tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 08

Captured Ch. 08


Sabine felt oddly calm as she walked naked through her new prison, the new chambers Lord Talos had taken such care in providing for her. It hadn't been very long since she had been in tears over his torment and interrogation, as she was forced to admit what had happened with the soldiers. She wondered if this new calm was due to the tea he had insisted she drink, apparently it was supposed to help her body recover from injury, but it felt like it was causing her to be placid more than anything.

Talos was still there as she left the secluded corner where her new bed was. He had a surprise for her, although Sabine didn't exactly care about any surprises he might have, if anything the idea frightened her, but he had given her time to rest before calling her from the bed, and he watched with his visible eye, pleased that she was looking over the room. He wanted to ask if she liked it but he was fairly certain that her answer would most likely be offensive. Talos was aware that he had a temper, and most recently he had decided he should start taking partial blame when she became agitated and he had to 'punish' her. He decided the best way to avoid a spat with his new lover was to stay silent over the smaller things, at least until she got used to the idea that he would never let her leave him. He had decided that in time she would admit to the undeniable way that she felt when he touched her, and maybe then she would be able to really talk to him, the way he wanted her to.

Sabine stopped in front of a sofa and looked down at the pink gown he had laid out for her, the silky material matching his own darker attire. He had thought the color would look perfect against her smooth skin and olive eyes. He was waiting for her reaction, her sign of approval, almost the way he did when he ravaged her, but she looked uninterested and he was becoming easily annoyed.

"Do you like it?" He finally asked.

"It's a dress."

"You're observant." He remarked, "Do you like it?"

He watched her run her hand over the thin material for a moment before he let out a breath and lifted the gown, taking her by surprise as he carefully pulled it over her head. She lifted her arms in compliance and allowed him to straighten the gown over her body and then fasten the back of the dress, pulling it tight around her waist, lifting her breasts just slightly.

"I thought you might like a change." He explained.

"Meaning clothing?"

"Yes, there is a closet over there, there are other gowns... would you rather be naked? Because I wouldn't mind."

She felt his hand curve over her ass and she stepped away from his wandering fingers to face him.

"I just don't think I've worn a dress since I was a child." She replied.

Talos frowned as he remembered what she was wearing when she had first arrived, pants and armor like a man. He had cut those cloths off of her, and in his opinion he had done her a favor.

"A dress suits you." He stated, "And you should get used to wearing them... I have something else for you, here."

Talos had unexpectedly presented her with an envelope, it had already been opened but she immediately recognized her family seal and involuntarily sat on the arm of the sofa as she opened the letter and began to read, paying no attention to Talos behind her as he lifted her hair from her shoulders, twisting and twirling it over her head and dropping it again in repeated motions.

"My brothers know I'm here?" Sabine said, "They are threatening to come get me... why are you showing me this?"

"You may write back to them." Talos replied.

Sabine was surprised by the offer but then became utterly suspicious.

"You mean you will tell me what to write."

"You may say what you like, but I must urge you to insist they do not do anything foolish, there is no need for bloodshed."

"You intend to keep me prisoner and you think there will be no more bloodshed?"

"Don't think of yourself of a prisoner Sabine. I will give you more freedom as soon as I learn to trust you."

"You expect me to believe that?" She demanded.

"I suppose I can't expect that of you just yet, but to show you that I am true to my word, you may have visitors. Your brothers and your mother may come here, but there must be no guards involved, and you will not be allowed to leave the grounds."

He watched as Sabine stared at the letter and then tears began to swell in her eyes. This was difficult for him to understand, after all, considering the past he was being more than generous. He caringly touched her shoulder anyways.

"Don't be sad, my Sabine, it will get better, I promise you."

She suddenly slapped his hand from her shoulder and glared up in fury, remembering her mother.

"My mother is dead." She informed him.

Talos was just getting over the sudden slap to his hand, he was going to show her it was a mistake to touch him like that but her words seemed to stop him, and as he took in the information Sabine noticed some strain in his face, like he actually cared. She knew better than to believe he cared, and her brief question over the matter was put to rest when he turned his back on her and began to walk towards the door to leave. She suspected he would lock it and leave her there until he felt like ravaging her again, but instead he opened the door into the hall and waited.

"Come with me Sabine." He called, "You can return the letter to your brothers later."

She stared at the opened door. He wanted her to go out? Why? And where? She was once again baffled and several moments passed as he waited.

"I'd prefer it if you would come now." He said, his tone growing impatient.

Sabine stood up and obediently followed him from the room. It was no surprise that he threatened her with a 'punishment' if she were to misbehave while they went on their way. Sabine didn't seem to care. Whatever medicine he had given her made her tired anyways, and much too docile to try anything. She'd bet that he had planned it this way, making sure she would be in no condition to escape if he took her out. She didn't know where they were going. It was the first time she had been able to see the fortress, but in her current state she felt like they were wandering into one corridor after another, almost like they were going in circles, and then she realized the dark halls themselves went in circles.

Sabine noticed some guards in the halls. It made her uneasy, partly because of her previous experiences and partly because she was a prisoner here in her enemy's home. She also felt out of place, barefoot and wearing the gown Talos had selected for her. She knew it was better than being naked but she never would have chosen a gown such as this to wear, the kind that made it easy to see she was bare underneath. She felt herself crossing her arms over her chest, her nipples tightening from the chill of the halls. It was not like Sabine to walk with her head bowed, but lately she was beginning to feel like only a shadow of the woman she had once been. Talos noticed her discomfort and took her hand, leading her as he held her against him, bringing her to feel safe. Safe? What was she thinking? How could she possibly look to her captor as her protector, her savior? She couldn't think, not as her thoughts swayed through the fogginess of her mind.

"Lord Talos." She finally said.

"Lord?" He repeated, somewhat amused by her sudden formality.

"What was in the tea you gave me?" She asked.

"It was only something to help you relax. Don't you feel well? I will carry you if you ask."

"No." She frowned.

It seemed like they had been wandering through the fortress forever, when actually not much time had passed at all before he led her through shining doors and into brighter halls where several people passed now, men, women and servants. Many stared at Sabine, but by this time she didn't care. She wanted to know where they were going but she didn't want to ask, and then just as she thought her head might fall she felt a burst of fresh air and was aroused awake at the realization that they were outside, in a small yard at the center of the fortress. She could hear birds and a stream of cold water, and she could smell the aroma of the outdoors. She forced herself to look up and saw a blanket on the soft grass and a picnic basket, making her wonder what time of day it was, and when the last time she had eaten had been. There were guards at the four surrounding doors leading into this yard, but Sabine noticed they all left and the doors were sealed upon their arrival.

Talos let her hand go and watched her step past him and look around with a dazed expression. He imagined part of it was the medicine, but he had expected her to act this way upon being outside again. He smiled as she stepped into a patch of sunlight, unbeknownst to Sabine that he could see the curve of her body clearly through her thin gown. He had liked the way she looked in his shirt, and that was part of his reasoning in selecting a wardrobe for her. Now, he certainly did not regret it. His lust for her was already strong again, but first things first, she needed to eat something.

Sabine sat to picnic with him with no argument and he was sure she ate a fair amount against her fast fading appetite before he let her stop. He watched her for a long time, as her gaze met everything but him. That was all right, he liked watching her, and he liked to see her beauty fully in the sunlight. He thought it a pity that she had worn armor before she came to him, and pants like a man. He wondered if anyone had been able to see her beauty as he did now. Then again, it was fortunate for him if they hadn't.

"Drop you dress." His voice interrupted her silence.

Sabine looked his way in sudden alarm, wondering why he was demanding such a thing.

"I want to see your breasts." He informed her, "Out here, in the light."

As he suspected she quickly began to cross her arms in an effort to hide.

"Sabine," He sighed, "You know better than to think you'll win. You can't say no to me."

"I say it all the time."

"Yes, but you never mean it." He laughed, "Now do as I say and drop your gown. No one can see us from here, unless you try my patience and you are escorted back to your room naked."

Talos knew he wouldn't do that, but it was a matter of play for him. he liked to watch her squirm in his threats, knowing full well that she believed he would make good on them.

Sabine was glaring with her cold stare again, contemplating his request and his threat. She felt frozen in her skin, but at the same time there was the distinct feeling of excitement flowing through her as her drowsiness subsided and a warm feeling came over her. She couldn't believe it; his simple request had aroused her. She began to reach for her shoulders to submit to his order as he watched intently, wondering if she was going to obey without further argument, his male sex growing firm against his pants as he waited in anticipation while he watched her raise herself onto her feet, squatting across from him like she might pounce. Just when he thought she was going to bare her breasts to him a sly look appeared in her olive eyes, one he did not recognize, but he could feel the ideas swarming in her head before she suddenly retreated from him and into the thick mass of surrounding trees. Talos rolled his eyes and let out a breath as he gradually stood and walked gracefully in the same direction.

"Really Sabine," He called, "You've chosen the worst place to rebel. All of the doors are locked until I say otherwise. You are trapped here. Come out now and I will overlook your disobedience."

He waited a moment for a response from her, and when none came he heard a rustle through the trees and decided to go in after her. He suddenly wished he had a weapon. Past experiences told him that he could be walking right into an ambush, but his constant arousal over the mystic of this new situation kept him going. He could only hear his own footsteps beneath him, and then the rare rustling of the brush, but the sounds always seemed to come from his opposite direction, as if to lead him, and a thought unexpectedly dawned on Talos; could she be leading him? Wanting him to find her?

After entering the trees the yard seemed much larger than it had first appeared to Sabine, and she made her way through it easily, at first knowing where her hunter was and then not knowing at all. She could feel her heart beating in her chest and the idea of being hunted had effectively aroused her. She wanted to tell herself it must be from the medicine, and any shame she felt over actually wanting him to find and 'punish' her, she ignored. Right now she didn't care, for once she wanted to enjoy the moment, so she continued to elude him through the yard for at least another half hour, allowing the waves of excitement to rush over her as her skin flushed.

Sabine suddenly heard the distant sound of a door and wondered if he had given up, and for a moment she was actually disappointed, but no sooner had she stepped pass two thick trees did her hunter grab her from behind, pulling her back and causing an instant sensation of panic. She couldn't help struggling as he pulled her into him, groping her soft rounds as she shifted against him, feeling his male organ firm against the hilt of her bottom, apparently this game had aroused him as well.

"Finders keepers." He remarked.

Sabine felt the stern need to struggle and she did, pulling away from him and to her surprise his hands slipped from her arm and she got away. Talos was enjoying this chase, but he didn't know how much longer he would tolerate it, so he was quick to go after her, and every time she tried to elude him he cut her off, forcing her another way until Sabine suddenly ran into a small clearing at the center of the yard and stopped in her tracks at the sight of a swing hanging from a tall tree by braided ropes, and this place was all of a sudden very familiar. Talos had come upon her and before Sabine could turn around he had thrown his shirt from his back, his male appendage fully erect and the head peering out at him from under the waist of his pants. He grabbed hold of Sabine, spinning her around and interrupting her thoughts, and before she could struggle his lusty mouth found her lips and kissed her deeply, grabbing the narrow sleeves holding up her gown.

"I'll see you now." He announced, pulling her dress off her arms, her gown catching on the curve of her hips and her peach nipples erect and waiting for his touch. She didn't even say anything. She just gasped as he forced her back into an arch and took one of those delectable nipples into his mouth, sending sensation through her body. She could feel his hardened piece against her lower abdomen, throbbing against her and full of blood. She moaned softly as he lifted the bottom of her gown, baring her ass and stimulated pussy to the outdoors. He took her butt cheeks tightly into his hands and pulled her hips to meet his. Lifting her up with one strong arm, Talos unbuckled his pants with his free hand and let the soft material drop around his ankles.

"Wrap around me." He ordered, and she did as he guided his dick to meet her wetness and moaned with her as he slid into her, enjoying the strain of the position.

With her gown still trapped at her hips as she helplessly mounted over him, he began to lift her, thrusting her down against his organ and feeling the back of her chamber with every drop, and she gasped and groaned every time she felt him so deep, partly from pleasure and partly from dull shocking pain. Her dizziness returned as she was suddenly flying through the air caught around him as he held her and his mouth pulled at her right breast during the spin until he had fallen directly onto the swing. He held the ropes tight, not to burn the skin of her wrapped legs as they began to rock in the swing, buried deep inside each other and feeling the sensation of the swings movement. Talos let out a loud cry as she suddenly leaned back with him deep inside of her, and he quickly extended a hand to catch her back, letting the tightness of her arch take him in completely until she let out her own moan and he pulled her back, impatiently kissing at her face. Her arms were thrown tightly around him in the moment as he lifted his hips against the movement of the swing, pushing completely into her. Now that she completely surrounded him he let the swing sway back and forth and brought his arm tightly around her back, wanting to keep her completely against him as he found her earlobe and scraped it with his teeth.

"Do you remember this place Sabine?" He asked, "Do remember the first time I saw you here?"

Sabine did remember, she always had but the familiarity of the swing brought back memories that were years old. She remembered. She had been here as a young child, but there had been another time, the time that she had not admitted to remembering a few years back. She had felt so much younger then, and so strong, and she had gone out on her first campaign with her father's soldiers and his orders. Their mission: attack this very fortress and rescue her mother. She remembered it well enough now. They had attacked the fortress with precise orders, her orders, and she had made certain that every exit was sealed before she dropped down ropes into this very yard with her following soldiers.

"Find my mother." She had ordered them.

The appearance of the fortress guards was almost immediate, and the fighting broke out until the master of this fortress, Lord Talos himself appeared suddenly and demanded a halt in the fighting as his eyes came upon Sabine. She was standing on the other side of the swing, in her black hooded robes holding a narrow dagger in her hand. She made no such order to stop the fighting, even as Talos came gently towards her. His then mesmerizing eyes, and his handsome face were on her gently.

"Please call them off." He insisted, "I know who you are, although I would like your name if you'll give it... I can take you to your mother."

Sabine did not respond, she was staring at his enchanting face and deep eyes, wondering if had used those charms to seduce her mother, and she remained still as a statue as he pushed the swing aside and approached her further, she didn't even give him warning, and he would likely have thought she were afraid, and innocent young girl among warring soldiers, but she was just the opposite. Her next actions were precise, and with one thrust of her dagger she had taken his left eye.

Sabine's thoughts were interrupted when she felt her pussy clenching around Talos as he pulled her tight and she moaned over the pleasure, her orgasm swallowing them both and he moaned against her ear as her fluids drenched him and his warm seed began to flow into her, and breathing heavily and glowing with sweat they were very still for what seemed like an eternity as he whispered against her ear, knowing she remembered.

"I remember." He said, "I wanted to be inside you, just like this, the first moment I saw you."

Sabine wasn't entirely sure when she had fallen asleep against her captor. They had been in the yard, lying over the width of his opened shirt. He had insisted on holding her, but she had not spoken to him. She suspected he knew the truth, that she really did remember maiming him. She did not want to say it, mostly because she felt no guilt over the past and she thought her lack of sympathy might anger him somehow.

She had slept well against him, with his warmth and the inner warmth of the medicines, but that warmth was absent now. In fact Sabine felt cold when she opened her eyes and realized it was night. She was still in the garden, cuddled over Talos's shirt, her gown a heaping wreck around her waist, and she was alone. The sudden realization that her captor was no longer with her sent ideas rushing through her head, curiosity and the obvious ideas of escape, but she had to be sure as she quickly got up and pulled her gown over her shoulders, straitening it down her body and pulling fallen leaves from her hair as she slowly walked through the darkness.

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