tagErotic CouplingsCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 05

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 05


She left work, driving through the snarl of traffic, paying very little attention to it. She thought about a shortcut and took it, hoping to save some time, as she sped along and then she got a flat and veered off onto the shoulder and got out to inspect it. She was about to get her cell phone to call home, when a car stopped and a nice looking man asked her if he could help.

She surveyed him, 'Hmmm, he can help me anytime,' she thought as he looked at her, "Sure, thank you," she said and opened the trunk and he got out the jack and began to jack the car up. She watched him as he worked, wondering what he would be like sexually, thinking about sucking his cock and having him fuck her, and she got lost in her thoughts as she suddenly heard the trunk close and it startled her back to reality. "All done," he said with a smile and she decided to be bold, "Let me buy you a drink or something for your help," she said, hoping he would choose the something.

"I really should be getting home, " he said and she fought her urges to take him right there, "I see you have a Mercedes," she said as he walked back to it, "Yes, a '99," he said as she followed him to his car, Mind if I look it over?" she said, not giving a damn about his car as she got in the passenger's side door and sat down.

"Nice leather," she said as she ran her hand over the seats and paused just a moment before running it over his leg and into his crotch and he jumped, "Don't worry, I don't bite hard," she laughed as she felt his cock harden under her touch and she noticed a difference in his breathing, "I'm a married man," he said and she stroked him and looked him in the eyes, "I don't want to marry you, just to fuck you," and her fingers traced the head of his cock.

"Pull down that side road over there, behind those shrubs," she said and he started the car and did it and she unzipped his pants and felt his firm cock in her hand as she stroked it to it's full length and then bent over and took it in her mouth. She tasted his precum and the taste drove her wild as she sucked him harder and he began to moan. In this position, she couldn't get a lot of his cock in her mouth, but it wasn't because she didn't try as she pumped him in and out of her mouth. One hand grabbed her head and the other grabbed the steering wheel as he moaned loud and shot his load in her mouth and she swallowed it all, loving his taste. She took his hands and placed them on her tits as she rubbed them with his hands and he soon needed no coaxing as he kneaded the soft flesh and she opened her blouse and pulled her cups off her tits and his hands met her hot skin.

She looked around to see if they could be seen, it was a service road that really went nowhere, so she figured they were safe and she told him to get out of the car. He reluctantly took his hands off her bare tits and moved outside of the car, his cock still hanging out of his pants. She pulled her jeans and panties down and bent over the hood of his car and he moved in behind her, sliding his now erect cock between her legs and she moaned as it contacted her hot pussy and entered her.

His cock felt so good and she began to milk it as he fucked her, feeling herself get so wet from this invader and she soon let out a yelp as she lost herself in an orgasm, slumped over the hood of his car, her bare tits grazing the metal hood as she shook. "Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me, give it to me," she moaned as he fucked her driving his cock deeper and deeper, causing her to explode again. This time, she felt his hot jism erupt inside of her, filling her tight pussy with his salty seed, feeling sooooo good. He pulled out and stood there, leaning against the car to hold himself up and she got off the hood and dropped to her knees, taking his semi erect cock in her mouth. She worked on his cock, while he steadied himself against the car, she loved the taste and sucked him to get it all.

When she finished cleaning him up, he zipped up his pants and she stood up, her jeans and panties around her ankles and her tits still exposed and kissed him, as she drove her tongue into his mouth, and cupped his head with her hands. They broke and she pulled her jeans and panties back up and fixed her top and said, "Thank you, Mr. Good Samaritan," and walked the distance to the road and her car, started it and drove off, remembering her little treats she just had.

To Be Continued...

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