girls, we'll figure things out later. Knowing Bliss' devious little mind, she'll have some ideas of her own – I think we can count on it!" Brandon grinned.

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