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Buffy:The Cast Meeting


Please Note: This is based around the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, and would, I guess be roughly timed after the end of Season 5 of Buffy. It is purely fictional, and is not intended to infer any copyright infringements or reality to it. In fact, it is written out of love for the shows and the characters, so I hope no one takes offence. After all, its just a story ok??

* * * * * *

It has been a long summer break, and for Sarah Michelle Gellar, a very busy one at that. Whilst most of her year was taken up with the filming of the hit show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, her stardom was such that when she wasn’t filming the series, she was appearing in several movies as she worked her way up to a starring role. Coming back for these cast meetings for the show provided a welcome break from it all.

It has been decided that, for this cast meeting, the principle female characters – herself, Willow, Anya, Tera, and Cordelia from Angel – would get together at a cabin up in Canada – one of the crew’s and a beautiful place, by all accounts – and relax and discuss where the show was taking them, without the watchful eye of writer / director Josh Whedon getting involved.

The drive had been a long one, and by the time she drove up to the entrance of the cabin, she was really tired and just wanted to crash. Alyson, her best friend on and off the show, was stood at the door waiting to meet her. She looked stunning, her slender figure covered with a beautiful white suit and a white blouse underneath, a far cry from her character’s usual attire. She looked fantastic, and Sarah had always thought that, since her haircut, her sex appeal had jumped significantly.

Alyson, on seeing her friend pulling up, waved and moved to meet her. She smiled at her, knowing that she would be tired from the long drive, and went to her door and opened it once the car had stopped.

“Hey!” Alyson smiled at her friend once again, then frowned as she realised just how tired she was. “Rough trip?”

“Yeah, and the last day of filming sucked.” Sarah unfastened her safety belt and stepped out of the car, smoothing her dark full length dress down as she did. In all truth, she wasn’t really a casual skirt wearing type of girl, but when she drove long distances she seemed to be more comfortable in them.

“Aw, that’s ok” Alyson replied, her face covered with an expression of concern, “you’ll be able to relax this weekend. We got the place all to ourselves and we’re gonna have a great time!”

Sarah smiled back at her, nodding her head gently. She collected her overnight bag from the trunk, leaving her other stuff in there till the morning, and followed her friend into the cabin. Inside, she was greeted by a blast of hot air from the roaring open fire, and she smiled even more as she finally relaxed now that she had got there.

“Sarah!” came the exclamation from the kitchen area to the back of the cabin, and in rushed Charisma, her hair flowing behind her as she rushed up to Sarah and hugged her warmly. When the show had first started out in Buffy, Sarah and Charisma hadn’t really been on the same page, much like their characters, but over the years they had grown quite close – not as close as she and Alyson, but certainly closer than they had been – and now considered themselves to be very good friends.

“Hey C. C.!” she replied, reciprocating the hug. It had been a while since that had seen each other – the chance to do crossover episodes last season had been limited due to storylines so they hadn’t had chance to catch up in person, and secretly that had been the main reason that she and Alyson had arranged this get together.

“How’s things?”

“Pretty good, glad to have a break though! You must be shattered??”

“Do I really look that bad?” Sarah teased, looking behind her and winking at Alyson. Charisma shook her head, smiling as she recognised the jibe.

“C’mon, we’re through here, Amber and Emma are through here, and I hope you don’t mind, but I kinda brought a new friend…” Charisma’s voice trailed off as she looked back at her friends. They frowned for a second, both raising an eyebrow as if to say “who?”, their eyes never leaving Charisma’s. She beckoned for them to follow and went through to the kitchen.

As they entered Sarah said her hello’s to Amber and Emma, then turned to meet Charisma’s new friend, and recognised her immediately.

“Sarah, this is Amy Acker,” Charisma said, pointing to the new guest, and her new co-star on Angel. Amy, who played Fred, had joined the cast late in the last series and, until now, had not had a chance to meet any of the other cast from their sister show. Amy smiled at Sarah, her hand outstretched to shake her hand which Sarah did, smiling and welcoming her to the gang. The girls chatted for a while, telling the tales of what was going on in their lives, and grabbed something to eat. Sarah was getting tired, and it wasn’t too long before she announced that she was really tired, and headed off for an early night.

* * * * *

Amy stirred from her dreamless sleep, stretching and turned over to look at the clock. 02:19. She cursed, wondering what had woken her up at this time of night as she came around from her drowsiness. Then she heard the sound that had woken her the first time, a muffled sound of a female voice, and she strained to listen. It went quiet again, then a third noise, and Amy decided to go make sure everything was ok.

She reached down the side of her bed, grabbing her night dress and slipping it over her head as she stood up. She hadn’t been able to sleep any other way than naked since she was a young girl, but always wanted to make sure she had something to wear close at hand. As she smoothed the satin night dress over her body, she lingered for a moment at her chest, running her palms over her small breasts, enjoying the sensations as she touched her nipples lightly. She had always thought she was reasonably pretty – not a knockout, but she could hold her own – and was very proud of it, although she did wish on occasion that her breasts were a little bigger. She dismissed the thought from her mind, smoothing the material down once more then opened the door and stepped out to the hall.

She looked either way, realising that most of the rooms were dark, but she could see that the light in the room at the end at the end of the hallway on the left was still on, and it was from there that the little noises seemed to be coming from.

Amy tip-toed to the end of the hallway, determined not to disturb anyone, and saw that the door was slightly ajar, and she could hear little giggles and what seemed like little moans coming from the room. She gulped down hard, nervous as to whether she should have a look, but her bravado got the best of her and she slowly opened the door some more with her fingertips.

She couldn’t help but gasp at the sight in front of her, and raised her hand to her mouth hoping that she hadn’t been heard. On the bed in front of her was Sarah, beautifully naked and around her were the other girls – Alyson, between her legs and lapping hungrily at her pussy; Charisma sat over her face, massaging her full breasts as Sarah licked at her clit from below; and Emma and Amber on either side, their mouths engulfing each of Sarah’s nipples, their tongues circling them and nibbling at them with their teeth. The sounds she had heard were coming from Sarah herself, moaning at her friend’s touches, the sound muffled by Charisma’s body above her.

Amy watched, spellbound, her head spinning from the vision in front of her. She didn’t even realise that her own hand had moved down and under her night dress until her legs gave way slightly from the sensation of her finger gently touching her clit lightly, and she gasped, a little louder than she had wanted to. All at once, four of the girls looked at her, a look of surprise and embarrassment on their faces.

It seemed like an age until anyone said anything, unsure of what was to happen, each of them completely frozen, even Amy with her hand still between her legs. Each of them looked at each other in turn, but it was Alyson who moved first, turning over to the end of the bed, then stood up and moved towards Amy, not concerned about covering herself up but moving purposely towards her. Amy became increasingly aware that all eyes her on her, scanning her up and down and wondering what was to happen next.

“I’m sorry that we woke you,” Alyson said in her best cute-Willow voice, raising a giggle from Amber as she did so. Alyson smiled at Amy, her seductive, beautiful smile, and raised her hand onto her shoulder, stroking it gently.

“I hope you didn’t mind what you saw?”

“N-n-n-no,” Amy stammered, suddenly more nervous in her friend’s company than she had ever been before. “I- I just didn’t realise… I thought you were only, y’know… on camera!”

Alyson smiled once again.

“Who do you think put the idea into Josh’s head?”

Alyson edged closer to Amy, her body almost touching the thin material of her night-dress. Amy could feel the heat from her body, her soft skin glistening with sweat, covering her entire body with a thin film.

“I was kind of hoping that you might hear us and like to join us?” she whispered to Amy, her mouth now right up to ear earlobe, her breath stimulating her in ways that she could never have imagined. Amy hardly even realised that she had nodded, until she felt Alyson’s hands unbuttoning the front of her nightdress, and felt it slip to the floor, joining the rest of them naked.

Alyson took Amy’s hand, guiding her to the edge of the bed, and sat down in front of her, her eyes taking in the vision in front of her, trying very hard to conceal her glee in seeing Amy naked for the first time. It had taken a while for her to realise her bisexual feelings, and it had taken her boyfriend’s Alexis – Wesley from Angel - complete support for her to finally accept herself, but as soon as she had seen Amy on her first day in Angel, she had known that she wanted to be with her.

Alyson leaned forward, her eyes never leaving those of Amy, and kissed her stomach softly, her lips lingering on her skin, enjoying the feel and taste. Then she pulled away, and Amy bent down, and for the first time in her life she kissed another woman on the lips, nervously at first, then she parted her lips slowly to allow Alyson to kiss her more. It was like an electric shock through her body, coursing through her as the feelings took control of her and she kissed her more and more passionately, her tongue exploring her mouth as she tasted another woman’s saliva for the first time.

Within seconds, she could hear bodies moving once again, and almost the faint moans from her new friends as lips touched nipples and clits and lapped at each other. But, for the most part, Amy was oblivious, her mind focussed on the lips and tongue touching her own, the pair of hands roaming slowly over her naked below, touching her shoulders then down to her breasts, her palms running over her nipples and grabbing at them lightly, and the sensual feel of the lips as they kissed down, pressing softly against her hips then down further, touching the little wisps of pubic hair, trimmed but still some there, and the very touch of Alyson’s breath on them sent shivers through her entire body.

Alyson looked up again, straight into the eyes of her new lover, and smiled at her, then leant forward again and for the first time in Amy’s young life she felt a female tongue on her clit. It was like a shockwave through her body, ripping through her from the tip of her clit and radiating out, every nerve cell in her body left reeling as the young tongue in between her legs set to work on her, slowly at first, tasting every inch of her clit then down further to her now wet pussy, tasting her juices for the first time and enjoying the taste more than she could have imagined.

As Amy tried to regain her senses from the onslaught that Alyson was inflicting on her, she opened her eyes and looked at the rest of her new friends on the bed. Over the past few months, she and Charisma had become very good friends, working together on the show and being pretty much the female contingent. But she had never considered her to be anything more than a friend, that was, until now, as she looked at her led on the bed naked, her legs spread open and looking straight up at Amy, her fingers busily working on her shaved pussy as she watched her being eaten by Alyson. And they looked at each other, for the first time longingly, Charisma licked her lips and then closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations between her legs.

Next to her, Emma and Amber were getting better acquainted, led next to each other, their petite bodies nestled close to one another, kissing softly, enjoying the moment completely in their own little world. It was then that she realised she couldn’t see Sarah anywhere, not on the bed, and she hadn’t heard her leave at all. She frowned momentarily, confused for a split second in the midst of everything around her.

The confusion didn’t last long. She felt a second pair of hands on her ass, and then a mouth softly caressed the small of her back, its light touch sending a second wave of shivers down her spine, incorrigibly connecting to her pussy like a hotline, sending her into a second wave of mini orgasms as Alyson continued her assault on her wet clit. She heard a faint chuckle behind, then Sarah’s mouth moved slowly up her neck to her ear.

“And I haven’t done anything yet,” she whispered, her hands moving to Amy’s front, softly caressing her small breasts and now erect nipples, nibbling on her ear lobe. Amy could feel her legs going weak from Alyson’s incessant lapping, and Sarah realised this, holding on to her tighter. Alyson also got the idea, and increased her tonguing, tasting Amy’s increasing wetness. Amy closed her eyes, feeling her orgasm approaching faster and harder than she had ever experienced, and with what felt like a flood she came, screaming louder than she normally did, and covering Alyson’s face with her wetness.

Sarah held Amy up as she recovered, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the aftershocks. When she eventually opened her eyes, she looked down to Alyson, her face gleaming with her juices and smiling uncontrollably. She then looked back, kissing Sarah passionately, their tongues entwining briefly, then she moved her away, bending down and holding Alyson’s face, looking into her eyes lovingly, gratefully, then kissed her, softly at first, tenderly, then more and more passionately as her feelings took control of her, her tongue probing her mouth forcefully for a moment then softly again. She heard Alyson moan into her mouth, and suppressed a smile as she concentrated on the tip of her tongue and the feeling inside Alyson’s mouth.

After what seemed like an age, both Amy and Alyson came up for air, gasping as they looked at each other. Sarah chuckled behind Amy again, patting her tenderly on the bum, then moved away. Amy knew that she wanted to taste Alyson as much as she had just tasted her, and pulled her slowly up the bed till she was led between the kissing Amber and Emma and the still masturbating Charisma. Alyson realised with a smile what was about to happen, and spread her legs slowly for her, lifting one of her legs to give her a better view of her glistening pink pussy. Amy’s heart jumped at the sight, her pussy immediately wet once again as the thought of her first time with another woman hit home. She looked up at Alyson again, and noticed Charisma holding her, looking down at her. She felt the desire she had, for Charisma more than anything, but knew that soon enough that desire would be filled, and concentrated on the task in front of her.

She knelt down on the floor next to the bed, with Alyson’s legs wrapped around, and she tasted a pussy for the first time in her life, licking a little of Alyson’s juices off the end of her clit with the tip of her tongue. She took a moment to enjoy the taste, swallowing the little bit of juice, then delved suddenly at her pussy, lapping furiously from the top of her clit to her pussy opening, lapping around again and again. Within seconds, Alyson was in complete ecstasy, writhing around on the bed as the sensations coursed through her. Amy continued her assault, lapping incessantly then delving her tongue deep into Alyson’s tight hole, tasting her as much as she could as she played with her nipples. She even licked down to her ass, licking at it briefly before delving back to her pussy.

Alyson’s head was spinning from this, her breath shortening as her orgasm built up inside her. Every time Amy’s tongue dipped into her she gasped, quietly at first, then louder and harder, as she came over and over again, screaming and moaning at the same time.

Amy then decided to really go for it, and eased one, then two fingers into her now soaking wet pussy. Alyson moaned hard, then began to move in synch with Amy’s fingering, her breath shortening rapidly. She could feel her orgasm building inside her rapidly, and she grabbed Charisma’s arms above her and screamed louder than she had ever done, in complete ecstasy, writhing and cumming harder and harder.

After what seemed like an eternity, her muscles finally relaxed, and Alyson looked down at the now glistening face between her legs, looking up and smiling at her cheekily. She smiles briefly back at her, trying to get her breath back after the onslaught. Around her, everyone was looking at her, smiling and chuckling softly. She looked down at Amy again, who was grinning from ear to ear, and frowned at her, questioningly.

Amy wiped the wetness from around her mouth, sneaking one final taste as she did, then looked up at Alyson once again, chuckling again then spoke very softly.

“And I thought you were the quiet one…”

To Be Continued…

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