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I was sitting in the driver's seat of my SUV parked in the lot of an adult book store. I didn't consciously choose to drive here. I couldn't help it. It had been a long fucked up week. Everything that could go wrong had and I knew I would be working this weekend to catch up and get things right. It was the C & C bookstore and to be honest I never looked to see what it stood for. I just always thought of it as the Cock and Cum.

Maybe subconsciously this morning I had a premonition of how the last day would go this week. Or maybe it was obvious based on the last four days. After showering I had put on my cock cage and placed the key in my nightstand drawer before leaving. It had been two and a half weeks since my last release so I was barely able to get the cage latched before getting a raging boner. It hurt but I ignored it like it should be. My mind was distracted all day thinking about finding a hung stranger to spend a few hours or even the night and next morning with. The irony in life was apparent today. I caught several women in the office checking out my crotch. It's funny that the cage makes my cock appear more prominent than it normally is, and that it gets more interest when it's locked away from use. I found it ironic too that I was getting attention from the women when I really only wanted men. During the day I had started several online ads but published none of them. I searched through profiles in apps but nothing struck me.

I had left work at 9PM and was driving on my mental autopilot. Usually I ended up at home, tonight it was the C & C bookstore. To be honest I had never looked to see what it stood for if anything. I just always thought of it as the Cock and Cum. It was a busy time too based on the lot being nearly full. The last empty spot was right next to me. As I sat there contemplating my move another car pulled in to take it.

Fuck it, I grabbed a bunch of condoms from a stash I keep in the console. Way too many, I know but I have been trying to be responsible and any extras could be left there to help someone else. As I stood I stuffed them in my pocket hoping to have a couple used on me. Well at least one. I needed to be fucked. Fucked hard. I got out of my car just as the other car's door opened. A good looking man stood up and we made eye contact across the roof of his car. I smiled and said hi. He said hi, asked how I was doing and we walked in together sharing typical light small talk. I paid my way and headed in walking through the booths before heading to the to the gay theater. There were many guys there but no one that really attracted me. Some were ok, some just sleazy but no one that I wanted to grab and pull into a private booth.

Being a bottom there's always a lot of competition. Seems like for every top there's twenty bottoms. Yeah, some say they are versatile but we know they aren't. In the straight theater there was only one guy and he had his cock buried in a CD. I moved to the gay theater which had several men. Again no one got my adrenaline started. I resigned myself to just watch whatever film was playing and enjoy any live show as much as I could. My cock strained against the cage while I pondered why I was dismissing everyone before any approached me.

Shortly after I sat though my guy from the parking lot walked in and sat next to me. I turned to him just in time to find his lips right in front of me. Immediately his lips were on mine and we kissed. I pulled back from the surprise but tried to move back to kiss again. I missed my timing and he had sat back.

He smiled at me and out of the corner of my eye I saw his cock was out. He leaned back and I immediately bent down to take him in my mouth. His cock felt and tasted wonderful in my mouth. He leaned back further as I swirled my tongue around his cock. Precum was already on my tongue motivating me to go further. He started moaning and grunting in time with my movements. As I was getting into it I needed to reposition myself for better access. My cock was straining harder trying to break out of the cage I forced it in. I kept my mouth on his cock while moving so one knee was kneeling on my seat and I was bent over, my face remaining buried in his crotch.

I focused on his cock again, concentrating on how good it felt sliding across my tongue, poking into my throat. He reached out to my belt to unfasten it. Then he unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. It felt so good I was happy when he started pulling my pants down. I felt a thrill knowing he would see my cage. I accommodated by lifting my knee I was kneeling on for a minute. He pulled my shoe and pants off that leg so they were resting on the floor around my other leg. I felt him tapping and swinging my cock and cage while I continued to suck him. I took my shirt off and dropped it to the floor. I needed to be naked and didn't really want clothes on at all. I broke away for another minute to take my shoe and pants off my other leg. I had skipped socks this morning in the name of fashion so I was one hundred percent nude and one hundred percent vulnerable. It had my mind racing so that I could barely concentrate on his cock.

Deep down I was hoping to leave with him and fuck at his place or mine, or his car or anywhere really. I think I would have accepted him fucking me while I'm pushed halfway into a dumpster or over a trash can.

I felt his hand on my thigh as I focused on sucking his cock. His hand moved between my legs to rub my ass moving quickly to tease my hole. I moaned when his cock was deep in my mouth hoping he would know I liked it. I felt a lubricated finger slip in. Fuck, it felt so good but truly made me want more. I pushed back against it squeezing as tight as I could. I was rewarded with a second finger. He pumped them for a minute before I felt empty. He had pulled them out.

I continued dutifully blowing him. His cock filled my mouth perfectly. I felt his hand on my hip this time. It felt sexy but something was different. His fingers were pointing the opposite direction. It was hot but I didn't know what was he was trying. I thought he had turned his hand around somehow. My satisfaction returned when I felt fingers again in my ass, sliding in and out. I went at his cock again massaging it as best I could with my tongue. Then I felt fingers at my entrance again. Turned on more I pushed back onto them and doubled down on his cock.

I felt him sticking his thumb in me. I pushed back but quick realized that it wasn't a thumb. It wasn't a finger. It was a cock. Someone's dick. A different guy's penis. Where did he come from? No one was close to us before. I pulled forward freaking out that it was an unknown cock probably not properly sheathed. That was enough. I wanted to be fucked and at this point anonymous was ok but I had to get a condom on it. Just as I started twisting around to get a condom out of my pants which were now on the floor the guy I was sucking grabbed my head and slammed it back down on his cock. It was so sudden it made me choke a bit. I pulled back and was quickly brought back to the base of his cock. I was held firmly still, holding my breath while his cock blocked my throat. Slowly he allowed me to start the blow job again.

I was able to concentrate on the cock in my mouth again just as I felt the head of the cock behind me pop in my ass, just stretching my ring and waiting for more. Conflicted, the cock in my mouth felt wonderfully satisfying but the cock poking into my ass was bare, skin on skin. And I wanted nothing more than to push back and take the whole thing in. Fuck, it felt so good but I didn't want the risk.

The guy in my mouth moaned and started bucking his hips. I focused on him while trying not to take the cock in my ass. I tried to squat down so I could get away from the bare cock that was trying to get in my ass the rest of the way. I immediately found I wasn't going to be able to change anything for as long as this guy was fucking my face like a madman. I concentrated on taking the mouth fucking until he stopped, holding my head down on him. He screamed out as his orgasm hit and started cumming in my mouth. I felt it shoot hitting the back of my mouth and running down on my tongue. I swished it around my mouth enjoying the silky feel.

I swallowed my reward as well as I could. I was seriously getting railed by the guy behind me. He was holding my hips tightly as he fucked me bare. Fuck, it felt so good stretching me while his low hanging balls swung and slapped against mine. I had to get a condom on him though. I milked the cock in my mouth to get all of his cum. He pushed me off when he had enough and stood up bumping my head firmly out of his way. Fucking rude but I liked being reminded of my place, being his proper cocksucker good only for his pleasure and satisfaction.

I had started becoming aware again of the guy fucking me from behind because I needed to attempt to cover his cock. I started to stand up straight and turn around just as another guy took the place in the chair in front of me. The guy that I had just blown had left and a new cock shiny from precum was waiting for me.

Just then the mystery guy fucking me twisted me back using my hips before pushing me back down to the cock in front of me. New guy's cock was shoved in my face so I took it in. I started working it, hoping that when the time came I would feel the cock pull out of my ass and squirt on my back. I got into a rhythm taking the cock deep in my mouth when my ass was fullest. The sensation was wonderful and I was close to coming.

Without warning the guy fucking my ass stopped. I felt him start to throb deep in my ass. Fuck, it felt so good it pushed me over the edge and I came too. I squirted my cum on the chair I was kneeling on. It was a moment of bliss when the cock in my mouth started cumming too. I milked as much cum from him as I could while I felt the cock slip from my ass.

I was alone only for a moment when he stood up and left. I felt the mystery man's cum run from my asshole and down my leg. Fuck, it felt sexy and slutty. As I caught my breath another man sat in front of me and pulled his cock out. I went down to suck my third cock today. The mushroom head on this guy's thick cock felt great sliding in my mouth, trying to wedge its way down my throat. I started a slow, sloppy blow job on him when I felt hands on me from behind. I should have known this would happen. It was my fault again for leaving my ass exposed. Before I could react this new cock slammed deep into me from behind. It sent waves of pleasure through me when I felt mystery guy number two's hips tight against my butt cheeks. My face was being held down making it impossible to turn and get a condom on the new guy. I couldn't even see what he looked like either. Fuck, it felt so good like it was though.

I pushed back to enjoy that cock for a bit and worked on making the cock in my mouth cum. I thought if he came I would be able to turn around and get the cock barebacking me out before it squirted its load. I put all my efforts into it. I massaged it with my tongue on every stroke and took it in as deep as I could get it. It was working too. He was moaning and grinding in time with me. I kept up my efforts until I felt his head swell. He stiffened as he leaned back further in the seat. He started cumming and I was ready to take it. I swirled this load around my mouth too as he gave it to me. I savored it while milking as much out of him as I could get.

Before I could move, the second guy to take me from behind came. I heard him vocalizing it as he slowly pumped his cock in me a few last times. Fuck, it felt so satisfying to have him add to the first load in me. I was stretched tight around him. He finished quicker than I was expecting otherwise I think I could have gotten a condom on him. They both quickly left and I was alone bent over kneeling with one knee sideways on the seat leaning on the arm. My ass was still exposed and leaking cum down to the floor. I needed something more though. I was on the verge of coming again when they had finished.

Before I could sit another guy came and sat in front of me. He released his cock from his pants and sat back. I turned toward him to face his cock. I took it in my mouth enjoying the soft, silky skin sliding against my lips and tongue. I kept my ass low to protect it from any more naked cocks. I was in heaven with another cock to suck on and was happy to also know what this guy looked like. Of the five previous cocks in me tonight I only saw the face of the first man.

I felt hands behind me again holding my hips. Whoever it was, was strong. He lifted me up to level my ass with his cock. I had to support myself before I fell face first on the floor. When I did he moved closer aligning his cock with my hole. Fuck, it felt so good just tempting me, waiting at my entrance. Fuck I needed it. I couldn't stop myself from pushing back on it. He took the hint and slid into me. Just the head stretched me tight causing some pain. He was definitely bigger than the previous ones. I held still waiting to adjust. Mystery guy three didn't wait though. He slowly and steadily pushed in balls deep. And he was thick. Thick enough that I screamed from the burning pain he caused. He didn't hear me. I was muffled by the cock in my mouth. As much as I tried I couldn't get my head off this cock to tell him to wait. I was off balance still and held down luckily able to breathe even if it was just barely.

Then he started fucking me. I relaxed as much as I could. I knew that I could take it, I just had to adjust. It dominated my senses completely. For a moment I vaguely felt the other guy start fucking my mouth. He could do whatever he wanted, I was overwhelmed with the cock taking over my body from behind. I tried to catch my breath but it was challenging through my nose. I started slowly coming back to my senses. His pounding rhythm was moving my whole body. It was performing all the motion needed for me to make the cock in my mouth come. And come it did. I tried to suck all the cum from it. I hate wasting it and making a mess. I don't know how well I did before he left.

I finally was able to totally adjust and I could really enjoy being fucked by mystery guy three's thick cock slipping skin on skin in me. His balls slapped on mine each time he bottomed out in me. His hips pressed on me. His fingertips dug hard into my hips controlling my every move. I felt sweat start to drip from him onto my lower back. Each drop slowly ran down adding to my sensory overload. Fuck, it started feeling better than really good. Each time he hit bottom his hips pressed on me, his balls touched mine and I got closer to coming. I heard him grunting with each thrust. I knew he must have been close. I couldn't stop if I tried. He had pushed me forward enough that my own cock touched the arm between the seats. It was enough to trigger my own orgasm. It was overpowering. My cock started shooting out pulse after pulse of cum. Some hit my chin and face as I tried balancing myself. My ass had gripped him triggering his cum. I felt him slam in and hold me tight to him. His cock pulsed, squirting his cum deep into me. It seemed to go on for minutes before his cock started to shrink. When he was satisfied he pulled out and left.

I sat to take a bit of time to think about what just happened. I sat, still naked, cum leaking from me, my breathing ragged. I slowly recovered. A few minutes later yet another man sat next to me. We made eye contact. I recognized him as the guy I walked in with.

"Nice show." He said.

"Thanks. Glad you liked it."

"Want to get out of here?" He asked.

"Yes, let's go."

I dressed and we headed out. We spent the weekend together. Fuck the work I should have been doing, this was worth it. I will try to get the weekend story up soon.

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