tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 09

Captured Ch. 09


Chapter nine: Conclusion

Sabine was no longer locked in her room. Talos never mentioned why to her and she never asked. She used the clothing he had provided her and began to wander through the fortress over the next several days, learning the halls and the exits. She also wandered in an effort to elude Talos, after he had foolishly told her he had never seduced her mother. She found the entire claim to be twaddle. She spent little time in her room and most wandering, thinking it would be easier to avoid him that way, even though he always seemed to find her when he wanted her.

She had written a response to her brothers, being certain to mention they should not come for her as Talos had instructed, she knew he would read it before sending it, but that didn't mean she left out her own hidden messages. She was more determined to leave now, her strength had returned and as the days passed she made sure to look comfortable, so that she could fade more from the guards' attentions. She knew she would find a way out, it was only a matter of time, but she could not try anything abruptly, she would need a plan. If Talos were to catch her in her escape he would certainly lock her up again, and with no freedom she would have no hope. She would need a plan, and unfortunately she would need help, however she already had what help she would need in mind as plans began to formulate in her head.

Sabine kept her mother in mind the entire time she plotted, and what Talos had said to her kept circling in her. How could he have expected her to believe that her mother had gone to him on her own accord? The idiot, how gullible did he think she was? She knew the truth. He had abducted her mother and seduced her, keeping her prisoner until Sabine herself came to rescue the woman. Yes, he had kept her mother the same way that he kept her now. Sabine had taken his seductive face. Back then she had felt that would ensure he couldn't seduce again, however now she was livid that she herself was being seduced, not by the face, but by the man. Yes, there was that unthinkable feeling he placed upon her, now not only when he touched her but also when he was near, and as much as she tried to fight the butterflies surrounding her senses when she looked upon him, she couldn't. She was no longer certain she could kill him, even if she wanted to, and she feared if she stayed much longer her desire to leave him would also fade, so she decided it was time to get on with her plans, and seek out the help that was necessary to leave this place.

It was a risk, Sabine knew, but she had to try. She put on her brave face as she entered a silent room in the castle where she found Lara again, cleaning the furniture. Lara was still wearing the cloak Sabine had placed on her days before. By now her hair was matted and there was dirt on her body, she was entirely unkempt and miserable, and this time Sabine was glad to see it. Lara's misery only worked to Sabine's advantage. Sabine approached her kindly, pouring some water from the corner and offering it to Lara.

"It looks like you could use a drink." Sabine smiled sweetly.

"Thank you." Lara smiled, drinking thirstily, "Is there something I can do for you?"

Sabine's smile turned more assertive as she made herself comfortable in an arm chair, crossing her legs under the black dress she had chosen to wear, the way it perfectly wrapped around her body gave her a sense of power, and made her look powerful to the diminished red head who was standing half naked and in need of a bath.

"I was thinking I could help you." Sabine replied.

"You're very kind, but Lord Talos is set on this punishment, and I know better than to argue, you should too, I would imagine."

"I agree." Sabine insisted, "In fact I don't intend on arguing at all, I plan to leave."

Her words were so bold it brought a shy yet troubled look over Lara, who quickly turned back to her work, glancing at the guard standing at the entrance.

"He can't hear us from here." Sabine stated, following her gaze.

"I shouldn't be speaking to you." Lara stated.

"Alright." Lara sighed as she stood again, " I understand your position... however, I do not want any harm to come to Talos, I doubt you do. If he keeps me here my brothers will come, and I will not be able to control the outcome... if I were to leave, no one would have to die."

"Why are you telling me this?" Lara whispered.

"Because we are in a position to help each other. You know the fortress, with your direction I can get us out, both of us."

"And where would I go?" Lara frowned, "This is the only home I have."

"It seems to me you're nothing but a slave here." Sabine stated, "Come with me and you will be safe. I'm sure you know of my brothers, they rule the desert provinces, and both are in need of a wife."

Lara looked up curiously, Sabine seemed to have caught her attention.

"I am no longer a suitable wife for such men." Lara stated.

"To the contrary," Sabine smiled, "You seem to be the exact kind of woman my eldest brother desires, and with my suggestion, I have no doubt he would marry you... he is a kind man, and very handsome, for a brother."

Lara was staring at Sabine, looking entirely frightened, and as Sabine felt she was loosing the woman's interest she sighed and began to leave.

"I'll let you think it over." Sabine stated, "If you decide you are interested I'm sure you can find your way to where Talos is keeping me... I will need to know of any unguarded passages, and we will need horses, if you think you can manage."

Sabine left Lara with nothing else said. There was always the chance that Lara would go to Talos in an effort to regain his favor, but Sabine did not see that happening. She was offering Lara security and a potential husband, where Talos would probably offer nothing more than clothing, likely rags. Sabine was comfortable in her assumption that Lara would do nothing to threaten her, and now she just had to wait. Of course, the waiting wasn't exactly easy.

Sabine had just returned to her room, deciding she should try to rest while she could. She went nearly out of her mind when the two strong hands grabbed her, restraining her hands behind her back. She felt the knot of fear in her throat and she was certain she had lost all color. She had started to shake, for a moment thinking that she had misjudged Lara; she had gone straight to Talos. But then she heard Talos laughing, amused that he had surprised her.

Lately he had been unable to surprise her that way. She had grown a sixth sense whenever he was near, and although she thoroughly objected when he initially put his hands on her she had less fight in her each time. This time she was all nerves; he had frightened her, and even if the thrill of it was already taking over her body, hardening her nipples and sending the dampening chills through her thighs, she made her anger towards him apparent as she let out muffled cries of frustration and struggled against his grasp until one of his hands came around her, firmly holding her neck without strangling her, and his other hand went to her breast, rolling at her nipples, tightening them against his fingers.

She heard him laughing against her ear and began wondering what he found so amusing. She hated when he touched her, especially when she was angry with him. She knew the moment he put his hands on her, her body would betray her and she would be trapped, this time was no different. She became calm against him as he fondled her, waiting for him to release her arms when he decided to.

"Aren't you feeling lively today." She heard him smirk.

"You frightened me." She replied, trying to keep her voice calm, but without much luck.

"We're you expecting someone else?" He asked, and for a moment Sabine was certain he knew what she was planning, so when he released her hands she composed herself before turning to face him.

"No." she answered. "What do you want?"

Stupid question, she knew what he wanted. Playing dumb would get her nowhere. She wished he would leave now, if he stayed she knew what would happen, he would add to whatever doubts she had about leaving, and she couldn't have that, not now.

She already felt her skin burning as he looked down her body. He liked the dress she wore; he'd like it more if she took it off. He sensed something different in her today, he wasn't sure what, but he was sure that when he found out what, it would surprise him. She always managed to surprise him.

Talos resisted the urge to tear her dress off and tackle her right there. Instead he turned his back to her and began to peel off his shirt and walked towards her bed.

"Come here Sabine." He called over his shoulder in an unusually calm manner.

She stood still and watched as he dropped his shirt on the floor before disappearing behind the thin curtain separating her bed from the rest of the room. What the hell was he up to now? She thought she could slip out the door, maybe elude him for a few hours before he caught up to her, but her body was aching, telling her she needed to go to him before she burst with frustration. She held back anyways, in part knowing any hesitation on her part always added to the mind-boggling lessons he inflicted on her body. She had gotten past the way her body so eagerly reacted to him, she thought she even liked it; it was the idea that he was getting to her mind that bothered her. She had no control around him, control she so desperately needed to get back.

"Come Sabine." He called again, "Don't make me come get you."

God she wouldn't mind if he did that, not the way he would storm towards her, making her heart race, take her into his strong arms and show her exactly why it was futile to resist him. The very thought prompted her forward, until she was standing in front of the bed, watching him sit there, watching her. He held out his hand for her, and deciding she needed to show some resistance she ignored his hand and sat down on the opposite side of the bed.

Talos smiled and went to her, gently placing his hands on her shoulders. She flinched upon contact, but mostly because of his gentle treatment. Even his kisses were gentle today as he trailed them over her neck, tilting her chin back to seek out her mouth where he made the usual intrusion with his tongue. She felt the light feeling in her chest as she received him, and the tingling in her belly as he wrapped her in his arms and pulled her back onto the bed, pulling her dress from her shoulders until he was able to slip it over and off her legs. She gave him her usual cold stare upon being naked but he smiled at it and without warning separated her knees, witnessing the glisten of her juices within the crease of her pussy. He ran his hand up her thigh but stopped before he touched the chasm that was so needy for him.

"I should startle you more often." He smiled.

She swallowed, unable to respond. She knew he would discover her arousal, he always did. She wished he'd just get on with it, touch her, use her, it didn't matter, as long as he gave her the release she wanted. But much to her chagrin, when he moved his hand from her thigh he entirely avoided her female member, running his fingers over her breasts as he gradually brought his weight over her, coaxing her to lie back.

"Ask me Sabine." He said.

"What?" she demanded.

"Ask me." He stated, "Tell me you want me. I'm growing tired of your denial. You can fight me all you want, but tell me that you want this inside of you."

He had guided her hand to his pants, where she could feel his organ, hard and ready. She was definitely ready for him to shove it in her, hell pound her like a rabid animal even.

But his request frightened her. Sure she had given in before, but this time was different. It was entirely absurd if he expected her to beg for it, and now it was a battle between mind and body. Sabine knew she couldn't let herself give in. Not this time.

"No." She scowled.

"Alright." He smiled, "You just let me know when you're ready."

Sabine didn't like where this was going. She tried getting away but he already had her locked firmly in place, running his hands over her body, teasing her, licking her, kissing her. He was running his hand down her legs, between her thighs, but never bothering to make contact with her wet pussy. She could have killed him.

Talos was relentless, touching every sensitive part of her, teasing her by cupping her bottom, drawing her hips against his so she could fell how hard he was. He knew she was biting her lip to keep from crying out. He held her arms tightly so she couldn't run and forced his tongue into her mouth again. She had received his kiss beautifully, and he knew it was making her crazy, but that only encouraged him. He kissed down her neck again, suckled her breasts as she arched her back, offering her nipples to him. He continued down her naval, running his tongue down her skin but again stopped before he reached the smooth slope to her juices, which was surprisingly difficult for him as well. But no matter, she would give in soon enough, or at least he thought as she moaned out in frustration.

"Ask me." He ordered.


He was nearly surprised by her firm denial, it caused him to use more aggression as he continued to caress and arouse her. He demanded she ask him several more times, but still she refused. It had never taken her this long to give in before, and over an hour later her skin was flushed, her juices were wet between her thighs and she was lifting her hips, desperately trying to meet his organ, which was now a huge bulge under his pants.

Sabine thought she might die like this, it was driving her insain, but she continued to bite her lip, nearly drawing blood, refusing to give in, and then she noticed the strain in Talos's face and it hit her... he was having as much difficulty with this as she was. Now she was ready to play his little game. He was so busy holding down her arms that he almost didn't notice her lift her knees, her toes sinking into his pants as she quickly pushed them off, leaving him bare as she locked his hips with her knees, bringing his hot organ against her belly, forcing him to feel her flesh. He was taken by surprise now, and strained to control himself further as he spotted the sudden look of a challenge in her eyes.

"Lets see how long you last." She remarked.

"Five minutes." He retorted, "You'll be begging."

She gasped as he suddenly lowered himself, letting his organ rest over the small mound of her smooth pussy. This was the first contact he had made with her wetness and now she only needed him in her. Her little challenge was not working as planned as he pulled her breasts into his mouth, groping her ass with his hands. He had lifted her only slightly and it was enough room to shift, and she did, the head of his dick began to slide against her wet crease. She felt him beginning to push in, but then he quickly brought his hand over his own appendage, removing it from her need as she groaned in frustration.

"No!" He stated, "Say it Sabine."

"I wont!" She insisted.

He suddenly cupped her member in his hand, giving her slight pressure but refusing to move those knowing fingers of his. Instead he let her arch her back and shift against his hand, never giving her enough to allow her release.

"Tell me." He stated, "I want to hear you say it."

Sabine was seeing stars. She swore all the blood in her body had gone straight to her pussy, and it's need to contract and explode brought cramps to her belly as she stared at him pleadingly. And then, just as Talos himself was about to give in he heard her voice, barely a whisper.

"I want to feel it." She said, hating herself for it.

"What do you want to feel Sabine?" He had all the power now, she could hear it in his voice, he was basking in his concur and her submission to him. She hated that.

"I want to feel you inside me." She admitted, trying not to cry over it, and then... release as he greedily kissed her mouth and lifted her knees, thrusting his appendage through her pussy, letting her body swallow him with each hard thrust.

It didn't take long, not after all the teasing. Sabine felt her body contract. Her hungry pussy clutched onto his organ, tightly holding him as he groaned under the pressure and his seed spilled out in hot gushes, filling her. He collapsed over her and gently kissed at her neck. He recovered, realizing she was still twitching with orgasm.

When he finally moved off of her she brought her legs together, still annoyed how she had given in. She thought she could have lasted longer, and now she was shamed again. Somehow the way he laid against her and wrapped his arm around her felt comforting. She quickly shook that thought away, knowing that it didn't change anything.

"See Sabine," He sighed, "It wasn't so hard, to admit that you're mine."

"I'm leaving you Talos... I have to." Her voice was so calm, so honest. She didn't know why she had bothered to tell him, but somehow she needed to. Maybe she wanted to get caught, she wasn't sure, but it didn't seem to matter either way as he chuckled and held her tighter.

"Never." He stated.

That night, after Talos left her room she heard the tapping knock on her door and found Lara outside. Sabine had not expected her to come so soon but she was ready, and together they formulated a plan. Lara was able to convince a stable boy to have two horses positioned outside the fortress gates the next night, and she explained the hidden halls within the fortress to Sabine, all which led outside. Sabine spent the next morning feeling out their escape rout, there were only a few guards they would have to go through, and the task seemed fairly simple. That is, except the nagging feeling in her mind that she really didn't want to leave like this.

By the next evening it was raining hard, darkening the skies early when Talos returned to his own chambers from his business, wanting a bath before he went to call on Sabine. As he entered a single detail caught his attention. The wall where his weapons hung was in view, and something was different, the space was empty where his long sword should have been, and the realization sent fury through him as he quickly ran to Sabine's chambers and called out her name, but she returned no response. He already knew she was gone before he wanted to admit it, and he ran into back into halls, calling her name, drawing the attention of everyone until a soldier suddenly approached him, the soldier looked like he had taken a beating as he tiredly kneeled at Talos's feet, and Talos immediately guessed what had happened.

"Lord Talos," the soldier panted.

"Where is Sabine?" Talos asked coldly.

"She has escaped along with Lady Lara." The soldier replied in his shame, extending a folded piece of paper, "I'm sorry my lord, I was unable to stop them without injuring the girl."

Talos snatched up the piece of paper and was shocked to see Sabine had actually taken the time to leave him a note, warning that he must not follow. Of course he disregarded this, was she mad? Did she actually think she could escape him?

"Get the horses." Talos ordered, "I want them found now!"

Sabine led the way on the small mare as Lara followed closely behind on a second horse. They gave no time for rest as they navigated their way around the puddles that the rain caused in the valley. There was hardly any light in the storm but Sabine didn't care, she could taste freedom as they grew closer to the mountains and she liked it, knowing that her own lands were just on the other side of the cliffs.

Sabine had dressed Lara in her own cloths and they had taken cloaks from the soldiers to shield off the rain. Sabine's legs seemed bare around the animal, her dress more around her waist making it easier to ride. They had been at it for some time now and as the horses began to pant the narrow paths leading into the mountains came into view, it was the fastest way to the next provinces, but Sabine did not plan on using an obvious rout as she heard the rumble of pursuers on horseback behind them. She heard Lara gasp and she reached back and pulled the second horse's lead from the woman's trembling hands, leading the way as she began to move up the base of the mountain.

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