tagBDSMCarpe Noctem Pt. 01

Carpe Noctem Pt. 01


I am tired. So very tired. In fact I am ready to give up any hope of finding what I need, of finding the person I need. It's over 18 months since my last Dom split ways with me, not for any particular reason, just life getting in the way too much and too often.

We had been good together but not good enough to take things any further. Trying to wrangle times that suited both of us became nearly impossible. So we respected each other enough to call it quits.

Now I am tired of being alone. Tired of being lonely. Tired of not meeting men who are strong enough to top me. I have offers from any number of Doms, but none of them hit the right note with me and none of them are truly into what I need. Or they lack any true experience.

Am I being too picky in wanting someone who knows what they are doing? Someone who can read my needs and my body? Someone who is strong enough to make me want to submit and knows what to do with me once I have?

And I want someone who wants things to be a bit more permanent and, more frequent, than just weekend play sessions.

The only Dom to truly catch my attention, in recent months, seems to have a strong preference for long, lean, brunettes with legs that go up to their ears and with an average age of about 25. He is also with a different woman nearly every time I see him.

I am none of those things. I am short, with mousy blonde hair, short legs and a rounded figure. I am also much older than the girls he likes just like I am also several years older than he is. So I haven't even really thought in his direction, just admired the way he handles his subs and wished I could find a Dom like him.

With a sigh I finish doing my hair, slip my shoes on and take a final look in the mirror. Happy with what I see I collect my keys and purse and heads out the door. I'm not going to my usual haunts tonight. In fact I'm not going to any of the clubs where most people in the Scene tend to gather. I'd seen a banner for a local entertainer that I love so I am going along to listen to him and have a quiet drink. Maybe have a flutter on the pokies if the mood takes me. I need a change of scenery, as well as a change of pace.

When I arrive I am pleased to see that the entertainer hasn't started playing yet, is just finishing setting up his equipment. I go to the bar and order a drink then go and claim a seat near the front. There aren't that many people there yet, which is surprising. I settle in to listen and enjoy the show and I'm not disappointed as he rips straight into a toe tapping rock set. A few songs in and the dance floor starts to fill up.

I go and order another drink as the entertainer goes into a comedic spiel between songs and return to my seat as the entertainer waves to someone behind me then starts playing again. I just get settled when someone sits right next to me at my table and leans into me, "Fancy seeing you here." A deep bass rumble rolls over me.

My eyes widen when I turn and recognise Him. I would have expected him to be at one of the Scene clubs on a Friday night, at this time. "What are you doing here?" I blurt out and promptly blush with how abrupt I sounded.

He leans in close and talks into my ear, telling me he knows the entertainer and called in to see him before heading to the dungeon. "I'll introduce you when he stops for a break."

I swivel my butt around a bit so I can see him better, without having to bend my neck so far. He moves his chair a bit closer to mine and starts touching my arm as we chat. My skin quivers in response, my nipples tingle and my pussy goes damp as he strokes the soft skin on the inside of my elbow.

He has noticed her far too much at the clubs, has enjoyed watching her being worked but hadn't liked seeing her with other Doms {specially when they didn't seem to understand her needs}. But he has stayed away because she's not his usual style and she is older than him. Which is something he has never been attracted to before. However, there is something about her that keeps pulling his eye to her. Her innate sensuality or her very earthy sex appeal. Or maybe even her no nonsense, no drama personality. He doesn't know.

But for some reason, for the first time in his life, he gets hard just looking at a full figured, older, woman. When he saw her leaving the bar area his cock had sprung to attention and his balls had tucked up tight. It had taken every ounce of control he had to go up and get a drink instead of grabbing her by the hair and dragging her outside and up against the building. Seeing her here, so unexpectedly, had all but thrown his control out the window. He hadn't been able to stop himself from going to her. And judging by her reaction to his touch she was just as affected by him as he is by her.

I excuse myself to go to the toilet and he grabs my hand to stop me and pulls my head close to his and whispers, "Take your panties off before you come back and we are moving to the booth over there," He ordered as he nods towards a more private booth with a shadowed interior, that had a reserved sign on it. It was the table set up so that the performers could relax without everyone staring at them while they ate. I swallowed hard but nodded before I went, my submissive streak roaring to life at the command that had been in his voice.

Can he really be interested in me or is he just amusing himself because I am here and available? I don't know, but this isn't an opportunity that I want to miss. A chance to be under this man's control is something I thought I'd never have. He is a Dom that is in high demand and highly respected and I have been impressed with him since I first saw him. So I went into a stall and slipped my g-string off and stuffed the small swatch of material into the bottom of my purse. Grateful that I'd worn a skirt and top instead of pants.

When I go to the booth he is seated with his back pushed into the darkest, concealed, corner. He opens his legs wide and tells me to sit between them. I obey his order and am glad that the seat is a deep one so I have plenty of room. As I sit he pulls my skirt up so my bare bottom hits the cool vinyl.

He pulls one leg up and over the top of his thigh, opening me for him. His long fingered hands ran up and under my top and he groans when he scoops my breasts out to sit on top of my demi bra. He finds my nipples are already beaded into tight buds. He pinches and rolls them between his fingers, pulls and twists them. And is rewarded with my head falling back onto his shoulder and me grinding my butt backwards into his cock.

He twists hard and growls at me to stay still. I moan but say, "Yes, Sir." I can't contain the tremors that rock through me as he plays with and explores my heavy breasts. My pussy floods with cream as the sensations shoot on a hot-wire from my nipples to her womb and clit.

He lifts my shirt up and exposes my bared breasts to the air and growls, "Open your eyes and look in front of you".

Struggling with my sluggish control I open my eyes to see the entertainer looking straight at me. The Dom lifts my breasts and plays with the nipples as the entertainer looks away for a couple of minutes then looks back at us. At me. Never missing a beat as he plays and sings. He lifted his eyes off my breasts and looks at the Dom behind me and nods. I wondered what that was about but lost my train of thought as his hands lowered my top to cover me again.

One hand leaves my breasts and wanders downward, then slowly draws my skirt up along my raised leg so he can delve underneath it. Long fingers find my slick folds and ran through the cream gathered there.

The hand pulls away and he licks his fingers and growls at her sweet taste, he can't wait to get his mouth down there.

He holds his fingers in front of my mouth and tells me to clean them. I groan as I lick my juice from his fingers then suck them into my mouth, fucking them in and out as I so want to do with his cock.

When he is satisfied that they were clean enough he pulls them away and puts them back between my legs. He spends the rest of the set playing with me, plunging his fingers in and out of me while rubbing my clit with his thumb. Bringing me to the brink of orgasm only to back off before I can cum. His other hand was kept busy toying with my breasts as he nibbles and licks at my neck and ear lobes. I am sweating and panting with the need that is rocking me from head to foot. And I think I am going to break his command to sit still. I am shaking with the need to move.

Just when I am about to lose it the entertainer announces that he is having a break but would be back in a little while and sets his computer to a pre-taped song list. The Dom pulls his hands away and lifts me to sit at his side.

I nearly scream with frustration and need. It takes everything I have not to reach down and give myself some relief but I know he wouldn't allow it so I didn't try. At least I can move my body now to ease some of the built up tension.

The entertainer left the stage area and stopped here and there to chat with his audience and slowly made his way over to us and surprised me by sliding in to sit next to me. The Dom introduces us and small talk ensues as a waitress appears to deliver meals and drinks to us. I looked at the Dom and he tells me he'd ordered while I was in the rest room and if I don't like it I can order something else. The food looks great and smells divine so I am happy with his choice, but I feel too keyed up to be able to eat much.

I am surprised when the Dom takes my cutlery away from me and tells me to put my hands behind my back and to keep them there. But again I respond automatically to the command in his voice. He slices into the food with his own utensils and holds the fork to my mouth. I open my mouth to the unstated order and accept the mouthful of food. As I chew the entertainer collects a forkful and when I swallow he feeds it to me. I've never experienced anything like this before, it was so intimate, their feeding me and giving me sips of wine. They also kept touching me as they talked to each other and ate their own dinners. When I can't eat any more I had to shake my head. I'd eaten far more than I thought I could have. I'd been caught up with them feeding me and their hands constantly touching me.

They push their plates aside and both turn a bit more towards me, their hands touch a thigh each and ran up under my skirt. Their fingers meet over my pussy and together they push their way inside, both chuckling at how wet I am. One pushes his finger in as the other pulls out. Their fingers crooked to rub along the top of my passage, seeking out my g-spot. The slow two-way rub sends me hurtling towards a climax. All the pent up need from earlier gains strength and builds up and up as I begin to groan deep in my throat, unable to hold it in. The entertainer kisses me to smother the sounds and the Dom leans into my ear and commands me, "Cum for us."

A hard shudder rakes through me from head to foot as my body jerks and my pussy explodes into convulsive spasms. The men brace my body with their own so no-one could see me writhing between them. My pussy gushes cream over their hands as they continued to pump into me. I suck hard on the tongue that fills my mouth, running my tongue along his and nipping at his lips before pushing my tongue into his mouth. When my contractions slow down he lifted his head away and kisses down my neck and nips his way back up. I think I hear him murmur "Beautiful" but I'm not sure I'm hearing right. Nobody ever called me beautiful. I have never been called ugly either, but I know that I'm only average to look at. The Dom takes his turn at kissing me.

He surprised himself, he rarely - if ever - kisses a woman. But watching her kiss his partner had been too hot and too damned sexy not to want to do it himself. He groans at the silky feel of her mouth and how sensually she kisses. With a start he realised he could get lost in her mouth, just as much as he wanted to get lost deep inside her body. He pulls his head away and looks at his partner and recognises the stunned look on his face, because he felt the same expression on his own. What is it about this woman that grabs at both of them? With another start he realises that their fingers were still buried deep inside her and he felt no hurry to pull his own out, like he normally would. Then winces as his cock jerks, throbbing in need and so hard it was painful.

As if to prove he could do it he pulls his hand away and grabs a napkin to wipe away some of her fluids. His partner has to do the same. The musk of sex scented the air ratcheting up their own needs. His cock gave a hard spurt of pre-cum. Damn, the woman had him leaking like an adolescent with his first fuck, he thought as he adjusted himself as best he could. He noticed that his partner wasn't faring any better and he had to go back on stage. Double damn.

He hissed at his partner to get his cock out and he moved sideways, pulling her with him. He leaned into her ear and told her to suck the entertainer off and to be quick about it. Dazed, I looked at him then looked at the entertainer who was busy with his belt and zipper but staring at me. A strained look on his face that eased slightly as his cock sprang free. A rather big cock I noticed.

A growled "Do it and don't spill any!" had me lowering my head and licking up the moisture that was leaking out.

I realise the need to keep it clean. It would be too embarrassing for him to go up on stage with a huge wet spot visible to everybody. But a smile tugs at my mouth that I have managed to give him that reaction. Getting down to business I take him in deep and suck hard as I rub my tongue along and over him. A hard spurt and a muffled curse spur me on as his hips jerk up. A hand fists in my hair pushing me down until he was lodged deep in my throat. I fight my gag reflex and struggle to breathe past it all. My throat closes around him as I swallow another spurt of pre-cum and he jerks under me again. With a coarse groan he starts thrusting into my mouth and throat, not allowing me to move my head.

He has been so worked up from watching the Dom play with me, while he was on stage, that he was already primed to cum. And as my mouth closed around his cock he swelled. He pushed down even harder on my head and rode me in short sharp jerks. I feel him swell. Then swell even more as he jerked hard down my throat and to my surprise he swelled up again. Becoming impossibly hard and thick in my throat. I was struggling now but felt him stiffen under me and thrust deep one last time as he started to cum. I had to fight to swallow the first couple of blasts from the sheer amount of semen he spurted. His movements calmed as his climax eased and I sucked and licked to clean him off but he was still hard in my mouth.

The hand in my hair let go and hands helped to ease me up. I could feel the heat in my face and knew it would be red and sweaty, my lips swollen and my eyes had watered I ducked my head so they couldn't see. But the entertainer lifted my chin so I looked at him. He kissed me and murmured, "Thank you, that was unbelievable given the cramped conditions."

Then he looked at his partner and said, "Man you have to get your dick down her throat." With a last kiss and another thank you he left the table to go back on stage.

My hand was pulled around and rubbed against another very hard and large cock. "Think you can take care of this for me?" he asked when my eyes whipped around to his.

Before I could answer the waitress appeared to clear off the table. He growled at her to bring us some more drinks and that after that we were to be left alone. His partner started to sing a new set of songs and this song was aimed at us, although the audience wouldn't know that. The Dom cocked an eyebrow at me, waiting for my answer once the waitress had moved away.

"Yes, Sir, if that's what you want," I said softly as I started to move back enough so I could lean down, I was surprised when he growled.

"No, it's not what I want." But my surprised response was curtailed when the waitress reappeared with our drinks.

As soon as the waitress had moved away he pulled me in front of him and told me to spread my legs and he moved his legs between mine. As I did as I was told I heard him undoing his belt and zipper. He tugged me backwards onto his lap and positioned his cock under my pussy as he lowered me onto him. I gasped as his cock head pushed into my opening. Surprised at his audacity in fucking me like this in a crowded club, even though the booth we were in was quite private anybody could walk up to us. I blushed deeply when I looked up to see that the entertainer was watching us from the stage, a smile tugging at his lips as the Dom pulled me down hard as he thrust up, filling me. Stretching me, making me start to keen until his hand covered my mouth.

He settled me onto him, as far as he could get into me from this position. Then he leaned me back into his chest as his hands slid up under my top and started toying with my nipples. His voice growled into my ear, "You are NOT to cum. Do you understand?" I swallowed as I said, "Yes, Sir."

We sat like that as the set wound on. He moved enough to keep himself hard. Which wasn't much as he toyed with my breasts, nipples, clit and even ran his finger up along his cock and inside me. Every now and then he'd thrust into me for a while in slow easy bursts but then he'd still again. I was getting wetter and wetter as my need for more grew and grew. Unable to stop myself I started rocking on him, rubbing the head of his cock into my cervix. I needed to cum so badly and I felt him swell and whimpered my need.

He grabbed my hair and growled, "NO!" at me and I stilled instantly even though his hand teased my clit.

"You do NOT cum until I tell you you can cum!" His voice was a hoarse growl in my ear.

Shudders ran through me as I fought my own reactions. "I'm trying not to Sir," I gritted out. As if sensing I was nearly too far gone he stilled his movements and moved his hand away as he held me still until I came back down a bit.

He had to fight his own need to fuck her deep and hard. Her pussy was the tightest he'd ever felt as well as the wettest. The top of his pants were going to be soaked from her fluids. Thank god his shirt was long enough to cover it and he'd pulled it up out of the way. He kept playing her that way until he knew his partner was nearly finished his show for the night and he couldn't hold himself back any longer.

Without warning he lifted me up and pulled out of me. I cried out and he groaned at the loss of that tight, hot vice. Luckily the noise we made was swallowed by the pounding sound of the song that was crashing to an end. He moved me to his side then slid away far enough that he could pull my head down. He kissed me before growling at me to finish him off and pushing my head down to his cock.

Eagerly I licked from the base to the head and tickled my tongue in the sensitive notch. Before swiping the tip into the small slit and pressing down as I sucked on the tip. The taste of both of us combined burst over my tongue and eagerly I swallowed, spreading the taste and scent down my throat. Greedily I slid my lips down his shaft and angled my head so I could take him deep into my throat. I held him there as my tongue played over him and then I opened her mouth slightly and pulled my head up with only my bottom lip sliding along him, barely touching him. I felt him shudder in response and a spurt of pre-cum filled my mouth. Closing my lips to catch it all I swallowed it and rode back down his shaft then sucked back up hard.

His hand curled into my hair and pushed me down until he was as far down my throat as he could get. Holding my head still he fucked into my throat as I sucked on him.

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