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Brother-In-Law's Morning Treat


The stories 'Favourite Nightie' and 'Brother-in-Law's Treat' are 100 percent factual and only contain details about what I actually saw and felt at the time. This story, however, is pieced together using circumstantial evidence I have gathered over time and the odd partial confession I have been able to extract from Kathy at moments of weakness. Although I am only able to guess at the detail I am fairly confidant that the general sequence of events took place. In order to relate the story effectively I will tell it from the perspective of my wife, Kathy. It starts from the morning following the previous story. She is lying in bed recalling the events of the previous evening. Her sister, Susan, has taken their daughters to ballet lessons and will not return for some time...

Brother-in-Law's Morning Treat .

'What the hell did I do last night?' Kathy thought to herself.

She still couldn't believe what she had done. She knew that she was taking a chance going to the bathroom with only her short pyjama top on, knowing that Mark was still downstairs and could possibly even be on his way up the stairs. Anyway, she had plucked up her courage and marched to the bathroom knowing that if he saw her he would almost certainly catch a glimpse of her ass or her pubic hair. Her heart was racing and she could feel that tell-tale ache deep in the pit of her pussy that told her she was getting too turned on and in danger of losing control.

The thought of taking this risk had played around and around her mind for most of the previous evening and, indeed, it had been her husband, Andrew, who had planted the idea of encouraging Mark – sexually - in her mind. She had just decided to do it on her own terms!

She remembered the feeling that she had as she approached the bathroom and realised that Mark had not started upstairs. She felt a surge of disappointment and frustration, so much so that she had deliberately slowed down.

She had then dared herself to totally remove the pyjama top and wait for him to come upstairs.

She stood there completely naked – breasts heaving, nipples hard and erect, pussy warm, moist and tingling – for what seemed like an age. Then when she had heard a sound from downstairs her nerve had snapped and she had hurried into the bathroom.

She had stood in the bathroom, before the mirror, and looked hard at herself. She knew the look in her eye – lust. She dipped two fingers into her wet, warm pussy and gently stroked her clit. She was on fire.

She had heard Mark start his way up the stairs then, quickly putting the pyjama top back on; she had opened the bathroom door and stepped out.

As Mark had looked up toward her she had immediately seen the look on his face that told her that he had seen it. There was no going back.

'Oh hi Mark' she said in a surprised tone, 'I thought you had gone to bed.

He took in the sight for all he was worth as he kept her there, waiting for his reply, as long as he could. She had then placed her hands carefully in front of her naked pussy to keep up the pretence of modesty as he approached her.

As he slowly climbed the stairs toward her, he made no attempt to hide the stiff cock that she had caused.

'I'm very glad that you thought so,' he had replied 'otherwise you might have put some clothes on!'

Her eyes were drawn down to the protrusion at the front of his jogging bottoms.

She laughed, 'Jesus Mark, what the hell have you got stuck down the front of your trousers?'

'You should know – you caused it.' he replied, trying to mix a bit of humour with a bit of flirtation.

'Fancy getting that reaction - just showing a bit of leg!' Kathy had exclaimed.

With that she had turned away from him and headed back to the guest's bedroom. She had imagined him watching her bare ass sway as she walked along the landing - he would probably try to memorise that image for as long as he could!

When she had re-entered the bedroom she was surprised to find that Andrew was awake with the light on. She knew that he would have noticed her bare pussy immediately and would probably have a million annoying questions for her in the morning, but for that moment she had a fire burning inside her that had to be put out.

She had mounted him immediately and his stiff cock had slipped easily into her very wet pussy. She had known from his hardness that he was imagining what may have happened between her and Mark on the way back from the bathroom. She had ridden him hard until her lust was sated and then she went to sleep before he could start the interrogation.

Anyway, here she was the following morning – lying awake in bed, alone, going over and over the previous night's events – getting turned on all over again!

The normal weekend routine when visiting her sister's is that Susan and the kids go to ballet lessons for the morning, Mark and Andrew get up early for a round of golf then Andrew wakes Kathy up, with a nice cup of coffee, on his return.

She looked at her watch – they should be back from golf any minute now.

After a short while she heard the front door open and the sound of footsteps in the hall. Unusually there was no conversation to be heard. She would have expected Mark and Andrew to be discussing their game.

Two minutes later she heard footsteps on the stairs, climbing then approaching the bedroom.

A light knock on the door then Mark's voice 'Are you decent in there, Kathy?'

Surprised to hear Marks's voice she checked that she was covered by the light bed sheet and then told him to come in.

He came in to the bedroom carrying two cups of coffee and explained to Kathy that today they had entered a golf tournament and that he had been eliminated early. Andrew however had qualified for the later stages and would not be back for a couple of hours.

She felt a tinge of nervousness in the realisation that they were completely alone together for the next couple of hours, in the light of what had taken place the previous evening.

Mark handed a coffee to Kathy, sat down on the edge of the bed and then blurted out 'Kathy I'm sorry for staring at you at last night – I couldn't help myself.'

'Oh that's ok,' she replied, 'most men like having a look at a woman's legs.'

'I think I saw a bit more than your legs!' responded Mark.

'What do you mean?' asked Kathy, quietly with a look of horror on her face.

Mark, seeing her response, got a little bolder – 'You know - it's got nice, dark, curly hair on it - your pussy.'

'Mark, don't be so crude!' she exclaimed.

She was still in an extremely horny mood so she decided to push the conversation in a way that turned her on.

'I thought that you might have seen something,' she whispered, 'it was an accident. Please don't tell Andrew – he gets so jealous.'

Mark softened when he saw her appearing to become upset. He said 'Don't worry Kathy. I didn't see much anyway. It all happened so quickly and it was a little bit dark.'

Kathy then pushed Mark into a direction he hadn't anticipated.

'If I let you have a better look, will you promise to keep our secret from Andrew?' she asked, looking down at the bed.

Kathy's sat there a mass of nerves as she waited for his response. Would he correctly read the signs – that she was willing for him to take control as long as he played her game – or would he back down?

Her pussy tingled and her nipples hardened as she waited.

'I don't know,' he replied, 'it wouldn't be right for me to keep something so important back from my best friend.'

As he spoke, Kathy lay back on the bed and started toying with the top button on her pyjama jacket.

'What if I let you see my tits too?' She offered.

'I still don't think it would be right.' was the response.

She undid the buttons on her pyjama top with trembling fingers. She sat there with her jacket slightly open her cleavage exposed. She took Mark's right hand and guided it inside the jacket onto her left breast.

'What if I let you feel them too?' she asked, stroking the palm of his hand over her hard nipple.

Mark didn't reply. She watched with excitement the look on his face change as he realised the enormity of what was happening to him. He had desired Kathy for years and now here she was - half dressed, stroking his hand over her nipple.

She looked down at the front of his trousers and noticed a great deal of strain as his erection fought for room for grow.

The familiar ache had returned to her pussy and she knew that she would need to be satisfied soon. Had she pushed the game with Mark too far?

She moved his hand over her other breast, opening the front of her jacket completely as she did so – exposing her breasts and nipples fully to Mark's eager eyes.

'What if I let you feel my pussy? Will you keep our secret then?' she begged.

She proceeded to push his right hand lower across her tummy and under the bed sheet until it reached the top of her pubic hair.

'I want to kiss you as well.' said Mark.

Kathy turned her head to him and allowed him to embrace her in a deep passionate kiss. She pushed his hand lower until she felt his fingers slide over her well lubricated clit and pussy lips. Their tongues entwined as he started to massage her clitoris.

She left his hand to its own devices as she reached for and undid his trousers. His cock sprang out. It was hard as rock. She felt his balls - they were large and round and very full and heavy.

He broke the kiss and pulled down the sheet so he could have a good long look at her naked pussy as he fingered her. She opened her legs wider, drunk in the knowledge that here she was allowing a man other than Andrew to see and play with her pussy for the first time. She was consumed by sexual desire and needed release soon.

She pushed Mark onto his back and lowered her head to his cock. She gently tongued the tip and the shaft before opening her mouth and engulfing it. She licked and sucked while gently tickling his balls with her fingernails.

She then straddled Mark sitting across the top of his thighs – his big stiff cock sticking up right in front of her pussy. She wrapped her fingers around it and started a slow wanking action. She could see that Mark was at the point of bursting.

'So, what will it take for you to keep our secret? Will I have to fuck you? Will I have to let you put your cock in me?' urged Kathy.

Mark looked confused but filled with lust.

She raised herself up and positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt.

'Tell me, tell me, you bastard!' she screamed as she lowered herself onto his big stiff pole.

'Yes, yes,' he gasped as he soaked up the sensation of her hot, wet, tight pussy enveloping his throbbing cock. 'I want you to fuck me – now and whenever else I want.'

His words sent her over the edge and she felt a series of orgasms rip through her body. She felt him speed up his strokes and felt his body tense. He tried to pull out of her before he shot his load but she held on to him tighter.

'Where the fuck do you think you're going? Give it to me. Give me all you've got.' she demanded.

She felt another orgasm rip through her to coincide with the torrent of his hot seed.

They lay there panting. She looked into Mark's eyes, smiled and said 'Is our secret safe?'

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