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Buffy Adventures of Andrew Ch. 01



It was a year sense the big battle with the first Evil. Everyone went his or her separate ways. Andrew decided to wander the earth like Cain from that Kung Fu flick. Sadly it turn out that you really do need money to travel the world. You cannot just get by on ass kicking alone. So months ago he pretty much ran out of money and was trapped in Rome.

Not so bad. There were many beautiful women. None wanted him of course. None of them believes his heroic stories. He got a job as a bus boy at a restaurant. It was fun. He has to meet new people and he found it comforting.

That was until she walked in.

It was Dawn. Dawn was Buffy sister. He all ways had a crush on Dawn. She was the closest to his age of all the Scooby gang. He actually found her more attractive then Buffy. For one she was taller and had a sexy curtness. Second, she did not give long boring speeches. She should be legal by now Andrew thought. She was wearing some tight jeans that showed off her tight little ass. She also wore a tight pink sleeveless tank top. Her belly was nice and flat

“Andy is that you?” She said.

“Ummmmm Hi.” He said.

“Get to work Andrew,” the boss said

“Hey you seem busy. Meet me at the bar in an hour. Ok?” Dawn said.

She smiled. She had pink lipstick with shiny lip-gloss. Her eyes seem to sparkle. He nodded. He was nervous trying to play it cool but his hands were sweaty. He still has not got down to talking to girls like his friend Warren. They were all ways good at that. Too bad, he was evil. Xander was good too. He had the cool pirate thing going for him. Chicks dig pirates. What did Andrew have? Andrew felt he had nothing.

Hour pass.

Andrew approaches the bar. He sat by Dawn. Her perfume was like roses and jasmine.

“How you been?” Dawn said.

She sips slowly on the straw in her drink.

“Good. You know traveling doing the hero thing.” Andrew said.

“Good. I am helping the slayers in training. Getting in touch with my ummm keenness.”


It was quiet for a bit. Andrew did not know what to say.

“So weird about the town blowing up.” Andrew said.

“Yup. Sure was.”



Moments of silence.

“I LOVE YOU!” Andrew blurted out.

Dawn looked at him.

Andrew gulped.

Dawn laughed.

“You are cute Andrew and funny.” Dawn said.

“Yea. I’m a joker.”

“I like you too. You know that, right?” Dawn said tilting her head.


“Yea you’re the only one who didn’t treat me like a child. You treated me like an equal. You even treated me above that sometimes. I could not make a move because of big sister watching. I am becoming my own person Andrew and I really like to get to know you.” Dawn said.

“Well, we could… uhhmmm… you know… hold hand…”

“I want you to go to my apartment so we can make love. I all ways wanted to make love in Rome Andy.”

“I ummm.”

“You like me don’t you?” Dawn asked.

“Yes. But you know… I am afraid that I will hurt you. You know, with my manliness.”

She laughed.

“Think I can handle it. Plus none of us are virgins here.” She said.


“You’re a virgin?”

“You’re not?”

“Lost it when I went to camp. Also had some fun sense the town blew up. You don’t think I am dirty do you.”

“No, of course not.”

“Well you would be wrong.” Dawn smiled

He gulped.

“Just kidding. Come with me. I will show you around.”

They walked across the street. His hands were sweaty.

“Don’t be so nervous.” Dawn smiled.

They walked into the room and she pushed Andrew on the bed. She dims the lights. The room was nice. The new Watcher Council must have given her cash. Why he did not get any was beyond Andrew. She took of her shirt revealing a sexy pink bra. She smiled down at him and removed her top. She had perky breast. Her nipples were nice and erect.

“Take of your clothes Andy.” She said.

Andrew worked franticly helping his clothes off. His zipper popped off. He removed his shirt.

“If you cum fast don’t worry. We have all day.” Dawn said.

Andrew lay down on the bed. Dawn walked toward him. He licked his cock. His body tense.

“Shhhhhh.” She said.

She kissed it with her soft small lips. She started to lick the cock head. Andrew got rock hard and came to life. So big, she could hardly put her hands around.

“Andrew, I am impressed.” She said.

She gave a devilish smile. She glided her tongue around his shaft getting it nice and wet. She looked him deep in the eyes so he could see everything. Dawn took the cock in her mouth and slowly started sucking. Half the cock hung out of her mouth and she bobbed up and down. She adds more spit with each suck. Soon his whole cock was deep into her mouth. The balls hit her chin. She was slobbering on it.

“Ohhh yesss.” Andrew moaned.

Dawn was enjoying the taste. She stroked it up and down working it deep in her mouth.

“You like that Andrew?” She said.


“Your cock taste so sweet. I can taste the pre cum all ready.” She said

She got on top of him sucking some more. She stood up mover him and pulled down her pants. He saw pink dripping wet panties. She pulled them off and swung them in the air. She craved attention from being in her sister’s shadow. She got on top of him and sucked bring him close to cumming and stopping.

“Lick my ass. Stick it in my tight hole,” She said

Andrew did as asked. She moaned as he licked tight little asshole. She rubbed it in his face.

“Faster Andy. Faster. Finger my cunt.”

He shoved his finger deep in as he munch on her ass. This caused her to suck faster.

“Ohhh shit Andrew.”

“Can’t hold it much longer.” Andrew said.

“It is ok. Let it go. Just keep licking.” She said.

He came deep in her mouth. She enjoyed the taste letting some hit her face. She kept the cum in her mouth as she rubbed her pussy on Andrew.

“Squeeze my ass Andrew.” She said.

He shoved his tongue all the way.

“Ohhhhhh I’m CUMMING!” She said.

She came on him. She looked back.

“Hope you don’t think you’re getting off that easy. That was only third base,” Dawn smiled.

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