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Cafe Italia

bySateema Lunasi©

I could be in love with her. Yes, I am in love with her. It was all I could think to myself. Sex with other girls was almost as good as sex with men, but it was missing something. Cock, obviously. Whatever was missing from my other female lovers, Nikki made up for. I was addicted to her. We made up our minds to meet each other after talking over the phone. A friend had introduced us. I heard she was gorgeous but what I saw confirmed any rumor and more.

And in the dim light of a little candle lit Italian cafe, I met her. Long blonde hair that glowed in the slightly tinted color of candle light. Full, soft pink lips that didn’t need lipstick. Dark brown doe eyes and thick eye lashes that brushed her cheek when she blinked. Her body looked amazing and she barely covered it in a little white silk dress with thin straps. I could tell she wore no bra, because her nipples seemed eternally hard under the ultra thin and cool fabric. When she leaned back to laugh, I saw her breasts jiggle just a tiny bit and at that angle I could see the dark pink color of her nipples through the fabric. People were staring. They had every right to. She was almost naked and had sex spelled out all over her. She was all breasts and lips and lightly tanned thighs.

I am the contrast to her. I am slender and dark haired with dark eyes. My breasts are smallish and very pert while hers are large and heavy, pushing against the little dress. I had dressed in my sexiest clothes that were allowed in public, skin tight pants and a half top with lace on the top rim that exposed a bit of cleavage. I thought it very sexy. So did everyone else, but it was nothing compared to her tiny silk dress, the equivelent of a tiny slip. She drank Cabarnet

wine, thick and red and I watched her sip it at her poochy little mouth, the gracefulness of her throat. I wanted her so badly and there we sat like two giggling friends, talking about such vast subjects. I couldn’t keep track of the change s in the conversation. Politics, a car crash in the newspaper. Ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends. Driving to work everyday. How good the wine in this cafe is. Italian food is best. Italian men are great in bed. Yeah, but she had a fling with a guy on vacation in Scotland and he had the biggest cock she had ever seen. Who was my best lover? She askes me questions I cannot answer because I am so entranced with the little poking strain of her hard nipples through the fabric of the dress.

"I had a fling with this guy named Martin one time. That was the best sex." I answer lamely.

Then she leans over the table and looks me in the eyes. Yes, I could fuck her right now. I wanted that second to be a man with a huge cock so I could shove it deep inside her and hear her moan. I wanted to be inside her.

"What about women? You ever had a really good fuck from a woman?" she asks.

My face flushed and I felt wetness in my panties. People at the other tables were looking at us. I didn’t care. I could grab her up and lay her on this table. I could pour wine all over her and lick her till I was drunk in front of all of them. It didn’t matter. I simply wanted her too badly to care. "I have had good sex with women..." I started.

"No..." she almost whispered. "I mean have you ever really fucked with a woman?"

I did not know how to answer. I felt her hand touch mine. I saw her stand up, and I felt her pull me up and down the hall toward the ladies bathroom. I thought I would explode. The door opened and no one was inside. She let go of my hand and did not hesitate to drop the tiny straps of her dress. Her breasts almost bounced out and they were so luscious. My mouth watered for them. They needed to be licked and sucked.

"I really want to fuck you." She said matter of factly and smiled a wicked smile. My knees were weak. I saw her reach into the handbag she carried and she extracted a strange looking object. It was a dildo that was incredibly

long and had two ends, one that stuck out like a cock and the other end that curved into a U-shape. In the center were intricate little thin straps for tying around the waist and thighs. She motioned d for me to come to her.

"I want you to fuck me with this, like a man would."

She had read my mind, it seemed. I took it in my hand and looked at it, and she began to push the dress up onto her waist to show me her pussy. Blonde curly pussy hair and perfect tanned thighs. Her hand moved to the bathroom door and she flipped the lock. Her other hand snaked to my belly and she grabbed the rim of my pants and pulled me forward. She unfastened the top of my pants and without hesitation, she pushed her hand down into the front of my pants, feeling that I wore lace panties and rubbing her fingers up against my clit. I kissed her mouth, tasting her tongue and moved down to her neck. A tiny moan came from her and I think I sighed. Her tits were perfect, and I licked at them and sucked for the longest time. Her nipples were so hard and she was encouraging me to suck harder and harder, to pull at her nipples then snap them back. She was working my pants off now, kissing my belly and hips as she worked them down my legs, taking the panties with them. She suddenly buried her face in my pussy and I almost screamed with pleasure. She took the pants off my legs and spread my legs on the vanity counter, tasting and eating my pussy as if it were Caviar.

I was going crazy. Hands on my breasts under my shirt, tit-sucking, nipples in my mouth, tongue flickering against my clit, pussy lips spread, and this strange disldo in my hand. Yeah, it was time for that. I needed to fuck her.

She helped me strap it on my hips and her hand held the base of the U-shape and she instructed me to open my legs. I did so, and she pushed it into my pussy, hot and wet, it slid in easily and stayed tight. Yes, we could fuck each other this way. Then she surprised me even more. She very demurely bent over the vanity counter. I slipped off my shirt and pinched my own nipples, sending a chill through my veins. She was so perfect.

And she was bent over, opening her legs for me, showing me that perfect pussy and the pink secret lips beneath the thatch of golden hair. Goldilocks. I wanted to call her that. Goldilocks with succulent tits and a pussy ready to be fucked. I spread her with it then, no warnings. She didn’t need any. She was so hot and wet, the juices making the thick cock I wore slide in with little resistance. But it seemed she clamped down on it for I had to push harder. And my end was pushing up and into me as I moved into her. I was fucking myself and her at the same time. Her tits swung against the cool marble of the counter and I reached around to pinch them.

"Fuck me harder...please, please...just slam into me..." she begged and I saw her face in the mirror, the perfect picture of lust. I slammed into her then, just as she asked, and the cock rammed into both of us over and over again, making me come so many times I lost count. I watched her come, felt her wetness against my thighs and she shuddered through orgasm after orgasm.

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