tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCan I get a jump?

Can I get a jump?


You walk out of the coffee shop towards your car in the alley. You happen to notice that a man is watching you as you sip your latte. As you look down to drink you notice your nipples are like bullets in your blouse, very obvious to everyone who has seen you.

You wonder why they are so hard. As you approach your car you realize the man that was watching you has followed you. You ask politely "Can I help you?"

He genuinely replies that his battery is dead and could use a jump and would I be kind enough.

He asked "can I get about a 5 minute charge from you if that's okay?"

I said that was fine. He asked me my name and I think I said Robin.

He walked close too me and I could feel my nipples hardening yet I didn't make eye contact. I started to feel scared. Not for my safety but what my body was responding to.

He asked "are you married?"

I clumsily blurted out that I had a ring. He said he was sorry he hadn't looked because he was just thankful that I had helped.

I feel more relaxed as he leaves to push his car the 50 feet to my car. I wonder if I should have just moved my car closer to his but watching him move 2 tons of American steel was kind of nice. I could see his bulging biceps straining and I quickly corrected myself, wondering why I had drifted so. He moved his auto next to mine and proceeded to do everything necessary to jump him.

As he was hooking up the cables he said to wait to start it up and I, now thinking that "he's kind of cute", I started the car.

He jumped back, shocked by the jolt and the sparks. I jumped out of my car.approached him and asked if he was okay? I grabbed his hands and we looked into each others eyes and he look bewildered and uncertain.....

The way he looked at me was just so strange that when he started caressing my hands I didn't notice. After the moment had passed and

I sat back down in my car with the promise I wouldn't start it till he told me to ....I realized that my pussy was getting wet. As I watched him hunched over the front of my car connecting cables my right hand sloped over my right breast while my other fell between my legs. I really can't explain why I did these things because I was watching him and wasn't really thinking.....I think he said his name was Don..........

What snapped me from this fog was when he had yelled "ok... start it up!"

It felt so surreal that as I snapped out out my daydream I smelt my fingers and yes I had been touching myself. I seemed to be just confused when he came upon me sitting in my car and I'm sure he had to notice that as he opened the door ..my eyes focused on his visible cock in his pants. I think he asked if I was okay as he helped me out. As I stood there looking at Don, I noticed that both cars were now running but he kept looking at me. When I looked back... I

I ..looked at him in a different way......

When he approached me and said

" it looks like your sunroof isn't closing right, do you want me to take a look at it?"

I fumbled "sure"

I sat back down in my car as he approached. As he fixed the sunroof I had a perfect view of his crotch from where I sat. His cock was

calling me and I had to grab that massive bulge..I giggled to myself but kept sneaking peaks at it before finally realizing that I just wanted to...touch it...

I glided my hand over it in a daze. I had been staring at it for how long I don't know. He stopped when he finally felt me rub it hard enough.

As he continued fixing my sunroof I felt emboldened and started to rub it with earnest, yet he continued on. When I saw that he was just going to keep working on my sunroof I got crazy and unbuttoned his fly, laughing at myself......the meat that popped out surprised me and kind of scared me. I instantly thought that wow.......that's a big thick dick....

I started to run my hands over it ....gazing at it,....then I licked it.......I giggled......I licked it again and he didn't stop working on my sunroof. I started to stroke it and I heard him groan. I got a weird wicked smile on my face that he couldn't see. I placed the head in my mouth and I felt such power. I felt him thrust and I backed off. We remained motionless for what seemed forever. I put his cock back in my mouth and started sucking it with earnest. I heard his hands slap the roof of my car as he finally understood that I was going to suck him off.........

I grabbed his penis and started sucking hard and pumping furiously. (my pussy was dripping and wanted contact) Don dropped down and gave me a look that melted me and I just layed back..........the look in his eye was that he wanted to devour me. He lifted my skirt and pulled my panties aside and started eating my pussy.......

"Ohhhh mmmyyyy gooooddd!"

His tongue immediately found my clitoris and he started flicking and nibbling it. I was so close!!! I started cumming and screaming and he...was...relentless. My orgasm was so intense and with my mouth agape that I barely noticed when he shoved his cock in my mouth and he shot his wad as I furiously pumped and pulled on his dick as I emptied him of all his seed ..the whole time I was rubbing my clit. I almost gagged on all of his cum.

Don had left and I had fell asleep... I guess... I must have fallen asleep too for a minute because some woman woke me up and said are you okay?

I groggily sat up and said yeah I'm fine...I noticed a wet spot on the crotch of her pant suit and I realized that she must have been watching.

She said "that was so hot I came twice". The thought of her watching me got me so hot that I was horny again.

I adjusted my skirt as she strode away adjusting her pants and I smiled at the thought that she watched us and masturbated. I swished Don's remaining cum around in my mouth to let me know that it really happened. I found a note on my dash with a phone # that said 'u can jump me anytime'

I just might need a jump real soon.

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