tagFirst TimeCampfire Stories Ch. 09

Campfire Stories Ch. 09

byGood Burger©

***The following story is being told from Dan's point of view***

I always hated that feeling I get after masturbating. I never understood how I could go from the euphoria of an orgasm to the dirty feeling of wrongdoing in a split second. Today had to be the worst. Getting dressed behind the girls' cabin, and walking back to my cabin feeling the stickiness all over my stomach. Nick and Mike didn't say too much after we got back. We all just got into the communal shower and rinsed away our sin. They did get a little more vocal in the shower though, remembering Gina's tits or Keri's pussy. By the time I had finished cleaning myself, they both were stroking their hard-ons.

I dried off and got dressed, and headed off to the mess hall. I was really happy to run into Ashley. In her own way, Ashley is the most gorgeous girl I've ever met. She's barely five feet tall, and is in good shape from playing softball back at her school. She has curly red hair that meets her tanned shoulders, and beautiful green eyes that I could stare into for hours. Her smile is the kind of smile that captures you and doesn't let go, and it makes the butterflies in my stomach do back flips. She has amazing legs that lead up to a cute ass, and I'm amazed that at her height she can support her 36D breasts. She flashed that beautiful smile at me, and I felt so guilty.

"Hey sexy, you excited about tonight?" she cooed.

"Of course!" I hesitated, and as I was about to confess my voyeuristic adventure from earlier that afternoon, she continued for me, "I know you are, I saw you guys through the screens in the shower room."

"Ashley, I'm sorry."

She kissed me. "Don't worry about it, just keep it on the DL, ok?" I smiled. She is without a doubt the best girl I've ever known. She continued speaking softly as she let her fingers intertwine with mine, "It was fun, but I'd rather be with you any day." No one has ever made me feel so good, I am so lucky.


We had ran into my roommates and hers after eating, and after a long chat, we all decided not to sneak out again, fearing we'd get caught. The sun was showing signs of fatigue, ready to set down for the evening, as Ashley and I strolled along the lake, hand in hand. After awhile of just enjoying the moment, experiencing each other's company, I spoke.

"Ashley, you're amazing."

She blushed, "Oh be quiet, you're just saying that."

"No really, I've never felt so good about myself before, just being with you has made things so much better. I'm not saying they were bad, you just have this thing about you, and it just makes me happy I guess. I feel like I'm closer to you than anyone else, here and at home. I dunno, it's just nice I guess."

She stopped. I turned towards her and noticed her green eyes glistening with the slightest hint of tears. She pulled me into an embrace. Not a hug like you'd share with a relative, but an embrace that conveyed thousands of emotions without the utterance of a single syllable.

"I love you," she whispered into my ear.

"I love you too," I replied, kissing her lightly on the forehead. "We'd better get back, it'll be dark by the time we make it around the lake."

We walked a lot slower on the way back, our hands clasped between us, her head resting on my shoulder. There was small talk here and there, but we mostly just enjoyed one another's company. As we approached the path that led to the cabins, she spoke once more.

"Hey Dan?"


"Let's sneak out tonight."

I smiled and kissed her, telling her I'd meet her behind her cabin at midnight.


I felt the branch snap beneath my foot and froze, hoping no one would hear it, especially a counselor. As I made my way through the edge of the forest, I saw her. The moonlight shone on her, giving her the spotlight she deserved. I let my gaze trail from her green sandals up her toned legs to a matching green, pleated skirt, that teased my prying eyes with every hint of a breeze that lifted it ever so slightly. I trailed my eyes across her tan, flat stomach to the white tank top that held her braless breasts in place. Then our eyes met in one of those true moments that warrant fireworks. She smiled the instant our glances locked and came to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me, "Let's go."

She led me through the twist and turns of the small, barely noticeable path that led to the clearing where Ashley had dared me to make out with her only last week. They had shared their first sexual experiences together that night, but then it was a game of truth or dare, and all Dan cared about was seeing some tits and cumming. Tonight, it was about love, and he didn't care what they did, as long as he had her in his arms.

Ashley laid out the blanket she brought on the ground, and we cuddled up close and gazed at the heavens. As I was finishing a story about one of the constellations, Orion, Ashley rolled over on top of me and stared into my eyes. As I returned her gaze, her soft, full lips met mine in a kiss that spoke volumes. More kisses followed, and evolved into one passionate kiss between two young lovers, our mouths moving in unison as our tongues playfully lashed against each other. I ran my hands through the red curls that cascaded down her back, and let them slide all the way down to her shapely butt, when she sat up and looked me straight in the eye.

"Dan, I want you to make love to me." Shocked, unprepared, and nervous, all I could do was nod. She straddled me as she peeled the tank top over her head, her curls bouncing to her shoulders as her breasts bounced along. I sat up, removing my shirt and kissed her again, as her breasts pressed against my chest muscles. We both stood up, and I slid her skirt down her legs, revealing her black panties that had a heart right over her most intimate area. I slowly pulled her panties to the ground, and kissed the mound that until earlier today was covered with curly, red hairs. She brought me to my feet, and removed my shorts in boxers together, giggling a little when my six inch erection slapped her flat tummy. Ashley gave it a quick squeeze and then laid down, pulling me with her.

"Ashley, are you sure we're ready for this?"

Those gorgeous green eyes, filled with an innocence that could only be a result of true love, bore into mine as she whispered "I have never been so sure about anything in my life."

"I love you, Ashley."

"I love you too, Dan."

I lowered myself onto her, feeling her hardened nipples brush against my own. She reached down and took hold of my firm penis, and gently traced the head along her moistening slit, lubricating me for entry. She paused at the entrance to her body, looked into my eyes for approval. I nodded, and inhaled deeply as I felt myself sink into her virgin hole. She let go, and allowed me to control the act we were about to commence.

I remained where she left me for a moment, feeling little movements along the walls of her pussy. I pulled slightly out, and then slid in a little further. I watched with amazement as my erection disappeared deeper and deeper into my lover's sex. I repeated the motion until the head of my penis came in contact with her hymen. I quickly looked into her eyes, and she nodded. From that moment, I could not break our eye contact. She winced and let out a whimper as I pushed through, breaking her hymen, and making our virginity nothing but a memory. I pulled back out, leaving only my head inside of her, before plunging my erect dick fully into her virgin twat. I felt the walls of her pussy squeeze around me and fit the form of my penis. Those little movements I felt were intensified, as her vagina massaged my hard penis.

Looking into her eyes, I could see the pleasure push away the pain. I could see that Ashley was doing exactly what I was, taking in the full experience. The sounds, the smells, the sensations, they were all new to us and we smiled, knowing that we were sharing our first experience with someone we truly cared about.

I quickened my pace, rapidly thrusting in and out of her soaking pussy. Her hips began meeting mine as she thrust back, sending my dick deeper into her. Her boobs bounced with the rhythm of our fucking, as her face showed signs of pure ecstasy.

"Oh Dan," she moaned, "You're making me feel so good, keep fucking me baby."

I let out a moan upon hearing her words, and granted her request, letting my gentle love making evolve into fucking my prick into her twat as hard and as fast as I could, my balls slapping against her ass.

"Oh...my...God..." I moaned between thrusts, as she gasped "Yes" each time my dick filled her pussy to it's hilt. Her gasps rose in volume, "Dan, Dan, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna...Oh Lord...Dan cum with me! Cum with me!" Finally she screamed, "I'M CUMMING!"

I felt her pussy squeeze me so hard as my testicles tightened. Just as she starting cumming, with one more deep thrust, I fired my load deep into her womb. Spurt after spurt of my white hot cum shot deep into her pussy. I slowed my thrusting, and when I could no longer hold myself up, I collapsed on top of her, our chests heaving.

"Ashley," I got out between breaths, "That was the most amazing experience of my life." She smiled, kissed me, and replied, "Mine too." After a moment of just looking at each other with stars in our eyes, we simultaneously spoke...

"I love you."

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