tagLoving WivesCan We Enjoy It?

Can We Enjoy It?


I looked across the room and I could see Lyn (yes, Lyn with one 'n,' from Evelyn) with Melvin's mouth on her now bare breast and his hand inside her panties. I could tell from her expression that she was really getting in to it. She definitely was not holding back as I could see she was pulling his cock out of his pants.

I was on a couch, across the room, fondling Alice's wonderful rack, but we had not advanced nearly as fast as Melvin and Lyn. To be truthful, I was a little tentative and so was Alice.

This was the first time Lyn and I had accepted the invitation to one of Van and Maxine's game night parties. We knew about the parties and we had been invited before but always had a conflict, not to mention some concerns. But, being Halloween, we thought what the heck. Never-the-less, we had several long discussions before we finally accepted the invitation to this party. Even then, we both approached the party with a mix of feelings from excitement to trepidation.

The party started at eight o'clock and the game for the evening was bridge. Whether you were good at bridge, or not, didn't make any difference. The time was spent being social and having a good time. No one knocked you down if you made a stupid bid or play of your hand. About eleven o'clock the primary purpose of the bridge game was revealed. The bridge scores were read and the first through forth high men's scores were paired with the first through forth high women's scores.

If you haven't already figured it out, this is a party for swingers. Tonight, playing bridge determined who was going to be coupled with whom. There are four couples present for this party: The hosts are Van & Maxine, neighbors from around the block. The other two couples are Melvin & Dot who live about a mile away; and Jim & Alice; from across town. Jim is Lyn's boss. I am El (Elwood), Lyn's husband.

At each party, a social game is played to determine pairings. The game played varies depends upon the number of couples attending. If we join the group, we will be the sixth couple. The group always has a Halloween party and a New Year's Eve party. At these parties they draw numbers for partners and then play strip poker, letting nature take its course. I understand that once everyone is undressed, its open season on the pairings and a threesome or foursome is not unheard of.

Of interest to Lyn and myself was the fact that everyone was drinking in moderation. Towards the end of the bridge games I asked Van why the drinking seemed to be so light. I have been to so many parties where it seemed to be mostly focused on seeing who could drink the most. He told me the answer was very simple. You have a lot more fun and a lot more pleasure what you know what you are doing. Then he laughed and said, "That is, except when you are playing bridge." I knew he was not a bridge fan.

Getting back to the present party, as newcomers, Lyn and I, with our partners, remained in the living room. It is felt that by seeing/watching and being with each other, we can eliminate some of the hang-ups often attendant with first time swingers. There are only three rules for the group. One is that no one is to be forced or bullied into doing something they don't want to do. The second is that no one will engage in extramarital sex with anyone but members of this group (newcomers certify that they are clean). The third rule is that there are no closed doors to help assure unwanted actions don't take place.

Alice pulled my head to hers and gave me a wet, sexy kiss. Then she whispered, "Maybe you would like to go kind of slow so that you can watch Lyn in action. Then we can go to full steam ahead."

So, she wasn't reluctant after all. There was a purpose and I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not. I still wasn't completely comfortable with letting another man have my wife. I was reacting; my cock was getting hard; but I didn't know if it was from watching my wife or from the gentle stroking I was receiving from Alice.

As I was growing harder, Melvin and Lyn had removed all of their clothing. He had two fingers in her and was beginning to pump rapidly and her hand was beginning to pump his cock vigorously. She had a look on her face that I had never seen before. Then I realized that this was the first time I had really seen the passion her face was now expressing since I always had my eyes closed or was not in a position to see her face when we made love.

The realization made my cock jump in Alice's hand. She whispered, "You're beginning to like watching, aren't you?"

I didn't answer because just as I was ready to respond, Melvin pushed Lyn on her back and she guided his cock into her glistening wet pussy. She emitted a low moan and then propped her legs and began meeting his thrusts. It didn't take but a minute before she was engulfed in a powerful orgasm and let out a couple of significant moans: moans that I knew and had heard many times before. Except this time the moans were not for or because of me.

By now, I was rock hard and Alice was barely stroking my cock. I realized that I now had two fingers in her and was beginning to pick up the pace. Alice pulled my fingers out and let go of my cock and told me to just watch. When I reached for my cock, she moved herself around and moved both of my hands to her breast and again told me to just watch.

Alice's activity had slightly distracted me for a minute and when I focused on my wife again, he was humping her at full force and she was meeting him. After about another minute, I heard him ask if she was ready.

I was shocked when I heard her pant, "Oh, Melvin, don't stop. You feel so good."

He asked her again telling her he was about to cum.

She replied, "Yes, I'm about ready too, fill me up with your hot juices."

He asked if she was sure and apparently her orgasm hit and she locked her legs around him as she let out a long passionate moan.

He exclaimed, "Oh God. Here I come," and drove his cock all the way in. They pressed hard together and started to kiss as they lay squirming together. I didn't know what to think. But before I had time to give it much thought, Alice grabbed my cock and said, "Come on. Now it's our turn."

She rose, took off the rest of her clothing and told me to do the same. My mind was in a whirl as I undressed while looking over at my wife who was still on her back with Melvin still in her. Their juices were beginning to leak out around his now softening cock and they were locked in a passionate kiss.

My thoughts were interrupted as Alice stepped up to me and before starting a passionate kiss said, "I think you are primed and ready. But I'm not. Warm me up. Finger me for a minute."

I did as she asked and also kissed her breast. During this time she touched me only with her lips as we kissed. In just a minute or two, she moved back toward the couch, pulling me with her. She sat and then started to reline as she grabbed my cock, still pulling me toward her. I lay on the couch beside and facing her as she stroked my cock softly.

After but a moment, she told me to lie on my back. As soon as I did, she straddled me, guided my cock into position and slowly lowered her pussy over my hat ramrod. After we pumped a couple of times, I remembered my wife and looked in her direction.

I believe she had just been looking at me but her head was turning back to Melvin where they locked into another kiss as her hand enveloped his cock again. That finished me. Having watched her fuck another man, her face showing a passion I had never seen, and now looking like she was going back for more was more than I could take.

I felt my cock start to go limp and Alice looked down at me with a question on her face. I said, "I'm sorry Alice. I can't go on. I need to get up."

She raised herself up and got off asking, "El, are you all right?"

I told her that I wasn't but assured her it had nothing to do with her. Maybe we could get together later. With that I pulled my shorts and pants back on and walked over to Lyn and Melvin. They were wrapped up in a very heavy kiss and she was stroking his cock back to life. I wanted to scream.

I didn't because Lyn opened her eyes and saw me. She was startled and she broke off the kiss and in an alarmed voice asked, "Honey, what's wrong? You look terrible. Are you sick?"

I looked down at her hand that had now slowed down and was stoking his cock more slowly. She saw my glance and let go of his cock. Again, she said, "Honey, what's wrong?"

I said, "Honey can we talk?"

Melvin was about to speak when Alice came over, took his hand and said gently, "Come on," and led him out of the room.

Lyn quickly tried to regain a little modesty and found her dress and pulled it over her. Her look told me she was frightened as I sat down next to her. I put my arm around her and almost sobbed, "Honey, I don't know whether I can do this. I know we discussed things in detail and had agreed to try. But saying and doing are not the same."

She didn't say anything, but waited for me to go on. It was at least a little comforting to see that she was concerned.

I went on, "Seeing you with another man was bad. But when I saw the look of pure lust and ecstasy on your face, it really hurt. I know it is silly, but the thought of another man administering the pleasure to you that I alone have done in the past cut to the bone. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't looked over to see you leading the way for a second round."

She interrupted, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I had no idea that I was affecting you this way. I don't know what to say."

I asked, "Are you enjoying yourself? Are you alright with what is happening?"

She replied, "I have to be truthful and tell you that I was completely satisfied with Melvin. And yes, I was ready to do it again. But you must believe me when I tell you it had nothing to do with my love for you, for that matter, it had nothing to do with love at all. It was just plain lusty sex."

Tears were forming in my eyes as I said, "But honey, it looked like I was losing you. It looked like you were better satisfied with Melvin, that he was giving you something that I hadn't or couldn't."

She put her arm around me a pulled my face to hers. She whispered, "El, I love you and only you. Please don't mistake sexual enjoyment for love. We don't have to do this. If you want, let's make our excuses and go home."

Now I felt foolish and bad for having created this disturbance. I held her close and told her that I loved her. Then I suggested that we see the party through, but that I couldn't bear to watch.

Just as I was giving Lyn another kiss and telling her how much I loved her, Maxine, our hostess, walked in. She was wearing a sheer nylon robe and I don't know why. It didn't hide a thing. She came over to us and apologized. She told us that most times, new couples were more comfortable being where they could see each other. She could see that in our case, that was not good. We talked for a few minutes and indicated that we should separate if we wanted to stay. Lyn didn't respond so I told her that yes, we would try to make it through.

During our discussion I could see how poorly I had acted and how I had let the mere appearance of things put a cloud over the evening. Maxine said Alice and Melvin were busy in the back bedroom but that Jim would come be with Lyn, and that I should go with her.

I have to admit that I have always had an eye for Maxine. In my view, she would make a perfect Playboy centerfold and seeing her in this transparent robe only enhanced my belief. While she had been talking to us she had positioned herself so that with every little move, her buttocks was gently brushing cock. And yes, I was getting hard.

She took my hand, swung me around and planted a big kiss on my lips. Then she swung me back the other direction and said, "Kiss your beautiful wife goodbye. You're going to leave her and be busy for a while."

I kissed Lyn and she said, "I love you. Please don't worry, just have a good time. Let's both have a good time."

As we were leaving, Jim came in. I nodded as we passed but I didn't look around as I heard him ask her is she was ready for some good old dirty fucking and she replied with a chuckle, "Bring it on John, but I'm not sure about the dirty part."

Maxine led me to the master bedroom and as soon as we had entered, she shrugged the robe, spun around, unbuckled my pants, and with one motion, pushed my pants and my drawers to the floor. Then she stepped into me where my almost hard cock met her lower abdomen, slid up her tummy, and the head came to rest just below her navel.

Suddenly her mouth was open over mine and her tongue was asking to shake hands with mine. I opened my mouth and let our tongues dance. I don't know when I have ever gotten so hot so fast. The role reversal really wound me up. I have never had a woman really come after me.

She broke the kiss and as her fingers wrapped around my cock she said, "El we've been friends and neighbors for several years. I just want you to know that I have wondered about you as a sex partner on several occasions, and from what I am feeling, I think we are going to get along real well."

I admitted that she had not gone unnoticed by me. It's amazing how quickly thing can change. With Maxine snuggled up close to me, feeling her fingers around my cock and her beautiful breast pressing into my chest, the visions of my wife with another man were quickly fading.

She looked up for another kiss and when we broke she asked, "Are you feeling a little better now?"

I told her I was and thanked her for realizing the problem and taking care of it.

She looked up at me and said, with a sort of devilish smile, "I don't really think we have taken care of the problem yet, but we are about to see what we can do. Now, from a sexual point of view, how hot are you? What I'm asking is, are you about ready to cum or not."

I told her I was getting there fast and it wasn't going to take but a few minutes.

She said, "Good, I'm going to finish you orally and then we can have a good, long, time when you put your ship into port, my port, that is. Do you do '69?'"

I was about to tell her I had been know to do '69' when she sat on the bed and pulled me toward her. I landed in perfect position to slip my tongue over one breast. She didn't move and I found myself kissing and licking each breast and I felt her take my cock and gently stroke it. I could tell she was doing just enough to keep it stiff, but not enough to cause it to erupt.

After a few minutes, she climbed on top of me, taking my cock in her mouth and positioning her pussy over my face. The next several minutes were absolute euphoria. Her pussy was delicious and her warm tongue and throat were unreal. Suddenly I could feel myself getting ready to spew my sperm.

I told her I was ready and she shoved her head down all the way onto my cock. I could feel her nose pressing my abdomen and I couldn't hold back. I blew stream after stream into her mouth, well really her throat, and she sucked and swallowed it all. Also, during this time her pussy seemed to tighten on my tongue and I was aware of considerable moisture coming from her pussy.

When I was spent, she lifted herself up and reversed her position. She looked at me and smiled and then broke into a great big grin. She said with a little laugh, "You probably didn't know I had an orgasm since it wasn't massive, but you should see your face now. I'm going to let you in on something you may not have experienced before."

With that she leaned down and opened her mouth for a sexy tongue dueling kiss. When I opened my mouth to meet hers, a string of my cum dripped from her mouth to mine.

We swabbed each others mouth and then she pulled away and asked if I had ever tasted myself. I told her I had not. She smiled and said that I had crossed another sexual plateau. Having said that she went to the bathroom and returned with a towel and washcloth for us to clean up with.

"Would you like a snack or a drink before we continue?" she asked.

I indicated that I would and she said, "Let's go to the kitchen."

As we went to the kitchen, I saw Dot and Van cuddled up together in conversation. In the next room, Alice was riding Melvin cowboy style. Passing the living room, Jim was on his knees and his face was buried in Lyn's pussy. I stopped to look and again Lyn's face was absolutely radiant from the pleasure she was receiving from another man.

Before I could reflect on the scene, Maxine stepped back, grabbed my hand, and pulled me toward the kitchen. I was just about to let my mind recapture the scene I had just witnessed when Maxine buried her chest in mine, grabbed my cock, gave me a kiss, and then said, "Hey big boy, I'm not going to let you back out on me now. You have business of your own to attend to."

We sat at the kitchen table, had a little piece of cake, a drink, and chatted for a few minutes. Maxine helped me by telling me that my reaction was not abnormal the first time and that usually after the first night the feelings were manageable. She told me the most important thing was for me to talk candidly and openly with Lyn and to be sure we were both ok with things and to add some personal rules of our own if we felt they were necessary. Having said those things, she rose, grabbed my hand and said, "I believe we have an appointment in the bedroom and I sure don't want to be late and miss out."

As we returned, I glanced in at Jim and Lyn. Jim had mounted Lyn and they were both oblivious to anything outside of their activity. For some reason, I did not have a big reaction. It still seemed strange and I tried not to read anything into the expression on her face.

Watching Maxine's ass on the way back to the bedroom was having its effect and my cock was at attention by the time we reached the room. She turned to face me as we neared the bed, her eyes darted to my erection, and she smiled and said, "It looks like our snack break was a real pick up."

Stepping closer to her I put my arms around her and drew her to me. We kissed and as we broke, she said in almost a whisper, "Why don't you lead the way to our first real adventure?" With that she almost went limp in my arms, but her hand took my cock.

I said to her, "I don't know about you, but I'm ready to go."

She pressed her naked body tight against mine and said with a seductive smile, "I've been thinking about trying you on for size since you guys came in tonight. I was disappointed that our bridge prowess didn't match us up originally, but obviously good things come to those who wait."

I ended the conversation by pushing her back onto the bed. She didn't release her grip on my cock as she went down and for a moment I thought she was going to pull it out by the root. I fell right beside her and cupped and massaged her breast for a little as she stroked my cock. She rolled toward me and started rubbing the tip of my cock against her very wet pussy.

Just as my finger slid into her she said, "El, I want you in me, now."

I didn't need anything more. I rolled between her legs and she guided me into her very hot and very wet pussy. On the second stroke I went balls deep and she moaned. As I felt her warmth engulf me I felt like I was floating. I was pumping in and out with her meeting my thrusts. Having unloaded during our oral experience, I was able to stay for a while and so was she.

I was giving everything I had and she was taking all I could give her. It has been a long time since Lyn and I fucked like this. Shortly, I began to feel the end coming and suddenly it hit me that I wasn't wearing a condom and that I should get ready to pull out before I unload.

Maxine must have read my mind or maybe she felt something had interrupted my rhythm when she said in a whisper, "I'm about to come to orgasm. I hope you are too. It's so fucking wonderful if we cum together and you fill me up as I explode."

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