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Celebrity's Need It: Kim Kardashian


Kim was woke up very enthusiastic, today she was going get a new person to help around the house. She loved it when a new employee came because she loved to entertain them and make their first day as special as possible. She hired a women named Sydney, she never met her before, but her resume was brilliant.

Kim rolled out of bed alone because Kanye was gone on a tour, he had been gone for 3 weeks meaning that Kim was horny as fuck. She took a quick rinse in the shower then dried off, spending a little more time rubbing her clit than most. She then slipped on a white thong with a white bra. She then pulled a tight tan dress on, it took her a few minutes to pull over her bubble butt. She then walked down the steps of her mansion, as her butlers prepared her breakfast.

Kim had some bacon, a Greek yogurt, and a stack of pancakes. Then she heard a knock on the door. Kim walked over to the door and opened it. To her surprise a young tan man was at the door.

"Hello Ms. Kardashian, I am Sydney Williams, now how would you like me to help you make your life easier."

Kim was shocked as she thought that Sydney would be a woman, but was pleased by the surprise. Sydney was muscular, but had a clumsy southern personality, his long blonde hair fit his square head. Kim was going to give Sydney a lavish tour of her home, but now that Sydney was a guy, Kim had a different way for her to entertain him.

Kim shook hands with Sydney, she noticed that Sydney was having a hard time not noticing her cleavage, she knew that they were going to have fun together. Sydney then started talking about what he could do.

"I can do pretty much all house hold chores to perfection, where would you like me?"

Kim smiled.

"No need to worry about that right now, let me show you upstairs, it will probably be where you work."

Kim and Sydney then went upstairs, Sydney was unable to keep his eyes off of Kim's glorious booty. Kim then opened a door.

"This is the strip room."

It was a room that was staged to be a mini strip club, there was a small stage with a pole and 4 leather chairs around it, with a small bar in the back of the room.

"This is where I entertain my husband and friends, let me show you my bedroom." Kim and Sydney then walked to her bedroom, Kim then showed Sydney how she liked her clothes organized in her closet. Then she showed Sydney what delicates went into what drawer.

"Sydney, let's go back to the strip room, I want to show you what happens in there."

Kim then told Sydney to wait in there. Sydney went into the room, while Kim, grabbed a neon green thong and a light green see through bra. She put the lingerie on and put her dress back on, and walked out a door in her bathroom that lead into the strip room.

Kim arrived and did a quick swing around the pole and then started to twerk for Sydney. She moved her ass making it bounce like a basketball, making Sydney go nuts. She then did a squat that ripped her dress. Kim then stopped. She did not expect for that to happen. Sydney was already too excited to stop, so he walked up to Kim and slapped her giant derriere. Kim did not expect this, but was turned on by the hit. She turned around and rubbed his hard cock, dropped to her knees, and pulled out Sydney's dick.

"I want this right now."

Kim said as she put her mouth on the head and started to swirl her tongue around it teasing Sydney. She the spread her mouth and went down on his dick displaying her impressive deep throating skills. Sydney then ripped open Kim's dress, exposing her bra, which he then also ripped off. Kim then collapsed her tits around his dick and started to bounce up and down , feeling his cock throb with pleasure. Kim then stared Sydney directly in the eyes, opened her mouth, and drooled down to her tits, as a way to lube herself up.

Kim then stood up and turned around, Sydney grabbed her waist and started to feel her ass. He then pushed her up against a wall, and guided his dick straight to her asshole, giving Kim a shock. He started to thrust into her, Kim started to moan.

"Oh! Fuck me. Fuck my tiny little asshole."

Sydney then slapped her ass. Wrapping his other hand around her throat, starting to choke her.

"You like to be choked, you like the pain you little whore."

Kim then nodded in agreement. Sydney started to rub her clit, Kim started to scream with pleasure. Sydney, then started to feel his climax approaching.

"I'm going to cum in your ass, you want me to cum in your ass?"

"Yes baby."

Sydney then released a hot shot of cum into her ass. He then spanked her and started to walk away.

"We are not done, are we?"

Sydney was confused, all encounters he ever had, but Kim, on the other hand, was used to get a mans load twice. She also liked to spice it up for the second one.

"Here Sydney, let's take it up a notch."

"What do you mean by that?"

"There is one more room that I have not shown you."

Kim then got up and walked into the hallway, cum dripping out of her ass, down her leg, onto the floor. Sydney then followed her into a new room.

"This is where me and my husband go when we are in the mood for something special".

In the room there were chains that came from the ceiling, that were able to be raised and lowered by a crank. They were whips, vibrators, flails, and ball gags on the walls.

Kim then walked over to the chains and put her self into the cuffs.

"I want you to do whatever you want to me."

Sydney then walked over to the crank and turned the crank raising Kim 3 inches into the air. He then walked over and grabbed a ball gag and put it in Kim's mouth. He then grabbed a flail and flogged her ass. She screamed with each hit, as her ass was made red. He then walked back to the wall and put it back. He then shoved four of his fingers into her vagina, and started to speed up his hand pushing it in and out of her. He continued to do so until he heard her scream and moan as body flung around. Sydney then felt her body cum, putting his mouth on her pussy to taste her juices. He then took a big square paddle and hit one of her tits, he then hit the other one. He then grabbed 2 clothes pins and put one on each nipple and started to pull on the pins.

"Ah, Fuck!"

Kim loved what Sydney was doing to her, even Kanye wasn't able to man up this much. Sydney then pulled his dick out and started to beat it against her ass. He squeezed her butt and then shoved his dick into Kim's pussy. He started to push her body back and forth feeling her warm pussy around his throbbing cock. Her continued to do so, until he pulled out so that he could grab a whip and whipped Kim's ass. He then lowered Kim, took her off the chains, but handcuffed her and shoved her to the ground. He then go on top of her and started to bounce of her bubble butt. He then shoved his dick back into her pussy and started to thrust, while on top of her. His body made a loud clap and he thrusted into her. Kim then was about to get what she wanted as Sydney was feeling warm white cum come up from his dick. He then pulled out of Kim, and aimed his dick at Kim's face. He took the gag off, and looked Kim right in the eyes as he stroked his dick. Kim opened her mouth and stuck her tounge out waiting for the arrival of Sydney's load. Sydney the took everything off of Kim.

"Sydney, come take a nap with me."

Kim and Sydney then adjourned to Kim's bedroom and they both went to sleep. Sydney woke up before Kim, though and took pictures next to a naked Kim, and posted it on twitter, captioned, "Nothing better than waking up to a giant nude Kardashian ass that you just filled with cum." Kim saw the posts and fired Sydney, she would miss him though. Sydney, though, would find employment elsewhere.

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