Sitting at work after lunch, knowing that I have some time before the boss comes back, I can let my mind wander. You are always there, the goal of my wanderings. When we first met almost two years ago, I was not sure what to think. You looked at me with those eyes, wide and searching, seeking for my strength. Your muted statement "You came for me" belied your doubt. But I never had doubts, from the first moment you stepped out of the truck. I saw your beauty in so many ways. I saw your amazing mind, sexy body, wonderful giving and serving soul. I used you, and did not allow you to pleasure me, wanting you to know my strength and feel my ownership. I left wanting and needing you, and the short 20 minutes we were together formed a bond still strong today.

I never get over your beautiful mind and soul and body. What an amazing and sexy woman you are. Leaning back in my chair, I drift back to last night...

How beautiful you are, tied with your arms over your head, and your ankles tied to a spreader bar so I can test your arousal. Tonight is a special night. Tonight, I will mark you as mine for the first time. We have avoided it before. But yesterday, you sent me that picture on my cell phone. The one you took with you opening your blouse to show me your beautiful breast, the nipple hard and poking out at me. My hard cock was under the table, and the damp spot of my pre-cum was hidden so no one noticed. But they may have seen me staying after the meeting adjusting my shorts. You were naughty by tempting me at work, and now you will receive your due.

With you firmly tied, I begin by wrapping that wonderful breast with cotton rope, pulling the loops tightly against the base. You moan slightly and grunt as I wrap it in coils until it stands up, hard and stiff with the nipple jutting fiercely against my palm. The rope bites slightly, and I know you will bruise. I am counting on it. From one, I proceed to the other, wrapping the rope around your left breast the opposite way, tightly pulling against the base until both are imprisoned in the rope. Since I don't want them slipping loose, I wrap the end around your chest 4 times, running under them, forming a brief support. You are beautiful, the white rope set off against the now reddening mounds of your breasts.

I know that they are beginning to ache. I know that you are feeling it, and that soon they will turn a lovely purple and begin to lose feeling. Listening to your protests and cries, I ignore them. I know that you are trying to distract me, because I will do what I want, when I want, however many times I want. Flicking your erect nipples with my fingers, I bring the screw clamps with the chain between them. Each nipple is gently clamped so the weight of the chain pulls against the pressure of the ropes. Your nipples ache and your breasts burn as they start to turn a light blue. Your eyes are on mine, looking deeply into my soul as my fingers lift the chain to your mouth, squeezing your jaw to open it and putting the chain between your teeth like a bit.

Still searching your eyes, I look into you as I tighten the clamps on your nipples, watching the pain increase and hearing your moans. As you toss your head back, the movement pulls hard on your crushed nipples. Seeing tears form at the corner of your eyes, I run my hands over your hard breasts and burning nipples, squeezing and massaging the hard mounds. Their ache is replaced with dull pain as they turn blue and then gradually purple under the bondage.

I lean close to you, my lips brushing along your cheek and sliding up to your ear where my tongue flicks slowly against the piercing in the lobe. My teeth grab and pull, bring groans and tears. Now I whisper to you that I am going to spank your bound breasts. Your gasped denial causes the chain to drop from your lips. A sharp crack from my hand slapping your cheek brings you back to me. I yank the chain back up to your mouth making you scream slightly in pain. Your bit once again properly grasped in your teeth, my hand waves back and forth between your aching mounds, slapping and spanking what needs to know that it is owned by me.

My left hand slides between your legs, spreading your lips to feel your wet and hot cunt that is waiting and needing to be filled. What a hot slut....you are dripping with desire. The pain in your breasts is converted to pleasure in your cunt. My fingers tickle your clit and I am rewarded with a grunt and your attempt at a hip thrust. Instead, I give you three fingers roughly, pushing you up and straining your ankles against the spreader bar. Shoving into your wet cunt, I can see the orgasm building in you as I look into your eyes. With three fingers in you, my thumb and pinkie grab your clit and pinch. You shiver with pleasure and I know you are close, but I don't send you over the edge just yet.

Standing back before you, I ask you if you know to whom you belong, and your nodding head and tears let me know I can drop the chain from your mouth. As I loosen the clamps, I twist them from your nipples and you groan again at the burning, needles pinging at the sensitive flesh. Grabbing your hair, I pull your head back and look down into your eyes and ask you again.

"Who owns you, slut? Who does what he wants, when he wants, as often as he wants?"

Your breathing is heavy and ragged. You manage to tell me again who owns you, and I loosen the rope and let the blood flow back in to your breasts. The burning and aching of your breasts is magnified as I step behind you and wrap my hands around them. Squeezing and pulling, you moan from the fire in your breasts. My cock presses against your ass cheeks and you push back against me. I slide down between them, and my head probes the wet lips that want so much to be spread and opened. As I enter you from behind, my cock sliding into your aching and wet cunt, your moaning climbs in volume and a growl comes from your throat. Pulling me into you, I can feel the muscles grabbing and holding me inside the center of your desire. Using your bruised breasts, I pull you back against me until my strong hands crush your bruised breasts against your chest. I take you hard and fast, using your body with no concern for your pleasure. The hair on my belly presses against your ass as I stop deep inside filling you up and tensing against my cum. You beg to be allowed, and as I free you to cum I feel your orgasm clamping around my thrusting cock. The juice flows around my cock, coating it and leaking down your legs. Then finally my cum spurts deep inside you and you moan back to my whispered question....who do you belong to now?

Then my cell phone rings, awakening me in time to look busy before the boss comes back. And I think about seeing you again, with those lovely bruises on your breasts and your beautiful smile telling me how proud you are to wear them as reminders of our time together.

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