I had met him on a dating service (which will go un-named). He had no face, just a name. Why not, I asked myself. If it didn't work I could always put him on my ignore list, like I had Fred. But he's another story.

He had left me a message in my inbox there. I don't check it that often and, usually, unless I'm paying attention, they get thrown. And as usual, I had gotten a feeling I had gotten a message. It wasn't quite time for the weekly clean out of all of my accounts (I keep them free incase [it just happened too] someone suddenly can't get a hold of me). I went in expecting nothing because sometimes those feelings are just me hoping like hell that it happened. I logged in and saw it. I figured he was from around by me since that was one of the options I put, and people look for someone nearby. The message said to e-mail him and had the address.

Why not, I was looking for someone. Someone I'd have sex with or someone I'd have a relationship with. So I copied his e-mail address, and re-logged in to my mail service. He was worth it. I never lose a guy's e-mail address. NEVER. I pasted it into the to line and sent him an e-mail letting him know who it was. We e-mailed back and forth. He had politely asked me if he could ask me a question. I told him that I'm an open book, so he could ask whatever he wanted. The next e-mail I got said something to the effect of he didn't know whether to ask me if/what kind of pets I have, or when the last time I got laid.

So I told him: one dog, two cats and a bird that is either in love with me, OR he sees the reflection in my glasses, and December 31. He told me later that a part of him was hoping I'd tell him when I last got laid and part was wanting to find that I wouldn't say it. A FEW and I mean a few (from the 28 of the past month to the 3rd of the current month [31]) days we had shown each other pictures of each other's bodies, an heads; both of his. He just left for the first time and I can faintly smell his cologne if I turn my head to the left at just the correct angle.

Anyway, I had given him directions that the Internet said. Those were messed up. He found his way to the city, just not to my house. I had given him personal directions the day before, and he used those. I was getting nervous; he was supposed to be here at 10 after and the time; 20 after. Then a few moments later, he was here. NICE car, it was black shiny and new. We walked inside and he talked to my Mom a bit, which I thank him for, it calmed her down. We turned on the TV and started talking, I then looked him in the eyes, gorgeous blue eyes that went well with his dark curly hair, and kissed him. It was melt worthy he is a good kisser.

His hand trailed down to my left breast and played with it for a while. I then started rubbing his erection through his jeans. He and I played a while on the couch, and then I started sucking his dick. It tasted better than most. I undid his jeans pulled his boxers and jeans to his knees and started to suck his dick. He then took off his jeans completely while I took off my shirt. I have no clue when his shirt came off, but it did. I think while I was undoing his jeans and focusing on his dick. I took his dick out of my mouth to put a condom on and I had grabbed his dick with my teeth just to give him a little extra. That's when he asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. With his skin still in my mouth, I shook my head no.

He asked again and I shook my head again. I hadn't realized that he came, until I saw a clear streak just under his left nipple. I IMMEDIATELY started licking it up. Cum cannot go to waste around me. I started sucking his dick again and saw some cum had gotten into his bellybutton. I licked that up. I then suggested we go to my room. He agreed. I had bent over to pick up the condom I had tried to put on but failed, he had gone limp.

Who could blame him, he had just came two seconds earlier. He got behind me and started rubbing his dick into my slit. I said if we ever get there. He said jokingly "I'm sorry were we going somewhere?" I had picked up the condom wrapper and took it to my room, after having confused and kissed him. We made it to my room and I had turned on the florescent light. I warned him after it came on. I knew what I was doing that was all that mattered. I had attempted to leave the light on, but my bed being close to the outlet, it kept going off and on. Which caught him by surprise.

I then unplugged it because a deer caught in headlights look is not what you want to see when it’s just starting to feel good. We moved into various positions. I straddled him he straddled me. It was a VERY surprising thing to me for him to have straddled me. Most guys don't like to be spread that much, nor can they. I then told him I wanted it up my ass, and turned so I had my ass to him. I don't know how or what happened, nor when but I do know that he had fingered me to a great orgasm. And I knew he had one in my ass, and at least one in my pussy.

GOD that was great. Then he stood up and stretched then sat back down. He must have been horny or wanted to get hard for me because I just knew he was rubbing his dick. Somewhere I had asked him to lie down and I started sucking his dick. He said something to the effect of me sucking his dick had to be made illegal. I said then I couldn't do it, and he agreed. I jerked him off, and sucked him then he started tapping my arm in an excited way. He told me before that was how he lets girls know he's going to cum. It took me a second, but I remembered and wrapped my lips around his dick.

Immediately his hot cum shot into my mouth. He was lying there, moaning and he just kept coming and coming. Finally he stopped and I swallowed his cum. It seriously was the best cum I have ever tasted. I then checked the time and it was 1 AM! He had to be to work at 7 am! OOOPS! He left and I left an open invitation for him to come over again. I hugged him a couple of times, he hugged me a couple of times and he left. I hope that turns into more, but I don't want to rush it. He's a great guy and I'd like it very much if it turns out for more.

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