tagIncest/TabooCaught in the Act

Caught in the Act


My name is Tom. I decided to knock off work early one Friday afternoon so I could ease into the weekend. I pulled into my driveway and came in through the garage door that was already open. My wife Dee's car was sitting there along with my brother-in-law Larry's vehicle.

As I walked into the house I heard strange noises from the living room. I couldn't figure what it was. I peered around the corner and there was my wife, lying on the couch. The main shock was that her brother Larry was in between her thighs with his cock buried in Dee's pussy!

My mouth must have dropped to the floor. There was my wife with her legs around her brother's back. He was drilling her pussy as hard as he could. I could see wet juices running down to her ass from her pussy, as Larry was pounding her but good.

Everything came in to light at that moment. Dee's sex drive had become almost nonexistent with me for the last year or so. Small wonder when her brother was giving her his cock. I watched for a few minutes as my wife urged Larry to sink his cock into her as far as it would go.

I then turned around and headed back out the garage door to my car. I sat there for a few minutes, not knowing what to do, then it came to me.

Fifteen minutes later I was at Larry's house. I went to the door and knocked. Larry's wife, Louise answered. She could see I was upset and let me in the house.

"Has Larry been fucking you lately?" I asked her.

"What?" Louise couldn't believe what she heard from me.

"You heard me Louise, have you had sex lately with Larry?"

Her face said it all.

"Not really, what are you getting at, Tom?" she said.

"Larry and Dee are back at my house fucking, right this moment!" I told her.

"You can't be serious?" Louise replied.

"It is over between Dee and I, as far as I am concerned." I told Louise.

She knew I was dead serious now.

I always found Louise attractive. She was blonde, and had always worked out to keep her shape. I couldn't understand what she saw in Larry. As far as I was concerned he was a redneck and a jerk. I never made a play for Louise because I wanted to be faithful to Dee, but all that was over now. Louise and I were just inches apart now. I walked over to her and kissed her.

Louise didn't pull away, but returned my kiss, passionately. Our hands were moving now. Dee was undoing the buttons on her blouse as I was working on removing her shorts and underwear.

Once that was done, I stripped out of my duds and there we stood, naked.

Louise said we should go up to the bedroom. Once there, Louise laid down and I moved my face to her breasts. Louise had pear shaped tits with the nipples that I love most, upturned and pointed. I drew each nipple into my mouth as Louise told me to suck on both of them.

As I was licking and biting her tits, I felt Louise reaching down and taking hold of my shaft. I was straddled above her, when she guided my cockhead to her wet pussy.

I am just average size, six inches or so, but very thick. Louise rubbed my cockhead all over her pussylips and guided the head between them.

"Go slow Tom, please?" Louise begged me.

I slowly sank into her dripping pussy. I was burrowing down, ever so slowly. Louise reacted as if there was a hot poker between her legs. Once I was in all the way, I stroked her slow and easy. I kept backing out, then pushing all the way down.

Louise was pleading for my cock now. I was stretching her more and more as I drove down deep.

"God, Tom, your cock is so thick!" Louise informed me.

I was going to take Louise and make her mine, there in that bed. I took hold of her legs and pushed them up over my shoulders. I was going to fuck her as deeply as was possible.

"Tom, yes, fuck me as deep as you can," Louise implored me.

I used my cock like a piston, ramming her tight hole. I rubbed and scraped my cock against her insides. This caused Louise to start yelling out my name.

"Oh fuck, Tom, you are hitting all the right spots, don't stop!" as Louise kept urging me on.

I had no intention of stopping. We went at it like this for well over an hour. Louise's body was starting to shake, I knew it wasn't long now.

"I'm cumming Tom, please cum with me!" she was begging for it.

I went faster and then finally with one last stroke, I started squirting my hot seed into her belly. Louise later told me it felt like someone turned a hot water spigot on. Louise was tightening around my shaft, determined to get every drop from me.

My cock wouldn't quit spitting my cum into Louise. It just seemed to go on for the longest time.

When we did stop, Louise urged me,"please don't pull out yet, Tom."

I left my cock inside her, just barely stroking her now. This went on for some minutes and then I began to get soft. Once my cock slipped out, Louise moved down and began to lick our love creams from my prick.

Normally once I have finished cumming like that, I can't get hard for some time. That day, Louise used her lips and tongue until I was hard very quickly. I began to stroke her mouth, pushing my cock down her throat. I didn't think I had much left in the tank, but Louise managed to suck me and squeeze my sacs, until I blew another hot load, this time she drank it all down.

As we were lying there, I told Louise once more that Dee and I were finished.

Louise said to me," Tom, I don't want this to end today." "I have tolerated Larry for too long, I am getting out also."

It was decided we would both file for divorce. Dee and Larry couldn't say much after I had told them both I caught them fucking there in my living room.

Once the divorce papers came though, Louise and I moved into together. Our sex life is great, and we normally make love everyday. As far as Larry and Dee are concerned, they also moved in with each other.

The rumors I have heard say things aren't going so well between them both. Both brother and sister, are opinionated, stubborn, and general pains in the ass. I also hear the sex isn't so great when they are in such close contact everyday, but they deserve each other!

Louise and I plan to marry in the near future, maybe even start a family. I will let you know how we practiced, to make the baby!

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