tagLoving WivesCasanova and the Cuckold

Casanova and the Cuckold


My name is Rod and this is my story. I recently moved to a new town, quite some distance from my old home, following a job opportunity. My first love is the theatre and I have been involved in amateur dramatics for a long time. As soon as I settled into my job and my new home, I looked up the local Am Dram scene and found an active group not far from where I was now living. Soon after I contacted the secretary about joining, it was suggested that I may like to come along to a party that one of the group was hosting, so that I could meet some of the members.

I first set eyes on Amy at the party that I had been invited to, though I knew virtually no one else that was there. As I was standing alone nursing a rather weak Bacardi and Coke, I saw Amy across the room. It was her very attractive looks, her lovely dark brown hair gorgeously framing her face – and, I'll admit, her clinging top that advertised that she wore no bra, that caught my attention. She was with a guy, one of those fit-built good looking bastards that put guys like me into the shade. As I watched, their drinking and chatting turned into kissing and then more. To my amazement, the guy began fondling her tits as they kissed. Amy's nipples reacted to a very obvious extent, such that I could tell from across the room. I was enthralled by the sight of this, even though I was hugely jealous. My innocent voyeurism set off a stirring in my trousers which became a full erection. Putting a hand into my pocket, I adjusted myself as best I could in order to disguise my arousal from other party-goers.

Still watching, I was suddenly confronted by a lady whom I had spoken to only very briefly earlier in the evening. "Hi, I'm Tina, remember. We spoke earlier. How are you enjoying the party?"

Adjusting my position in order to see past her to continue watching Amy, I replied "Great thanks. It's – well – it's great!" I babbled.

Tina smiled and said "Yeah, it's a bit flat, isn't it. Anyway, tell me more about you. You're new to these parts, aren't you?"

"Yeah, moved here with my job but my real passion is amateur dramatics so that's how I ended up here tonight. Bob the secretary guy invited me after I joined the Am Dram group."

"D'you act?" she asked and I told her that I'm more of a writer and director – both in an amateur way, I assured her. I still kept a watching eye on Amy – and a hard on. I think Tina realised what was distracting me and she commented "Oh, I see Amy is on form tonight. She's obviously up for it, as usual."

I looked quizzically at Tina and she embellished her accusing observation. "Amy's lovely but a bit of a man-eater. Loves the guys and what it leads to."

"Oh, I see!" I replied, perhaps with a certain degree of disappointment obvious in my voice.

"Hey, stick around and I'm sure you'll get your chance." she told me with a note of disapproval aimed at me.

"Oh – no – I was just amazed by their overt display." I said, trying to deflect from the reason for my interest.

"Yeah, I know!" she lied, then adding "But Amy isn't the only one who likes guys in a horizontal way."

I looked at Tina with a puzzled expression on my face. She sighed aloud and with some disdain for my slow wittedness, she explained in quite graphic terms. "Amy isn't the only one who likes to fuck. So, if you'd like to get out of this party, my place is very near and we can get to know one another intimately!"

I stammered "Oh – right- I see – yes – well – yes, that'd be - err – great." Tina pretended not to hear my reticence. In fact, I wasn't being reticent about a fuck with her. A fuck is a fuck, in my book. No, I just wasn't ready to leave off watching Amy. However, Tina and I left the party, took a short walk to her apartment and she was soon opening her front door. Once inside, she turned and kissed me heavily, full on the mouth. I loosened up and joined in. My erection, which had softened during the walk, re-hardened quickly.

"No point in beating about the bush. If we both want to fuck, so why not!" Tina theorised. She was soon opening my shirt so I responded by pulling her top up over her head which got her ready compliance. I was rewarded with a very close view of her heavy breasts clad in a very supportive bra. Tina had my shirt off in record time and began unfastening my trousers. I felt it incumbent upon me to unfasten her skirt, which met with no resistance. It was soon on the floor, revealing that her panties matched her bra. I quickly spotted that Tina's bush exceeded the cover provided by her not so tiny panties. She soon discovered that my cock is not particularly big. It was a moment of revelations.

I'd kicked my shoes off, bent to tug my socks off as I stepped out of my trousers. In just our underwear, Tina led us to her bed. She silently removed the final vestiges of her modesty, releasing her tits to have them drawn down by their own heaviness, as well as revealing the hugeness of her bush. As if reading my mind, she said "I can't be bothered trimming or shaving. I'm fully au natural." With that she tugged my boxers down, revealing my five inches of twitching erection. "Let's fuck!" she practically ordered, pulling us both down onto the bed.

With no ceremony, Tina carried on her control of the encounter by pushing down on my shoulders to get my face level with her bush. "Lick it then fuck it is my motto!" she decreed, laying back and caressing her tits. Her areolae were easily two, maybe three inches across and her nipples were soon nearly an inch tall. I was somewhat bemused – but I obeyed. Her pubes tickled and teased my face. Her gash opened easily and I tasted her as my tongue probed. Her flavour was strong, womanly and horny. I suddenly realised that I didn't even know this woman's surname and here I was with my tongue in her cunt. Irrespective, I managed to bring Tina to a noisy orgasm with my mouth and tongue. Her prominent clit had appeared from out of its hood and stayed tall and proud during all of the cunnilingus.

"Now fuck me!" she gasped "Fuck me. Don't worry that you're small. I love cock!" were her added words of encouragement that hardly increased my ardour. Irrespective, I easily slid into her saturated gash. It felt good, not tight, not huge but good. In any case, I now had my cock in a cunt for the first time in this new town – so it was good to break my dry spell. I slid in and out and Tina began some noisy and very wet licking of my ear. She interspersed the licking with dirty talk, which I do like from a woman, saying things like "Fuck my wet cunt!" and "Give me your cock hard and deep!" as well as "Spray your jizz into my big wet cunt!" That last one became an order that I quickly obeyed. Way sooner than my usual performances, I did spurt, body juddering and emptying my balls into her hidden depths.

I rolled off her and lay beside her, panting. "Nice fuck! The licking was really good!" Tina pronounced, clearly avoiding any comment on my lack of sexual stamina. Then she added "We can fuck some more – or we can go back to the party."

Whilst I was very keen to see some more of Amy, I felt it too awkward to suggest the party sounded better than more sex so I said "We could fuck some more once I've ....."

"Got another hard on!" she interrupted, correctly assessing things. We talked as we lay there, Tina telling me about people at the party and those of them who are in the Am Dram group. I daren't come out and ask about Amy so I had to wait until Tina brought her up. As we talked she was tugging on my soft cock. When, at last, she got around to Amy, she was quite harsh about her, especially considering that she and I had fucked after just a few moments of conversation. "And then there is Amy who you noticed tonight. She's a slut. She fucks any guy – every guy actually. Nice enough person – just sex mad. Hey, you're stiffening at last." I was stiffening too, listening to her words about Amy. The images that Tina had placed in my mind were very erotic and arousing to me – and they were images of Amy. Tina carried on her diatribe. "Young guys, old guys, black guys, Asian guys – any guy really. Her cunt has seen more traffic than an Interstate! Hey, I've got you ready to fuck again, mister!"

She hadn't, but her words about Amy had done the trick, especially planting an image in my mind of Amy being sexually mounted by a big black guy. Tina pulled me to get on top of her and ride her again. I was soon inside her drenched cunt. I sucked on one of her amazingly big nipples, closed my eyes and pictured Amy some more, deep in the throes of erotic sex. Somehow my performance was much better and I drove Tina to an orgasm which she wailed through. Then I was treated to some more ear licking and dirty talk. "So you like sloppy seconds, dirty boy. I do too! It's my thing! I love to be licked after a good fucking. I love a tongue on my big clit." Then she urged me on with more dirty talk. "Give it to me again. I love my cunt to drip creamy jizz, you dirty boy. Shoot! Shoot now! Shoot into my hot cunt!" I did – and it felt like there was a lot of it again. I wondered if it must be something about Tina that makes me come heavily although I am aware that I do shoot quite a lot of jizz.

Tina pushed me off her body with the belittling words "Come on! We'll go back to the party. You'll never manage a third." Her words rather gave me the impression that she was on the hunt for some more cock from the party. I didn't mind if that was the case although it would be a matter of really sloppy thirds for someone considering how much jizz I had pumped into her.

We got cleaned up and dressed and were soon walking back to the party. Tina lost me as soon as we were back inside and I spotted her heading for a guy drinking on his own in a corner. I looked around and saw just a sea of new faces. I really didn't know anyone in the room. I grabbed a drink, making it a strong one after my frollick with Tina, then walked slowly around the party. There were many obvious couples and a few groups of people all talking very animatedly now the drinking had fully kicked in. I found a vantage point to observe quite a lot of the biggest room and settled there to view the proceedings.

After a short while a passing lone female stopped to exchange a rather drunken few words, clearly mistaking me for someone else. It was a pity that she thought I was 'Tom' because she was coming on to 'Tom' quite heavily, assuring 'him' that Stephanie will never know. It made me wonder just how much sex was on offer in this circle of friends. I felt quite buoyed by prospects. Some guy whisked the lady away, apologising to me for something.

As they staggered away, my eyes picked up on a movement on the other side of the room. It was a blur but it was a blur in turquoise, the colour Amy had been wearing earlier. I didn't manage to follow the sighting and I lost it. Another lady sauntered over and introduced herself as Jenny. To my delight, she had an incredible cleavage on display. My eyes spent more time there than on her rather attractive face but she didn't object. I thought that perhaps she was one of those women who uses a cleavage to get attention – not that I'm complaining about that tactic. I love to stare into the alluring valley between magnificent breasts.

I held the lady's attention with some banal conversation piece whilst I drank in the delights of her cleavage, feeling certain that there was a hint of areola about to rise like a new moon. Suddenly a sultry voice whispered into my ear "Be careful, you may fall in, never to be seen again – and that would be a shame." My head spun in the direction of the voice and there she was – Amy, staring into my eyes with a teasing grin.

Jenny joined in the new conversation with a blunt contribution consisting of "Oh fuck off, Amy! I like showing my tits off. I have great tits!"and then she stared at me as if seeking my thoughts.

Engaging my mouth before my brain, I said "Yes, you do have great tits!" and then I stuttered and stammered and coloured up. The two women laughed at my awkwardness.

Rescuing me but still maintaining the risqué theme, Amy asked "And mine?"

I looked down slightly to view her lovely breasts, braless and sculptured by the clinging fabric of her top, nipples very apparent and I guessed about C cup. "Oh yes!" I drooled, "Yours are lovely too. Definitely lovely!"

Touching my arm gently, Amy softly said "Aw thanks, you sweet man."

Jenny started to turn away but not before she said "Any time you want to see my 'great tits', just let me know."

Trying to joke, I replied "Rain check?"

Jenny said "You bet. I'm serious! Anytime you want!"

As she walked away, I turned back to Amy and said "Wow! What a tease!"

Amy replied "It wasn't a tease. She loves to show her tits. She always tries to work it into our plays. She's succeeded too. They are great tits. You should take her up on it."

Feeling a bit obliged and rather awkward, I dared to say "Yours really are lovely – I mean – what there is to see of them. Oh gosh, I must sound so daft!"

Amy tried to put me more at ease. "Hey, I don't mind talking about my tits. Maybe I don't offer them about quite like Jenny does, but I happy with my tits and I can talk about them."

I blurted again, perhaps the drink had kicked in, saying "Yeah okay. I saw your boyfriend doing more than talk about them earlier on."

Unfazed by my crude remark, Amy delighted me by saying that he was not her boyfriend, adding "I met him here tonight. We got a bit amorous a bit quickly."

Still blurting I said "Amorous? He was fucking well caressing your tits!"

"And I was feeling his cock!" she replied with a certain nonchalance.

Her words penetrated my mind at the speed of light and I felt a surge in my chest followed by a rapid stiffening of my cock. "Oh wow! So where is he now?" I dared ask.

Amy said "Ah, well, when he found out some relevant detail of my menstrual cycle, he moved on. Last time I saw him, Tina was lassoing him. Hey, I saw her talking to you, didn't I? A lot earlier on."

"I shifted awkwardly. "Err, yeah, you did."

Amy's face twisted and her head went to one side in that way people do in order to put you on the spot. "You didn't – err – do the walk of lust to her apartment, did you?" I nodded shyly.

"Oh well, best to get it over with. Tina likes to welcome new guys in her own way. Hey, at the risk of being rather intrusive, is she trimming her bush yet?"

"No, it's like the size of a grizzly bear – and just as dangerous but with a bigger appetite!" I joked. We laughed in a conspiratorial way. Amy placed her hand on my arm again and I felt a spark of electricity.

After that, we talked happily and closely for quite a while. Once Amy had clarified that I was unencumbered, she grew gradually more intimate with me. Before long we kissed and then kissed some more during which she placed my hand on her breast. It was a wonderful sensation to caress her tits. They felt amazing – firm and delightful. I wondered if she was going to feel my cock but she didn't and later said "No point in get you too aroused if we can't take things further but give it a couple of days ...."

Not wanting to take anything for granted, I asked if I could have her number to call and fix a date. She readily gave it to me and urged me to call her. Then she stunned me by saying "Jenny really will want to show you her tits. Play your cards right and she'll fuck too. Her husband knows that she fucks around. They say she does a great tit fuck."

I said "You're not pointing me at her, are you. I was hoping that we'd have a date."

Amy said "Hey, why would I mind if you have a fuck. You screwed big bush Tina tonight already. Hey, I saw her leave with that guy I was with earlier. But no, I just thought that if you get a chance with Jenny, it helps if you know how the land lies."

"Err, o-kay." I hesitated. Then I moved the subject on rather inappropriately. "So Tina has run off with your guy. I hope he likes sloppy seconds!" I said somewhat crudely.

"Rather a lot of information there, my friend. The sort that makes pictures in your mind. But Tina is known for having a bit of a fetish that way. I hear that she loves it literally running out of her. Not sure if that cuts it for all the guys though." Amy imparted.

"She practically told me that much. As for the guys, I guess it depends where you are in the running order. There are some who enjoy that particular feeling." I suggested.

"Hmm, I'm sure there are. I've know guys do the strangest things where shooting jizz is concerned and I'll admit to enjoying the sensation from a big ejaculation." Amy confided rather naughtily. Her words caused me to gasp and I felt a surge in my chest and my cock flexed as I imagined Amy taking a large cock and all that it could deliver.

"You paint quite a picture for a lady I've just met." I teased.

She came right back at me with "Hey, no point in beating around the bush, so to speak. I like cock. I enjoy fucking and I love the feeling of a big ejaculation. That's me! So, how about you? I take it that you enjoy cunt – especially naturally hairy ones. Do you pack a powerful ejaculation?"

I felt a bit awkward but the drink had taken the edge off any shyness. "Nothing to measure it against but there does seem to be a lot of it – when it gets launched in view.

"Good to know! So we've got some good makings when things are running clear. Tell you what. I'm gonna go now. I'd like you to call me in a couple of days. Meanwhile, Jenny big tits is still hovering. I'm guessing that you'll be in there if I get out of her way. Call me! It'll be good!" And with that, Amy was gone, leaving just her phone number and remnants of her perfume on my face and neck.

Amy was right. Jenny moved in before Amy had stepped out of the room. "I take it she's gone home?" said Jenny and I nodded. "So, maybe that rain check thing?" she asked.

"What have you got in mind?" I asked, deciding to tease her if I could.

"Your place!" she replied.

"That's a long way to go just for you to show me your tits, however fantastic they are." I said, testing her.

"There could be more." Jenny offered.

"Really! More tits?" I jokingly responded, incurring her displeased expression.

"More we could do. You know what I mean."

"But what would your husband think?" I asked, probably a bit caustically.

"Oh, don't worry about him. He'll get over it. He usually does! He's used to it." Jenny shrugged.

We got to my place quite quickly in a cab and I set the lighting to a suitable dim setting with enough light to let me see what Jenny wanted to display. She excused herself to my bedroom to 'Prepare' and I waited in anticipation. She returned to the room in a very practiced entrance wearing only panties and skimpy ones at that. But the real eye-catcher was her magnificent tits. I was bowled over by them. Jenny moved around the room in a manner that showed off their size, firmness, huge areolae and extended nipples. I'm guessing that she was more than DD. She caressed herself and teased her nipples to greater erectness. I was enthralled by them. Whilst tits are great to look at and do more with, my sexual fascination is predominantly cunt. I love to look at cunt, sniff cunt, lick cunt and – yes – fuck cunt. Today however, I was really loving tits. Jenny came to me and offered me a nipple to suck. She groaned with pleasure as soon as I started. I grasped Jenny's other tit and caressed it with quite some force and she groaned louder. "I love showing my tits off. I love people doing things to my tits. I love tit fucking." she gasped in my ear.

My nostrils, sensitive as ever to the wondrous odours of aroused cunt, picked up those particular delights. I moved a hand to her inner thighs and slid it up, unrestrained. The fabric of her panties was drenched. I wet my finger and drew it under my nose, inhaling Jenny's fabulous arousal. I felt a surge of my own arousal. I was already hard and had been for a while but my cock stiffened enough to crack as I drew in her odours. Returning my hand to the heart of Jenny's excitement, I dared to ease her gusset to one side. Jenny widened her legs to help give me access – and permission, I guessed. I easily found her plump lips and slid my longest finger in between them. She was drenched and very ready for sex. There was another long groan as I gently fingered her. She began caressing her tits while I knelt in front of her and eased her panties down to reveal a lovely plump fully shaved cunt. I pushed my face to it and began licking and probing avidly. A hand reached to the back of my head and pushed me more firmly onto her mound. I felt her juices travelling down my throat.

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