tagToys & MasturbationBrooke Plays: A Masturbation Story

Brooke Plays: A Masturbation Story


After an entire summer without the hustle and bustle of kids around her, Brooke was very happy to get back to her job at the local middle school. Her summer was one of the greatest she ever had: she would lie out in the fiery summer sun every day so she would be nice and tanned for her return. The nights out at the local bar and the clubs in her area were still vivid memories, although the multiple Corona with limes made some of those vivid memories fuzzy ones. And of course, when she was waiting for Ryan, her beau of 10 months to return home from work during those dog days of late July and August, she would always change into a pair of sexy panties so that she could welcome him home properly.

But now she was back to work, back to wearing professional clothes and back to being a youth counselor. God, she longed for the summer days, even after her first day. She longed for her sunglasses, a lounge chair, and the soft purring of a pool filter. A paperback novel in one hand, a cold beverage in another. Those were the thoughts she was experiencing as she returned to her apartment a few miles away from school. But those weren't her only thoughts.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, she would be alone for a few hours until Ryan came home. She had been thinking of ways to spice up their sex life, and though dull it was not, Brooke always wanted to be one up on Ryan when it came to sexual surprises. Ryan seemed to enjoy it, the way his body always responded when something new and exciting came into the bedroom. Brooke bit her lip and giggled softly to herself as she remembered her little police officer outfit and of how she had made him strip to his boxer briefs so that she could perform a weapons search. Her favorite part of the whole night was handcuffing him to the bedposts and riding his cock - she thought it was a large gun during the weapons search - to several orgasms while wearing the officer's hat. Brooke slid her hand onto her thighs and rubbed them as she recalled him sliding his tongue along the wet folds of her pussy, looking up into her eyes as he pleasured her orally.

She snapped briefly out of her trance when she remembered she was still sitting in the car. As she opened the door to get out, she felt a dampness inside her silky bikini panties. I'm going to need to take care of this quickly, she thought to herself. Brooke was never one to let her horniness get the best of her.

She entered her apartment and put down her briefcase before checking the messages. There was the usual message from mom about Mrs. so-and-so and how she can't wait to meet Ryan. There was a message from the principal at school telling her she forgot the case folder for Tommy Thorndike - she slapped her forehead and closed her eyes, knowing how forgetful she could be. And there was a message from Ryan.

"Hi honey, it's me. Just calling to say that I miss you and that I will be about 20 minutes late getting to your place tonight. Dave needs us to sit down and discuss the fall barbecue. I don't know what I have to do this year. Oh yeah hon, make sure you clear your schedule for the 13th of October, that's the day of the barbecue. You haven't met the guys yet, so I'm thinking that would be a good day, if it's all right with you. Ok, time to get back to work, hope you had a good day, love you and I'll see you soon."

Ryan's little daily messages always brought a smile to Brooke's face, even when she didn't have the patience to deal with his cuteness. Whenever she heard his recorded voice she would giggle like a schoolgirl and turn red. It didn't help that when he said "love you" the way he did, it would send a jolt to her pussy, a jolt that would linger for a few seconds, break away for a moment, and then return in full force after she thought of his words. The jolt was like an itch that needed to be scratched, and scratch it she would.

Brooke deleted the messages and rushed into her bedroom, a room she shared often with the man of her dreams. Pulling the navy blue sports coat off of her, she was standing in only a pinstriped skirt and a silky white chemise. She ran her fingertips lightly over her breasts, hidden by the light weight of the chemise. Her tongue wetted her lips as she touched herself, feeling the electricity course through her as her fingertips rubbed against the shirt. She gasped slightly as she brushed over her nipples, feeling them harden at her touch. Her mouth opened a tiny bit as she started circling her right nipple over the chemise, going a little faster with every revolution around it. Her knees bent, causing her body to go slightly limp as she was massaging her breast. She lowered herself over to her bed and when she was sitting on the edge of the bed, she took her chemise off and flung it into the hamper. Under the chemise was a lacy white bra, holding her firm 34c's. She quickly reached behind her and unclasped it, letting it fall off her upper body, hardly hearing it as the soft material crashed to the floor.

Laying back, she began to grope herself tenderly, running her palms against her hardened nipples, feeling them dig into her hands before the slight pain in them was eased by the warmth of her soft flesh. Her fingers then acted as if they had a mind of their own, running into the deep valley between her breasts. She had been tracing light lines in this part of her body since she was a teenager; the road she was on was familiar to her. She dreamed that Ryan was with her, feeling her breasts for the very first time. She remembered the night they first made love; when he was getting used to the texture of her skin, feeling how her chest rose and fell with every breath, feeling how good his lips felt as he dropped them those last few inches to kiss the aureolas before his warm tongue shifted and circled her nipples. She groaned at the memory and arched her back as her forefingers and middle fingers came together to catch both of the nipples in a pleasurable pinch.

As her left hand was rubbing her breasts, her right hand slid slowly down her taut stomach, feeling her body respond to her own sweet touch. Her skin seemed to quiver uncontrollably as she ran her fingers to and fro across her belly. Her brushed danced along the waistband of her skirt, teasing herself. She wanted to dip her hand into her skirt and into her little bikini panties, but held herself back as she was enjoying the sensations her fingers were giving her breasts. As she was rubbing her lower abdomen, she could feel an ache deep inside her, directly underneath the spot where she was touching. It called out to her in a voice that sounded remarkably familiar, almost like the echoing voice of her Ryan.

"Oh yes Ryan baby, I feel you touching me, making me shiver. Oh God Ryan, touch me more," Brooke said to thin air, feeling the slowly building orgasm form in her gut. Her tongue was running along her dry lips, her breathing becoming sporadic as she pleasured herself.

Slowly her fingers lowered onto her skirt. The brunette's nimble digits carefully began to bunch her skirt up, drawing it up toward her waist. The skirt slithered up her supple thighs, making her shudder with anticipation at the thought of masturbating. She raised her ass so she could easily touch herself.

With the skirt up around her middle, her fingers went to work. Her right hand slipped down and rested briefly on the top of her white string bikini panties, her pinky finger massaging the material. Her left hand then joined the other, abandoning its vigil on her chest. Eight fingers were slowly rubbing the crotch of her panties, which had become laden with secretions from her pussy. She felt the sticky liquid seep through her underwear and collect along her fingertips. While her left hand continued to brush against her vulva, she raised her right hand to her mouth and casually licked the juice from her fingertips. She enjoyed tasting herself, especially when it came in the form of Ryan's kiss after he had orally pleased her. She shuddered as she recollected the thought.

Bringing her right hand back down to her midsection, she began to speed up her self-massage. She brushed her fingertips down toward the gusset of her panties, feeling the sensitivity of her pussy as she touched it. Brooke then slid her fingers north, feeling her pussy twitching with spasms. She couldn't take it anymore. She had to feel it without the barrier between her fingers and her pussy.

Brooke pushed her ass off the bed again as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini panties. She hastily pulled the wet panties off her body and tossed them over into a corner of the room. She could immediately smell her increased arousal, the smell of anticipated personal sex heavily on the air. Naked except for the skirt around her waist, Brooke began to rub her bare pussy. It was very wet, even on the outer lips. It felt like it had perspired while she was touching herself and her during prior thought. She moaned softly as her fingers caressed her pussy.

With both hands, Brooke ran her fingers up and down the outside of her precious pussy. Then her right hand inched left, bringing her fingers in contact with the folds. She rubbed slowly and softly, knowing what she liked and her experience with her own private area was bringing her off quickly. She removed her right hand abruptly, replacing it immediately with her left. Her right hand went again to her mouth, and Brooke savored the taste of herself. Her hand went back down, but instead of bringing her left to her mouth, she used two fingers on that hand and separated her outer lips, allowing the fingers on her right hand to explore her pussy.

Brooke gracefully tickled herself as her fingers slipped inside of her. She was fully into her actions; nothing could stop her now. She could not hold back any longer as she pushed two of her fingers into her tight pussy. She groaned deeply as her fingers drove into her pelvis. She felt her warm insides squish as her fingers penetrated herself. She loved the feel of her pussy in this state and loved it better when Ryan's cock was pistoning in and out of her.

As the fingers of her right hand were plunging in and out of her, the fingers of her left hand unstuck themselves from her outer lips and began to search for her crown jewel, her precious clit. The sensitive bud was protected by a sheer cover of tiny flesh, yet she could find it in a heartbeat, even with her eyes closed, as they were right now. She touched her clit and streaks of bright light flashed under her eyelids. The feeling was incredible, yet she didn't want the sensations to stop. Her fingers on her right hand began to dive deeper into her and the fingers on her left were rubbing her clit in circles. She was shaking; she was quickly bringing herself off.

Her perfect manipulation of her body set off a great explosion deep inside her. She screamed as the orgasm tore through her. Her back arched as waves of delight rocked her. Her fingers were drenched with hot, sticky cum, spilling out of her pussy and landing on her sheets. Her face was covered with beaded sweat, her breathing heavy as she recovered from the lengthy climax. She rubbed her pussy, relaxing it as it purred against her touch. She gathered some of her cum and brought it to her lips, licking her fingers.

The enjoyment she received practically paralyzed her, but soon her body began to recover all feeling. She rolled over onto her stomach, reached behind her to unzip the skirt and tossed the rumbled garment into the corner with her wet panties. She then turned over and fell asleep, content as could be following the intense masturbating session.

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