tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBuffy Adventures of Andrew Ch. 05

Buffy Adventures of Andrew Ch. 05


The small planed had docked somewhere in Rome. I been about 2 months sense Buffy had seen her sister. She wondered what she was up to. The sun hit her body. Buffy looked cute with a short skirt and tight pink shirt. She wore sandals and a big brim hat with sun glasses. She had beads on. She wonder what her sweet sister Dawn was doing right that instance.

At the same time something was happening with our hero.

"Oh shit lick my cunt...lick it mmmmmmmm" Dawn moaned

Faith had her on the couch. She was fucking her in the ass with a thick black strapon. The strapon's head vibrated and moved around deep into her ass. Faith hands squeezed on her breast and she kissed dawn's mouth and neck and explored her body. Their two bodies stuck together with sweat after some hot sex. The lost track on how long they been fucking. Their pussies were on top of each other. The juices mixed together. Andrew was their fuck toy. He cooked and fuck them as much as they want. He loved it but he wasn't sure if he was dildo with legs. Sometime he just felt like a tongue with legs. Andrew despite himself loved it. He licked their perfect pussies enjoying the mixture of taste. His tongue took time with each pussy. He went from one to another.

"Show her that trick I taught you." Faith said.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiit that feels good" Dawn moaned.

He voice stuttered like an old radiator. Andrew nibbled and bit on pussy lips. When he did this Faith started to pound and kiss her. Tears of pleasure ran down his face and he stuff Andrew head deeper. She came with an explosion. He stroked his cock.

"Naughty Naughty Andrew. Remember we made you cum 3 times" Dawn tease.

"Yea what was the deal? Ahh for every 1 time we make you cum you have to make us cum 3. Let see you owe Dawn 2 more and me 3 more" Faith said

The Phone rang. Faith pulled out with a plop. The strap on was dripping. Faith smiled down at Andrew

"Kiss the cheeks Andrew"

He kissed each butt cheek. The girls giggled. Dawn straddled Andrew and started riding his rock hard rod. He thrust up fucking her as Dawn pussy squeezed him. She put her head back enjoying the ride. Andrew tried to hold in so he could bring her to orgasm. Staying soft wasn't hard with them. They knew how to keep him rock hard with either magic herbs or skill. He knew if he came how ever he debt to them would rise. His jaws almost broke one day when he was force to make them each cum 9 times.

Dawn wasn't as skilled as Faith but her pussy was a lot tighter. It seem to know how to milk him for all his worth. He grabbed her tight little ass and gave it a squeeze. Dawn put her back into it. She enjoyed being on top. This way she could guide it where she wanted. She kissed him deeply ride him tighter. She saw one of his muffins on the table and took a bite.

"Mmmm almost as sweet as your cock." Dawn tease.

She nibbled on his ear

"Oh Hi B" Faith said in the phone.

"Oh crap. That Buffy." Andrew thought.

What is Buffy found out.

"Oh Dawn. He working out with Andrew. He giving her quite a sweat" Faith said.

Dawn laughed.

"Please don't tell" Andrew begged. "She will kill me"

"Let me talk to her" Dawn said.

Dawn took the phone and continued riding his cock. She talked to Buffy like it was a normal chat.

"Yea where having a good time. Yea Andrew been good. He a doll. Mmmmmmmm mummify. Real good." Dawn moaned

She came on his cock

"Still owe me" Dawn whispered in his ear

She gave him the phone.

"Talk to her." Dawn said.

Dawn pulled out and both girls put his pussy drench cock in each other's mouth. They took turn sucking him off. Faith sucked the head while Dawn worked on his ball and lower shaft.

"Oh Hi Buffy. Your coming over now...Ummm yea that ok."

They start sucking faster. Dawn had the whole thing in her mouth.

"eeeeep. No nothing wrong. I just have a cold" Andrew said.

Faith pulled the cock out of Dawn's mouth. It made a loud plop. Faith took his cock in sucking it faster and faster.

"Ohhhh. Nothing got cramps"

He came deep in Faith mouth. Faith kissed Buffy spitting it in."

"Well be seeing you. Got to go. Food burning" Andrew said.

"You owe us each another 3" Faith said.

"But your sister coming over"

The two girls looked at each other.

"Better work faster then Andy" Dawn said.

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